"Naruto don't be stupid,"

Her words warned him not to go. But he wanted to go. He needed to go. They found him. They caught him. And yet... no one told Naruto anything.

Clenching his fist, Naruto swallowed as a lump in his throat appeared. "Why didn't you say anything, Granny."

"It was a decision I couldn't take lightly." Hazel eyes closed as she propped her chin on her hand. "I had to do something so that it was possible for him to live." Naruto looked at her straight in the eyes. But why his memories? He wanted to ask. Why was it the one thing that they needed to do to save his life.

"Where...where is he?" Naruto felt like he couldn't breath. It was so painful. Tsunade sighed. "Sasuke is currently resting from the procedure at the hospital." At that point this was when Naruto turned and ran to the door. He grabbed the door knob and paused when Tsunade continued, "Naruto, are you sure you want to do this?"

No... He thought. I'm not sure... Naruto swallowed, opening the door and ran out into the hallway. Tsunade sighed, she knew he wasn't sure.

"Naruto... I'm sorry."

Naruto made his way to the hospital, panting heavily. Sasuke... He looked around, eyes darting back and forth. He needed to talk to someone. Sakura, Ino, anyone.

After standing for two minutes, he spotted Sakura who was directing other medical ninja to their respective duties. He made his way to her. "Sa-Sakura!"

The pink haired girl turned her head at the sound of her name and frowned. Naruto... he's found out hasn't he. She thought. Her heart broke for him. Not because their friend wasn't himself anymore - he had no memory. Her heart broke because she knew, knowing Naruto, she knew he'd step in and take care of him after Sasuke had recovered from his injuries he had sustained when they found him.

Naruto walked toward her, grabbing her shoulders. "Is-Is he here? What room is Sasuke in." Sakura looked into his eyes, a wave of sadness swelling in her chest.

"Naruto, are you sure you want to..."

"Yes!" He didn't let her finish. "I-" he lowered his head. He had to see Sasuke. He had to see for himself. "Sakura...please let me..." Sakura took a deep exhale and gave Naruto a small smile.

"Alright, I'll go with you as well. He's my patient after all." She replied.

Sakura had wished things were different. She wished she didn't have to watch Naruto be strong when it was clear he wasn't. He had chased after Sasuke for years and it came down to this. Thankfully, though, Naruto wasn't completely the last to know about Sasuke. She didn't tell anyone except Ino.

"Follow me, Naruto," She said. "Don't fall behind." Naruto blinked, perplexed for a moment.

"Ah! Coming Sakura!"

Onyx eyes shot open and Sasuke jumped up quick. Where...where am I? He looked around the room. He was at a hospital from the looks of it. Scanning the room he noticed he was injured. What happened to me? He couldn't remember a thing. He flinched when the door suddenly opened, turning his head and locking eyes with a blonde haired man. "S-Sasuke..."

The mere whisper of his name was enough to confuse him. Did he know this person? What was his relationship with him. "Uh..." He couldn't figure out how to talk. All he could do was sit there. He noticed another person, a slightly familiar face. "You're that nurse." He said pointing to Sakura. The pink haired girl gave him a small smile.

"Y-Yes," she forced out. "I'm Sakura Haruno. I was in charge of taking care of your wounds, Sasuke." She smiled forcefully and walked over to him, bending over a bit. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine," Sasuke replied. He then looked over at Naruto again who was simply just standing there. "Who is he?" He question. Sakura looked over at Naruto, straightening up.

"Oh," Sakura muttered. She tried to figure out what to say or how to answer his question. She wasn't sure if she should introduce Naruto or let Naruto introduce himself. "This is—"

"I'm Naruto." He spoke up. "Naruto Uzumaki." Sasuke blinked, his expression blank. He noticed the blonde seemed a little sad. Why? Was he okay? Did he know Sasuke before? He was really confused and had a lot of questions. Too many to count swirling around in his head. A sharp pain suddenly appeared. He let out a groan.


"Sasuke?" Naruto and Sakura both rushed toward him. "Sasuke," Sakura was the first to speak. "Are you alright? Do you feel pain?"

"My head." He replied. It hurts." It felt like he was hit with a ton of rocks. Sakura frowned. It was too be expected that he'd get headaches. The juts was strong but there was a small possibility his memory could comeback. When She had no idea. Truthfully, she hoped that he'd never regain his memories. Some were too painful but some were worth cherishing and keeping. She didn't know what to do about that feeling — the internal dispute she had for a good couple of weeks now.

For now, she would have to keep an eye on Sasuke. It was all she could do. "You should rest." She placed her hands on his shoulders, pushing him to lay down. "I'll be back later and tomorrow morning," Sakura smiled at him. Sasuke reluctantly obeyed her and laid down. He wasn't much for hospitals.

"What about him? Uh— N-Naruto? Was it?" Sakura looked at Naruto once again. That's right, what about Naruto? Sakura thought. Her eyes widened when she had an idea.

"He can continue to visit." She replied. "I'm still working so, I do have to leave." She walked over to Naruto and whispered, "Talk to him, he's got no memories." She placed a hand on his shoulder, "it will be alright, Naruto, I promise." Naruto couldn't say anything. It was like he was suffocating.

"I-I-" He nodded. "Yeah..."