Deep in the pits of an unknowable abyss, far beyond the reach of any being, even that of the Gap Youkai, a being of raw power was being formed. Pure matter being sculpted into being, by an imposing golden-brown figure radiating pure dominance in waves. As the matter had reached a form resemblant of a human girl, the figure grinned, ivory teeth glinting in the not-light of this abyss.

"Yes... And now, all that is needed is a soul... And something that was forgotten... And I know how to get both of those in one!"

With all the fanfare of someone waking up in the morning, the monolithic entity slashed open a hole into unreality around it with a rusted, jagged manacle on its wrist. Gazing within, a sea of souls floated outside, not pouring in despite the law stating that water takes the path of least resistance. The grin turned sinister as its fist rammed inside, grabbing a seemingly dead spirit and shoving it inside a hole within the doll-esque figure's head. Wasting no time, it was then immediately sealed up.

Gradually, color began to spread amongst the doll, with the body of it becoming animated where the color went. And eventually, the entire body was alive, and clothed from creation. A curtain of red hair blanketed the eyes, which was for the better; as much like the realm they were made in, they were but hollow voids. Should the eyes truly be windows to the soul, then these ones were either tinted pure black... Or be a window to nowhere. A striped scarlet and golden dress adorned her body, with sleeves going from shoulder to elbows & going all the way down to the knees, with white stockings going just as high. Light gray gloves covered deceptively strong hands, and as the eyes fluttered open, they shrunk at the giant looming over them.

"Good. You can feel the differences of our power. That means I will not need to bother with demonstrations. Now then, you have been made to live once more for a single reason. To live. I grow bored of this realm, but I am locked here until called upon. But you are not. I will imbue you with a fraction of my unimaginable power and my mental fortitude in combat, and in return, I shall view your experiences... What do you call it... A "live stream". I pray you will live in interesting yet fun times."

Any sort of questions that the poor, recently reincarnated against what little will they had still possessed may have been able to have would have died as yet another hole was torn, revealing a vast land possessing 3 mountain tops. Many clouds decorated the skies of this land, and despite the vast land, there appeared to be very little modernization or even civilization, from as high up as the view seemed.

"This land is known by the residents as "Gensokyo". It is a land purely inhabited by that which is forgotten, a land filled with abandoned fantasies. Luckily for you, their main form of combat is entirely non-lethal, meaning it is completely safe for you to pick fights with the locals. I would tell you good luck... But no child of mine needs such trivialities."

Before the poor soul could even begin to unpack the implications behind that statement, the titan plucked her up, placed them dangling atop the hole as if it were a slide and it her parent, and pushed them over the edge, screaming bloody murder the whole time.

It was a day like any other for Suika Ibuki. She was on a stroll, pleasantly inebriated with her gourd in hand. Although, she was thinking that it had gotten a bit boring by now...

Immediately, as she heard a faint noise gradually growing louder coming from above, her head turned up, wondering what was making that noise. Soon, she spotted the offending object, that being a seemingly orange object in the sky. As she realized that it was falling down, she stepped outside of the shadow, then seemingly watched as it fell. As it plummeted, she grew slightly worried, as the noise was revealed to be screaming, and the falling object in question was seemingly a little girl. After a moment of thinking, she decided 'Hey, maybe if I help her out, we can have a battle!' and decided to gradually slow her descent down by reducing their density.

Eventually, she gently touched down with the earth, more baffled than scared. At least, that appeared to be the case, as she had stopped screaming, and was merely looking around. It did not take long for her eyes to latch onto Suika, which led to her waving at her. Given the presumably terrifying experience, she decided to wait and let the new girl calm down before offering a Danmaku battle.

"Hey! How'd you get all the way up there? It doesn't really look like you can fly or something like that. Do you have some kinda magic?"

The girl's face transitioned through a number of different emotions, before settling on a... Admittedly unsettlingly-tired look that normally super old people have. Even as an Oni, she knew that wasn't exactly normal for human, not for a child.

"No clue. Last thing I remember was god? I guess?! Being finished with making me and telling me to live. You are quite literally the second person I've seen today. Ah, shit, sorry, forgot to introduce myself. Call me... oh..."

