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Warning: abuse mention suicide attempts, self harm

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry

Misaki thought to himself as he watched Anna mess with her red marbles "Dinner's ready!" Totsuke yelled walking out of the kitchen with a tray of Dino Nuggets "why the hell do you have Nuggets?" Izumo asked "well usually Yata-Chan helps me cook things good but he's still healing so I made Dino nuggets because I only know how to make nuggies plus Anna likes them" Totsuke answered "Here" Mikoto said to Misaki holding a plate that had 6 nuggets and ketchup "not hungry" Misaki told Mikoto as he tightened his grip on his calves digging his nails into the think layer of skin as he rested his head on his knees Anna heard this and got angry at Misaki than grabbed a hand full of nuggets and than opened Misaki's mouth and than...shoved the nuggets in "YOu WIL EAT!" Anna yelled at Misaki as she shoved the nuggets down his throat "ahhh Ankaksid nshajammane" Misaki muffled "A-anna" Mikoto said with widened eyes "this will cure depression!" Anna yelled