Chapter 1: Another Isekai adventure

First Authors note: Yep I'm doing this, might just be a one-shot but we'll see. But for people who haven't read my other story, this is a random spin-off of my My hero Academia/Shield Hero crossover story, "King Explosion Murder the Shield Hero" where Katsuki Bakugou from My Hero Academia gets isekai'ed into Shield Hero's world as the cardinal shield hero. I recommend reading up til chapter 21, otherwise you might be confused by all these random new characters I introduced in the story as well as different dynamics with existing characters. But yeah to those who have read that story, this takes place between chapters 21 to 22, and is mostly just an AU story so don't worry about important plot points being here for the main story if you just want to ignore this. Wasn't sure how to categorize this story to which series, but I decided to keep it categorize with My Hero Academia/Shield hero since Bakugou is still the general main character and this being specifically the Shield version of him so I hope you guys can understand that. Now with that out of the way, enjoy.

In the land of Melromarc in the recently established town of Bakcadia, there was currently a small meeting with the cardinal shield hero Katsuki Bakugou and his sidekicks Neia the water elf, Rino the human mage, and Daven the cat demi-human rogue, over some of the towns build plans as well as some town issues.

Neia spoke out first, "Ok then, so the first matter of business, some concerns are being pressed forward by a few villagers in the east over some large wolves being witnessed with some even hearing hollowing at night and they want us to at least look into it just to make sure they don't start attacking the town soon."

Then Rino spoke out, "There is also some concern about our water reserves getting salty from the sea air, and many are proposing we invest in building a facility to house the water away from the salty air, though course the logistics of it are going to be complicated especially if you're still on insisting on building a sewer system."

Then lastly Daven, "We also got some Demi-human residents accusing some new human arrivals as true supporters of the 3 heroes church, but of course there is barely any proof of this from what I can find in the report, so this could be just finger pointing over nothing, but several residents want this to at least be looked over."

Bakugou looked mostly annoyed from all the complaints but was still listening as he was leaning back on the chair and had his feet on the table. He knew there would be some growing pains when starting up a town, but doing all of the realm running as well as his cardinal hero work at the same time can be exhausting, "Ugh, yes yes, First we'll get a scouting party to look over the east and see if we can find any possible wolf dens then purge them quickly, second we're going to need to hire some plumbing specialists to look over the current sewer plans and figure out how to implement a good water storage facility, and third we need to just build up a police force to take care of such situations or to make it easier just apply slave crests on both the accusers and the accused and see whose's lying and just be done with it."

"Sir Bakugou you do realize that applying slave crests involves enslaving people right?" Neia questions such a suggestion.

"Well if it works in catching liars then it works, and we can just free them afterward," Bakugou responds to that.

"Probably won't make the former slaves comfortable though. That should be kept in mind." Daven spoke up about it.

But as these deliberations between the shield hero and sidekicks went on, little Kirishima in his toddler form was on a different table busy enjoying himself eating some baked Fiolial meat as his father and siblings talk of politics and governance.

But as he swallowed a large chunk of the dead bird he saw something odd not too far from him. It was some random blue device with a big red button at its center.

The young dragon curious about the thing, decided to walk up to the thing. After he got a good look at the device, and with its curiosity getting the better of him he presses the button with his snout.

And pressing it immediately created a large doorbell-like sound that was heard throughout the room.

It immediately got Bakugsquad's attention, "What the hell was that?!" Bakugou shouts immediately getting out of his chair.

No one else was sure what that sound was, but then things got weird as the air around the room got all very wavy and disoriented.

No one knew what was going on and figured something was up, "Everyone Together!" Bakugou orders and quickly his entire group of sidekicks including Kirishima got together around Bakugou with their weapons out prepared to fight anything.

But the waviness of the air got denser and denser and it was almost impossible to distinguish anything anymore until the whole room was consumed in a bright light forcing everyone to close or cover their eyes.

But after a few more seconds, the brightness finally stops as everyone opens their eyes again.

But as they all open them, they went from worried to being absolutely confused when they see they were all outside, but not outside in Bakcadia, they were in a completely new location. And it was pretty much a modern-day Japanese city, out in a courtyard of a large building.

Everyone was absolutely baffled by the situation, "Uh, Sir Bakugou? Where are we?" Neia asked with the others turning toward their leader hoping for some answers as well.

But Bakugou was just as much in the dark in this situation, "I have no idea, but something is definitely not right here, keep your guards up." he says and orders as everyone continues to assess the situation they were in. And Bakugou was quickly thinking to himself, 'Where are we at? This looks like my old world, and yet I still have the shield and all of my other stuff from the other world. This doesn't look like any place I'm familiar with, but there's something off with this whole thing like this is some model city rather than a place people actually live in. It really doesn't feel dangerous though, it's a weird gut feeling but we should still keep our eyes peeled. But also... GOD DAMN IT, I CAN'T BELIEVE I GOT ISEKAI'ED AGAIN!' he then screams in his head, he was already dealing with so much in Melromarc he didn't need to be dragged into some other situation which means it'll take longer to get back home.

