WARNING: This chapter mentions details of sexual abuse.

Lily didn't sleep the whole night. She kept tossing and turning, thinking of his hands on her body the way he had squeezed her breasts, his fingers poking through her pants, digging at her most intimate places. She took three showers and prayed no one was awake to watch her get up repeatedly in the night.

The second she left Scorpius's side she regretted it. Without him she couldn't stay calm, she didn't feel safe. For a split second she thought of wandering to Slytherin and finding a way in so she could sleep next to him, but that meant walking the castle at night and it frightened her now.

The next morning she made it her mission to always walk with someone. She didn't tell anyone, of course, but she never wanted to be alone. So she walked with her friends everywhere, not straying from their path and what they wanted to do.

At dinner, Scorpius approached her. "Want to take a walk, Lils?" he asked, her friends looking at him, some of them blushing. It was known that Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter were best friends, the talk of the castle even after nearly six years. But it wasn't as common to see Scorpius and Lily together. Lily smiled, keeping up appearances and nodded. She had barely any appetite as it is and she didn't want to stay in that room when Marcus was two tables down.

The second they were in the hallway and out of sight from other students she hugged Scorpius. He hugged her back, pulling her close. Warm and safe, that's what he was to her. She breathed in his familiar scent and finally, she felt like she could relax.

"Scor," she mumbled into his cloak. "I couldn't sleep last night. Could you let me sneak into Slytherin rooms tonight, please. I feel safer when I'm with you."

He wanted to say no, he knew it was crazy to sneak in a girl, especially one from another house, but he couldn't say it. Not to her.

They spent the rest of the evening working in the library, Lily feeling safe enough to be productive. When it was late enough that most students were in bed, Scorpius helped her sneak in. Albus was asleep already, his curtains drawn around his four poster bed.

"Come on," they tiptoed to his bed and Lily jumped in, moving quickly to draw the curtains. For a second she felt like forgetting the reason she was here, pretending that something romantic and playful and maybe even sexy had happened between her and Scorpius and that's why they were going to share a bed. But now, thinking of anything sexual made her want to cry.

Scorpius casted silencio so that no one would overhear them, and they laid down, him on top of the covers.

"I feel better with you," she whispered, turning towards him. "Safe."

Scorpius smiled sadly. "I'm glad I can do something to help, Lils. I'd take the bloody memories from you if you'd let me."

Lily shook her head. "I know, but as much as it'll haunt me, I don't want to forget."

"You're strong, Lils."

Lily sighed, tucking her head close to her body. "Scor, it's freezing. Get under the covers."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah." She loved how respectful he was being. If another man so much as looked at her right now, she'd probably have a panic attack. But, Scorpius was different, and it was times like this that she knew she could trust him with her life. Both tucked under the covers and facing each other, she began to feel nervous. But not because it was reminding her of Marcus, because she was in bed with Scorpius, the guy she was practically in love with.

"Hi," she whispered, blushing.

"Hi," he said back, his voice barely audible.

"Thank you," she said. "I never thanked you."

"You don't need to thank you, Lily. I wish I had been there sooner."

"It's okay. I wish I had never talked to him to begin with."

"Don't blame yourself," he reminded her and she nodded.

They stayed silent for a moment before she tentatively moved her hands towards his body. He seemed to jump slightly when she touched his stomach, moving them towards his chest. He grabbed her hands softly with this and tugged. She moved closer, tucking her head into his chest, the soft cotton shirt against her cheek. His hands were warm around her body, pulling her close to him.

She lazily drew circles with her thumb as her hand rested on his arm and she just focused on his breathing, he smelled good. He began playing with the ends of her hair and she felt bliss. Home, that's what it felt like. Scorpius felt like home. She fell asleep within minutes, tired from the night of tossing and turning.