1 Billion Years ago

The guardians of the universe create robots called Manhunters to serve as an interstellar police force. However, the manhunters end up becoming obsessed with administering punishment rather than serving justice, forcing the guardians to dissolve their ranks and replace them with the green lantern corps.

The universe is divided into 3600 sectors by the guardians, with a green lantern being assigned to each sector, protecting it from all threats.

1027 BC

On the planet Krypton, the criminals Zod, Ursa and Non are banished to the phantom zone, an alternate dimension where time stood still. Soon afterwards, Krypton is destroyed by its red sun imploding, and a scientist named Jor-El sends his infant son Kal-El to Earth to be saved, him being placed in a matrix chamber that would allow him to age extremely slowly.

The Lantern assigned to the space sector Krypton was in, Tomar-Rei, did all he was allowed to do so the Kryptonians could evacuate, but with Jor-El's warnings of the planet's imminent destruction falling on deaf ears, there was ultimately nothing that could be done.

150 AD

The League of shadows, a secret ninja association which targets whatever civilization they deem too corrupt, orchestrates the fall of the Roman Empire.

500 AD

A guardian of the Universe named Krona attempts to control the power of fear, but ends up turning himself into a monster called Parallax. The green lantern Abin Sur defeats Parallax and seals him in the lost sector on the planet Ryut.


Alan Wayne aids in the efforts of the underground railroad and creates caverns under what would become Wayne manor to lead slaves to safety.


Confederate soldier Jonah Hex refuses to burn down a hospital by the orders of his superior officer, and when his best friend Jeb Turmbull pulls a pistol on him, Hex is forced to kill him. Jeb's father and Hex's commanding officer Quentin Turmbull murders Hex's family in revenge and scars Hex. Hex is saved and healed by the crow people, which gives him the ability to speak to the dead. Turmbull then fakes his death in a hotel fire, and Hex becomes a bounty hunter.


A gang led by Turmbull hijacks a train carrying an experimental weapon created by Eli Whitney, planning to recreate it and attack the US on the 4th of July. To stop them, president Grant sends army lieutenant Grass to hire Hex to stop Turmbull. Hex agrees, and after killing former confederate general Slocum, digs up Jeb's body and asks him for help.

After a brief fight, Jeb accepts Hex's apology for killing him, and tells him that his father was at Fort Resurrection. Turnbull uses the completed weapon to destroy Georgia, and soon after Hex infiltrates his warship. After a long battle in Washington DC, Hex manages to kill Turnbull and his gang, and is given a large reward and a full pardon by president Grant. He asks him to become the sheriff of the entire United States, but Hex declines, leaving afterwards.


James Moriardi, who had survived his plunge down the waterfall and taken on the alias M, disguises himself as the Phantom of the Opera and steals Lenardo Da Vinci's blueprints for Venice, as well as kidnapping several scientists. What he planned to do was ignite a world war, but to do so he would need pawns.

He tricks Alan Quaretermainn, Captain Nemo, Vampire chemist Mina Harker, the Invisible Man, Tom Sawyer, Dorian Grey and Doctor Henry Jekyll into forming a team to stop "The Fantom", while taking physical pieces from them and adding those pieces to an army he had been creating.

Moriardi eventually betrays the league, but they survive the attempted assassination, and manage to track Moriardi down and stop him. However, this costs Quartermain his life. The remaining league members decide to use their powers for good, but despite their best efforts, war breaks out only 15 years later.


The vigilante Hooded Justice debuts, becoming the first ever costumed adventurer. In the following years, several more emerge, bringing about the first age of superheroes. By this point, the original League of Extraordinary Gentlemen were all either dead or retired from public life never to be seen again. They would all be forgotten by the modern world.


The first superhero team, the Minutemen, is founded. The same year, the US government begins working on project OMAC (One man Omni Core) for use against the Axis powers. At this point, it was a suit of armor.


The Miss Jupiter drops an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima, ending the second world war.


The minutemen are disbanded, and 5 years later, a nuclear physicist named Jon Osterman is accidentally transformed into Doctor Manhattan, a nigh god-like being.


The Watchmen are formed by a costumed adventurer named Ozymandius, and battle crime for the next several years.


The book "Under the hood" is written by former costumed adventurer Hollis Mason, delving into the darker parts of the costumed adventurer's lives.


Scientists detect a star exploding in space. Unbeknownst to them, the star was actually the Planet Krypton's explosion, it having finally reached the sight of Earth telescopes.


The OMAC project transitions to mind control. Several children are tested on, but the only survivor of these procedures was a boy named Jonah Wilkes, who would later change his name to Maxwell Lord.


The now 3 year old Kal-El's space pod finally lands on Earth, and he's taken in by farmers Johnathan and Martha Kent, who decide to name him Clark.


Richard Nixon enacts Operation: Wrath of God, sending Doctor Manhattan into Vietnam to end the war. With his godly power, Doctor Manhattan makes the Soviets surrender in only a year, ending the Vietnam war far earlier than it would have ended otherwise. Eventually in the years following this, Vietnam is annexed by the United States.