The group continues looking around their surroundings with the fear this might be some illusion or trap, but after another minute or so with nothing happening they began to lower their guards, "I don't feel or detect any spells or illusions Sir Bakugou." Rino says, confirming it with her magic.

Daven then spoke up, "Don't really detect any hostile forces or monsters either. We may be in a safe area but it be best we remain cautious just to be safe."

Bakugou and his team nod back agreeing with him. Bakugou then looks at his shield and transforms it, "This is still just so stupid, wherever we are I like to get out of it now!" he complains as his shield transforms into the map shield intending to use it to just fast travel out of here.

But as soon as it transformed and Bakugou tried activating it, a red pop-up menu immediately appeared to say *ERROR! ERROR! UNABLE TO FUNCTION! THE ABILITY TO FAST TRAVEL IS NO LONGER USABLE!*

"Goddamnit! You couldn't let it be that easy!?" he yells at the shield as he hits on the gem trying to make the magical device work. But it was doing no good, even after getting blasted with electricity from Neia and having many spells applied to it by Rino the shield still kept showing that error message.

Bakugou tested other shields and his other abilities and they still worked just fine, but for whatever reason, the map shield wasn't working properly.

"Damn it all, I can't believe we're stuck here! I want out of this Isekai bullshit! And get back to the world I was isekai into in the first place!" Bakugou shouts in the air again, he wanted to know who or what dragged them here and he was going to strangle them for answers with the others also wondering if they were ever going to leave this place or not.

"I knew this would happen, you shouldn't have pressed that button, and look at what your idiocy got us into Barusu." said a random voice

"Hey, what were supposed to do with it? Just look at it all day and let it collect dust? Not like you knew what it will do either Ram." said another voice.

"Sister please take it easy on him, I don't think any of us have expected this to happen." said yet another voice.

"Indeed we shouldn't spend all day finger-pointing, let's just find out where we are at now?" said once more another voice.

The entire shield hero squad was caught off guard hearing that conversation and knew it was not from any of them.

They all quickly turn to the source of the voices and were surprised to see another group of people there.

It was a group of four girls and a single guy. Two of the girls looked identical to each other also wearing identical maid outfits with one with short pinkish red hair and eyes and the other with short Blue hair and eyes and a slightly bigger chest as well, clearly indicating that they are twins.

Another girl who looked to be the youngest and shortest of the group had long blonde curly hair in noblewoman clothing and a tiny crown on her head with a distinct annoyed look on her face.

And the last girl has long pure silver-white hair and purple eyes, and her ears were also pointy like Neia's indicating her species easily, and had what looked to be a magical flying grey cat a bit smaller than toddler form Kirishima's size floating next to her.

And lastly was a guy who sticks out like a sore thumb with the rest of the group, he looked to be just a normal human, Japanese with black combed hair and was wearing a black and orange tracksuit with black jeans and tennis shoes, making it obvious he comes from a modern-day Japan.

The shield hero's sidekicks were curious about this random group that seemed just as confused as they are, "Wonder if they're lost too?" Rino says.

"Or they could be involved in this as well? You never know?" Daven responds wanting to remain on the cautious side.

Bakugou on the other hand looked mad and was already stomping his way to the group, "Well I'm going to find out and get answers now!" he shouts and continues moving his way to the random group. His sidekicks all sigh knowing this situation was going to get ugly soon and walked with their leader.

With the other group the silver-haired girl was looking toward her flying cat, "Do you feel anything off Puck?" she asked.

The grey cat then spoke, "I don't sense any malevolent magic or anything related to the witch cults, but I'm still unsure what this whole place is?" Puck responds to the half-elf girl.

The little girl with the curly blonde hair then spoke up, "I do sense Lord Roswaal in the area and he doesn't seem to be in any stress or danger so wherever we are, it's at least safe."

The guy in the tracksuit though still looked confused by this whole event, as he walked a little away from the group to ponder, "That still doesn't help answer where the hell we are at. Maybe if we can find Roswaal he'll help us find the-"

"Hey you!" shouted a voice.

The loud voice caught the teen off guard and turns toward the source, "Huh?! GAH!" but before he had a good look at anything he gets aggressively grabbed by the collar of his tracksuit and was lifted up from the ground by a muscular right arm, and as the teen looks below he saw an extremely pissed off looking muscular spiky blonde guy wearing a large red cape with a small reddish-orange dragon laying on his shoulder and had a large shield on his left arm.

"Who in the hell are you jackasses!? And what have you done to us!?" Bakugou yells at the already frightened teen.

