Despite knowing the last part was a joke, the contestants did not want to chance it. So the contestants were there in less than 10 minutes, including Dave, despite some wanting to shower and get rid of the awful smell from the lake water. "Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa!" Chris greeted, "This is your home for the next 8 weeks! The campers sitting around you will be your friends, enemies, teammates, and cabin mates! So try to get along!" Chris chuckled before adding the next part. "Or not! I don't really care!"

"The camper who wins the competition will be granted 1! Million! Dollars!" The contestants began to cheer at this statement. Most of them had come to win, with a few just here for other reasons. But nonetheless, they all wanted the money.

Anne Maria was the first to speak up. She had a question burning in the back of her mind. "Yo, Chris! What are the sleeping arrangements? I'd like to know because there are certain people I'd rather not have to deal with."

"They'd better not be co-ed, McClean," Heather snarled, crossing her arms. Most of the females nodded in agreement. Anne Maria and Bridgette even vocalized their disapproval of sleeping with the guys.

"Girls get one side of the cabin; boys get the other. Pleased?" Chris stated, giving a fake smile to the girls. Aside from Lindsay and Sadie, the girls breathed a sigh of relief. Lindsay also had a question on her mind.

"Excuse me, Colby! I want a cabin with a lake view because I'm the prettiest!" Lindsay exclaimed. Anne Maria and Heather glared at the blonde for this comment. Anne Maria vocalized it, but Heather just took a deep breath to compose herself.

"No, hun, I'm the prettiest!" Anne Maria snarled. Lindsay just backed behind Heather, terrified of Anne Maria's newfound anger. Heather looked annoyed at the both of them but decided to keep quiet.

"Ladies, ladies, you're both pretty," Chris stated, winking. Heather, Bridgette, and Sky looked disgusted at this comment while Anne Maria calmed down. "But that's not how it works here, Lindsay. And my name is Chris, not Colby."

"I have to live with Sadie!" Katie exclaimed, getting a few annoyed glances from some of the other contestants. "I'll die if I don't!"

"And I'll break out in hives, Chris!" Sadie exclaimed. She got a few confused looks from the other contestants, but most were just annoyed. "What? It's a true story."

"I don't want to live with any of them, Chris," Dave stated, deadpan. He was used to having his own room, and having to live with others would likely be a culture shock for him. Chris just laughed in reply.

Sky comforted the germaphobe. "Hey, Dave," Sky started, giving him an empathetic smile, "It's alright, you can do this. At least you don't have to sleep next to Anne Maria or Heather." Dave nodded. Sky had made him feel better.

"I just hope there's a bunk small enough for me," Jasmine joked, but she was actually kind of nervous about it. She was the tallest contestant by a long shot.

Chris interrupted the contestants. "Alright, campers! This is a team-based game, until the merge. The teams are already pre-selected for you, so I will read them off now. First, we have:

Dave." The germaphobe looked nervous for his team.

"Shawn." The zombie freak just shrugged and smiled at Dave.

"Leonard." Leonard looked indifferent, but Dave looked annoyed already.

"Brick." Brick smiled at his three teammates.

"Jasmine." Jasmine waved to the camera.

"Topher." Topher flashed a grin and posed, trying to be the center of attention.

"Zoey." Zoey gave a nervous smile.

"Sadie." Sadie was sweating bullets.

"Bridgette." Bridgette gave a calm smile.

"Tyler." Tyler looked content with his team.

"And Anne Maria." Anne Maria just looked indifferent.

"You eleven are officially known as…." A banner of a green gopher shows. "The Screaming Gophers!"

Zoey was the first to speak, "Well, looks like we're a team now." She smiled at her teammates. "Let's all try to get along, okay?"

"Wait!" Sadie exclaimed. "Katie's on the other team! I want to be on the other team! Please, Chris!"

Sadie looked as if she was literally about to die. Katie looked somewhat okay, but she still chipped in regardless. "Yeah! I want to be on Sadie's team!"

