Unfortunately, the Great Red Dragon's body completely dissolved after Momonga used his most beloved and important of rituals on it, [Dark Wisdom], leaving him no reagents or materials to harvest.

This saddened Momonga, but not much – if the Great Red Dragons were common in this world, he could hunt them later. However, the new spell obtained from the slain dragon at least intrigued Momonga.

Momonga did not know any spells from YGGDRASIL with this particular name, [Create Body], though he had learned all the spells that his opponents could use at any given moment in order to pick the right strategy to confront. Though, of course, this spell could simply be a secret of the other players that they hadn't revealed all this time, this kind of thing happened more often than it might seem in YGGDRASIL. Information was critical to all players, and being able to hide their trump cards and convince their opponents of making incorrect preparation for PvP was the key to victory.

On the other hand, Momonga knew a few spells, like [Polymorph] or the Super-tier Magic [Magnum Opus], Tabula Smaragdina knew the latter – that were similar to what Momonga understood from his newly learned spell… Well, he'll find a use for it.

In any case, after sending all the Guardians back to their posts and ordering Nigredo to begin exploring the surroundings around Nazarick, Momonga returned to his chambers, eager to begin experimenting with a newfound spell.

The first experiments were quite successful, with the spell [Create Body] doing exactly what it said on the tin. The spell could change his body, to any one Momonga could imagine, capable of working as an illusion, but at the same time the created body was also fully alive and material.

Momonga later tested how his new body worked. For example, in his skeleton body Momonga did not need to breathe, but by creating a new body, looking like his, Satoru Suzuki's, old body he began to breathe reflexively and automatically.

Momonga was a little scared, but after creating his body, he focused on stopping to breathe. And after twenty minutes without finding any negative effects, he just let his instinct take hold now that he knows that his body didn't need oxygen.

He then teleported to the treasury, whose atmosphere was completely saturated with the poisonous vapors of [Blood of Jormungandr], but after breathing a couple lungfuls, found that it had no negative effects on Momonga.

From the information he managed to gather, the body Momonga created with the spell was considered a 'cosmetic object'. Healing potions still damaged him, for instance, while his passive skills still continued to work, and the undead on the first floors continued to ignore him. However, perhaps it was because he was a Nazarick's master and not because he was still considered undead in the perception of the other undead?

His new body also possessed all the abilities of his past body, as well as its weaknesses, and was capable of considerable customization.

To begin with, back on the Sixth Floor, on the free plains, Momonga used a spell to create himself a dragon body. Instantly he grew to enormous size and was covered in scales, but Momonga's claws provided him no bonuses as his 'natural weapon', just as his scales provided him no additional armor. The created wings also proved unable to lift him into the air, though his change in size allowed him to look over the Sixth Floor from a dozen meters above. The experiment to see if he could turn smaller would be delayed, however…

Momonga's further experiments, however, were interrupted when Nigredo informed him that she had made a complete survey of Nazarick's surroundings and found nothing but the same black void that Momonga had seen before. At least, that is what her scouting an area about the size of Japan back home. It might be possible that there exists something else beside the void, but at this point trying to reach it would be hazardous without any landmark to guide one back to Nazarick.

This information reassured and alarmed Momonga a little at the same time. The fact that he need not fear any surprise attack at the moment did please Momonga, especially considering that Nazarick was protected from teleportation and outside surveillance, but the fact that he was actually currently in the void was disturbing. It was like what he imagined being lost in space would feel.

Nazarick may have been home to Momonga, but he could not afford to hole himself in it all the time. Even assuming that he could stop spending money to maintain Nazarick, something Momonga was afraid to do in a world where he could easily stumble upon the Great Red Dragon outside the tomb. And that all NPCs could exist without the need for food due to their equipment, especially if Momonga distributed the contents of the treasury among them. An eternal existence in the void didn't sound like something Momonga would like…

Especially when knowing that there might exist unknown dangers outside the walls of Nazarick that might endanger it. Existences that existed outside of Nazarick's surveillance, threats that Momonga would never suspect until the moment they strike.

