A familiar face to those who have watched his other shows, especially his super fans, he greeted the camera with his signature grin. "Yo! We're comin' at you live from Camp Wawanakwa, somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario! I'm your host, Chris McLean," Chris greeted.

He continued confidently, "Dropping season one of the hottest new reality show on television right now!"

Chris then gave the camera a thumbs-up while someone behind him wearing a chef's apron and hat gave him a grumpy look. Chris ignored him and explained, "Here's the deal. Twenty-two campers have signed up for eight weeks at this crummy old summer camp. They'll compete in challenges against each other, then have to face the judgment of their fellow campers. Every three days, one team will either win a reward or watch one of their team members walk down the Dock of Shame and ride on the loser boat." Chris paused to laugh as the pictures in the background showed the Boat of Losers.

"They will then leave Total Drama Island for good. Their fate will be decided here At the dramatic campfire ceremony. Each week, all but one camper will receive a marshmallow." Chris grinned at the camera, eager to begin his new hosting gig.

He then describes the process of winning, taking a glance at his assistant, Chef Hatchet. "In the end, only one will be left standing and rewarded with cheesy tabloid fame and a small fortune, which, let's face it, they'll probably blow in a week."

He described things the campers would have tormenting them throughout the summer, trying not to gag as he spoke of some items: "To survive, they'll have to battle… Black flies, grizzly bears, disgusting camp food."

Chris took a pause and gave a sly smirk. He knew some of the contestants had very… "big" personalities. "And especially, each other. Every moment will be caught on one of the hundreds of cameras all over the camp. Who will crumble under pressure? Find out here, right now, on Total. Drama. Island!"

The theme song then plays, as there is a scene cut to the dock where the campers will arrive.

Chris greeted the camera with his signature grin and a thumbs up. "Welcome back to Total Drama Island!" He exclaimed dramatically. He was eager to meet the new contestants he would be tortu-, I mean, hosting for the next couple weeks.

"All right!" He exclaimed, "It's time to meet our wonderful contestants. We misled them into believing they would stay at a five-star resort if they seem pissed off…." Chris laughs. He knew this crummy summer camp was anything but. "That's probably a big reason why!"

The first boat arrives carrying a raven-haired beauty wearing sunglasses, likely to mask the evil look she had in her eye. She stepped off the dock and threw her hands up in disgust. "What the Hell, Chris? You mean we're staying here?" She rolled her eyes and took her sunglasses off, glaring daggers at the young host.

"Well, hello, to you too, Heather!" Chris exclaimed, smirking at the angry look that the raven-haired beauty had. "Unfortunately, you're staying here! I have a cabin with a beautiful lakeside view elsewhere!"

Heather, still glaring daggers, spat back at him, "I did not sign up for this. You cannot make me stay here. I will not stay here. And you can talk to my lawyers, too!"

Chris let out a chuckle, much to the teenager's dismay. "Must not have read the fine print, huh? Too bad you are obligated to stay here!" Chris smiled at the teenager's anger as she stormed off, threw her luggage down, and stood with her arms crossed, waiting for the next contestant. He would not admit it, but the tension was too much. He enjoyed it, though, because the young woman was likely to be a huge source of drama for the season.

Another boat arrived, carrying a young, breathtaking blonde hair and blue-eyed young woman. You could tell from the look in her eyes that she was not the sharpest tool in the shed, though. "Hi, there!" The bimbo explained, giving Chris a huge hug. "It's nice to see you today! But you look, like, very familiar. Who are you again?"

When she stepped away, Chris gave the blonde an annoyed look, but he enjoyed the hug nonetheless. "Hi, Lindsay! I would hope I'm familiar. The name is Chris!" Lindsay gave him a blank expression, and Heather chuckled in amusement at the host's impatience. "McClean… the host? Of the show?"

"Oh! That's where I know you are from! It's nice to meet you, Kyle!" Lindsay gave him a huge smile, and Chris made another annoyed look. She did not notice this and instead walked over to the Queen Bee. "Hi, there! I'm Lindsay! And like, oh my gosh, you are so pretty! What's your name?"

Heather thought, this is brilliant, someone I can manipulate to get further in the game.

Ignoring her annoyance with the young blonde, Heather extended her hand for a handshake and gave a fake smile. "My name's Heather! It's nice to meet you, Lindsiot - I mean, Lindsay! Sorry, it's hard for me with names when first meeting someone. And oh my gosh," Heather gave a disgusted look when overemphasizing her words, "You are, like, so pretty too!"

