Headcannons about Shayera Hol and Richard Grayson together.

They met while Dick was with the titans, he and kori had amicably split after going to couples therapy over what Mirage did

Shayera was recently reincarnated and was only a few years away from Dick's age.

Tarantula happened around a week before they met

Dick and Shayera both related with Kori over being forced out of their homes for several different reasons

Shayera joined the league instead of the Titans as she felt she belonged with them as opposed to the family the Titans were and the titans respected that.

Hawkwoman became a very respected member of the hero community due to her skill and prowess and resistance to magic.

Nightwing was similarly starting to get the respect he deserves as a solo hero and protector of his own city and leader of his own league.

Nightwing and Hawkwoman work together whenever possible and the two have sat down to play triple t as a drinking game and that brought them closer to each other.

Neither Dick or Shayera (or Kendra as she goes by in public and he calls her to his civilian friends) were the first to realize they started to fall for eachother.

Donna was the first to notice the love eyes followed by Roy and Kory who have both seen the look pointed at them.

Raven was the first to notice Shayera's due to her oftentimes uncontrollable empathy picking up the pure adoration washing out of Hawkwoman and leading to nightwing's chest.

Their first kiss was something else

They were on a roof in Bludhaven when he'd turned to her and informed her this is the roof he was rped on and she made him feel normal on the very concrete that haunted his dreams for almost a whole year.

Shayera cupped his cheek brushing his curly raven hair behind his ear leaning in slowly before their plump lips met in the middle in the softest kiss either had ever had.

Shayera was nothing like anyone he's ever dated.

Like Kory she had a fiery spirit and kind heart that drew him in.

Like Roy she had a rough outer shell and aggressive instincts

Like Barbara she was sharp as a knife and was able to take his walls down with a simple smile.

However unlike all of them she had this solemn air to her that contradicted everything else about her and showed the weathering that constant reincarnation has done on her very soul and matched well with his own damaged soul.

Shayera stayed out of the limelight due to her very obvious wings.

Dick made it clear he was in a happy relationship with a woman who wants her privacy kept safe and that is his priority. He did say her name was Kendra.

Jason and Tim adore Shayera and Damian believes that she is the only sane person in the Gotham-Bludhaven area.

Jason met her while he was consumed by pit rage and she easily knocked him on his ass.

Shayera met Tim when he stumbled in on a movie date. He was flustered when he realized what he'd done but was delighted when Shayera played chess with him while Dick cooked them dinner.

Shayera took over patrol of Bludhaven when Dick became batman and she came in for training one night and proved her competency in a fight first hand when he challenged her to a spar to see if she was worthy of being the paramour to Batman he reluctantly approved

Shayera loves getting her wings rubbed and dick is more than happy to spend hours doing just that on his days off.

Speaking of things dick is happy to do for hours dick is a very generous lover and can and will settle between her strong thighs and stay there until she gets worried that he might suffocate himself and pulls him up herself.

This isn't one way either. She is also very giving in bed, she's mainly a top due to her wings and general discomfort being on the bottom is caused by them.

Dick is a switch in the way that he can be a sweet bottom who only wants pleasure or an insatiable soft dom who wants to spend torturously long and pleasure filled hours worshiping her body and there is no in between.

Dick proposes with his mother's ring and hopes for the best.

She is elated and obviously says yes.

The ring is amazing and sentimental and everything she never knew she wanted just like him.

The band itself was made out of Jade and in the middle was a small Lapiz Lazuli stone and it seemed perfect as her eyes were Jade and His were the exact shade of blue as Lapiz Lazuli.

His ring was almost identical to hers but it was inverted mainly blue but with a jade stone in the middle symbolizing their role in each other's hearts.

His mothers favorite color was green and his fathers blue which is why the colors are sorted like that.

Their wedding was a small affair where they only had a certain number of people on the guest list which amounted to the titans, the main leaguers and vixen.

Vixen was Shayera's maid of honor and Donna walked dick down the aisle and Clark acted as his best man

Tim was the ring bearer and Lian the flower girl, Donna and Tim split the job as photographer. Diana Officiated the wedding.

Shayera wore a midnight blue over the shoulder lace dress with gold accents and her makeup matched that wearing Gold eyeshadow and blue eyeliner with nude lipstick

Dick wore a midnight blue suit and a gold tie matching the gold eyeliner and barely tinted chapstick on his lips.

Both heroes looked amazing and had an amazing wedding night from heaven.

Out of all of her lives it was one of the only one's she fell for dick grayson that she ended up having kids.

Shayera admittedly panicked when her test came back positive but Dick had been kind and supportive the entire time and it honestly really helped.

On April 1st (the anniversary of the graysons fall) their daughter was born

They named her after Dick's Grandmother: Delia Ceija Grayson. Dick didn't want to name her after the dead so they compromised with middle names and found a romani name that had significance to his grandmother and had a meaning or history both loved.

Nicknames were admittedly hard to come up with most called her Dee or Hatchling (batbros)

Tim is Delia's favorite human ever with Damian and Cass tied for second and Jason and Steph at third.

Dick died in battle as a sacrifice to end the war and save the world but as a multiversal constant that made things strange to balance the world it was revealed he would reincarnate somewhere in the future and be able to continue his life but it would be at least 2-3 lifetimes away.

Under Dick's last will Tim became Nightwing to continue his brother's legacy and mentored Delia until it was her turn to have the mantle and he became Redwing a mix of Red Robin and Nightwing to truly honor his brother's memory.

Delia started out as a mere trainee at 8-years-old and was only allowed on the streets when both Shayara and Tim deemed her ready.

Delia was Robin until the day she took over Nightwing on her 16th birthday and tim officially became Redwing.

Delia meeting Yara Flor was nothing like she expected. The girl was free in a way Delia only ever achieved when in the air mid flight.

Unlike her mother Delia's wings were retractable thanks to her half human side so the first time she whipped out the wings was a shock to the amazon who had already developed a sizable crush on the hero and now it only got so much worse because for some reason Yara found the wings hot.

All of Delia's weapons and armor was made out of nth metal and what wasn't was laced with it making her bullet and magic proof from head to toe.

Shayera died a week before Delia and Yara started dating.

When Shayera finally found Dick again lifetimes after their life together it was like she was finally whole.

Nobody could doubt Shayera loved Carter in past lives but the second she met dick grayson she was done with her complicated love story with the guy she fell for centuries ago and was fully prepared to spend however long she had with Dick Grayson.