My head was throbbing, like it was split open. My eyes couldn't adjust to my surroundings, everything was blurry. All I could do was sit there groaning. Fuck me. I spent what felt like eternity, until I heard something.

"Who's that? Hello?"

I turn in their direction. I saw a blurry silhouette approaching. Thank god someone found me. I open my mouth to respond, "Higkhcl." I felt liquid pooling out of my mouth onto the ground.

"Oh god he's bleeding! Where's my badge?"

Bleeding? It could be worse. At least im not dead, yet. Before I knew it, a flash of white light enveloped me. I had to close my eyes, it was so bright that it hurt. Then I heard gasps and chatters. I had no Idea what was going on, but I guess nobody else does either. I felt my body being hoisted up.

"Move, where is nurse chancey?"

Chancy? What a weird name. Am I somewhere foreign? No, they all speak english. So whats up with the name? I've never heard that before. Before I knew it I heard a door closing behind me, I was laid down.

"Where is she? Damn it."

I heard the door swing open and it closed once again. I guess what was more blood was leaking from my mouth onto whatever I was laying on. I tried opening my eyes, but It was way too bright inside the room I was in. It only made the knives in my skull angrier. I shut my eyes.

The door swung open. "Oh!? Did you know what happened? He looks half dead!" I felt a hand on my forehead.

"No, I just found em like this. They were deep inside a mystery dungeon."

I felt a wave of warm energy pass through me, followed by the chime of a bell. I felt my migraine wash away, and I could feel my strength returning. A breeze of relief washed over me.

"Thank you." I uttered out.

"No problem." Chancey said. "Im surprised your still conscious. Your a strong one." I heard her turn. "What dungeon did you say you found him in again?"

"Uhhhhhh, twisted forest." She said, almost apologetically.

"What were you doing in there?! Its too high level for you to be in alone! Its a B teir dungeon for a reason!" Chancy shouted.

"Im sorry."

"Yo, dont go too hard on her." I said. "She saved me right?"

"I guess so. I wont tell the guild master about this part then. But! I expect you to never repeat your mistake."

"Yes. Understood."

I attempted to my eyes again. This time everything had adjusted into focus. Without my head stopping me, I looked around for the first time. I was met face to face with a pink alien and a brown fox.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH! WHAT ARE YOU, WHERE AM I!" I started hyperventilating, pressing myself against the wall behind me.

"Relax, what's gotten into you?" The pink alien asked.

"Im, where, how, why?" I stopped, I noticed my leg.

It was covered with black fur, and my torso had blue fur. I looked up at my arms. They were blue, also with what looked like round bones protruding from them.


"Calm down, your a normal pokemon."


They both just looked at one another, as if to get advice from eachother on what to do with me. I huddled down into the fetal position, burying my head in my legs. I was confused and terrified of what was happening.

"Is he confused? Chancey?"

"No, my heal bell would have gotten his head right. But this doesn't make sense. I thought the humans died out 1000 years ago. He's clearly a pokemon."

"I was a human an hour ago." I said defensive. "Last thing I remember I was in my house taking a phone call. And… why cant I remember?

"Whats a phone?" The fox asked.

"Shhh, im trying to remember something. I was, my name? Sky, im 19. Phone? Job? I can't remember." I felt tears starting to run down my face. "I can't remember."

I started sobbing. I felt like I had lost everything but my life, everything being stripped down to just my name and time spent being. At least I knew what a car and a phone were, but what was the point?

"Hey, its ok. You are bound to remember something eventually. And look, we still have your pack!" The fox then walked to the corner of the room and returned with a red backpack.

My eyes lit up. Something must be in there that will help me jog my memory! She handed me the bag and I opened it. My laptop and phone was in there! Same with a notebook and pencils. A couple usb sticks too.

"Thank you!" I stated.

The pink one im guessing was named Chancy left the room, but I ignored that and turned on my phone. It was at 5% battery. Without hesitation I pulled it up and opened my notes app.

It read: Goals, study for CCNA, learn Python scripting.

I closed out and went to my photos, then I saw a picture of me. Without hesitation I turned my phone around and showed her the photo.

She looked on with amazement. "Is that magic?"

"No, far from it. And this is what im supposed to look like." I stated.

"So you weren't lying huh? Thats cool, an actual human."

I turned the phone around and tried to continue, but I was horrified at what I saw. The battery symbol.

"No, no, no. Ah! Screw it." I said tossing my phone down next to me.

"What? What happened?"

"My phone died."

She was painted with a horrified expression. "Chancy knows heal pulse, maybe we can still save it!"

At first I was confused, then I realized how it must have sounded to her.

"No, it wasn't alive in the first place. Its just what we say when it runs out of power." I explained.

She sighed. "Thank arceus, you scared me for a second."

The door to the room opened and Chancy came back, with another pink round figure that didn't quite match up with her. They both walked up to me and the new one spoke.

"Hi, welcome to cloud guild. Im sam but everyone calls me guildmaster wigglytuff. You sure gave everyone a scare. How are you feeling?"

"Things could be better." I responded. "Im kinda lost as to what im going to do. I dont have anywhere to go."

"Oh, I see. That is an issue." He started scratching his head.

The fox's eyes lit up, as if gears in her head started to turn. "Why dosnt he join my team in the guild? It would solve my problems, and his!"

Alien two responded,"My. What a good idea! Ill have to make him.. wait." He turned to me. "Would you want to be a part of this guild?"

"Ive got nothing better to do, sure I guess." I responded.

"Perfect! You two would make a great pair! Meet me in my office."

"Wait! What about what we talked about?" Chancy asserted.

