Angel Rojas, chief of Gotham Police, was in a really furious mood. Ever since he uncovered Detective Ellen Yin's secret alliance with the Batman and Commissioner Gordon's interference, all his thoughts have been about Batman. "This is not right! Gordon's having my police support the Batman! He's a vigilante subordinate!" He ranted. "I don't care what Gordon says! The Batman is going down! Once and for ALL!"

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne was on a date with Yin. "So, how's the training going with Dick and Barbara?" Yin asked, having uncovered Bruce's secret some months ago. "Oh, it's going better than expected. They're actually getting along better." Bruce explained. "You know, I think I can sense a spark of attraction between those 2." Yin said. "You really think so?" Bruce asked. "Sure. Ever since we started going out, I've been able to observe Dick and Barbara." Yin explained. "Well then, from one great detective to another, enlighten me." Bruce said. "Okay then. One example. There's this certain way they've been looking at each other for some time." Yin explained. "What kind of look?" Bruce asked. Yin reached over and placed her hand over her boyfriend's. "The same look we give each other." She said with love. Bruce smiled.

However, their moment was interrupted by Yin's phone. Then Bruce's Batwave went off too. "Duty calls." Yin said. "Just as well. Here comes the check." Bruce said as the waiter came over with their check. "Wonder what Rojas wants this time." Yin wondered. "Probably another Batman conspiracy." Bruce said, disgustedly. "Don't let him get to you, Bruce. Everyone at the station ignores his conspiracies now anyways." Yin said. After paying the check, Bruce and Yin stood up and embraced each other. "Be careful out there." Yin said. "Same to you." Bruce said. "I love you." Yin said before they kissed.

At the Batcave, Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordan, or Robin and Batgirl looked at what the Batwave picked up. "Looks like another attempt on the museum. Wonder what the robber's specialty diseur is tonight." Barbara said. "Well, records show that they're receiving a new idol to the Egyptian goddess Bastet." Dick said, pulling up the records. "An idol to the cat goddess? That means-" Barbara started. "Yep. Catwoman." Dick said. "You really did your homework." Barbara said, resting her arm around her friend/crush. "Well, broken clocks are bound to be right twice a day." Dick said. They then looked at each other with smiles. But before any of them could make a move, Bruce cleared his throat. Dick and Barbara immediately got up and greeted their boss/friend. "We've got a confirmation. We believe Catwoman's gonna go for that Bastet idol." Barbara said. "Then let's go cat hunting." Bruce said.

Meanwhile, Yin arrived at GCPD. As she walked in, she was greeted by 2 of her co-workers. "Evening, fellas. Chief Rojas wanted to see me?" She asked. "In his office. Tankenson is in there with him." Officer Kholson said. "Just my luck." Yin said sarcastically. She walked down to Rojas' office. But before she could open the door, she could hear voices talking. "Sir, are you sure we should be taking this course of action?" Tankenson's voice asked. "Of course, I'm sure! Once we get rid of the Bat, things will go back to the way they should be!" Rojas' voice exclaimed. Yin pressed her ear against the door to hear better.

"Sir, as much as I want to see the unmasked Batman behind bars, I doubt Commissioner Gordon would approve of our intentions." Tankenson said. "Who said anything about putting the Batman behind bars?" Rojas asked sinisterly. Tankenson was confused by this. "We got intel that Catwoman's making an attempt to rob that new Bastet exhibit at the museum tonight. And odds are that the Batman and his little sidekicks will be there." Rojas explained. "So, we just head over to the museum and arrest them on the spot?" Tankenson asked. "No. Once we have them…we shoot them on the spot." Rojas revealed. Yin gasped silently from the other side of the door. "Chief, now that goes against everything we stood for. And I like it." Tankerson said sinisterly. Rojas smiled sinisterly. "I've got to warn Bruce." Yin whispered before she ran out of the station. Rojas and Tankenson looked towards the door as if they heard Yin's footsteps. Rojas glared, knowing that they were going to have trouble.

Meanwhile, at the museum, Catwoman has successfully infiltrated the museum and was staring at the Bastet exhibit. "Meow. This will look perfect in my collection." She said as she prepared to take the artifact. "Touch that and you'll lose your claws." Batman's voice warned. "I was wondering when you would show up." Catwoman said, feeling flustered at the sound of Batman's voice. She turned around to face him, Batgirl and Robin. "You 3 really know how to ruin a good night for me." She said. "Funny. It always seems to be a good night for us." Robin said. "We'll give you one chance, Selina. Surrender, and we won't have to get rough." Batgirl said. "Sorry, kiddies. But I'll only surrender if I hear the correct words from handsome." Catwoman said. "Get a life, Catwoman. I told you time and time again, I have a girlfriend." Batman said. That made Catwoman's blood boil as she clutched her fist. Suddenly, there was a ringing sound coming from Batman's cowl. "Uh, what's that?" Batgirl asked. "My cowl-phone. It's Detective Yin." Batman said. "Excuse me?" Catwoman asked rudely. "I need to take this." Batman said as he turned around and answered the call. "No worries. I'm a patient woman." Catwoman said, leaning against the wall with disappointment.

Yin was driving in her car as she called Batman on her way to the museum as fast as she could. "Yin? What's going on?" Batman asked. "Bruce, it's Rojas! He's on his way to the museum!" Yin exclaimed. "So? We'll out of there fast before he gets here." Batman said. "No! You don't understand! He's completely lost his mind! I overheard him and Tankenson talking! Once they have you and the kids cornered, they're going to kill you!" Yin revealed.

