"Wake up everyone!"

I jolt awake. It took me a second to catch my bearings. Nobody was in the room except for me and Rin. I looked over at her. She was going through her bag.

"Rin, do you know who said that?" I asked.

"Huh, oh. That was abra. He wakes everyone up in the morning. He never sleeps, mainly because hes always asleep."

"What? How?"

"Hes psychic. I thought the guild master told you yesterday. He has the most important job in the guild pretty much. He does get paid alot though."

"Oh. How is he not stressed out from multitasking? He makes the beds, teleports people, and hes the alarm clock?"

"Dont forget hes security too."

"That just adds to my point, how does he do it?"

"I can see up to a half day in the future usually, depending on the day. I plan everything overnight." A disembodied voice interjected.

Chills shot through my spine. He can see and hear us without being here? Thats crazy.

"Can you read my mind too?"


"Ah ok. So how much privacy do we get? Is it you can see one room at a time or is it all at once?"

"Up to five rooms at a time maximum. And no I respect privacy. Im constantly sweeping through the guild monitoring for suspicious activity."

"I remember asking abra about that when I first got here." Rin re interjected.

I sighed. I look over at my bag. I was curious about my laptop and what else I had from my old life. I reached over and unzipped the main compartment. I pull out my laptop and phone. I lay them out on the bed. I spotted my notebook. I grab it out and start flipping through.

First page had my passwords on it. All neatly organized on the page. Next page had a budget sheet for a guitar and living expenses. Third page had some song lyrics. Forth had plans for an energy drink brand. Fifth page had a card counting notes written down. I guess im eccentric. I look up to rin an inch in front of my face.

"JESUS!" I shouted, flying backwards. BAM! I hit the wall with a thud. "Oww."

"Oh im sorry!"

I started rubbing my head. "Its fine, you startled me is all."

"Mind If I ask what that was you were reading?" Rin asked half apologetically.

"Just my old journal. I thought it might help a bit with my memories. It's not really working though."


I closed the notebook and threw it onto my laptop. I started again at my bag. I pulled out two chargers, both of them useless. I tossed em with my other things. The usb's met a similar fate next to my laptop. Then I pulled out something very useful to my situation. A small toolkit and a knife. It was a buck knife with a interchangeable screwdriver set with spudgers. I could take my phone or laptop apart if I needed.

The other pockets just had my old wallet full of credit and debit cards, a lighter and some paracord. Soldering iron too, but its useless. Same with the copper and zinc coils of wire.

After emptying out my bag, I zipped up all the pockets and threw it on. It was almost too big for me but I managed with tightening the straps all the way. I look over to rin, and she is just staring wide eyed at all of my stuff in bewilderment.

"Hey, come on! We have a job to do right?" I said to her, snapping her back to her senses.

"Yes, uhh. Job board. Lets go then."

We both head out closing our door behind us. She leads me down to the right at the double door. It opens up to a courtyard full of different pokemon. The sun was blasting me with its warm rays. She continued to a board on the opposite end, next to what looked like a canteen under a balcony from upstairs and past a bunch of tables. With chairs of course. Some tables had an odd number of chairs but I didn't think into it.

"Ok, lost item d, rescue c, delivery d, rescue b… I cant decide. What do you think sky?" She turned to me, expecting an answer.

"I uhhh, you think we could kill two birds with one stone on those two? They both cross through weeping meadows." I pointed at the two d ranked missions.

"Good idea! We will take those two the-" she was cut off by a chiming sound.

"Breakfast!" Rang through the air, and everyone started lining up at the canteen including rin. I ignored the call and grabbed the two listings and found a seat next to the job board. I placed the papers on the table and gave them a closer look.

Reward: 3000 poke and an item. 2000 poke and two items.

Rin sat down next to me, an apple and a giant blueberry in her mouth. She set down the berry and was munching on the apple.

"3000 and 2000 seems like a lot of poke."

"Yeth, bot we onley gat then perthent." She responded with her mouth full.

"Ohh thats how they keep this place running, ok. Fair I guess, considering how cushy it seems here for being medieval."

"Medtheval, whaths that mean?"

"Oh uh, ignore that part."

Just then I saw someone approaching our table. A grey furred dog hyena thing and a black bird stopped at our table.

"What are you nerds doing? Being lame?" The crow thing squaked. They both started cackling.

"Shut up murcrow! Can you guys leave me alone? Its almost every day you two pick on me." Rin looked half mad and sad.

"Its funny, because your just a loser. And now your twoser." The dog giggled. As if on cue they both started cackling.

"Dont bring Sky into this, just go away."

"Real brave of you to pick on someone when abra is watching." I stated.

"Oh you think abra cares about the courtyard? He never watches here." The crow snickered.