It was at that moment that she decided to look down, and seemingly she regretted her choice of clothes for today judging by the grimace she had. Which, yeah, fair point, it did seem pretty bold wearing something so bright. Although, judging from the fact she murmured something about "insanity", she seemed to be much more harsh on herself regarding it. At that, they sighed, as if they just became aware of a very bad dad joke.

"Reina. Reina Della. And I only just now noticed you have horns."

The bluntness and suddenness of Reina's statement made Suika snort.

"Well, never heard that one before. Yeah, I'm an Oni. Suika Ibuki. Say, do you wanna fight?"

...Wait a minute. Reina said she was basically just born. That means that she probably doesn't know about Danmaku fights... Ah, damnit, she probably just terrified a poor girl into thinking she was gonna get absolutely clobbered to death by an Oni. And judging by how pale she turned, it sounds like Suika was straight in the gourd.

"Wait wait wait, bad wording. I meant a Danmaku fight. Uh, crap, I gotta explain those too, huh? Gah... How did it go?..."

Reina slowly calmed down as the Oni of density racked her brain for the answer. Out of reflex, they took a small sip from their gourd... And somehow, that sip had reminded them how Danmaku duels were taught to them. Although, it is also possible that they've drunk so much that their brain somehow managed to evolve to process & recall information faster while drunk.

"OH, that's right! It's magic fighting at an equal, non-lethal level! Everyone gets to have a chance, and it's less so about power and more about skill and creativity! Here, I can help you get started. Uh, not sure if this'll be as easy for you as it was for me, but feel deep inside whatever you define the "core" of your body. Focus on that area, and search for... A vague feeling of power. I know, it isn't that helpful of a description, but that's what it is."

"Oh. Uh... Okay."

The child closed their eyes, confused on the commands but nonetheless trying to follow them. Reasoning that the core of themselves would be where the personality came from, and thus the mind, they focused within their brain. Lo and behold, after a bit of impromptu meditation, they were rewarded with a warmth bordering on discomfort. The feeling was strangely soothing to Reina, and it took effort for her to retreat from it.

"Alright, I've got it. Felt... Way too good. What's next?"

"Well, next, you gotta push that energy out. It usually comes out as just a shiny ball of light. Try it now!"

Reconnecting with that power, she tried to push it down to her arms then out her hands, envisioning her veins and bones as a pathway for the energy. In response, oddly, Danmaku in the shape of strings sprouted from her fingertips, with the usual orbs growing from them. Suika was impressed by the fact that she was able to create complex Danmaku like this from the start.

"Alright. The goal of a Danmaku fight for the Defender, the one who's on the receiving end of a challenge, is to try and trip up the Aggressor, who issued it, with patterns of Danmaku. Danmaku is the name of those balls of light. The more complex the pattern, the more strength you need to make it. Some people can even make super strong patterns with names. They have to call out the name of it for it to work though, no clue why. Go on and get a feel for it, and then we can have a fun fight!"

Suiki watched as Reina experimented with it, messing with the string of light. She went from waving it around to see how gravity affected it, presumably, to trying to move it around with just magical control, to changing the shape of Danmaku mid-fight. Eventually, they seemed to have gotten enough of a feel for it to be comfortable in a fight, as they approached Suiki.

"Alright, you ready?!"

"Mmmnope, but let it never be said I had any common sense."


"Yes. Yes, I'm ready for the fight."

"Then ya shoulda just said so! I declare a Danmaku Battle!"

"...This should be interesting..."

Deep within the recesses of an abyss filled with eyes, a Youkai that was the very embodiment of caprice, looked onward at the events regarding the Oni in equal amounts concern and hope. Sensing a corruptive power within their soul, they hoped that the newcomer would be able to make friends, find peace, and generally not be a disturbance to Gensokyo in their time here.

"It seems these nights are going to be very fun."

Conversely, within a paradoxical mansion, a "sophisticated" vampire gazed with no small intrigue at the power of the newcomer. Verily, someone of their potential would be quite entertaining, and it would even be fun just to talk to them... Perhaps she should send them an invite for a chat.

"That's weird."

And lastly, a pink-headed pseudo-ghost seemed perturbed at a soul seemingly blinking out of existence, only to reappear in a living body. She made a note to investigate this later.