I was in a black void. It was dark and I couldn't see. I tried moving, but something was wrapped around my right leg. I felt my self sinking into water. I was trying desperately not to fall under the water line, but whatever was on my leg dragged me down. Eventually I had to get air. I started flailing pulling on my leg but it was no use. I had to take a breath of air. I gasped and started choking on the water, coughing as I felt my lungs fill. I couldn't see, I couldn't breathe. "Wake up everyone!" I heard it, am I dreaming? Still coughing I was desperate for air. Just wake up. Why cant I? Flailing around more I tried to move or something but I couldn't.

"Sky? Wake up! "Sky! Please wake up!"

Why cant I just wake up?!

"Sky! Sky! WAKE UP!"


I woke up gasping for air, clutching my chest. I was sweating out every pore I had. Rin was next to me, horrified. I honestly was too.

"You scared me to death, what happened?!"

"Hopefully *gasp* hopefully just a nightmare. *gasp* But it felt so real."

She sighed. "Thank arceus, Im glad your ok."

"Yea, I hope this, I hope it never happens again."

"Are you sure your ok? Do you think chancy should check on you?"

"No, no. Itl be fine. I think. If it happens again then Id consider it."

Rin sighed. She then went back over to do her morning bag check up. She was pulling items out then stuffing them back in. Probably taking inventory.

"Hey, do you know what Pokemon I am? And you?"

Rin turned and looked at me as if I had three heads. Then she realized why I would even ask.

"Well, your a Riolu. And Im an Eeve."

I nodded,"Ok, so.. do I have anything else besides vacuum punch?"

"Well, you have a lot of moves. I mean you only know one right now but your potential Is huge. Same with mine. You should try finding Lucario after we come back from our mission."

"Where would Lucario be?"

"Your in luck, he lives near town here. He set up a cave along grassy beach."

"Is that a mystery dungeon?"

"No, its not. We don't just name mystery dungeons you know. We have land marks."She chuckled.

"So, grassy beach eh. A beach covered in grass? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense."

"What do you mean? Its there, so does it need to? There are mystery dungeons that you would find a hundred times weirder."

"Maybe your right. That stuff with the staircases was weird."

I slipped on my bag, she grabbed hers and we headed out to the cafeteria. The crow and hyena dog were nowhere in sight. Good. Rin got in line for breakfast and I was skimming the job boards for double missions like last time. This time there was three d ranked missions in static dunes. Two lost items and a rescue.

I found a table, this time I couldn't get the one next to the job board. Rin plopped down next to me, grabbing her two morning favourites. I showed her the job listings, she nodded in response still chewing. I could hear two figures approaching behind me.

I was so ready to tell them off this time. I turn around to speak but I stopped myself. It wasn't the crow and hyena I expected. It was a yellow mouse and a ferret.

"Hi, do you mind if we sit with you guys? All the other tables are taken." The mouse asked.

"Go ahead. Im sure Rin here dose not mind."

"Thanks." With that they both sat down across from us.

"So what are your names, Ive never seen you two around here before?" I asked.

"Im Fraya, and this is Tera." The mouse said pointing at the ferret.

The ferret just nodded and resumed eating.

"Cool, Im Skyler. Nice to meet you." I look over at Rin.

Her posture was lowered down, obviously she had no interest in talking. The ferret you could say the same. Except they emanated confidence, sitting up straight and tall. The more I observed the more it was like we were faced with our opposites.

"So where are you guys heading off to today?" I asked.

"We are going to windy cliffs, its up on the mountain side a bit aways. You?"

"Static dunes."

"Oh cool! I love it there. The atmosphere there really gets me energized. Id live there if It weren't a mystery dungeon." Her red cheeks started to spark alive with energy.

"Yea. Mind if I ask but, why wouldn't we be able to live in mystery dungeons?"

"Oh easy. We would slowly go insane. Mystery dungeons have a tendency to infect peoples minds. Its why we have to battle our way through them."

"Then, how is it safe for us?"

"Oh, It isn't safe anyways but I get your question. We would have to spend months in there for that to happen."

"Ah. Yea good thing we only go in for a day at a time."