"Yea, why are you hanging out with this loser? You should join our team." The dog suggested.

At this rins eyes widened. In response I said,"Yea sure, when im dead."

"You just might. You know shes cursed right?" They both started cackling and walked off.

I could see pain painted on rins face. I felt I had to say something.

"Hey dont let them get you down. You know they want to see you like this right. Thats why you gotta ignore them and just try and-" I was cut off.

"You should join them in all honesty. I am cursed. Everyone who has been close to me has died." Rin was close to tears, staring at the table.

"Hey now, im sorry to hear that. It's unfortunate and unfair. But. Let me tell you I dont believe in superstition. And even if you are cursed, I dont care one bit. Im sticking with you."

She looked up at me. "You really mean that?"

"Of course I do. Were friends now. And friends stick together."

Her face lit up with a smile. She then resumed eating. I couldn't contain my smile either.

"So were off to weeping meadows."

She nodded, finishing the last bite of her apple. Then she looked over at me.

"You havent eaten yet? Here have the oran berry."

"No thanks, Ive always skipped breakfast."

"Huh? What? Its the most important meal! Aren't you hungry?!" She exclaimed.

"No, not until dinner. I eat once a day. I find I have more energy through the day if I eat only once."

It was like my brain said that on autopilot, but originally I thought I just wasn't hungry. Is that a new memory?

"Ok, Ill put it in my bag in case you get hungry."

"I wont, trust me."


We were standing at a staircase made of flowers and dirt. The area looked beautiful, the sunlight passing through the trees and the yellow grass of the meadow had red and white flowers dotting the landscape. I could see why they called it weeping meadow, the trees looked like vines with green shifting to blue teardrop leaves at the bottom.

"Ok this is it, lets go!" Rin was ecstatic.

We climbed down the stairs and I was flabbergasted. It looked like we had teleported back to the top, sunlight still visible. But the stairs were still behind us.

"Dont be too amazed. Thats just how it is. Theres a reason we call em mystery dungeons. We dont know how they work fully yet."

"Yea uhh, are we underground?"

"Technically not, we are just one step through the passage. At the end of the dungeon we come out on the other side. Hold on show me the job papers."

I pull the papers out and display them.

"Ok, items around the second floor, and the blast seed goes to the next town through here. There are 5 levels to go through."

"Ok, lets be off then!" I shouted with excitement.

I dont know what it was but this place just made me want to explore it. Its just soo pretty. It was compelling. We continued out of the open area winding through passages, twists and turns. We had to stop when we saw them.

There was a giant ladybug that jumped in front of me.

"Fight it sky!"

I froze. I didn't know how to fight it. Before I knew it I was bitten on my shoulder.

"Ahh damn it!"

"Just focus your energy sky! Watch."

She jumped in front of me and launched her whole body head first directly into it. She was moving incredibly fast.

"Use your vacuum punch! Itl hit them from a distance!"

Focus? Punch? Distance? None of those words made sense together except the first two. I thought I might give it a try. I focused on my right hand, leaned back and aimed a punch at the ladybug and…

Nothing happened. I just struck empty air. Rin jumped at them again and the ladybug fell onto the ground, not getting back up.

"Theyl be out for a while. So what gives? Cant use your moves?

"I just, I dont know how."

"Ohh kayy. Let me try and teach you. From what I know about vacuum punch, its a trick of speed. You gotta focus your energy into your arm and swing back then launch forward as fast as you possibly can. Both swinging back and forth has to be quick."

"Ok, let me try that then."

I stood squarely on the tips of my feet. I started to focus on my arm, feeling it and trying to draw some sort of energy to it. Then I pulled back and launched as fast as I could muster. Then I saw it. A little air column launched from my hand and went a couple feet away.

"Yeaa! You did it!" She rejoiced.

"That was, surprisingly easy."

We continued on, marching through. With my newfound power I was a huge help in any fights we got into. She was usually in the front while I would hit them from a distance. They would usually get knocked out before they could attack us.

We found the magnet on the listing, a couple other things too like some apples and seeds rin says are very useful. The seed's apparently have healing or poisonous properties depending on the type we find. Eventually we made it outside and we made our way into the next town over.

"Ok so Kirlia wants the blast seed, and shroomish wants his lost magnet. Oh they both live in greenveiw town. Perfect." Rin said, observing the papers again.

I put the paper away and we walked into town. Many people were out about their business. But then we spotted the mushroom guy.

"Hey shroomish, we got your magnet!" Rin shouted.

We walked up to eachother. I reached into my bag and handed them the magnet.

"Thank you I was looking all over for it! Well heres your reward." He handed us a bag which im guessing contained the money and an item.

Now we had kirlia to find. She works at the shop so easy enough to find her. I spotted at the towns centre the shop, and sure enough she was behind the counter.