Bridgette gave Sadie a hug. "Hey, Sadie. It'll be okay. You'll find new friends, and you can still talk to Katie."

"T-Thanks, Bridgette," Sadie thanked through tears. She hugged the young blonde back and calmed down a bit. She was thankful to have a friendly teammate like Bridgette.

Chris ignored the chattering contestants, especially Katie and Sadie, and continued announcing the next team, "The rest of you:

Sierra." Sierra struck a pose.

"B." B waved shyly at the camera.

"Heather." Heather just stared straight ahead, not moving an inch.

"Trent." Trent gave a cool smile to the camera.

"Lightning." Lightning started flexing his muscles, and Heather acted fake impressed.

"Harold." Harold looked indifferent and shrugged his shoulders.

"Katie." Katie looked somewhat upset.

"Lindsay." Lindsay hugged Katie and smiled at the camera.

"Beardo." Beardo made a victory noise.

"Staci." Heather claspered a hand over Staci's mouth.

"And Sky." Sky did a cartwheel.

"I miss you, Katie!" Sadie exclaimed as she was in Bridgette's arms still. She was done crying, but she was definitely still upset.

"I miss you too, Sadie," Katie stated, hugging Lindsay as comfort. Lindsay just hugged her back and gave her a sympathetic smile.

A red banner appeared, and Chris announced, "You 11 are officially known as the Killer Bass!"

Beardo made a kill noise, and B flashed a thumbs-up.

"What a name!" Harold exclaimed, quite impressed. "It's just awesome! It's like.. Amazing!"

"All right, campers," Chris introduced the next concept, "There is also an outhouse where you can share thoughts about the game, rant about the others, or just take a break! You can say things here, and your other contestants will not hear them, so take advantage of that!"


Sky: So far, this isn't what I was expecting. (Sky shrugs) But hey, at least the people here are relatively friendly. The only ones I have to worry about are Anne Maria and Heather. Otherwise, there are minor annoyances here and there.

Zoey: The first day, huh… Well, to be honest, it's already been exhausting. (Zoey puts her face in her hands). Some of the people are nice, but it's so hard! I've already learned so much today, let alone a challenge.

Heather: Chris sucks, and most of the people suck. (Heather smirks) But there are so many dumb people that I can use to my advantage. Katie will be looking for a friend, and Lightning and Lindsay are already eating from the palm of my hand. Sierra seems gullible enough too. The only trouble is (Heather looks angry) that wench Sky.

Tyler: The people here are so cool! I love it here, dude! I can show off my athletic ability and hang out with many incredible people. Especially (Tyler sighs dreamily) Lindsay…

Shawn: So far, I'm clear on the zombies, and Bridge reassured me she'll protect me if they ever do come. She's really a great friend. I'm glad we're on the same team!

Leonard: Staci has many extraordinary stories about magic, Harry Potter, and many other things! But that Heather chick better watch out because if she crosses me again, she will get a curse cast upon her! And I won't be stopped this time!

Trent: My team is pretty cool. I get along well with Brick, Bridgette, Dave, Jasmine, and Zoey. Tyler and Jasmine seem alright, too. So this'll be a good season. We just have to get rid of Anne Maria, Leonard, Topher, and Sadie before too long, ya know?

Sadie: I hate being apart from Katie! We do everything together! She's my best friend! I wish Chris would let us swap teams already. But he said something about "practicing independence ."I'm not ready for that!

Brick: Everyone here seems pretty cool, actually. (Brick salutes the camera) But if I sense any foul play, Zoey, Sky, and I will take care of it! I promise you that.

Dave: I don't like sharing a cabin with others. Especially with Leonard and Shawn. (Dave gags) Shawn seems nice enough, but he does not take care of himself the best. The others should be fine once I get used to it…

Harold: Finally! It's time for me to show off my mad skills! (Harold makes a ninja pose) But Anne Maria did not enjoy my advances. I don't understand why any woman would kill to have me! Right? Right?!