Rin started poking me on the arm, signalling she was done with her food.

"Alright then, we gotta go. Ill see you around Fraya, and you too Tera."

We waved at each other goodbye and we were off.


I got hit squarely in the face with a lightning bolt, being thrown back. Damn. The spider was about to jump on me, but Rin tackled them out of the air. It lay on the ground knocked out.

"Damn, I need to get some better moves. I feel almost useless here."

I kept missing my attacks with vacuum punch, they all just moved too fast to hit.

"Don't worry, your going to see Lucario." She started rubbing dirt off her scarf.

"Not If I die first. Damn, I'm tired."

"You'll be fine, this is the last floor. Oh speak of the devil."

We could see Elekid up ahead. He was fighting with an.. electric sheep? Anyway that didn't matter we immediately got to work. Rin immediately jumped in to tackle the sheep. While it was stunned I launched my punch at it. After the vortex connected it was out for the count.

"Oh, she sent someone. Thank you. Ive been lost for what feels like a day now."

"No problem at all." Rin touched her badge to him and he was out, and we followed suit.

I started stretching out, tired from that dungeon.

"You go find Lucario, Ill go and deliver the items and collect our pay from Wigglytuff for the rescue."

"Alright. Umm.. which way to grassy beach?"

"Just straight out the front door behind you and follow the path straight ahead. You cant miss it."

"Thanks." We then split up.

I creaked open the door and started walking down the path. It branched off to the left. I could see the town from here, a lot of houses with a town square. Ill have to check out the shop later. I continued straight a little ways down the path until I reached wooden steps. They led out to a field of grass that went right up to the water line.


This defies the rules of erosion. But who am I to judge. It did look pretty nice. I continued walking until I saw him, sitting cris cross arms in their lap looking like they were meditating with the ocean in front of them. I approached.

"Hi, Lucario Im-"

"Leave. Now." He snapped at me. He didn't turn to me or nothing, he was still just continuing his meditation.

"But I thought maybe you could tea-"

"Im NOT your dad."

Ok. I was getting nowhere trying to talk. I looked around. Just rocks over there, more grass and a tree line. Having nothing better to do, I decided to just sit down next to him.

I sat down about a foot away from him facing the ocean. I could hear the crashing of the waves, it looked soo pretty. I closed my eyes and found myself concentrating on the sound of the ocean. Each wave that hit the beach, was another wave of stress that washed away. I could see why Lucario liked it here. I spent what felt like an eternity, before the loud silence was broken.


I was snapped out of it. Lucario had stood up staring down at me, as if he were judging my soul.

"Ill teach you. Only because you appreciate what the land offers to us."

Standing up, I almost started jumping around but I contained myself. I felt overjoyed. I was going to learn!

"How familiar are you with aura?"

I froze. I didn't know anything about it. As if he could read my thoughts he facepalmed.

"Oh boy, you definitely weren't raised right." He sighed. "Alright I want you to sit back down again and close your eyes."

I obliged, turning back to the ocean sitting down, I closed my eyes once again.

"I want you to feel your surroundings. Try to take in any emotions you feel emanating around you. Clear your mind and let them in."

I was confused but I immediately got to focusing. The waves made me feel calm, like a peaceful place. So I let those emotions wash over me. I was trying to feel the waves. I spent what felt like forever.

Then it happened. All of what I felt started to look like a picture forming in my mind. I could see the outline of the ocean, where the water met with the grass. I could feel the difference between them. The ground felt unwavering, hardened giving resistance to the loose flowing water. Trying to slip in between the cracks. Like a war between the land and sea, but not fighting. Just moving along with the way of nature.

But then I couldn't help but notice a deep feeling of sadness. It felt crushing, as if It would swallow you whole. It was coming from Lucario. I could see him standing next to me yet I hadn't turned to look at him. I could just see his feelings.

"I think I get it now, aura is just the emotions of nature and being. Just as a state of existence. Am I right?"

"There are no right answers. But how you put it is the closest answer sensible. We are as alive as the rocks, its just we are in a form that is more chaotic and complex."

There was a moment of silence. It felt like an eternity before I could muster up the courage to ask him.