However, Momonga recalled the dragon's attempt during the battle to open the [Gate] blocked by the [Dimensional Lock] that his staff had used a little earlier, and thought about it more. [Gate] was a high-level teleportation spell, capable of creating a passage for the player even into another of the nine worlds of YGGDRASIL. In other words, it was confirmation that in addition to the empty world Nazarick was currently in, there was at least one other world beyond that to which the dragon had planned to escape to.

In addition, given the fact that the dragon had attempted to retreat to this world – it most likely considered this place safe from Momonga. Which meant that somewhere there were other beings more powerful than the Great Red Dragon – a kind of 'base' for the dragon, or maybe even its 'lair'.

Conjectures sadly would not fully answer Momonga's questions as to why and how exactly the dragon ended up near Nazarick. That's why Momonga authorized Nigredo to use her most powerful abilities as a master of surveillance to observe other worlds – on the condition that she would act with extreme care, use only abilities fully covered by all possible spells and counter-spells from all sides, To be extra careful to spot any possible information when observing and, should any of the objects of surveillance notice something or her surveillance to be noticed by someone, to immediately retreat.

Nigredo, of course, obeyed Momonga, and it was only at this point that Momonga realized that he was still using his 'created body', namely his body of Satoru Suzuki, and Nigredo could still easily identify him as Momonga. This question intrigued Momonga – but he came to the logical conclusion that it was likely that Nigredo had decided that no other creature could be in the Great Tomb of Nazarick at the moment but him. And that no one would dare to communicate with the Guardians the way he did, giving orders, even if his appearance was new to Nigredo. Either that, or [Message] also included some kind of caller ID.

In any case, Momonga pushed these thoughts to a distant shelf focusing on Nigredo, as they looked at the first attempt at observing the other world, one that the Dragon had tried to connect to. Which, not so surprisingly after Momonga's previous mental conclusions, worked.

Momonga could see for a brief moment a world, full of high cliffs and mountains, and various caves… Which proved to be full of dragons, of various kinds, ones Momonga could recognize at a glance, like simple reds, ice or bronzes, to the ones Momonga had seen for the first time.

'I see, no wonder the dragon wanted to escape here, this world seems to be full of dragons,'

Momonga frowned, feeling something inside him stir. Dragons were the strongest race of all, possessing the strongest characteristics and, usually, a whole host of abilities that could simply be called 'cheats'.

"Nigredo," Momonga turned to the girl, who looked at him intently with her unblinking, eyelidless eyes.

"Be careful, but if you succeed, I need you to determine the dragon's average level, abilities, and species, if you can do so. When you have done this, start checking and examining other worlds besides the one we are currently observing, your orders would be exactly the same – catalog any possible dangers. This information is vital to all of Nazarick."

"As you command, my Lord," Nigredo bowed deeply before turning to the screen before her, beginning to cast spells and use her abilities.

Momonga, knowing that he could not help Nigredo, who was vastly superior to him in gathering information, immediately teleported back to the sixth floor. With nothing else to do, he proceeded to further explore the new spell abilities that he had obtained from the body of the slain dragon.

Further research, however, only confirmed Momonga's earlier conclusions, that his 'new' body was more or less a 'cosmetic object', like the way his robe emitted a black and red aura of 'terror', which was essentially a purely cosmetic effect.

The wings created by the spell could not lift Momonga into the air if he tried to take the form of an angel, dragon, or any other winged creature because it did not grant him [Flight]. Though, his body could change its size, either larger or smaller conferring a change in Point of View, but not anymore or less power. He's just as strong as 40 meters tall or as small as a mouse.

Momonga tried to test the limits of his size change, how big or small he could become. He stopped his experiments in getting larger when he realized that he could become at least several hundred meters tall, and still felt that he could become bigger still. Which he didn't try, since, by this point, it would become more of a problem for Momonga than an advantage.

The smallest size that Momonga could take was the size of a small insect, after which he tried to give himself [Flight] by shrinking his body and giving himself enormous wings, and then flapped them to try it out. This time, thanks to the laws of Physics, Momonga did manage to fly, but it was not easy to use unlike Momonga's usual flight using magic.