Lindsay: So, I'm kind of upset about not being on the same team as Taylor… But Kallie is missing Selena right now, and I must be there for her! Plus, Kallie and Heather have been good friends to me so far!

B: (B strikes a thumbs up to the camera. He looks very nervous, and you can tell he does not want to be in the confessional. Chris kind of forced him to.)

Jasmine: Well, the competition looks fierce this year. There are some intelligent people, and there are some athletic people. But there are also some weak links. And they should be the first to go before the competition starts to heat up.

Bridgette: Aside from Heather and Anne Maria, I enjoy the others. However, Sadie needs to calm down because she is creating a massive target on her back. Even if she does let Katie join our team, one of them will likely leave soon anyways…

Anne Maria: Well, the competition ain't shit, honestly. (Anne Maria flips her hair) And frankly, most of these losers annoy me anyways. Besides Heather, she's cool. Hopefully, if I prove myself as a leader, my team won't get rid of me.

Beardo: (He makes a joyful noise, indicating he's excited to start the competition. However, you can tell he is also nervous.)

Lightning: Sha-Lightning is here and ready to crush the competition! And I have Heather on my side to do so! She's a cutie, but I also can use her to my advantage! She won't know what hit her… I just hope she forgives me.

Katie: Like, yeah… Not being on the same team as Sadie sucks. But she has to realize that we can't get eliminated together! One of us will get eliminated, and the other has to go on without her. I know that's easier said than done, but… (Katie sighs)

Topher: That chick Sierra? She ain't got shit on me. I'll win our little bet and this game, and she'll cry for forgiveness. Nah, shouldn't have started beef with me in the first place! You made your bed. Now lie in it.

Sierra: Topher gets on my nerves. He's so full of himself. Like, yeah, he's hot! But he's nothing compared to Chris. Plus, Chris does not have time for a wannabe like him! He'll be out soon, and then everything will be fine.

Staci: I love this game so far! Also, this confession is such an excellent idea. Ya know, that reminds me of the time my great- (scene cuts)


"Now that you have shared your first impressions let's get to your cabins! Gophers, you're in the east cabin, and Bass, you're in the west!" Chris announced. He watched as the groups headed off to their respective cabins. "Well, Chef, they're not ready for what's in store," Chris stated as the two hosts snickered at each other."

In the Gopher girls' cabin, the girls were unpacking their things. Anne Maria decided this was a pivotal opportunity to suck up to Sadie. "Hey, Sadie, girl! How ya feeling?"

Sadie looked dejected, but she gave Anne Maria a weak smile. "I'm doing better. It just sucks to be separated from Katie. We do everything together, ya know? We've lived with each other since we were six!"

Anne Maria gave a fake sympathetic expression. She patted Sadie on the shoulder. "I hear you, girl. I know I can't replace her, but I'll be your friend in her place. But, hey, would you like to share a bunk with me?"

Sadie's face perked up. "Sure, Anne! I'd love to!" Sadie exclaimed as the two continued to chat with each other. Jasmine and Bridgette gave a very suspicious glance at each other. They did not trust Anne Maria.

Jasmine spoke quietly. "Hey, sheilas… I'm not sure how much I like the idea of Anne Maria scooping up Sadie like that. Sadie is such a nice girl, and that would only end up in her getting hurt."

Bridgette sighed. She looked over at Anne Maria, gradually getting more annoyed with Sadie. "I know, Jasmine. But I'm afraid that if we say something about it, we'd end up hurtin Sadie's feelings. Plus, there's nothing we can do about it right now, as Anne Maria is right there."

"You may be right," Jasmine agreed. But she still did not like the idea of Anne Maria stringing Sadie along. "But at the first chance of foul play! We put a stop to it."