Not knowing Heather was half-mocking her, Lindsay pulled the raven-haired queen bee into a hug. "Like, I can just tell we will be best friends! Hooray!"

Oh definitely, Heather thought to herself, half-smirking and half-annoyed. It may be a long summer with Lindsiot, though.

The next boat arrived, and a young, red-haired girl with a flower in her hair stepped off the dock. She greeted everyone with a smile and seemed very composed for her age if a little awkward. "Hi guys, it's very nice to meet you all!" She spoke, and she walked over to McLean.

"Zoey! The Small-town girl with," Chris grins and whispers to the camera, laughing. "An even smaller personality!"

"It's very nice to meet you, Chris. I hope to make lots of friends here!" Zoey smiles, not hearing the last comment. She waited to see if Chris had anything more to say. Sure enough, he did.

"I know it might be hard for you to get along with others," Chris said, genuinely feeling bad. He must have seen something in her. Perhaps he emphasized? "Seeing as you're from a small town and all. But try not to say anything that will hurt your reputation, alright?"

Zoey simply nodded at him, but she was very confused about what he meant by that. She then walked over to the raven-haired queen bee and the blonde-haired ditz. "It's nice to meet you all! I'm Zoey." She extended her hand to Heather for a handshake.\

Heather reluctantly shook the young girl's hand. "Heather." Was the greeting she had for. It was hard for Heather to gather what to say, as the young girl had little experience socializing with others.

This is all too perfect, though, Heather thought; if the competition is this dumb, I will crush it this year. That money will be mine, along with all the fame and fortune!

Lindsay bear-hugged the red-haired girl. "I love the flower in your hair, Zara! It's like, soo beautiful! By the way, I'm Lindsay!"

Zoey had not been in a situation like this one, so she was unsure how to respond to the blonde. Zoey simply backed away and gave her a simple smile. Lindsay, who before had an innocent grin on her face, had her face fall. Zoey had upset her unknowingly.

"Do you not like me, Zada?" Lindsay asked as if she was about to cry. She did not understand why Zoey had backed away so awkwardly. But, unbeknownst to Zoey, the way she backed away came off as mean-natured, even though it was anything but.

"N-No!" Zoey exclaimed, "It's not that! You're very…." Zoey struggled to look for the words, "Nice! Yes, very nice! A-And my name is Zoey, by the way!"

Zoey did not understand why Lindsay was calling her all these random names. Lindsay, however, seemed pleased and returned to chatting with Heather and Zoey. Zoey listened to her and Heather, getting more annoyed with the two with each passing moment.

As if saved by the bell, the next boat arrived, carrying two girls wearing the same outfit. One was chunkier and paler, while the other was skinnier and had a darker complexion. They both walked off the boat at the same time. The skinnier one spoke, "Oh my gosh! Chris! It's like, so awesome to finally see you in person!"

The chubbier one chimed in, both grinning ear-to-ear, "Like, totally, Chris! Soo awesome!"

The two hugged each other and squealed, "Eiii!"

Lindsay, as if this was a game of repeat after me, hugged Heather and Zoey and squealed, "Eiii!"

This pissed Heather off, but she thought there were even more dumb cast members on this show. On the other hand, Zoey just looked confused. She did not even understand the concept of squealing, nor why Lindsay kept hugging her when they had just met.

"Katie and Sadie!" Chris frowned but then plastered on a fake grin. "It's nice to meet you, too! Welcome to the show!"

After Katie and Sadie joined the others, Chris' face fell. He had wondered why he had allowed the two girls on the show in the first place. They would obviously be rather annoying, especially when paired with Lindsay.

Katie and Sadie gave the three girls who had already been their hugs. Katie spoke first, "Oh my gosh! Hi, guys! I'm Katie, and this is Sadie! It's like, soo nice to meet you!"

Sadie spoke after the young lady, "Yeah! Like, so nice!"

Lindsay was the first to speak, "Like, so nice! I'm Lindsay! You two are so pretty!" She exchanged compliments with"Sabel" and "Kabel."

Heather stated her name again, and more formally than the others, Zoey said, "I'm Zoey. It's nice to meet you, too."

Katie, Sadie, and Lindsay all hugged each other and decided it was time to squeal again. Heather, realizing what was coming, covered her eyes. Zoey awkwardly looked around, as all the personalities she had encountered confused her more than anything. Aside from Heather, because, well, Heather hasn't really said much.

"EIIII!" The three girls squealed at a near earth-shattering volume. Heather finally uncovered her ears afterward.

This is amazing, Heather thought to herself. While she had been annoyed with three of the four girls, she thought them all none-too-wise; Alliance members kept falling into my lap.

