Final Chapter time. This one ended up being a lot shorter than I expected, but I'm pleased with it.

It is just a few hours before dawn. Clay is sitting alone in his makeshift office in the house he bought, writing on a set of documents, a dim desk lamp his only source of light. He lifts the papers and chuckles wickedly to himself; these papers were the last bit of documentation he needed before he could finally make Agatha's home his property to do as he pleased.

'The old crone only postponed the inevitable,' he thought to himself. 'Soon, that property will be all mine. I'll get my stadium, and nothin', livin', dead, or otherwise, is gonna get in my way.'

Cutting through the silence, the phone on his desk rang out. Catching him off guard, Clay could only wonder who could be calling him at this hour of the night. He picks it up.

"Driftveil Construction, this is Clay speakin'." Clay is silent as he listens to the speaker. "Oh yeah, the Ascot kid. Glad to hear you and your pals are still kickin'. Have y'all reconsidered my offer? Well, that's great to hear. You want me to come down now to see your handiwork and work out the rest of the deal? I can be down in two shakes of a tail feather. Let's just hope you can really deliver; otherwise, you won't be seein' a dime."

Clay hangs up the phone and grins madly. "Well, it looks like the bratty bunch managed to solve my ghost problem for me, after all." He dresses himself and stomps out of the office and toward the bedrooms.

"YAS! KAZ! UP AND AT 'EM YOU LAZY BUMS, LET'S MOVE! WE GOT WORK TO DO!" He hollers down the hall. He can hear crashes coming from the bedroom down the hall as the duo sticks their heads out the door, Kaz still clinging to his teddy bear.

"Boss, what time is it?" Kaz mumbles, barely awake.

"Can't it wait until morning, sir?" Yas tries to reason with his boss.

"We move when I say we move! Unless you boneheads are fine with me slashin' your pay?" Clay threatens. Knowing full well that their boss would make good on that threat, the two scramble back into their room. More crashing is heard before they pop out again, fully dressed.

"Ready when you are, sir!" The two shout in unison.

"Get to the truck. Let's put a wrap on this pesky ghost infestation once and for all," Clay declares darkly.

The pickup truck pulls into the circular driveway, the headlights briefly illuminating the mystery-solving teens as the truck slowly comes to a stop. Clay and his goons hop out and approach the kids.

"So, y'all kids got my ghost problem all squared away? Where're they at? How much y'all askin' for 'em?" Clay asks impatiently.

"They're waiting inside. But before we go over anything else, let us tell you about what we found during our investigation and the theory we've come up with." Velma answers.

"...Alright..." Clay says slowly, wondering where they were going with this.

"We were investigating the manor looking for Agatha's will but had no such luck. We weren't able to find a single clue, all except for this," Fred says, holding up the pin in his hands. Yas and Kaz flinch while Clay narrows his eyes, a noticeable frown forming on his face. "This pin belongs to your company, as indicated by the briefcase you showed us previously sporting the same logo."

"You're the only person who has something to gain from having the will missing, and now we find an object directly connected to your company. Care to explain?" Velma questions.

"Little lady, I ain't too keen for what you're insinuating about me. Yes, I have my claim staked on buyin' this land, so naturally, I would come over to discuss sellin' the property with the former proprietress when she was still among the livin'." Clay said coolly.

"A proprietress that, according to all accounts, turned away any and all visitors aside from Mayor Morty for several years after her husband's death? Seems rather unlikely." Daphne snaps back.

"...Regardless, you honestly can't say this makes for sufficient evidence of any wrongdoin' on my part. Any court worth their salt would obviously see that." Clay remarks.

"Oh, we know. Even so, we can't just ignore this either. Which is why we're also going to bring this up with Mayor Morty next. Even if it's not enough for an indictment, I'm sure he would want to explore any new possibilities that crop up." Fred answers.

Clay's grip on his briefcase tightened, the brim of his hat casting shadows over his eyes. After a long silence, Clay finally speaks. "I'm afraid I can't let you young'uns do that. I've worked for quite a long time to get to this point, and I can't afford any further setbacks. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask y'all to return what's mine."

"And if we choose not to?" Daphne asks.

"...Then I suppose we'll just have to take it." Clay snaps his fingers. "Yas. Kaz. Y'all know what to do."

"Hehehe, on it, boss." Kaz chuckles, cracking his knuckles.

"Of course, sir," Yas answers, pounding his fist into his palm.

The gang slowly backs up until they do a full 180 and book it for the front doors. "Everyone, inside!" Fred yells out. The goons reach out to grab them but miss. The gang enters the house and closes the doors behind them, quickly barricading them. They could hear the men throwing themselves against the door, trying desperately to bust it down.

"Alright, that should buy us a few minutes. Everyone gets in positions!"