The government costumed adventurer the Comedian covers up the Watergate scandal by killing the reporters that would have exposed it, allowing Richard Nixon to gain 3 extra terms as president.


An assassin later known as Ra's Al Ghul has an affair with a warlord's daughter, and said warlord sentences Ra's to life imprisonment in an ancient hole known as the pit. However, the warlord's daughter begs her father to take her instead. While in the pit, she gives birth to a daughter she names Talia.


US senator John David Keen passes the Keene act, outlawing all costumed adventurers except for those directly working for the government. The Comedian and Doctor Manhattan, both already working for the government, are excluded from this law, and a vigilante named Rorschach simply ignores it, continuing to act as a costumed adventuer.


Clark begins to discover his powers, gradually learning how to use them. While Martha is worried about what would happen if the government ever learned about him, Jonathan believes Clark to be there for a reason.


As cold war tensions flare up, the Comedian is murdered in his home, and Rorscarch begins to gather former costumed adventurers to investigate, believing that a wider conspiracy was going on. Soon afterwards, Doctor Manhattan is accused of giving those around him cancer, and flees to Mars.

Rorscach gathers up the remaining watchmen, but by the time they learn the truth, that Ozymandias had been behind everything, it is too late. Ozymandias had used a device called the S.Q.U.I.D to kill 3,000,000 people in many of Earth's major cities, framing Doctor Manhattan and allowing all of Earth's nations to unite against him, ending the threat of nuclear war.

The Watchmen agree to keep the truth secret, all except Rorscarch, who Manhattan vaporizes to keep the secret. Afterwards, Manhattan leaves for another galaxy. However, soon after these events, the New Frontiersmen newspaper prints a story on Rorshach's journal which revealed the truth, causing the public to turn against heroes even more and reigniting tensions.

The same year, Gotham City millionaires Thomas and Martha Wayne are shot and killed in an alleyway by a crook named Joe Chill while coming home from the Opera. Their 10 year old son Bruce is left traumatized by the incident. Meanwhile, a 15 year old John Constantine, who could see visions of angels and demons, commits suicide due to trauma caused by them. However, he is revived by paramedics, and decides to become an exorcist after seeing Hell for himself.

Also in this year, Johnathan Kent dies of a heart attack, and shortly afterwards Clark receives a psychic message and takes a glowing green crystal from his spacecraft to the arctic, which grows into what is later dubbed the fortress of solitude. In the fortress he is confronted with a holographic recording of Jor-El, who explains his true origin and begins training him.


Ronald Reagan defeats Nixon in the elections, and begins scaring the Soviet Union into laying down their arms. At the same time, the recently elected Mikael Gorbachev begins reforming the Soviet Union, allowing sections of the iron block to begin to secede, and giving them freedom.

During this time, the OMAC project transitions to nanotech.


Talia's mother is beaten to death in the pit, and Talia is saved by a prisoner named Bane, who is horribly injured while protecting her, allowing her to escape the pit. Also in this year, pilot Martin Jordan is killed during the test of a new airplane, and private Amanda Waller destroys an alien robot fused with parts from a junkyard, Abin Sur taking the entire junk yard away afterwards. A year later, The Soviet Union collapses.


Ra's, now the leader of the league of assassins, finds Talia, and Bane is freed from the pit, both beginning to train as league members.


Clark finishes his training in the fortress of solitude and departs wearing a costume created for him. He becomes a reporter at the daily planet in the city of Metropolis, and develops an attraction to his coworker Lois Lane. Clark, his superhero identity dubbed "Superman" by the daily planet, begins saving people, but he becomes very controversial. Some believe that he did genuinely want to help people, while others believe him to be another Doctor Manhattan.

At the same time, criminal genius Lex Luthor creates a plan to destroy the San Andreas vault and New Jersey. The first missile would make most of California sink into the sea, allowing Lex to create great real estate and become rich. Superman is able to stop the missiles, but Lois suffocates after her car is buried in a hole created by the aftershocks of the San Andreas missile.

Enraged and heartbroken, Superman flies around the world fast enough to reverse time, undoing the damage caused by the San Andreas missile. Afterwards, he brings Lex Luthor to prison. Thanks to Superman's actions, more of the public begin accepting him as a hero, while others, mostly extremely anti-hero people and government officials, still believe Superman to be a danger to humanity since his mere existence violated the Keene act.


Bruce Wayne quits Princeton university and attempts to kill Joe Chill while he was testifying against crime boss Carmine Falcone, only for Chill to be killed by one of Falcone's assassins. Afterwards, Bruce goes to confront Falcone, who tells him that real power comes from being feared. Inspired by this, Bruce begins traveling the world, training under several masters.

The same year, the OMAC program is officially discontinued, and Bane is excommunicated from the League of Shadows, becoming a mercenary afterwards.