Chris, cringing from the amount of noise the three girls had made and the immaturity of four of the five young women, breathed a sigh of relief as the next boat arrived. The first male, a football player with a darker complexion wearing a football jersey reading the number 1. Chris looked dejected as the young man spoke, "SHA-LIGHTNING HAS ARRIVED!"

The young man had definitely made an entrance. Zoey and Heather gave each other a confused glance, while Lindsay, Katie, and Sadie looked as if they had seen the next biggest teen heartthrob. Chris finally spoke up, "Welcome to the show, Lightning!" He muttered the last part, "I hope you're smarter than you look…."

Lightning straight-up ignored Chris. Instead, he walked up to five females. "I see a lot of sexy ladies are already here!" Lightning winked, causing Lindsay, Katie, and Sadie to gush. "Which one of you all is gonna be Sha-Lightning's for the summer?"

As Lightning began to flex his muscles, Katie, Sadie, and Lindsay threw themselves at him. Zoey looked confused, and Heather grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her away from the young jock. Lightning, looking ecstatic at the attention he was getting, knocked Sadie over to embrace Katie and Lindsay, each in one arm.

"No fair!" Sadie exclaimed, looking downtrodden. "Katie's always the one getting the attention from guys!"

Meanwhile, Heather was giving Zoey some somewhat-helpful advice. "A word of advice… Just because I emphasized with you so much," Heather started, the last part being a clear exaggeration, "Stay away from people of those type. They are all useless losers who are not fit to be good boyfriends."

Zoey stared at Heather, confused until she bowed her head at the raven-haired queen bee. "O-Oh! Okay, thank you, Heather!"

Suddenly, another boat arrived, with another jock arriving. This one was riding a jet ski and lost control of himself. The jet ski disconnected from the ship, and he went soaring through the air, wiping out on the dock. The jock wore a red jumpsuit and a red headband to match.

"Sick entrance, Tyler, my man!" Chris laughed. The second male to arrive was the highlight of the young hosts' day. He loved seeing other people get injured. But if it was him? He'd be whining about it for weeks!

Lindsay was the first to rush over and help the young jock up, much to Lightning's dismay. "Oh my goodness! Are you okay, Taylor?" The young blonde asked, clearly very worried. She clearly could not see that the young man was entranced by her beauty and very much conscious because she looked back at her friends and yelped, "Hannah! Zea! Kelly! Sally! This guy is unconscious, and I don't know how to do ZPR!"

Heather rolled her eyes in response while the other three looked at each other confused. Lightning glared daggers at the new jock because Lindsay rushed over to help him. Tyler, however, had just fallen out of his trance and greeted Lindsay with an innocent smile. "Hi there, beau- I mean, Hi there! My name is Tyler! I'm an expert at sports, dude! I mean- I'm an athlete, and it's nice to meet you. You're very beaut- I mean! You seem very nice."

Tyler extended his hand for a handshake. Oblivious to the fact that Tyler was very interested in her, Lindsay embraced the young man. She spoke cheerfully, "Oh my gosh, Taylor! I'm Lindsay! Thank you so much! Can you teach me all about sports?!"

Tyler, looking as if he was on top of the world, replied back with a smirk, "Sure, Linds. I'd love to!" This sent Lightning into a state of rage.

The next boat arrived. This contestant seemed to be a lot more chill than the likes of Lightning, Tyler, Lindsay, Katie, and Sadie. She stepped off the dock, holding a surfboard. Her hair had fallen out, so she tied it up with her free hand. She walked over to Chris and spoke in a chill, relaxing voice, "Hey. You must be Chris, right?"

Bridgette extended her hand for a handshake, and Chris accepted it. "Sure am! Bridgette! Nice of you to arrive."

Heather was the first contestant to speak up. "What's the surfboard for? Think we'd be in Malibu? Well, news flash!" Heather blew a raspberry, clearly feeling threatened for some reason. "This isn't Malibu, doll!"

Bridgette shot a dagger at the queen bee and sassed back, "Well, I thought we were going to be on a beach, and thanks for the very warm welcome, Ms. Popular."

Heather was now seething that someone had talked back to her. Bridgette shrugged, and Chris said, "We are on a beach!" The camera then panned to the "beach," which was garbage-filled, almost-green-looking water accompanied by barely-recognizable sand.

Confused about Heather and Bridgette's early exchange, Zoey approached the surfer girl and extended a hand. "Hi, there! My name's Zoey! It's nice to meet you."