"Hi, we got you the blast seed!"

"Oh yes, my gratitude. Here you are now."

She handed us a bag, but then she brought out something else. She handed me a big rock with white crystals pointing out of it. I knew exactly what it was.

"Silicon." I uttered in shock of it.

"Sorry silla what now?" Rin asked confused.

"Uhh, you can have the other two things if I get to keep the quartz."

"Ok, fine with me. I dont know what you would use it for but Im more than happy with that deal."

I slipped the quartz back into my bag. If only she knew what I knew. My brain was lighting up with a memory of what I had researched while curious on the internet. All the sudden I was snapped out of my trance.

"K lets use the badges to get back to the guild. Just press in the centre of your badge."

And with that she teleported back. And I followed suit. With a flash of white light we were back inside the guild.

"Ok lets go report to sam." She stated towards the left, I stuck close behind. I couldn't stop thinking. I needed to keep every detail in my memory. I was just constantly revising the steps in my head.

We got inside sams office, and we both presented the bags of money and the job papers. Though I was still deep in thought.

"This is 5000, so you get 500 poke." Wigglytuff turned to me, then back at rin.

"Whats wrong with him?"

Rin looked at me, "I dont know. Hey sky, you there?"

I turned around and left. I couldn't afford any distractions. I walked back to our room and started to write in my notebook.

Electrolysis of seawater to produce a gas mixture of chlorine and hydrogen. Fill into chamber with silicon on a hot plate. Wait for it to restructure to polysilicon. Then melt the polysilicon and use a lil bit of silicon to grow a polysilicon wafer. Repeat until you fill your silver busbar with wafers. Wire zinc coated copper wire in between each wafer. Dont let the negative wires contact the positive. Then put silicon film over top and heat up until the zinc melts everything into place. Repeat. Take input and output and connect with other cells.

I sighed after offloading that, feeling all the stress leaving my body.

"Are you ok? Your just mumbling to yourself." I look up and see its rin, staring down at me.

"Im ok, I just needed to write something down."

"Well you just left without saying a word, are you sure your ok?"

"Yea, yea. Its just that this was super important." I said pointing at my notebook.

"Well dinner's going to be made soon. Also heres your cut." She dropped a bag in front of me. She then started out the door.

"Wait, I have a question."


"How do you carry stuff without your mouth?"

"Oh, my scarf. It has a rope running through it with a couple slip knots. Or I walk on three of my legs."


I got up and followed her to the courtyard. Everyone was chattering presumably about their day in the dungeons. Or probably just small talk about the weather or something else. Everyone was already lined up getting dished out some food. It smelled really good. When we got to the front we saw what it was, rice apple curry.

"Let me get that for you." I said in response to seeing rin struggling with carrying the plate. "I have two hands after all, I might as well share."


She seemed embarrassed. But she shrugged it off and we sat at a table. She was enjoying herself with the food and I was too. Across the yard I saw murcrow and poochyina eating at a separate table.

"Hey, doesn't murcrow look stupid standing on that chair? Hes like a child reaching for a cookie jar."

That earned a laugh from rin after she glanced over. They didn't notice us but they had it coming. After we finished eating we went back to our room.

Unwinding from the day, rin was stretching and I was moving the pile off my bed I had made this morning. I gathered my quartz and now useful wire coils into a pile in front of my bed. Next on my list was some silver, then I would have most of what I needed.

"Hey sky? The quartz. Is that why you were acting weird earlier? Whats so special about it?"

How am I going to explain this to her? It seems insane. To another human they would understand. But her?

"Yea, uhh. I need it to produce charge for my phone. I can turn it into photovoltaic cells. It makes what us humans call a solar panel."

"Why not get an electric type to zap some charge into your phone?"

I didn't think of that. Hell I didn't even know there were types of pokemon.

"Maybe, but if they produce too much current, it could fry my phone. And it needs 5 volts, which would be entirely harmless. If it's enough to hurt, itl fry it."

"Oh, ok. Yea that wouldn't work then. All electric attacks hurt like hell."

"Damn, just when I thought things would get easier."

"Yea. Dang. So how difficult is it to make one of these solar panels?"

"Extremely. I would have to do everything from scratch from the ground up. Each step to making it takes ten steps in of itself. Itl take me two weeks to four months. And that's generous. Actually probably a year."

"Dang. Well I hope your project goes well. I mean, it will. I have faith."


There was a huge moment of silence filling the room after that. Rin was staring out the window, while I got organized. I lied down to hit the hay.

"Hey, sky?"


"Thanks for the best day of my life. I mean that, today was awesome."

I was taken aback, I almost didn't know what to say. Then I found the words.

"Then lets try and make it like this every day."

I closed my eyes, drifting off.