Bridgette nodded in agreement. During this time, Zoey was just putting her clothes away, minding her own business. She was okay with having her own bunk, but Jasmine had then asked if she'd like to share a bunk.


Jasmine: Something about Anne Maria rubs me the wrong way, and I don't like it. Sadie is such a sweet girl; I must look out for her. She is obviously the most codependent of the two girls, so she needs someone to look out for her.

Sadie: Anne Maria is like, so lovely! (She smiles happily) And so is Bridgette! And while I'd prefer to be on Katie's team, maybe being on this team isn't so bad after all? They all have been super friendly to me!

Anne Maria: Playing some people is just too easy. (Anne Maria cackles) As if someone like me could befriend a girl like Sadie! As annoying as she is, I'll keep her around as long as she benefits me.


Inside the Gopher boys' cabin, Shawn had already gone outside to wait, as he felt it was too unsafe inside the cabin. Topher was going to fix his hair so he looked good for the cameras. This left Brick, Dave, Leonard, and Tyler.

Leonard was reading a book about Pokemon. Brick had decided to try to make small talk with the two boys. "So, sergeants," He began, "it seems we'll live together for the next 8 weeks. It could be a lot worse, right?"

Dave whispered a joke to the two boys, "Worse than him?" He asked, pointing at Leonard. Leonard shot a glare in Dave's direction, causing Dave to jump.

"It'll be alright, dudes!" Tyler exclaimed, "We just have to make the most of it! Though I wish Lindsay was on our team…:."

"And I wish Sky was…." Dave answered, both boys getting dejected."

"Come on, soldiers!" Brick encouraged. "Now's not the time to get down on ourselves! We have a competition to win! The ladies may not be on our team, but they're still in the game! We must perform well in today's challenge if you guys want to impress them!"


Dave: Brick and Tyler are good guys! Maybe living with other people won't be so bad, after all! As long as they take care of themselves, that is.

Tyler: Brick's speech got me thinking. (Tyler smiles) To win Lindsay over, I have to crush the competition! When a guy performs well, they obviously impress the ladies, right? Thanks, Brick!


Things were not going quite as smoothly in the Bass girls' cabin. Katie and Lindsay were talking about shopping and had chosen a bunk next to Heather's. Sierra was on her laptop on the bottom bunk of her and Sky's chosen bunk. Staci was surprisingly quiet.

But Heather and Sky had already started arguing.

"You need to leave my stuff alone, creep!" Heather shouted. She was holding a tube of lip gloss that Sky had just given her. She was super upset with Sky. "Going through other people's things without their permission is disgusting. You'll be lucky to not get kicked off tonight!"

"Maybe if you would listen to people when they talk instead of being so high and mighty all the time, you would realize that it fell out of your bag," Sky defended, getting just as pissed as Heather was. She hated girls like Heather in high school but did not want to get on the other girls' bad side.

"Please, Sky!" Heather retorted, sticking her nose up in the air. She was determined to get Sky to admit she had gone through her bag. "Everyone with half a brain knows you're jealous of me! Now quit trying to borrow my things, especially without asking permission."

Sky was getting heated now. "You know what, Heather? I tried to be nice to you, but there's just no reasoning with you. You're so full of yourself that your brain is too concealed to listen to what other people say."

Heather gasped. She was also just as pissed now. Staci, however, was there to ruin the moment. "Ya know, you guys remind me of this time when my great-"

"Shut up, Staci," Sky and Heather snapped at the exact same time.


Sky: Heather is just so (Sky screams in frustration) I don't know what I ever did do to that girl! She has had it out for me since we got to the island. She is so mean to me, and I have no idea why! But I am done being nice. Done.

Heather: Sky is such an annoyance. She is literally everything I hate in a person. I know damn well she didn't take my lip gloss. But I wanted her to blow up sooner rather than later, especially since she's a massive threat to my game.