This made Heather even angrier, and Bridgette swung her surfboard, nearly hitting Lightning, to turn and look at the small-town girl. "Hey! Bridgette! Nice to meet you as well; I hope to get along great with everyone here!" She then gave Heather a side-eye. "Well, almost everyone!"

"Hey, Malibu!" Lightning exclaimed, glaring at the surfer chick. "Sha-watch it! You nearly hit the Lightning, and Lightning cannot afford bruises before the game begins!"

Bridgette turned to Lightning, nearly hitting Katie, Sadie, and Lindsay. The three girls just shrieked and ducked down, cowering in fear. This caused Zoey and Heather, the second to gain brownie points, to head over and comfort the trio. Bridgette apologized to Lightning, "Oh shoot! I'm so sorry! I'm not always the most… um…." Bridgette tried to look for the words. "Agile! But I'm very sorry!"

Lightning looked pleased with this while Heather rolled her eyes and snorted, "Yeah, we can tell."

With Bridgette talking to Zoey, Lightning, and Tyler, the next boat arrived. This girl was also an athlete, but the look in her eye showed she was determined to play by the rules. So she stepped off the dock and smiled kindly at the eight contestants and Chris. "Hi, guys!"

Heather looked disgusted and was nearly fuming at the young girl. She was everything Heather had hated. Smirking at Heather's reaction, Chris introduced the young woman. "Sky! Nice to see ya! Yet another athlete that makes four of you so far!"

Sky extended her hand to Chris. She then approached the other contestants and began to shake their hands. This had mixed reactions, to say the least. Lightning simply winked and shook her hand. Katie, Sadie, and Lindsay pulled her into a hug. She squealed with her, causing the young athlete to merely shrugs her shoulders in confusion. Zoey and Bridgette each gave her a smile and shook her hand.

Heather, however, was not having it. She spits on her hand and pushes her hand away. "As if!" Heather spat out, glaring daggers at the young athlete. "You are not even in the same league as me! Do not think you get the luxury to shake my hand, weird jock girl!"

Sky took a step back, taken aback. Bridgette shot daggers at the queen bee. Heather simply laughed maniacally at the two girls. Zoey saw what was about to ensue, so she walked away and joined Tyler and Lindsay. Bridgette was the first to speak up. "Unfortunately, this isn't high school, and you're not going to be able to bully people into a position of power, Ms. Unpopular."

Sky added onto this, giving Bridgette a look of appreciation. "Yeah, mean girls aren't going to win this game if I can help it! You are the type of person I loathe back home, Heather."

Heather shrugged her shoulders. "If you think you're getting under my skin, you're wrong. A Malibu barbie and a wannabe ballerina could never."

Bridgette was starting to get very angry. Sky restrained the young surfer and walked away from Heather. "Try not to let her get under your skin, Bridgette. That's what those kinds of girls want." The two shared a small smile, and Bridgette seemed content.

The next boat arrived, carrying the "silent genius ."The young man wore a red hat, a grey jacket, a red sweatshirt, and jean shorts. He stepped off the dock, and the contestants seemed to think he would be rather laidback. "B! My man!" Chris greeted, "Nice to see ya!"

B gave the host a shy wave and approached the other contestants. Because this group was so outgoing, B would become uncomfortable - and fast!

First up was Tyler. "What's up, dude!" Tyler exclaimed, shouting in B's face. B thought he seemed nice enough but was unsure of how to respond. B simply extended his hand and gave the young jock a small smile. Tyler shook the genius's hand and then returned to Tyler's world.

Next was Lindsay. She thought B had looked soooo lovely, so she could not resist walking up and attack-hugging the poor guy. B had no idea what to do, and Lindsay was literally screaming in his ears. "Oh! My! Gosh! Like, hiii C! It's so amazing to meet you! Would you like to go shopping with me? Or like! Maybe you can tell me what you like to do! Yaay!"

B was now very irritated, and as soon as the young girl walked away, he breathed a sigh of relief. He knew the young girl meant well, but the screaming and hugging were very stimulating for him. Little did he know…

That Katie and Sadie were going to be a lot worse. Katie grabbed one side of him and began speaking just as loud as Lindsay did. "Hi, B! Oh my gosh! You seem so nice! And you must be from, like, far away, right?!"

Sadie grabbed the other side and continued, "Yeah, so nice, like so far away. I bet you've even met Justin Bieber. Like, you're such a lucky guy! You'll have to tell me all about it!"

The two girls then began to jump up and down, much to B's dismay. They then did their signature squeal, and Heather began to chuckle, knowing what was coming, while Sky and Bridgette just felt bad for the young man. The two girls then squealed, "EIIIII!"

