Thinking back to first year made Lily smile. She watched the first years saying goodbye to their parents and she reminisced how she felt in that moment, excited and nervous, eager and sad.

Now she felt sad to know that she only had two more years left at this wonderful school before she'd be off to write her own story. Find a job she loved, build a family perhaps. Lily Luna Potter had always always been a dreamer, someone who was often lost in thought, whether it be reminiscing the past, sentimental, or looking forward to the future. She often had to remind herself to enjoy the moment; they were fleeting.

"You getting on, Lil?" Her brother Albus said, passing her. He was wearing his green robes, while she was sporting red.

"Yes," she smiled. "Right behind you."

"Lily," another voice rang through the crowd. It was Marcus, her boyfriend of just a few months. She couldn't really call him a boyfriend as they had basically been long distance the entire summer, having gotten together just before the end of term. But they were exclusive.

"Hi Marcus," he sauntered over, his blue tie swinging and gave her a kiss on the lips. It surprised her, she wasn't a fan of public display of affection. She blushed, ducking her face. "Not here," she whispered.

"You don't want to show me off?" he teased, placing his hand low on her back. She looked around, her parents were talking to her aunt and uncle, Hermione and Ron.

"Come on," she said and entered the train. Once inside they made their way down the hallway looking for a compartment.

"Let's sit with my friends," Marcus insisted.

"But-" Lily started, but Marcus cut her off.

"Lily," he whined. "I've been dying to see them."

Sweet and polite, Lily gave a small smile before nodding in agreement. Her friends would have to wait it seemed. She was unable to get up out of the compartment for most of the ride, Marcus holding her close, kissing her in front of his friends as if she hadn't explained that she didn't like PDA.

"I'm going to use the loo, alright?" She finally managed to say. Marcus, distracted, didn't seem to care. So Lily decided to use the bathroom and pay her friends a visit.

"Lily! Where the hell have you been," Rose said when she found their compartment. Her cousins were there. James, Albus and Sorpius Malfoy, Albus's best friend were also sitting in the corner, playing cards.

"I was sitting with Marcus."

"Ugh," Rose said. "He's a twat."

"Why do you keep saying that," Lily said, sitting down next to her, the rest of them now a part of the conversation.

Rose stayed silent for a second, looking around. Lily raised her eyebrows, clearly waiting for a response.

"He has a reputation."

Lily shrugged, ducking her head. "I know. But-"

"I mean he has slept with so many-"

Hugo elbowed her and Rose stopped, rolling her eyes. Lily was turning red. "What, it's true."

Lily swallowed, "look I know he has experience. But he was nice to me last year. Charming." She smiled. "And he's written the most lovely letters all summer."

Rose went back to sorting through her candy. "Whatever, Lily, just be careful."

"Lil, I hate the guy, do you really have to go out with him?" James chimed in.

Lily looked at him, almost pleading. James subsided. Albus didn't say anything but Lily already knew he felt similar. A part of her was sad that no one approved of her new boyfriend. She looked at Scorpius. If it was even possible, he seemed to have grown since she had last seen him. His jaw was set, sharp. His eyes downcast as he shuffled his cards. He didn't seem to be acting like his usual talkative self. That's when she noticed his head boy badge.

"Scorpius, you're head boy! I forgot to congratulate you," Lily beamed, happy for him.

He looked up at her then, his pale gray eyes seemingly staring into her soul. Her nerves felt alive when he looked at her like that.

"Thanks Lils." She rather liked it when he called her Lils. Her smile faltered slightly, unnoticeably when he went back to looking at his cards. While still more introverted, he was still usually more interested in talking, at the very least looking at her for more than a second.

She could admit that they used to be closer, childhood friends. But they'd grown apart, Lily getting awkward around him, a subconscious crush that seemed to chase her around.

Before anyone else could say anything the door to their compartment opened and Marcus appeared. "Lily," he said, his voice booming, a stark contrast to the rather quiet conversation they had been having.

"Hi, Marcus," she said, smiling, looking at her family apprehensively. Marcus was barely looking at them.

"I was looking for you."

"Oh yeah, sorry," she smiled sheepishly.

"Come," he took her hand and helped her up, then proceeded to twist his arm around her waist and pull her close. "Bye Potters," he said looking at the two brothers. "Weasleys. Malfoy."

The compartment shut and Lily walked back with Marcus, but her mind had drifted and she immediately began to regret leaving.