Five minutes later, Yas and Kaz manage to break open the doors, Clay following behind them. He surveys the foyer, trying to find some trace of the teens. "Now, where did they run off to?"

Suddenly, a cold wind blows in from behind them, slamming the doors shut, and they hear pattering feet rush past them. The trio turned around to see what it was but saw nothing. They return their gaze in front of them, only to be greeted by Shuppet and Banette leaping out with the most frightening grimace they could muster.


"AAAHHHHH!" The trio screams out before they are suddenly blinded by a bright light emitted from the puppet duo. The Confuse Ray takes effect immediately, causing the men to stumble around in disarray.

"NOW!" Fred shouts from behind the corner, activating his trap. He pulls a rope and triggers a bowling ball to roll down a ramp until it lands in a large bucket attached to a beam. It swings down like a hammer from the new weight added, landing on a lever and launching a garden gnome through the air. With great precision, the gnome falls toward another lever. Off in the corner, Duskull uses Psychic to open the parachute on its back, gently landing on another lever that tips a watering can over a potted plant. Getting heavy from the water, the plant lowers the lever it sits on, lifting Litwick towards a rope. Litwick blows fire on the rope holding the launcher back. It burns and sends the net flying toward the group. Clay and his men's confusion wanes, the fog surrounding their heads finally clearing up. They look around as all eyes land on Mystery Inc., struggling as they are caught in their own net.

"Uh, whoops. I guess I miscalculated the trajectory a bit, huh?" Fred chuckles, face red with embarrassment.

"You don't say?" Velma deadpans.

Yas and Kaz surround the kids and force them to the ground with the net. Their new ghost friends seem to have disappeared, having abandoned them. Clay stands over them, a gloating look on his face. "You young'uns should've taken my offer, just like that old crone should've. It would've been easier for everyone."

"So, you did steal the will after all!" Daphne shouts.

Seeing no reason to hold back anymore, Clay confesses. "Yeah, that's right. And it was easy, even more than I reckoned. Apparently, when them paramedics came and took her off, they forgot to lock up the joint. I had my boys sneak in here a year back during the one time I knew the coast would be clear."

The gang was confused by this until Velma put it together. "Agatha's funeral service, right? That's when you knew everyone would be preoccupied." Scooby growls in indignation at this, reflecting the rest of the gang's feelings toward the man. Robbing someone's home during their funeral service was just a whole new low, even by most villains' standards.

'That also explains how they were able to get past the ghosts. They must have also gone to her funeral to see their friend off.' Velma thinks to herself.

"I showed up, of course, had to give myself the alibi. And since that annoyin' mayor never knew where the will was stashed to start with, it was easy as pie to keep him thinkin' it was just cleverly tucked away by the old crone before she kicked the bucket. I got it holed up somewhere for safe keepin', just until the statute of limitations lifts and all this here becomes mine."

"But, like, why go so far? Just for a sports stadium?" Shaggy asks.

Clay laughs loudly. "Y'all think I'd do all this just some ol' stadium? Nah, that stadium's just a means to wedge my boot in the door."

"Ror rhat?" Scooby asks.

"For New Driftveil City! Once I get to haulin' in money with that stadium, I'll start snatchin' up and flattenin' the rest of this dusty old town, turnin' it into the big ol' center for my company's East Coast expansion!" Clay proclaims. "The way these folks go on and on 'bout history and whatnot. Well, I reckon if y'all spend all your time holdin' tight to the past, you're just standin' in the way of progress."

"Progress for your own wallet, maybe," Velma said critically.

Clay just shrugs. "Well, anyhow, now that I done told y'all this, I reckon I'm gonna need you kids to... disappear now."

"Oh? And just where will they be disappearing to?"

"Well, I was thinking...huh?" Clay begins to answer until he realizes a new voice has joined them. He whips around and sees Mayor Morty glowering at him, flanked by the police. But that wasn't the most shocking part. Right there next to him on his left was Mystery Inc., waving at him without a care in the world.

Clay and his goons whip their heads towards the net again, only to find a group of very angry police officers caught in place of the teens, somehow swapping places with them in the blink of an eye.

'Huh? Huh? What?' These were the only thoughts racing around the trios' minds now, trying to process just what happened, just what kind of trick was pulled that fooled them so perfectly.

"We heard everything. I'm not sure why you just started confessing everything, but I won't turn down an easy case. Now then, if you gentlemen would kindly come with us." The police captain said as his men flanked the villains, forcing their arms behind their backs and cuffing them. The three didn't put up a fight; they were still too flabbergasted at how things turned out. Eyes focusing back on the sarcastically smiling and waving mystery solvers, Clay was able to snap back to reality for a moment.

"I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids! ….I think. Seriously, how did tarnation you do that?"

"Oh, we just had some help," Fred answers cryptically.

