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Warning:self harm suicide mention of abuse triggers

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, i'm sorry it's all my fault

Misaki thought to himself as he looked as his brother's grave his vision became blurred as tears entered his eyes "Misaki?" Anna called from the cemetery's gate her arms crossing over her chest to hold up Mikoto's jacket onto her Shoulders, Misaki averted his gaze from the grave and towards the young girl dressed in black, the child had a mournful look in her eyes as tears streamed down o to her face, as she clenched the jacket on her. "I'm sorry" Misaki whispered to the grave as he turned away and headed towards the child, the pair than reached the bar Mikoto was outside waiting for the two when he saw the two he welcomed them with open arms the two than tan into said arms Anna snuggled into the side of Mikoto's hips and Misaki snuggled into his chest as he whimpered Mikoto wrapped a arms around Anna's head and the other around Misaki's back he than gave Misaki a gentle kiss on the top off his head the teen then tightened his grip on the red haired man as painful sobs wrecked through Misaki's body

About an hour later Anna had gone up to her room to sleep as her guardian comforted the teenager who was still sobbing over the death of Yata Minoru, it pained Mikoto and Totsuke to watch the teen cry and whimper, he was so vulnerable at times like this Izumo could've sworn he saw a year escape Mikoto's eye as the man drew soothing circles on the teen's back as Totsuke looked at the two with a mournful look many tears escaped Totsuke's eyes as he watched his friend sob and cry, Anna barely could sleep either for she two had dibs in her eyes she had gotten up to get a black stuffed bear that had red button eyes she had gotten it on her 8th birthday from Minoru and Megumi and Misaki, she hugged it tight to her chest as she cried she than got back into her bed, putting the covers over her body and hugged they teddy bear close to her body as tears wetted it, she was scared of what Misaki would do now, Minoru was his last family member alive and he was killed by Sukuna in a fight Misaki cared deeply for his brother but now said brother was dead so what would he do next? 'I'm sorry' Misaki said under his breath