Superman throws a hydrogen bomb into space, accidently freeing Zod, Ursa and Non from the phantom zone. They quickly discover the powers that they gained from Earth's yellow sun, and after killing astronauts on the moon, they make a beeline to Earth. Meanwhile, Clark and Lois are sent to Niagara falls, and suspecting Clark to be Superman, Lois leaps off the falls. However, Clark manages to save her without exposing himself.

Later, Lois tricks Clark with a gun full of blanks into revealing that he was Superman. Afterwards, Superman brings Lois to the fortress of Solitude, and the two spend the night together. Afterwards, Superman removes his powers using a chamber that emitted red kryptonian sunlight. However, this allows the kryptonians to conquer a small town in Idaho, then head to Washington, DC.

They force the president of the United States to surrender to them, and then begin causing havoc with no one to stop them. Realizing his mistake, Clark uses a green crystal to restore his powers, and battles the Kryptonians. Superman lures them to the fortress, and tricks them into being depowered by the red sun lamp.

Afterwards, Superman easily kills the kryptonian criminals, and a day later wipes Lois's memory of his identity with a kiss. He then repairs the damage caused by Zod, replacing the American flag on top of the white house. Shortly afterwards, astronomers discover the remains of Krypton, and believing more survivors of his race to be out there, Superman leaves Earth. 9 months later, Lois gives birth to their son Jason, but is unaware of his parentage, and begins dating Richard White.

The same year, Bruce Wayne meets Ra's Al Ghul, going under the name of Henri Ducard, and joins the league of shadows. Ra's trains him personally.


Lex Luthor, who had aided Zod and the kryptonians during their attack on Earth, manages to get out of prison thanks to Superman not being there for the court date and marries a rich widow to obtain her fortune upon her death.


Patience Phillips, an employee of the cosmetics company Hedare-Beauty in Gotham, overhears Dr Ivan Slavacky and Laurel Hedare, wife of company owner George Hedare, discuss the dangerous side effects of continued use of their products. Patience is discovered by Laurel's guards and tries to escape through a conduit pipe, but is drowned when the pipe is sealed and flooded.

When her body washes ashore, a cat named Midnight brings her back to life, infusing her with superhuman cat-like abilities. After telling off her boss, Patience receives a black jacket, cuts her hair, puts on a mask and robs a jewelry store after beating up some thugs. However, when she realizes that she did something wrong, she returns the jewelry bag.

The next day, Patience brings Midnight to its owner, eccentric former professor Ophelia Powers. She reveals that Patience was the latest in a long line of "Catwoman" that had existed for centuries, and that she had tried to expose it as a professor, but was kicked out by what she claimed to be "Male Academia."

Afterwards, Patience puts on a costume and becomes Catwoman, beginning to search for information on who killed her and why. She eventually discovers Doctor Slavaky's body, who had been killed by Laurel when he wanted to discontinue the Beau-line. Laurel eventually murders George, as he had been cheating on her with another woman, and frames Catwoman for the murder.

Catwoman is arrested by detective Tom Lone, but manages to escape and saves Lone from Laurel. Laurel then reveals that the side effects of Beau-line were that continued use of it made the skin as hard as marble, and not using it caused the skin to disintegrate. She and Catwoman get into a fight, and during it Laurel's face is slashed repeatedly, causing her to fall out a window.

Holding onto a pipe, she sees her reflection, which showed her face rapidly disintegrating thanks to the scratches and the Beau-line she had taken over the years. Horrified, she slips and falls to her death. Afterwards, Catwoman is cleared of the crime, and leaves to continue her work as a vigilante.


Bruce finishes his training under the league of shadows, and is ordered to kill a prisoner in order to prove his loyalty to them. Bruce refuses and destroys the league, killing a decoy Ra's that had been put in place by the real one, and saving who he still saw as Ducard. He then returns to Gotham and decides to become a vigilante.

Using technology created by his father's old friend Lucius Fox, turning the caverns under Wayne manor into a "Batcave", and taking the persona of a bat after having been traumatized by bats as a child, Bruce becomes the vigilante Batman. He intercepts a drug shipment, providing his childhood crush turned assistant district attorney Rachel Doss with evidence against Falcone, and enlists police sergeant James Gordon to arrest him.

Gordon succeeds, but in prison Falcone is met by doctor Johnathan Crane, a corrupt psychologist. Using a fear gas he had developed, Crane drives Falcone insane and gets him sent to Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane. Batman investigates this, but is exposed to the fear gas and set on fire by Crane, who had put on a mask and dubbed himself the Scarecrow.

Luckily, Batman is saved by Alfred, who inoculates him with a cure developed by Lucius Fox. Afterwards, Scarecrow infects Rachel with the fear toxin after revealing to her that he had put it in Gotham's water supply, but is then attacked by Catwoman, who had noticed him in the area. The two fight, with Batman arriving shortly afterward and stopping Catwoman from killing him.