Clay is led outside and into the police car, separate from Yas and Kaz. He takes one last look at the manor he tried so hard to obtain until his eyes settle on the windows in the far corner. Waving at him from the other side, Gengar and his crew cackle heartily at the villain's misfortune. The villain's jaw hits the floor as he begins to stammer in fright.

"g-gh-g-GHOOOOOOSTS!" He wailed over the police siren as the car drove away.

Resting up after the long night, the gang returned to the manor the next afternoon. As they pulled up to the front door, they were greeted by Morty and Shauntal standing in front of the staircase.

"I'm glad to see you all still here. I wanted to express my gratitude again for all your help." Morty thanked them.

"It was no problem at all, Mr. Mayor," Fred assured.

"The police searched Clay's office and found his safe; once they cracked the code, we found Agatha's will. The process has already begun to put her final wish into action. Soon, this place will be considered a historical landmark, and no one will be able to touch it." Shauntal explained.

"Aside from some future renovations and maintenance to keep things standing, Agatha's home will stay as it is." Morty continued.

"That's great to hear, man." Shaggy congratulated Morty. Morty turns back towards the old house with a happy but solemn gaze.

"It is. Agatha was always a shrewd and clever woman with a knack for reading people. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she figured out what Clay was really after and took these steps to not only protect her home but the town as a whole. Despite her moodiness and attitude, deep down, she genuinely cared about this town, both its history and its residents. Though she would be loathed to admit such a thing out loud." Morty chuckled at the end. Shantaul and the gang listened on with smiles, knowing Morty's evaluation to be spot on. "Wherever she may be, I hope she finds happiness."

Morty and Shauntal turn to leave. "I'm afraid we must be off now. We have business to take care of to finalize Agatha's will. Will you be leaving tonight?"

"We are. We still have the music festival to get to after all. We just wanted to get one last look at the house before we left." Daphne answers.

"Very well, we'll be on our way now. Once again, thank you for everything. I hope you will come to visit again soon. You will always be welcome in Lavendar Town." Morty declares, shaking hands with Fred.

"Of course, sir," Fred said, shaking back. Morty and Shauntal enter their car and drive away, leaving the five by themselves. They turn and enter the manor. The doors slam shut behind them, startling Scooby and Shaggy. Soon, they are surrounded by their new ghost friends, who come to thank them and see them off.

"That should take care of everything; from now on, this place is safe and sound," Fred assured, Lampent and Chandelure floating above his head happily. Litwick hopped on his shoulder, flaring up in joy and nearly setting Fred's hair on fire.

"That means you guys don't have to worry about this place getting torn down in the future," Velma smiled, petting Shuppet and Banette. Shuppet was clearly enjoying it, while Banette pretended not to care.

"I gotta say, getting Clay to confess his own crime like that was a stroke of brilliance," Fred complimented Velma after putting the fire out on his shoulder.

"Well, it was all thanks to these guys and their illusionary abilities. After what Shaggy and Scooby described experiencing in the kitchen, I knew we'd be able to trick Clay in the same way. Then it was just a matter of getting Mayor Morty and the police here before them." Velma explains

"Hope you enjoy your new pad," Shaggy remarked as Haunter and Gastly floated around him.

"Ron't ret rin roo ruch rouble" Scooby advised as Gengar patted him on the head with a happy grin.

"Like we told the mayor, we'll come to visit again soon. That's a promise," Daphne assured as she patted Duskull on the head.

"Misdreavus!" Misdreavus shouted happily. The gang just laughed at the outburst before making their way to the door.

"Take good care of this place! Don't forget your promise to her!" Daphne shouts as the gang makes their way to the Mystery Machine and piles inside. The ghosts give one last group shout and wave goodbye to their new friends. As the engines start up, the gang drives away, and the doors close behind them.

Just at the edge of town, the gang stops to reflect on everything they've experienced in the last 36 hours.

"It's honestly amazing, isn't it? In the last day and a half, we proved the existence of the supernatural. Not only that, but we actually managed to become friends too." Daphne reminisced.

"They weren't bad, but now I can't help but wonder; how many other mysteries could be out there that are genuine?" Velma thought aloud.

"I hope we get to find more of them soon!" Fred said excitedly.

"Zoinks! That's one thought I'd rather skip over! The fake monsters are scary enough as is. I don't want to know how scary the real deal is." Shaggy retorts.

"Ro rhank rou!" Scooby exclaims.

The gang just laughs as they drive off into the setting sun. Scooby sticks his head out the window, enjoying the breeze before shouting out for all the world to hear.


And there you have it. My very first fanfic completed. There were a few things I felt I could've done better, but otherwise I feel good about what I put out. I have a bunch of other ideas for crossovers swimming around in my head, but whether or not I'll be able to do them all remains to be seen. Until then, I hope you enjoyed reading this story. Please comment and drop a review, and I will see you all next time.