Back in February when I finally got Tumblr polls I made a poll about my OCs. My little baby Morio (Ducktales fankid) won, somehow, but all of the choices got at least one vote. All of them, that is, except two of my BH6 OCs, Booker Harrison and Rafael Flores.

Which doesn't make sense, because these two are my absolute beloveds. I mean I also voted in the poll at the very end and clearly I didn't vote for either of them, but still. I thought they deserved to have something dedicated to them. And so, I wrote this fic!

Rafael hadn't gone to this bar since they were in college but tonight felt right. Their husband was off with his brothers and Rafe was no longer used to being alone with themself so they went out to The Queer Bait for a little company.

They were wearing their pronoun pin and their polyamory pin, as well as their wedding ring, so people could read them like an open book and decide right away if Rafael was worth their time.

It seemed like the bartender decided they were worth their time. His name tag said Booker, He/They, and he was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous in his all-black bartending outfit. And Booker's beautiful dark eyes lit up upon the discovery of Rafe's polyamory pin.

"I'm polyamorous too," Booker said, after taking Rafael's order.

"Oh, that's good to know. I'm Rafael."

Rafe gave their best, flirty smile. It didn't work.

"I'm not currently looking," Booker said, sounding flustered, "I'm in a closed polycule."

"Ah, my b."

"It's just nice to meet another polyamorous person."

"Are you nonbinary, too?" Rafael asked, gesturing at the name tag.

"Sort of? My partner is. And my ex is genderqueer. I've known so many people who defied the binary, I decided one day that gender doesn't matter that much to me. So I started using he/they instead of just he/him."

"That's valid. What's your partner's name? I might know them."

"Seth Drake."

Recognition lit up in Rafael's brown eyes.

"The wing guy!"

"Yeah! That's them."

"So you're into monsters, huh?" Rafael teased.

"Only the hot ones," Booker said, thinking about Bennet and his "asexual monster fucker" mindset.

"Fair. Anyway, I think your partner is friends with my husband. Wesley Flores, formerly Ginger."

"Oh yeah, that's cool. San Fransokyo can be such a small place."

"It's a lot bigger than where I came from. There were no gay bars in my hometown. And my parents were not super happy to have a queer kid."

"Dude, can I call you dude?"

"Absolutely, just don't call me man."

"Dude, I know the feeling. I haven't talked to my dad since high school."

"Who really has a good relationship with their parents?"

"Hopefully my kids, but I'll drink to that." Booker delivered Rafael's drink and a small one for themself.

"Thanks," Raphael said.

"Let's toast," Booker said.

"To new friends who understand?" Rafael suggested.

"To new friends who understand," Booker agreed, raising his glass and touching it to Rafael's with a satisfying clink.

They would totally be besties.