Catwoman is furious that Batman stopped her, and the two have a brief fight which ends with Catwoman being knocked out. Afterwards, Batman sprays Crane with the fear gas to interrogate him, and he claims to be working for Ra's Al Ghul. After evading the police, Batman administers the antidote to Rachel and gives her two more vials, one for Gordon and one for mass production.

However, Catwoman awakens and follows Batman as he leaves, learning his secret identity. Later, Bruce throws a birthday party, with Patience attending in disguise to gain more information on Wayne. Also at the party is Ra's Al Ghul, who reveals his true identity to Bruce, and tells him that he planned to use a powerful microwave emitter stolen from Wayne industries to vaporize Gotham's water supply, making the fear gas airborne and making Gotham's citizens rip each other to pieces.

He then sets the manor aflame and leaves Bruce to die, but he is saved by Patience and Alfred. Ra's soon loads the emitter onto a monorail train to release the drug at the city's central water source, and Batman and Catwoman suit up to stop him. Batman saves Rachel from a drugged mob, and she learns his secret identity.

Batman and Catwoman have a final fight with Ra's, and Gordon uses the cannons on Batman's tumbler to blow up a section of the track. Batman doesn't want to kill Ra's, so Catwoman kills him for him and the two leap out of the train. Batman asks Catwoman if them teaming up was going to be a regular thing, with Catwoman replying that she worked alone before leaping into the shadows.

After this, Rachel tells Bruce that if the time ever came when Gotham didn't need Batman they could be together, Bruce gains full control of Wayne enterprises, Gordon is promoted to Lieutenant, and a Bat signal is erected on the roof of police HQ to call Batman whenever necessary.

Some time later, the demon Mammon recovers the tip of the spear that killed Jesus in Mexico, and Costantine is approached by detective Angela Dodson, whose twin sister Isabel had recently committed suicide. She seeked out Constantine after hearing Isabel say his name in her final moments, but he refuses to help.

However, when Angela is pursued by demons later on, Constantine decides to help. Beforehand, he had had an audience with a half breed angel named Gabriel, and requested to be cured of his lung cancer so he could continue fighting demons. However, Gabriel refused. Constantine eventually learns that Mammon, who was also Lucifer's son, was planning to invade Earth and take it over.

However, he would need a powerful psychic and divine assistance. The demon Balthazar soon begins killing Constantine's associates, as Constantine puts Angela's head in a bathtub to trigger her dormant psychic powers. They then track down Balthazar, who reveals that Angela was the psychic he needed for his plan.

Angela is then taken by an unseen force, and Constantine, using a special chair given to him by former witch-doctor Papa Midnite, manages to track the spear tip to Los Angeles. He slaughters an entire crowd of demons, and stops the ritual to bring Mammon to Earth. However, Gabriel then attacks him and reveals that he had been behind the plan to resurrect Mammon.

He loathed God's favoritism towards humans, and plans to kill all those unloyal to God so that only the truly worthy could enter heaven. As he is about to kill Angelea and complete the ritual, Constantine kills himself and tells Satan about Gabriel and Balthazar's plan. While he is initially dismissed, Satan does end up looking into it, and when he sees it, sends Balthazar back to Earth.

Gabriel is then turned into a mortal by God, and Lucifer gives John a favor. John asks for Isabel to be sent to heaven, and because of this, God begins to take him to Heaven. Enraged, Lucifer brings him back to life and cures him of his cancer so he could prove that Constantine deserved to go to Hell.


The elderly widow Lex married finally dies of old age, allowing Lex to inherit her fortune. At the same time, unable to find any Kryptonian survivors, Superman returns to Earth, landing outside of the farm where he was raised, as Lex heads to the fortress of Solitude. He activates the recording of Jor-El by accident and steals some crystals.

After Superman saves a plane Lois was in, he begins saving people, with news being flooded around the world. As this continues, Lois begins researching on a series of blackouts caused by Luthor using the power of the crystals, and investigates Luthor's yacht, bringing Jason with her. Luthor spots and captures them, and reveals to them his plan.

It was essentially the same as his 1997 plan, but this time he would create a continent which would cause the entire US to sink into the ocean. He and Lois also realize Jason's true heritage. Lex leaves them with one of his henchmen, beginning to create his landmass with the crystal. Lois ends up trying to escape, but is attacked by the henchman, who Jason kills by throwing a piano at him.

Meanwhile, Superman saves people in Metropolis and tries to minimize the damage caused by the creation of the landmass, as Richard arrives in a sea plane to save Lois and Jason. Superman rescues them and goes to confront Luthor, but due to the landmass Luthor was on being made of Kryptonite, a rock that made Superman weak, Luthor and his goons are able to beat and torture him.

Lois gets RIchard to turn back and save Superman, removing from him a kryptonite shard that he had been stabbed with. Afterwards, he gathers energy from the sun and lifts the landmass into space. Luthor and his henchwoman Kitty Kowalski are stranded on a deserted island with the crystals gone, and while Superman is recovering in the hospital, Lois whispers the truth about Jason into his ear.