B was now at the point of flipping out. He had no idea what to do, but luckily, the worst was out of the way. He shot daggers at Lindsay, Katie, Sadie, and even Tyler. The rest were alright in his book so far. Lightning and Heather did not bother introducing themselves to him, as they felt he was not worth the time. But Bridgette, Zoey, and Sky did and were the next to walk up to the silent young man.

"Hey, B,' Bridgette stated in her usual chill tone. She had set her surfboard down and extended her hand for a handshake. The young man gladly accepted it, blushing profusely. He had thought these girls were lovely. "It's very nice to meet you."

B nodded his head, and Zoey spoke next. "Sorry, I'm not very good at these kinds of things," Zoey stated, awkwardly extending her hand. B nodded, understanding where she was coming from. Much to Zoey's confusion, he was still blushing but shook the young girl's hand. "I hope we get along, though!"

Zoey and B flashed each other a genuine smile, and Sky was the last to extend her hand. B, still blushing, extended his hand back. Sky and Bridgette looked at each other and mouthed the word "aww ."Sky said, "Hi, B! Sorry about the warm welcome you've gotten from some of the others. They really do mean well!" B nodded, flashing a smile. He was thankful there was some sense of normalcy on the island. Zoey was, again, confused as to why Sky was apologizing. "Just let me know if you need anything, okay?"

Sky patted the young man on the back, and Bridgette followed suit. Zoey, Bridgette, Sky, and B then began to chat and compliment each other. Well, the girls chatted, and B added some gestures here and there, but he felt happy to be included, nonetheless.

The next contestant could not be more of the opposite of B, wearing clothing that made him look as if he wanted to be the next Harry Potter. He received confused looks from Zoey, Bridgette, Sky, Lightning, and Heather (Well, Heather and Lightning were just judging him, but nonetheless). On the other hand, Lindsay, Tyler, Katie, and Sadie thought he was the coolest person ever due to their IQ (Lindsay and Tyler) or because they just thought the outfit was cool (Katie and Sadie).

The LARPer, oblivious to the varying stares he was getting from everyone besides B, walked over to Chris. "Heya, Chris," He began, "My mana is becoming a bit discharged due to the environment. You said we would be at a five-star resort. What changed?"

"Leonard! You're looking… unique… today!" Chris grinned, not knowing what to say. He laughed deviously, earning glares from Heather, Bridgette, Lightning, Sky, and Leonard. "Yeah… about that! I kinda lied. If you would've read your contract, you would've known where you were staying. Ah well! All's well that ends well!"

Leonard was about to respond to the host when Lindsay and Tyler rushed him. Tyler was the first to speak. "Whoa, dude! Are you a real wizard? I mean, athletes are cool, but ever since I was little, I've always dreamed of meeting a real-life wizard!"

"Yes, my fair peasants," Leonard exclaimed. It seemed as if he believed the lies he was spewing out. Perhaps he did? He then pulled out his wand, showing the young blonde and jock. "Do not get on my bad side, or I will banish you to places unknown."

Lindsay shrieked. "That's, like, so scary! Hannah!" The young blonde called out to Heather, who looked disgusted by the wizard wannabe. "Can you, like, please protect me? Laney Hoze, the third is being mean to me!"

Heather could not hear her, and Tyler, seeing his chance, decided to be the young girl's knight in shining armor. "I'll protect you, Linds!" He yelled, grabbing Lindsay's hand. He began to dart away from the wizard and flashed her an innocent smile.

"Yay! Thanks, Taylor!"

Leonard had made the wrong move, as Lightning was trying to win over Heather while Heather stared at the young wizard. He walked over to Heather and Lightning, noticing the daggers Heather was glaring at him. He did not take this well and idiotically said, "Curse you, cretin! I now banish you into the un-"

SPLAT! The young wizard dropped to the floor as the raven-haired queen bee kneed him in the crotch. "Take that, you skeez!"

This had mixed reviews from the contestants. Lindsay cheered while Tyler looked apologetic. Katie and Sadie had their mouths agape in shock. Bridgette and Sky looked apologetic but somewhat relieved. Lightning stared at Heather as he was impressed and attracted to her new stunt, and Zoey and B were the first to rush over and help the dude.

"I can't believe I'm saying this," Bridgette started, "But I'm actually kind of thankful Heather did that. I feel he needs to be humbled just a tad."

Sky simply nodded her head in agreement. However, Heather had heard all of this, much to the duo's dismay. Heather gave them a sly smirk, looking very pleased with herself. Sky and Bridgette simply looked away and started to talk about other things as the next boat arrived.