Although he could 'fly' just by changing his body and physics, it would take him many years of experimentation with proportions and mastering with those until he could actually use his new wings reliably. Plus the fact that Momonga had to use physical laws, not magic, which supported creature flight, makes him susceptible to spells that use them.

Further experiments displayed similar results. Any extra limbs he created worked almost perfectly, Momonga didn't tangle with the extra legs when moving and the extra arms were automatically positioned so as not to interfere with Momonga's main arms. Actually using them as separate limbs was another matter entirely, incredibly difficult. It is as if his body rejected attempts to use three arms at once.

Only after twenty minutes of constant trial did Momonga manage to move the three arms simultaneously in different directions. Sadly, such a paltry feat required such a mental effort from Momonga that for a second Momonga thought his brain would explode from it.

Momonga had repeatedly seen users of more than one pair of limbs in his home world, with cybernetics advancing at a steady pace. But he also heard that getting used to and learning to use those required special extra modifications and was incredibly difficult for normal people to use.

Contrarily, attempts to change his limbs to tentacles, for example, or to lengthen his limbs were much more functional. As long as Momonga acted relatively within his 'normal' understanding of his normal body's capabilities, he could use almost any form without problems.

But when he tried to change his form to gain a 'natural advantage', what in YGGDRASIL would be considered as 'racial abilities', such as [Flight] or [Multi-armedness], he was immediately met with the most serious of resistance. In theory, he could force his body to use it, but it required such mental focus that any potential ideas about combat use instantly disappeared from his mind.

Which was not to say, however, that there was no way Momonga could use the spell in combat, at least it could be used to deceive his opponent.

His abilities, weaknesses, and immunity remained exactly as they were in his original body, regardless of which 'created body' he used. In particular, he was able to create himself a body composed of fire, which would fool his enemy into thinking that fire was useless against him. Common sense after all was that trying to attack a living fire with a ball of fire was pointless, so any opponent would prefer to use ice magic against him. To which Momonga was completely immune due to his build.

Momonga could also become minuscule and completely transparent – this could not save him from special abilities or detection spells, but would allow him to easily pass unnoticed by unobservant enemies. Further experiments also revealed to him that his human body, though still fundamentally the same as his undead body, appeared fully alive. It was warm, had a pulse, and was stealthy enough that no detection spells or illusions or doppelgängers could detect the switch.

With his 'false' body, any observers would detect him as that creature in question – it was even able to fool the senses of life-detection. Sebas, when Momonga set out to create a Draconid body but took a human form, still registered him, and probably to other creatures as well, as Draconid.

Though, he was still primarily identified by them as 'Momonga', which was an interesting feature that Momonga could not check until he found a being from outside the Nazarick.

Also, along with changing his body, he could change the appearance of his equipment without changing its properties – he could turn his robe into a ring and his ring into a robe. Trying to put on a duplicate piece of equipment, such as a robe while he was already wearing another robe that had taken the form of a ring, was also possible. But, this new robe worn 'on top of' the original one had no additional effects, which was also great information.

He could easily make his opponents see a completely different outfit worn than the one he was actually wearing – adding another layer of information obfuscation. Although the inability to repeatedly use the same 'outfit slot' did frustrate Momonga a bit. He couldn't simply turn all his equipment into easily carried accessories.

The last and most interesting experiment he had carried out was an experiment in the functions of his new body. Though it was not necessary to breathe, and while not enough time has passed for him to feel ravenous, the total lack of a sense of hunger probably also meant that he didn't need to eat. Momonga easily concluded that this was because of his undead nature. But even without the need to, he was still able to breathe, smell, and feel touch in his new body, even more clearly than when he used an undead body.

The sense of pain was still dulled either in his fleshy body – he noted it, but only indirectly, as a fact. It seems that even with a human body, pain would not affect his thinking or feeling, while he could feel the delicate texture of the petals or leaves around him.

Through this observation, Momonga realized another important feature, apparently his magically created body was fully functional in terms of the race whose appearance he was taking. Although he received no additional senses or abilities from other races, having taken human form, Momonga opened his inventory before retrieving [Infinite Water Pitch] from it along with one cup to test something.