After awakening, Superman flies to a sleeping Jason and recites his father's last speech to him before flying off. Meanwhile in Gotham, upon hearing of Superman's return, Bruce Wayne builds the Brother Eye satellite, fearing Superman's potential to cause another S.Q.U.I.D disaster. Brother Eye is built to monitor Superman and any other heroes that might appear, cataloging their location, associates, powers, identity, and most importantly, weaknesses.


Harvey Dent becomes Gotham City's district attorney, and begins cracking down on the mob. With Dent and Batman bearing down on them, the mob bosses in Gotham begin becoming desperate. During this period, Harvey begins a relationship with assistant district attorney Rachel Dawes, saddening Bruce.

Batman impersonators also begin popping up, being regular people wishing to help, but they regularly have to be saved by the real Batman or Catwoman. Batman and Catwoman also get into occasional fights over their methods, Catwoman being willing to kill criminals with Batman not wanting to.


A gang of thugs in clown masks who worked for a criminal in clown makeup named the Joker rob a mafia controlled bank in Gotham, and after betraying and killing each other, only one, the Joker himself, is left alive. He kills the mob boss running the bank, and then escapes in a bus. That night, a group of Batman impersonators intercept a drug trade between the Scarecrow and a Chechen crime lord, but the real Batman has to save them.

Afterwards, Bruce upgrades to a more versatile suit of armor. Later, mob boss Sal Marone attempts to kill Harvey during his trial, only to be knocked out by the district attorney. After this, Batman and Gordon discuss teaming up with Harvey against the mob. With Batman, Gordon and Dent all bearing down on them, all the major crime bosses in Gotham gather and discuss what to do.

The Joker then appears, and after killing one of the henchmen, he says that he'll kill Batman for half of the mob's money. The mob bosses refuse, and after killing a mob boss named Gambol who particularly opposed him, Joker kills a Batman imposter and makes a broadcast to all of Gotham, ordering Batman to take off his mask and turn himself into the police, and every day he didn't, people would die.

He then kills a Batman imposter that he had tied up, as Bruce watches on the screen. Judge Surillo and Commissioner Loeb are killed shortly afterwards, and Joker soon tries to assasinate Dent at a fundraiser party held by Bruce. Luckily, Batman manages to stop the Joker from killing anyone.

The next day at commissioner Loeb's funeral, a disguised Joker and his henchmen attempt to kill Mayor Garcia, but Gordon ends up taking the shot for him. All but one of the Joker's men escape, and the one who didn't is interrogated by Harvey on the Joker's location. Harvey flips a coin to determine whether or not he would kill the goon, but Batman stops him from taking the shot.

He then tells Harvey that he was going to turn himself in to stop the bloodshed. However, the next day at a press conference, Harvey claims to be Batman and allows himself to be turned in as a scheme to lure the Joker out. After this, Rachel gives a note to Alfred explaining to Bruce that she had chosen Harvey over him, telling him to give it to Bruce when the time was right.

As the police van transporting Harvey is on-route, the Joker attacks it, with Batman and Catwoman following him in Batman's tumbler and on a motorcycle respectively. The Joker fires an RPG at the van, and Catwoman ends up sacrificing herself to stop it, jumping in front of the RPG and being killed. An enraged Batman continues the chase, but the tumbler is destroyed in the process.

Using an emergency vehicle called the Bat-Pod, Batman is able to turn over the truck Joker and his men were driving, and the still alive Gordon, who had been driving Dent's transport van, arrests him. After this, Gordon is promoted to commissioner, and Rachel and Harvey suddenly disappear, causing Batman to give Joker an interrogation.

Joker reveals that Harvey and Rachel had been kidnapped and taken to separate warehouses across the city. Batman goes to save Rachel while Gordon and the GCPD go to save Dent. However, Joker had switched the addresses, causing Rachel to be killed and Harvey to have half his face burned off.

Driven insane by the burning of half his face and the death of Rachel, Harvey becomes the villain Two-Face. During all this, Wayne industries lawyer Coleman Reese learns Batman's identity and threatens to reveal it on live TV. Joker threatens to blow up a hospital if Reese isn't killed within the hour. Luckily, Bruce manages to save him, but Joker blows up the hospital anyway after turning Harvey.

He then rigs two ferries, one containing criminals and one containing regular people. He tells them that the ferries would be destroyed by bombs at midnight unless one of them sacrificed the other. Both ferries refuse to press the button, and Batman stops Joker from detonating them both as he is then arrested.

Batman then goes to stop Two-face from killing Gordon's son, and Batman ends up accidentally tackling him to his death. Believing that if Gotham knew the truth it would break their spirits, Batman chooses to take the blame for the people Two-Face had previously killed, and quits being Batman.


The Dent Act is passed, eliminating gender separation in prisons, and denying parole to the 549 mobsters Harvey had locked up in his career. This would keep Gotham city at peace for the next 8 years. Bruce also begins solely focusing on an energy reactor project.


