Outside the UAC Exis building in Oslo Norway, a fleet of luxury brand hover-cars pull up to the entrance and personnel began filing out of the vehicles. Councillor Weaver, three other investigators and bodyguards from the army step from their cars. Dark Priests watch the activity outside the building from windows on an upper level, one of them reaches for their mobile and immediately called the director for their portal project.

"What is it? I'm busy!" the former human on the call growls impatiently.

"The Council investigators have arrived, the portal must be brought online immediately" the Dark Priest instructs.

The group of well-dressed investigators and bodyguards moved through the front doors and walk across the lobby, stepping over the recently re-designed UAC company logo on the floor.

Councillor Weaver steps up to the front desk and addresses the receptionist.

"I am Councillor Weaver, I'm leading a full operations review adopted by the council. We need to look into the administrative operations for Exis. I expect full access to records, personnel and project files" Weaver states.

"Oh, you're here to do an audit? This is a surprise" remarks the receptionist.

"Welcome, Councillor. Please allow me to be of assistance" an elderly Exis administrator interrupts.

Turning to face the interjection, Weaver immediately recognizes the admin.

"You are lead administrator Monaghan" Weaver states.

"The very same, Monaghan says smiling, follow me to my office and we'll discuss this"

They walk through a nearby hall and come to the office door, Weaver and Lieutenant Carter walk inside and assemble around the somewhat cluttered desk, a pair of soldiers stood guard outside the room.

"What is this about, Councillor?" Monaghan asks, settling into his chair.

"This review is regarding serious accusations and we want to know what's behind it and why" the Councillor states, raising his tone strategically.

"I see, and what exactly are we following up on?" Monaghan slyly asks.

"As administrator you are obviously aware of these illicit activities" the Councillor grills.

"Me? Are you serious? I don't have anything to hide from the council" Monaghan confidently lies.

The Councillor reaches into his briefcase and removes a short stack of data sheets.

"These scientific reports were leaked by one of our informants. They clearly have to do with development of a portal project and these logs were last accessed under your corporate user profile" Councillor Weaver reveals.

"I truly can't believe what I'm hearing. This is outrageous" Monaghan says aghast, the eyes of Lieutenant Carter studies his face for signs of deception.

"I'm not playing this game with you any longer, Dr. Monaghan. You have an esteemed background and I expected you to demonstrate some cooperation. Now, I am only going to ask this once. Where is the trans-dimensional portal?" Weaver asks with grave seriousness in his voice.

"Why, it's in Germany, is it not?" Monaghan replies.

Silently, the Councillor nods to Carter. The Lieutenant steps closer to Dr. Monaghan.

"You're going to have to come with me" Carter says.

"It is by order of UAC council under section fourteen of our corporate code of conduct that you are to be removed from the premises for the duration of the investigation" Councillor Weaver explains.

A brief flash of demonic fury crosses Monaghan's face before receding beneath the mortal fascade.

"Of course, Councillor" Monaghan replies.

"A council appointed administrator will assume your immediate obligations as is outlined under section fourteen, article D" Weaver explains.

Lieutenant Carter lifts Dr. Monaghan from under an arm and draws him toward the door, the soldiers outside the room join in escorting the former administrator through the hall and into the lobby. Dr. Monaghan is walked across the spacious entryway, drawing looks from everyone around. The soldiers escort him through the doors, and off UAC property.

"You're not to come any closer to the building, understood?" Lieutenant Carter states.

Dr. Monaghan nods.

"We expect you to be available for further questioning that may be necessary at a later time, so don't skip town" Carter says.

Monaghan walks away from the building and towards the city, then reaching for his mobile and placing a call.

"We're running out of time" he says.

Within the walls of the demon infested Phobos science station, the paranormal division devotees cautiously stray through the Alpha Labs research complex, passing various bioscience labs. Portable reactors had been linked into the station's power grid, providing crucial life support functionality. The combat robots spray machine gun fire from an internalized system beneath a sloped armored shell as the devotees attack the advancing Imp and Pinky.

The sound of the BFG charging fills the area, a blob of quivering bio energy detonates against the attacking demons, the creatures were graphically demoleculorized and fall into piles of scattered ashes. It was apparent to the devotees that were it not for their combined superior firepower, they would have been overwhelmed by now.

A single Pinky demon strays into the area.

"I want that specimen" Rupert instructs.

The Pinky was already charging toward them when Victor fired blasts of freezing liquid from the cryo-repeater on the approaching demon, it freezes solid and comes to a stop just inches away from the group.

Nexson removes a rectangular gadget from his pack, unfolds it then places it on the ground. Mason and Banks strap a harness to the frozen Pinky, then easing it onto the device. The mini zero-g mover activates, lifting the specimen and hovers above the floor, the device moves along the main corridor and parks inside the climate-controlled airlock.

As the devotees continued their hunt for specimens, elsewhere in a distant sector, a demon steps from the gate of churning energy in the teleportation laboratory. An ancient Arch-vile appears, examining its surroundings. The powerful demon walks through the silent lab, coming upon the remains of Major Martinez, curiously studying the corpse.

The demon holds its arms above the remains, a bright light glows from its hands, fluctuations of life energy within its body channeled, skin coursing with plumes of rising and dimming hues. Pale wisps of demonic energy stray into the orifaces of the corpse and it gradually began to move, crying out in agony as it is reborn. The resurrected possessed space marine rises to his feet, enraged. His face and body were covered in scars from radiation exposure. It shifts it's head, angrily grunting as it looks around.

The veteran former human was blabing incoherently, its eyes are drawn to a weapon in the corner of the lab. The former human approaches it as the Arch-vile carried on resurrecting the other fallen demon around the lab. Former Major Martinez pulls the chaingun from the guard's death grip. As if from muscle memory, he quickly cycles the gun's chambers, then mindlessly fires a few rounds into the walls before wandering out of the lab and into the halls of the Phobos colony.