In YGGDRASIL, Momonga could enjoy various foods, drinks, and potions that provided various buffs, being as much a player as anyone else. YGGDRASIL however was severely limited by laws in terms of the sensations that players could receive from the environment. So there was naturally no smell or taste in the game. Having been moved to the new world, though, Momonga assumed that he could now taste – and he definitely could smell… The unfortunate smell of a burning dragon and a burning poisoned swamp still sticking to his nostrils.

In this new world however, now, due to his condition, he was unable to eat food or drink drinks, as he was solely a mass of bones. All the food he bit off or drinks he tried to drink simply poured out through the empty space at the bottom of his mouth. By creating a new body for himself, however, Momonga could test whether the objects' behavior would change in this regard.

Pouring some water into the cup, Momonga put his [Infinite Water Pitch] back into his inventory, then brought the cup to his lips and took a sip. A moment later, he felt the cool taste of fresh spring water on his lips and tongue, which immediately rushed down his throat into his gullet and down into Momonga's stomach.

Unless you exclude the fact that in place of Momonga's stomach was his World Class Item, so the water probably disappeared to an unknown destination never to appear again.

For a second, Momonga had only one thought. 'Umu, this saves me a big weakness in the form of not being able to use potions or food giving buffs… Plus, it was delicious.'

The water that Momonga just drank was plain water without any additional features or effects. But because in the past in his world, Suzuki Satoru had existed on repeatedly distilled water that came to him along with nutritional rations. Created from poisoned sewage and industrial water after being repeatedly used and treated by industrial units and chemicals, the water that Momonga just drank was the most delicious water. Perhaps, even the most delicious drink that he had ever tasted.

"Is this what the rich enjoyed in that world?" Momonga exclaimed for a second, then chuckled inwardly.

"Hmm, it's been less than twenty-four hours, but I already think of my past world as 'another' world entirely, as if it was long ago and now has nothing to do with me… Though, I suppose, that's not surprising, I have already decided that even if I get the chance to return to my past world – I won't take it. So, it makes sense to start settling in the new world and consider my past world my 'past' world, which I have no desire to return to."

Momonga paused for a second, then checked his body again and looked around to see if the liquid had spilled anywhere else. He then listened to the sensations of his body to see if he had any desire to go to the bathroom. But wherever the water had disappeared to, it didn't look like it was now waiting for a moment to come out. In fact, Momonga wasn't even sure if his body at the moment had the same organs that his body was supposed to have, so his body functions at the moment remained a big mystery to him.

Realizing this, Momonga nodded to himself and put his cup away in his inventory before returning to his experiments. "Umu, so I should start developing tactics that use my newfound abilities… "

Albedo raised her hands, folded in a prayerful gesture, then gazed lovingly at the [Throne of Kings] before her, on which her Lord, Momonga, had once sat. "Ah, my love, I pray that you will allow me to share your bed… "

When Sebas returned with the urgent report that, Lord Momonga, the Last of the Supreme Beings, and, in Albedo's opinion, the only one worthy of the title, had gone into battle, Albedo had almost disobeyed the order to stay put. Every one of the Guardians of the Floors, every one of Nazarick, down to the last maid, was willing to go after him. Death in service was the ultimate reward for any of the beings of Nazarick, but the very thought that they might lose Him, the Last Supreme Being and Lord of the Supreme Beings, Lord Momonga, is unthinkable. It was an endless torture worse than any other.

Albedo herself almost threw herself at Sebas for being there, before rushing to flee to her Lord, but Sebas uttered the most sacred of words, that he had received orders from Lord Momonga, that he should remain in Nazarick. These words managed for a moment to keep the Floor Guardians from acting harshly – and from attacking Sebas for the perceived disloyalty, for his betrayal of Nazarick and the Forty-One Supreme Beings.

But even assurances that Lord Momonga could always retreat if the battle failed, a ludicrous notion, could not completely appease the Floor Guardians.

So the general decision to turn at short notice to go to Nigredo, Albedo's own older sister, was formed unanimously and in a matter of seconds – whereupon the Guardians instantly rushed to the Fifth Floor. All in order to be able to view her Beloved's battle.