A trio of astronauts crash land on Ryut and accidentally free Parallax, and using their fear he manages to fatally wound Abin Sur. Sur manages to escape and crashlands on Earth, where he sends his ring to find a worthy successor. The ring chooses Hal Jordan, the son of Martin Jordan who was now a test pilot like his father, and he is sent to Oa once he recites the oath to the ring.

Hal trains under Tomar Re, the green lantern Kilowog, and the corps leader Sinestro. However, turned off by the corps's extreme training methods and Sinestro's doubt in him, Jordan quits the corps but keeps the power battery and ring. Meanwhile, scientist Hector Hammond is recruited by his father Senator Robert Hammond to perform an autopsy of Abin Sur's body under the watch of Amanda Waller.

A piece of Parallax from inside Sur's corpse enters Hammond's body, which grants him telepathic and telekinetic powers and drives him insane. He tries to kill his father at a massive party, but Hal saves him and all the guests, including his childhood sweetheart Carol Ferris. He visits her the following night in his costume, but she quickly figures out who he is.

He tells her everything, and they have a brief date. Later at the government facility, Hector manages to kill his father by setting him ablaze, and nearly kills Waller before she is saved by Hal. Hal and Hammond fight with Hammond escaping and Hal learning of Parallax approaching Earth.

He heads to Oa, where he finds Sinestro insisting to the guardians that they use the fear power to create a yellow ring, being willing to sacrifice Earth to protect Oa. Hal tries to convince the guardians that the power would turn the user evil, but they ignore him and he returns to Earth to beat Parallax alone.

After saving Carol from Hammond in a brief showdown, Hal sees Parallax appear, kill Hammond, and then rampage through Hal's home of Coast City. Hal and Parallax have a fierce battle, which ultimately ends with Hal luring Parallax across the solar system, and Parallax being destroyed by being caught in the sun's gravitational well.

Hal is saved from suffering the same fate by Sinestro, Killowog and Tomar-Rei, and after bidding a final farewell to Carol, he leaves to begin protecting his sector as the Green Lantern. But beforehand, he attends the funeral of Abin Sur on Oa. While Hal talks to Sur's son Amon, the funeral is suddenly crashed by the Manhunters attacking Oa.

All of the green lanterns on the planet engage in an epic battle with the manhunters, with Hal eventually destroying the Manhunter's drop ships, preventing any more troops from being sent in. However, this was just a diversion so that the manhunters could destroy the central power battery. Luckily, Hal is able to make his way to the central battery and stop them, and then stop them from destroying the vault of Oa, ending the invasion.

Afterwards, Hal, Sinestro and Kilowog receive a distress message from Queen Aga'po of the planet Zamaron, which was being attacked by the Manhunters. The 3 lanterns decide to split up, Kilowog heading to the Manhunter homeworld of Biot, and Hal and Sinestro heading to Zamaron. Sinestro goes to seek out the yellow energy that the Manhunters had managed to steal, and Hal goes to find Queen Aga'po.

He quickly finds her battling Manhunters, and together they manage to defeat them. They then head to the zameranian hall of knowledge, but when they get there, a Manhunter weapon called a Willhunter takes control of Queen Aga'po and a few of her warriors. He defeats them and then the willhunter, forcing the door open afterwards.

He makes his way to the hall, and once he arrives he manages to temporarily defeat one of the will hunters and Queen Aga'po, and after a long trek across Zamaron, defeats Aga'po, who had transformed into a giant Zameronian defender. Once the defender is destroyed, Aga'Po is freed from the Manhunter's control.

Hal and Sinestro then head to Biot, where they reconvene with a captured Kilowog, and together they manage to defeat the highmaster, leader of the Manhunters. They return to Oa, only to find Amon Sur attacking the guardians, believing himself to be the only one worthy of his father's ring, and having been the one to orchestrate the Manhunter's attack on Oa.

Hal and Amon have an epic battle, which ends in Hal's victory after a battle in construct mech suits. The threat of the Manhunters and Amon Sur is ended, and the guardians praise the 3 lanterns for their efforts afterwards.


More and more superheroes begin emerging, starting with Wonder Woman, an amazonian princess from the island of Themyscira, and Barry Allen AKA the Flash, the fastest man alive. Hal also visits Earth from time to time. In 2012, Jason breaks a bully's bones at school after he gets him mad, with Lois afterwards fearing what would happen if he ever found out his true heritage.


Wayne enterprise's reactor project shuts off as a total failure, and Bruce retires from public life and becomes a recluse. Around this time, Talia Al Ghul, under the alias "Miranda Tate", begins working at Wayne enterprises. The same year, Jon Jonzz, AKA the Martian Manhunter, first appears to the public, as well as Arthur Curry, AKA Aquaman.


Wally West AKA Kid Flash, Barry Allen's nephew in law, debuts to the public. The same year, Aquaman loses his hand protecting the surface world, causing him to hold a grudge against the land dwellers.