"We will discuss it later." And with that he turned and left.

A guild eh? So im somewhere medieval. I guess we were the equivalent of cops then. I didn't mind at all. It might be fun after all. I grabbed my dead phone next to me and slipped it back into my bag.

"Yay! Im finally getting a team member!" She exclaimed all giddy. "And hes a human too!"

"Dont tell me you actually believe him." Chancy sounded disappointed.

"He has proof though! Show her, um… SKY! Yea, show her Sky!"

"Its short for Skyler, but my phone ran out of charge remember?"

"Oh yea."

Chancy sighed. "Ok well its best not to keep the guildmaster waiting. His office is all the way down the hall, a right turn then the double doors on the left."

"I'll bring him. Oh yea skyler, my name is Rin. Follow me!" She started moving, so I scooped my bag and followed.

We came out to a hallway. The hall in front of us was lined with doors on the left wall and a single double door on the right. Down the right side was a double door on the left and a closet on the right. Many people er pokemon were there in a wider area down that hall. I decided that it was too hard to keep saying that.

We continued straight ahead to the end of the hallway and turned right. When we reached the correct double door, Rin knocked on the door. Like magic the door swung open by itself and we walked in. Wigglytuff was sitting at his desk eying paperwork, then he looked up at us.

"Welcome to the cloud guild, now that we can be formal. Nice of you to join us Rin."

She just nodded.

"So for starters, here is your badge. You can use it to teleport back here in a pinch or when you finish a mission!"

My head canted in confusion. "How does that work?"

"Oh, abra is a psychic type. He can find you as long as you have the badge and he can drop you off near the entrance."

I nodded, even though I was just left more confused than before I had asked. Then he handed me a green scarf with a gold badge, similar to what rin was wearing. Except her scarf was white.

"So, did you pick a team name yet Rin?"

Her smile faded, then she looked at me, then back at the guildmaster. "I uhh no."

"Comon, you had two weeks to decide on a team name. What name do you rekon umm.."

"My names skyler. People call me Sky. Also I think team dream has a catchy ring to it. It rymes soo… Yea."

"I like it!" Rin replied.

"Allrighty, team dream. So now that its been decided, your in room 5. It's actually the closest room to my office, how convenient is that?"

What did he mean by that?

"Alright, enjoy yourself. And do your best!"

Hearing that woke up something else in my memory. Isnt that something in scouts? Pondering on this I was shaken out of it by Rin pushing on my arm, then I was led out. I was brought back out to the hallway again, this time only travelling a couple steps to the right.

Entering our room, it was rectangular. There were two beds made of straw banded together in rolls with some sort of black string. Rin walked over to the bed next to the window and laid down. I noticed she had a leather pack next to her bed. Mine was opposite with no window above it. I didn't mind not having the window.

I walked over to my bed, dropping my bag next to it sitting down. I exasperated instantly as I hit the straw. Somehow It felt like the comfiest thing ive ever laid down on.

"These beds are awesome right? Abra makes them."

I turned over to look at her. "Yea, they are really good. But you mind me asking you a question?"


"What do we do here? Because a room definitely wouldn't be free."

"Oh, we take jobs from people all over the region! They end up on the job boards. Can be anything from fetching a lost item or rescuing someone! Sometimes we even do it for an IOU but thats if they are unable to pay."

"Oh cool. Sound fun."

"It is, ever since I was born Ive always wanted to be an explorer here. And look at me now with my dream job! It's exiting!"

For the first time today I found myself smiling. I felt good, despite what I had lost. I dont know if it was her energy, but if it is it's contagious.

"Yea it sounds exiting."


(3rd POV)

Night has fallen over the town, Rin and Sky fast asleep. Wigglytuff was still awake in his office thinking to himself. A knock could be heard on the chamber door.

"Come in."

It was chancy. She walked up to his desk, also deep in thought.

"So, whats the plan with sky? He thinks hes a human and it worries me. Ive never seen confusion after using my heal bell but I dont think it's impossible."

"No, he is not confused. I would like to ask you, did you notice what that was that he was holding?"

"The weird black brick he had? What about it?" Chancy said puzzled.

"Heh, yea. Let me tell you something about our last expedition."

"Expedition? That was almost a year ago. And what about it? How does sky relate to that, he just got here today."

"Do you know what we were exploring in that expedition?"

"No, I had to stay here remember? Only half the guild went with you."

"Oh yea. Anyway we were exploring some ruins the humans left behind. We were digging through there excavating. And we found some artifacts."

"Where are you going with this? Dont tell me the confusion is spreading. Rin thinks hes a human too."

"I do as well."

"What makes you say that? Is the whole guild going mad?"

"No, I still have reason." Wigglytuff shifts his hands in his desk and places an object on the table. "This is an artifact we found at the dig site. Look familiar?"

"But thats.."


"But… ok so hes a human. Should we tell anyone? The council would want to hear about our discovery."

"No. We keep it between us, and I guess abra. He is watching over all of us after all."

"Yea, ive never talked to the guy. I wonder what clairvoyance is like." "But what does it mean? We havent had a human around for a thousand years."

"I cant say for certain, but things are about to change. A storm is coming. We must stay vigilant."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Oh nothing, just a gut feeling is all."

"Ok, well I trust you."

Chancy turned and walked out the door, left with more questions than answers. Wigglytuff puts the cracked object back in his desk.

"Abra talk to me, what else do you remember from your vision?"

"Not much. Only that sky is involved in some way with the disaster. He will be either the harbinger, or the key to salvation. Im uncertain."

"Then we just need to keep a close eye."