Katie: Sky taking Heather's lip gloss was like, so mean! If someone took my lip gloss, I'd be upset, too. But Lindsay and Heather have been so nice to me since we moved in! Maybe being without Sadie won't be so bad…

Lindsay: Sandra being that mean to Hannah really grates me. Kelly and I talked it over, and we cannot put up with people being that mean to Hannah, especially when Hannah has been so nice to us ever since we got here!


On the guys' side, B and Beardo were getting accustomed to their environment. Lightning greeted Trent and took off, "refusing to talk to anyone else ."That left Trent and Harold, and their conversation was… interesting.

"Gosh, dude! Do you have to act like that?" Harold asked, getting frustrated with the musician. The musician was extremely confused and thought maybe the geek was joking. They barely knew each other, after all.

"Yeah, I d-" Once Trent realized Harold was not joking, he returned to being confused. He questioned the geek, "act like what?"

"So calm, collected, and normal. It seems like nothing ever gets you mad," Harold stated, frustrated. Trent raised an eyebrow at the geek. Harold glared back at the musician. "You're so perfect; it's infuriating."

Trent just looked even more confused. "I'm… sorry?"


Trent: I'm so confused. I like to think I'm a nice guy, but for some reason, that irritates Harold? (Trent shrugs) Ah, well. As long as he doesn't get me eliminated. Can't please everyone, I guess.

Harold: I hate when people act so put together like Trent does! We're 16 years old; we're obviously not that put together! Gosh! (Harold sighs) Maybe I shouldn't have been so harsh, though…


The campers were now gathered in the cafeteria. Chris introduced the place, also introducing the bathrooms, "I'm sure you have all figured this out by now, but the bathrooms here are communal, and this is the cafeteria. Chef, if you would."

"I serve food three times a day, and you will eat it three times a day. Understood?" Chef stated, deadpan. Most of the contestants just nodded their heads, scared. Anne Maria did not, however.

"I'm on a diet, and I will not eat your food if it looks li-" Anne Maria was in the middle of sassing the Chef back when Chef chucked food and hit the girl in the face. This caused some others to chuckle, most notably Bridgette and Jasmine.

Lindsay was off in her own world as always. She turned to Katie and asked her friend, "Karissa, what does Communal mean? I'm not Catholic…."

Katie chuckled at Lindsay's comment while Heather and Sky glared at each other. She patted Lindsay on the back before breaking the news to the blonde, "It means we shower together, Linds…."

Lindsay started crying while Katie patted her on the back. Harold was eying his food while others had begun to dig in. Harold spoke up, "Chef, why is mine moving?" Splat! Harold got Chef's "food" to the face, just as Anne Maria did. "Gosh!"

Sky had decided to move away from Heather and sit by the guys. Harold noticed Trent chuckling and instead moved to sit by the girls and Lightning, much to Lightning's dismay. "No geeks allowed on this side of the table! Scram, nerd!"

Meanwhile, at the Gophers' table, Dave was complaining about his food. He made sure to keep his voice quiet. "This is definitely not sanitary. I cannot eat this."

"Look, Dave," Bridgette comforted, "I know how you feel. But we cannot perform at our best on an empty stomach. As gross as it is, it's all we got. But trust me, a million dollars will ultimately be worth it."

Dave shuddered, but started to eat nonetheless. Bridgette smiled at the germaphobe. Topher, being the suck-up that he is, decided to compliment Chef, "Real nice cooking Chef! It looks awesome and," He took a bite of his food and choked it down. "Tastes delicious, too!"

Sierra took this as a sign and started to chomp down her food. Topher did the same. Sierra cheered between bites. "Really amazing food, Chef! Thank you so much!"

Chris then entered the door to the cafeteria. "I hope you all enjoyed your meals, campers! Because your first challenge starts in exactly one hour! Head on over to your cabins and change into your bathing suits!" Chris exclaimed, excited to get on to the show. "And remember that the loser will be voting out one of their own tonight on Total!