Jason begins discovering how to control his powers at will, and questions how he has them. He asks his mother, but she refuses to reveal the truth to him. Jason then begins looking through his mother's old newspaper articles, and slowly begins to put two and two together. He eventually realizes the truth when he hears Lois talking with Superman about her being worried about Jason finding out the truth.

Enraged at being lied to his entire life, Jason attempts to strangle his mother, and when his father stops him, they get into a brawl. Superman doesn't fight back due to not wanting to hurt his son, and a frustrated Jason eventually flies away. Afterwards, he takes on his own identity as Superboy, wearing a darker version of his father's suit under a leather jacket, and he begins brutally beating and sometimes accidentally killing criminals.

The same year, on the 8th anniversary of Harvey Dent's death, Bane abducts a nuclear physicist named Leonid Pavel, and enlists businessman Rolan Dagget to steal Bruce Wayne's fingerprints. Dagget hires Selina Kyle, a cat burglar and the latest Catwoman, who easily steals the fingerprints.

Dagget later betrays Selina, who notifies the police. The police chase Bane and Dagget's henchmen into the sewers, and Gordon is captured and barely escapes with his life. Gordon is saved by Officer John Blake, who later approaches Bruce and reveals to him that he knew that Bruce was Batman. Bruce is convinced to return to vigilantism, as Bane attacks the Stock exchange and uses Bruce's fingerprints to verify bankrupting trade options.

After Batman's first night back involving brief encounters with Bane and Selina Kyle, Bruce returns home, only to get in a climactic argument with Alfred, who tells him the truth about Rachel's note before leaving him. Afterwards, Bruce discovers himself to be completely broke, causing him to show Miranda Tate the fusion reactor, and back her as the acting CEO of Wayne Enterprises.

The two end up hooking up and Gordon promotes Blake to detective, while Bane kills Dagget. Selina eventually leads Bruce into a battle with Bane under Wayne tower, in which he is brutally defeated and has his back broken. Bane then imprisons him in the Pit, traps Gotham's police force in the sewers, blows up all but one bridge leading in and out of the city, kills Mayor Garcia, and forces Pavel to convert the reactor into a nuke before killing him.

He then hijacks a football game and reveals to Gotham the truth about Gordon's lie and Batman's innocence. He then frees all those imprisoned by the Dent act, and takes over the city, also taking Gotham's elite and having them executed in kangaroo courts headed by the Scarecrow. He also threatens that if any superheroes attempted to enter the city, the bomb would be set off, keeping the other heroes from interfering with his plan.


After dozens of failed attempts to escape the pit over the course of 6 months, Bruce finally manages to succeed, and makes his way back to Gotham. Saving Gordon, Miranda and Blake from being executed, and giving Gordon a jammer for the bomb, telling him to get it onto it by sunrise.

Batman manages to free the police, and they fight Bane's men while Batman manages to defeat Bane. However, he is then stabbed in the back by Miranda, who reveals her true identity as Talia Al Ghul to Bruce. She tries to blow up the city herself, but Gordon manages to block the signal, forcing Talia to go and find the bomb herself. Selina kills Bane and heads with Batman to bring the bomb to the reactor chamber so they can stabilize it.

Batman manages to make Talia's truck crash, but before her death she floods and destroys the reactor chamber. With no other way to stop the bomb, Batman uses his aerial vehicle, the Bat, to fly the bomb out to sea, where it detonates safely and seemingly takes him with it. Afterwards, a mass funeral is held for Batman, with only a select few people attending Bruce Wayne's funeral.

Afterwards, Blake resigns from the GCPD, Wayne manor is converted into a home for orphaned children, Lucius discovers that Bruce had fixed the Bat's autopilot 6 months prior, and Alfred goes on a vacation to Florence. There, he discovers that Bruce had survived and begun a relationship with Selina Kyle. The two keep in touch after this.

A few months after the "death" of Batman and Bruce Wayne, the now 57 year old Maxwell Lord purchases Wayne Enterprises and opens the "Planet Krypton" restaurant chain, themed around all of Earth's modern superheroes. Meanwhile, Alfred continues to monitor the superheroes, providing Bruce updates on their status.


The Martian Manhunter, in his earthly form as a cop, is set alight by an alien looking aquatic creature. Seeing this on the news, the Flash and Wonder Woman go to check it out. They put out the fires before finding the still on fire Martian Manhunter. They take him to Wonder Woman's rooftop apartment in New York City and submerge him in her bathing pool before Superman and Superboy arrive.

Meanwhile, Alfred tells Bruce about Martian Manhunter being attacked by his weakness, and urges him to return as Batman to stop this, as Maxwell Lord watches from a controlled Brother Eye. As this is happening, Wally is asked by Barry to investigate what companies were using nanotech, since he suspected that Nanobots were causing the Martian manhunters' combustion problem.

Superman heads to Atlantis to request Aquaman's help, but he refuses until Superman tells him that Wonder Woman, who he had a crush on, asked him for help. Meanwhile, Bruce agrees to come back to Gotham, reassuming the Batman mantle. As he does, John Blake, now an amateurish Batman who relies on gadgets, corners a gang in the Gotham Monarch theater, but is then attacked by an OMAC Alpha, which Maxwell Lord was controlling.

