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Do know that in this fanfic all characters that are apart if HOMRA have a HOMRA insignia on their clotting not only their body & some of the clothing will be different just because the HOMRA insignia on their clothing needs a place k so I'm gonna explain what their new clothes and/or accessories k, Anna:shoes front top in the middle was a metal maroon HOMRA insignia, the platforms had two buckles one on the foot and one on the ankle, the dress it had a black base the skirt had the HOMRA insignia all over the skirt, the dress had a maroon layer (the layer is just like the red layer Anna's dress has in the anime & manga) there was a corset at the top of the layer the corset was a light red like the layer, and had a thin maroon string, that tied into a bow, the sleeves were bell sleeves, in the middle of the sleeves was a red bow on each elbow, on the back of the layer was a maroon bow with the HOMRA insignia in the middle, there was a red couplet that had three layers the first one was bright red, the second was maroon, the third was the same color as the first layer, and connecting the couplet was a maroon bow, a chained necklace with a charm the charm was HOMRA's insignia & then a charm bracelet one of the charm's were HOMRA's insignia then the other charms spelt 'HOMRA' they also found a cute hair clip it was a black bow & the HOMRA insignia in the middle it wasn't really a hair clip because it was more like a head band that tied under the chin, on the other side of the head band was the same bow & sign in the middle. boots, Tatara's new clothes were kind of different but not so much his shirt was white he wore greenish brown pants and a black jacket with HOMRA's insignia on the back and then the HOMRA necklace, Izumo's outfit was the same but on his belt is a key chain with a HOMRA insignia charm and on his jacket sleeve was a patch the patch was of the HOMRA insignia, Dewa's outfit was the same as well but his hat had the HOMRA insignia in the middle of the back and of course the HOMRA insignia necklace, Eric's outfit was kinda different he wore a black jacket and on the back was the HOMRA insignia maroon, but that was the only thing different, Kamamoto's outfit was not different at all except the matching necklace he has like the other members, Mikoto's outfit was barely different but on his chain was the HOMRA insignia.