Albedo was aware that her lover, Lord Momonga, always maintained a passive shield to protect him from surveillance, even when he wasn't using his ring to completely hide him for observation. Nigredo however is a high level Area Guardian specialized enough to bypass that protection, even considering that it was Lord Momonga's own protection.

So the general procession of the Floor Guardians and Sebas, who had joined them, clearly also worried about Lord Momonga's fate, made their way instantly to the Frozen Prison. After which, opening the way to Nigredo, are able to convey the necessary information and requests to her.

Nigredo responded instantly, using her own abilities and spells to glimpse Lord Momonga's battle…

And what the Guardians of the Floors saw was breathtaking.

For He had shown Himself to be a Ruler by taking their oaths, but now He had shown Himself to be a Warrior by fighting the beast. For each of the Guardians could tell that the dragon was vastly stronger than any of them.

Yet He fought it one on one, seemingly without even noticing the danger from the creature, for He was cruel and efficient, clever and strong, cunning. Every action of the dragon were at the palm of His hand, always being one step ahead of the creature.

In the end, He had easily dispatched even such a powerful foe with a ruthlessness and genius. Every blow from the beast were turned into another wound on the dragon's own body, and every mad attack into a suitable step to showcase His own power.

The dragon, what first had seemed a powerful enemy to all the Guardians, had become nothing more than a prop for a stage to demonstrate the power of their Lord, another stepping stone in their Lord's ascendancy.

Albedo's heart seemed ready to burst with the emotions of admiration and lust that almost overwhelmed her…

If it were not for that leech, Shalltear – who began moaning halfway through the battle, Albedo would not have found a single reason to be displeased at all!

In the end, after the battle, the enemy was defeated, and the beast, uttering its last howl, tried to throw itself away from the stage. But He, the Lord of Death, did not give it the right to leave the performance.

And, moments later, Cocytus received a [Message] that Lord Momonga wished to return the body of the dragon to Nazarick as belonging by right to the Lord.

Indeed, every creature should be glad of the opportunity to bestow his body upon the Great Lord, for it was the highest honor and favor that the Lord could bestow upon inferior beings outside the confines of Nazarick. Certainly, as their Lord commanded, Cocytus rushed away, to see if he could find a place that fit the parameters specified by Lord Momonga, while the other Guardians shuddered at His power again. Each of them repeating their oath again and again and wishing only to devote themselves even more to His service.

But as the other Guardians left the Fifth Floor, returning to their sacred duties, Albedo lingered longest, wanting to enjoy the sight of Him a little longer. And, for the moment, since the Great Tomb of Nazarick was truly in the void and therefore not in need of general supervision, Albedo could afford to linger even for a moment.

And what she saw sent shivers down her spine, for she saw her Lord take multiple forms, first as a man, then as a demon, an angel, and a dragon, and her heart filled with joy.

None of the inhabitants of the Great Tomb knew the limits of the powers of the Supreme Beings, so to discover powers they had not known before was not strange. But Albedo's heart was filled with joyful longing, not from the realization of their Lord's power, but from the realization that her Lord had changed his body in order to…

To share the bed with her.

Albedo's heart was filled with a sweet longing and delightful trill of this realization. It was so strong that it seemed as if her heart were about to burst, but Albedo managed to bring herself under control and return back to the [Throne of Kings]. Back to the feet of her Lord, waiting for the moment when He would utter the cherished words…

Albedo raised her hands in a gesture of prayer, then lowered it, covering her eyes and making the deepest bow to the empty throne, barely touching the ground with her face… Though, she was ready to kiss every inch of ground blessed by His footsteps, this was not the time.

"Let the Great Tomb of Nazarick be forever ruled by the Lord of Supreme Beings, Lord Momonga," Albedo slowly raised her gaze to the throne, then looked at it lovingly, as if to complete a prayer before a god… No, before the Supreme Being who stands above all gods of all worlds, repeating words she had only once heard from her Creator, Lord Tabula Smaragdina, but instantly understood their meaning. It was a gesture of longing, and of certainty.


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