Bruce appears and saves Blake, but is nearly killed by the OMAC until Max calls it off, wanting to see how easy it was to take everything away from him. Aquaman, Green Lantern and Superboy are attacked by their weaknesses afterwards, and Superman hides all the heroes in the Fortress of Solitude.

Superboy doesn't want to just hide from whoever was doing this, and gets into an argument with his father. Meanwhile, Bruce and Alfred do research on the OMACs, but quickly see that Brother Eye had tracked down the Fortress of Solitude and everyone in it. Batman immediately hops in a new version of the Bat and makes a beeline to the fortress.

In the fortress, Flash tries to keep the afflicted heroes occupied by asking them about their powers. Jason is reluctant to talk to him, but eventually starts to open up a little. While some of the heroes saw their powers as burdens, Barry sees his as a gift. Eventually Batman arrives and explains everything, and all the heroes are pissed at him.

Superboy tries to attack him, but is held back by his father. Batman explains that he never planned on using the satellite, and it only existed for the off chance that someone started controlling one of them. He tells them to split up, but Superman tells him that they are stronger united. Batman disagrees, telling the heroes all he knew about the OMACs before turning to leave.

Suddenly, Flash is almost pulled into the Earth's core by a nanobot, but Wonder Woman manages to save him, and Martian Manhunter guides the Blind Green Lantern to surgically remove the nanite from Flash. Seeing that these effects were reversible, Superman uses his X-ray vision and determines that Martian Manhunter's affliction was purely on his skin.

Flash and Wonder Woman head to Barry's home to analyze Flash's removed nanite and find out how it worked, Superman heads into space to find the Brother Eye satellite, Batman returns home, and the others stay back to perform their surgeries on each other. As the Bat heads back to Gotham, Alfred calls Bruce to tell him that he had managed to patch back into Brother Eye.

Flash and Wonder Woman arrive at a Planet Krypton Restaurant, with Flash scarfing down as much food as possible to regain his strength. Wally arrives and tells them what he had learned about the history of the OMAC project, as Batman tracks Max to his control tower in New York. Max activates the first phase of the new OMAC project, using Nanites within Planet Krypton's food to turn several people into OMACs.

He then begins torturing Batman, waiting for the other heroes to arrive and save him. Superman, Superboy and Martian Manhunter all hear Batman's screams, and Superman and Wonder Woman go to save Batman. They arrive at Max's base, destroying the OMAC's guarding Batman as Wonder Woman orders Max to turn the OMACs off.

However, Max takes control of Superboy, using and magnifying his hatred for his father. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Superboy all fight, with Wonder Woman being tossed aside, and Superman finally deciding to fight back. The father and son burst through ceilings and walls and even end up fighting in Space. As the healed Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and Aquaman help Superman, Wonder Woman asks Max how to turn all this off.

Max tells her the only way to reverse Jason's mind control: Killing Max. Wonder Woman is unable to do it, but Batman sneak attacks Max and stops his heart. As Superboy is freed from his mind control, he is horrified by what he had done, and comes to a sobering realization: Batman was right to have all those contingencies to stop them.

However, Max's heart being stopped activates a failsafe, turning everyone who had ever eaten at the Planet Krypton restaurants into OMACs. All of the heroes, including Kid Flash, meet on a rooftop to fight. Batman attempts to restart Max's heart, but when he does, Max laughs, snapping his own neck as Flash becomes the incredibly powerful OMAC Ultra.

Superman and Superboy, who had apologized to his father following his mind control by Max, fight OMAC Ultra as the other heroes fight the seemingly endless hoard of OMACs. Superboy is about to deliver the killing blow when Batman intervenes, telling the two Kryptonians that Flash was still alive inside the OMAC and it was feeding off of his life energy.

Martian Manhunter and Kid Flash manage to get through to Barry as the other heroes hold the OMAC Ultra down, and Barry ultimately sacrifices himself to save the world by running into the Speed Force, taking OMAC Ultra with him. Every OMAC shell disintegrates simultaneously, and a day later a massive funeral for the Flash is held in Metropolis.

All of the heroes wear black versions of their outfits to the funeral, but Batman goes to Barry's grave, blaming himself for what had happened. A day after the funeral at the fortress of Solitude, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Superman want to form a team. Wally is reluctant but ultimately accepts, and Superboy doesn't want to due to feeling guilty over how he almost killed them all under mind control.

Superman comforts his son, and the two agree to begin trying to patch up their troubled relationship. Batman also refuses due to being just a human, not believing he was worthy to stand alongside them. However, Superman tells him that that wasn't just his greatest strength, but the team's as well. Batman ends up accepting the offer, shaking Superman's hand, a firm commitment to the future.

And so, the Justice League was formed, and forevermore they would protect the world from any and all threats.

The end.