Batman's eyes widened a bit from hearing that. "Please, Bruce. Be careful." Yin begged. "I will. Thank you, Ellen." Batman said as he ended the call. "What's happening?" Robin asked. "Rojas is on his way. He's going to kill us." Batman said. "So, this is a bad time to request another date?" Catwoman asked. "Is everything a joke to you?!" Batgirl snapped. "Who said I was joking?" Catwoman asked with a sly smile. "This is no joke. If we don't get out of here right now, we're all going to die at the hands of the one cop who has ever resented me since the beginning." Batman said. "How right you are, Batman." Rojas' voice said. Everyone turned to see him and Tankenson at the entrance, aiming their guns at all 4 of them, set to kill.

"Well, I can tell when I'm not wanted. So, I'll just be taking this and be on my way." Catwoman said, about to grab the statue. Tankenson fired a warning shot, sniping off one of her claws. "Ouch! Is that anyway to treat a lady?!" Catwoman exclaimed. "No. But it's how we handle dangerous criminals." Tankenson said. "You might wanna be careful, Rojas. You and your partner are crossing a line here." Batman warned. "That's where you're wrong, freak. That line was crossed when you and your little freakshow had the nerve to show your face in my city. And now we're gonna take you out of it." Rojas said.

Meanwhile, at the Batcave, Alfred was really worried as he watched the scene from the Batcomputer. All his life, he had served the Wayne Family, swearing on Bruce's parents' grave that he would protect Bruce. Even when he helped Bruce become Batman. Now, he was about to fail that promise. "Alfred." Yin's voice called. Alfred turned around as she entered the Batcave. "Detective Yin. I'm glad you've arrived safely." He greeted. "I take it you're aware of the trouble Bruce and the kids are in?" Yin asked. "Indeed. And I'm afraid that their friends from the Justice League won't be able to assist them at this time." Alfred said. "Then I think it's time for a new Bat to make her appearance." Yin said. "Your suit is all ready for deployment." Alfred said. Yin grinned.

Rojas and Tankenson prepared to squeeze the triggers. "Your reign of terror ends now, Batman." Rojas said. Robin and Batgirl looked at each other and took each other's hands. Suddenly, 2 Batarangs came out of nowhere and struck Rojas and Tankenson's hands, knocking the guns out of their hands. "Who threw those?!" Rojas exclaimed. Just then, a woman in a new Batsuit with a red wig on the cowl dropped down from the rafters in between the 2 groups. "You both are a disgrace to your badges." She said. "Another Bat-Freak?!" Rojas exclaimed. "Sorry I'm late. Still getting a feel for the suit." Yin said. Batman grinned. "Who's the new broad?" Catwoman asked in disappointment. "Call me Batwoman." Batwoman said. Just then, Rojas and Tankenson's eyes widened from hearing the familiarity of her voice. "Detective Yin? Is that you?" Rojas asked in shock. "Good hearing, Rojas." Batwoman said. "Oh, you are so busted now, Yin." Takenson said as he charged towards her. "I'm gonna enjoy this." Yin said. As Tankenson threw the first punch, Yin dodged to the right and punched him in the gut, forcing him onto his knees in pain.

"I always knew you were trouble, Yin. First you had the nerve to side with the Bat after Clayface tried to kill me. And now you decide to dress as a Bat too?!" Rojas exclaimed angrily. "Ethan saw something in the Bat long before I even knew him. He and his sidekicks are the best thing the city have to great protectors." Yin said. "Then I guess that settles it. You're just another freak. Just like all the rest." Rojas said in disappointment. "And that's just fine with me." Yin said with a smile. Rojas shouted angrily as he dived for his gun. But Yin tossed a pellet under him. As he landed on it, it exploded and froze him into place. Rojas struggled, but he could break free from the ice. "Chief Angel Rojas, consider yourself under arrest." Yin said as she and her new family stood over the deranged police chief. Catwoman, seeing her chance, prepared to swipe the Bastet statue. But suddenly, she got caught by a Batarang with a tight rope. "Don't think you were just gonna help yourself with our backs turned, kitty cat." Yin said. "You sure can pick 'em, handsome. But wouldn't you have more fun with a wild girl?" Catwoman asked seductively. "Sorry. But I prefer selfless over selfish." Batman said, putting his arm around Yin's shoulder. Catwoman glared vengefully at the scene.

Later, the Bat Family watched as Catwoman, Rojas and Tankenson were loaded into the police cars. Before closing the doors, Commissioner Gordon glared at Rojas. "You're a disgrace to the badge, Rojas." He said. "I was gonna say the same thing to you." Rojas argued. Gordon just slammed the door and allowed the cars to leave. He glanced up at the Bat Family and gave a nod. Batman nodded back. Gordon got into his car and drove back to GCPD Headquarters.

"Rojas is really gonna get an earful from the other prisoners in Arkham." Dick said, taking off his mask. "That's nothing compared to the one my dad will give him and Tankenson." Barbara said, taking off her cowl. "So, how do you like the new suit?" Bruce asked, taking off his cowl. "It took some getting used to, but I really like it." Yin said, taking off her cowl. "Better than your last uniform?" Bruce asked. "Much better." Yin said, wrapping her arms around her boyfriend's neck and bringing him closer to her. "I love you, Yin." Bruce said. "I love you too, Bruce." Yin said. They kissed each other's lips. "Aw." Barbara said in awe. "How come we don't have a relationship like that?" Dick asked. Just then, Barbara took his hand and pulled him to her. "Who says we don't?" She asked seductively. Dick smiled at that as he cupped Barbara's cheek. "Come here, Barb." He said. They kissed each other's lips, accepting their feelings.

Just then, their moments were interrupted by the Batwave. Both couples broke their kisses and checked the Batwave. "Looks like our nights will have to wait." Bruce said. Barbara and Dick nodded as they placed their masks back on. Yin nodded, putting her cowl back on. The Bat Family fired their Batarangs and grappled off towards their next crime.