"Im sorry but, am I somehow making you sad?"

No awnswer, but I could feel him growing more saddened at the question.


"Dont be, its not your issue." He started walking off to my left towards the big rocks. "Meet me here again tomorrow."

As he was walking off I could have sworn he had a moment of happiness saying that. I jotted it as my imagination. I sat there for a bit longer, taking in as much as I could about this area. Then I got up and started heading back to the guild.

I felt almost terrible but still calm on the walk back. I couldn't stop thinking about Lucario. I wondered what was bothering him.

Just as I walk through the entrance I heard two familiar voices.

"Hey look its twoser!" "Yea he's without loser!" They both started cackling.

Something felt off. I tried gauging them as I walked by mostly Ignoring them, but I felt from one of them what felt like pure malice. I couldn't pinpoint which one of them was giving it off but it was there. And I didn't like it one bit.

I got back to my room and Rin was on her bes staring out the window. That familiar sadness was there, but it quickly vanished as she turned to me.

"How did it go? You learn a new move yet?" She asked.

"Sort of. I can see with my eyes closed now."

"Cool! Thats awesome! I wish I could do that."

"Yea, it might come in handy down the line. So, we going to get something to eat?"

"Yea, dinner should be done by now!"

We headed into the courtyard, everyone already lined up. We were at the back of the line but It didn't take long before we got our share. I saw what the meal of the day was. Skyrim? Why did that name just pop into my mind when looking at this. It was a hollow bun with some sort of frosting. A sweetroll? And what is skyrim?

We both grabbed one, but all the tables were taken. Then I spotted Fraya and terra. We both walked up to them.

"Mind if we sit with you?"

"Oh how the tables have turned." Me and fraya both started laughing. "Yea sit down, of course you can."

All four of us were enjoying the buns, talking about the adventures of today and cracking jokes. What was unexpected is terra seemed to warm up to me too. She even talked to me a little. And rin felt comfortable enough to chat too. But then, everyone was cut off by a loud voice ringing through the courtyard.

"Listen up!" It was wigglytuff. The room immediately fell silent. "We are planning on hosting another expedition! Last year we had great success in the mission. Let this years harbour good results." He paused for a moment before pulling out a slip of paper. "Those who have been selected to join are as follows, pachirisu, buizel, monferno, haunter, weavile, toxicroak, pikachu, furret, riolu and eeve. You all have a week to prepare."

The entire place erupted in chatter. Including our table.

"Im glad we finally got picked!" Fraya exclaimed."

"About time. We have been here two years. It was bound to happen." Tera replied.

Rins eyes were as wide as dinner plates. She was taken aback.

"Sky, why us?! I mean, it's exiting but I've been here for less than a year. And you got here this week! Why would sam chose us over B or A tiers?"

"I don't know. Honestly sam is hard to predict. I never expected to hear my label called either."


(3rd POV)

Everyone was fast asleep, except for sam eyeing over his documents. Then a voice familiar to sam rang through his head.

"What are your motivations? I watched over your announcement today. What are your intentions behind bringing the human?"

"I think It will be a good experience for them. Thats all is all!" He cheered giggling to himself.

"Shoot straight with me. You and I both know your hiding something. You can tell me cant you?"

"No im.." he gave a defeated sigh.

"Its just, there is a monument we are going through. Its inscribed with an ancient language."

"So, you think that Skyler might be able to read it?"

"I dont know for sure. But he must know something about it. It is from the humans era after all!"

"Alright. Also I need to talk to you about something. Its been bothering me all day."

"Yea? What is it?" Sam places the documents down on the desk.

"Skyler has been growing increasingly restless lately. His dreams are, well.. affecting him physically."

Sam leans back in his chair. "What do you mean?"

"This morning, he stopped breathing. And I couldn't wake him up. If Rin didn't notice I think he could've died."

"Strange. What do you think it means?"

"I have no clue. Nothing like Ive ever seen."

"Well, keep a closer eye on him. And be ready to send nurse chancy every morning."

"Roger that."

Once again silence filled the room. Plagued with a new question on his mind. Then he got back to working on the papers.