"Uh, I was just-"

"Don't waste my time with bullshit lies! Are you also working with farmer boy and cateyes!? Or are you friends to Piece of Shit and Bitchwhore trying to screw around with me!?" he interrupts and continues yelling at the teen.

"Please dude calm down! I'm just-"

"Don't fucking tell me to calm down! I get dragged into some random ass place by a bastard consort with a bunch of other idiots, and now I get dragged into another random ass place with the likes of you! Tell me where the hell we are at right now or I'll going to burn your face off!" he continues yelling with his left arm now emitting small explosions with his quirk.

"But I have no idea where we're at! I'm just as confused as you are!" the teen responds.

"And how do I know you're not trying to screw me ov-" but before Bakugou could finish he immediately moves up his shield and blocks a large powerful chained mace with it. The mace had a lot of power behind it and made Bakugou slide a little across the ground while still holding up the teen.

After the mace was retracted back, Bakugou looked toward where it came from and saw it was owned by the blue-haired maid girl, who now had a large glowing red horn on her head and looked to be just as mad as Bakugou, "You let go of Subaru now! I will not allow you to hurt him!" she shouts toward the shield hero.

"Neither will I!" also shouted the silver-haired half-elf girl who looks to be ready to fire a spell as sharp ice crystals form around her with her gray cat above her head helping out as the Silver haired girl looks serious at Bakugou.

But the two other individuals, the redhead maid, and the blonde curly-haired girl however weren't in battle-ready positions and had more neutral looks than anything else, not really caring about the teen boy of their group, "This will definitely be interesting to watch." said the red-haired girl as she and her acquaintance continue to watch.

And on the other side, the shield hero's sidekicks all stood beside their leader.

Neia had her dual swords out, Rino pointed her spear staff toward the opposing group with powerful magic already forming around her, Daven had his Sai's out and already had a good idea of the battlefield to use his teleporting magic, and lastly the Dragon Kirishima jumps off Bakugou's shoulder and grows into his teen form as he readies himself to fight for his father as his stomach heats up.

The two sides stare at each other for a few more seconds ready to fight whoever attacks first.

Bakugou then shouts to the two girls, "Alright you bitches! You want to fight with me the number one hero after dragging me here! Then let's fi-"

"Waitwaitwaitwaitwait wait! Stop! Please stop for a second guys!" shouted the teen, interrupting his team and Bakugou as the mad shield hero looks back at the tracksuit teen, "Please dude, let's just think about this for a second and not immediately kill each other! Just look at me does it look like I have the ability to teleport random people to other worlds!?" he shouts to Bakugou.

After a brief pause, Bakugou decided to look at him, and just after a few seconds of looking he saw the teen's point and finally calmed down, "Ha, yeah you're right." Bakugou then threw the teen on the ground away from him toward the two girls, "You're just another pathetic loser not worth a damn." he bluntly answers the teen.

"A bit harsh guy, but I'm glad we finally see things eye to eye now." the teen says back.

"Team stand down, this loser is no threat." Bakugou order's his sidekicks. And with that order, the sidekicks calmly lowered their arms.

And at the same time, the half-elf and blue maid lowered their arms and weapons knowing the teammate was safe now with the maid's horn also being redacted back with her bloodlust disappearing with it as the situation finally calms down, "Subaru are you ok?" the blue maid quickly asked with the silver-haired half-elf girl concerned as well.

"I'm fine guys, no need to worry about me. I can do well to handle things myself." the teen says back trying to save some face with the girls.

"How disappointing, it would've been fun seeing your dumb face get blown off." Ram bluntly said.

"Hey we're trying to not start up fights here Ram!" the teen yells back

After Bakugou rolls his eyes at this, his sidekick Neia finally walks up near the other group, "Uh, hello. I'm extremely sorry about that whole thing, we're all just confused in this whole situation we are in now. So why not we work together to figure it out."

Rino then decided to ask, "Are any of you familiar with Melromarc or Queen Mirellia?"

The silver hair girl wanting to calm the situation and be friendly with the group then said, "No I've never heard of that place, and Lugunica doesn't have a Queen or any monarch for that matter as of now."

From that answer, Bakugou and the crew quickly figured out that these people were not from the world Melromarc is in.

Daven then asked, "Are you familiar with the waves of catastrophe?"

"What do you mean by waves, like ocean waves or sound waves, either way I never heard of anything described with catastrophe attached to them." the silver hair girl responds a bit confused.

'Hm, at least this means these fools are not in the same leagues with farmer boy and cateyes.' Bakugou quickly thought of it in his head. This whole situation was still weird to him and wants answers, "So how in the hell did you get here!?" he bluntly asked.

The silver-haired girl responds quickly, "We also aren't sure, Subaru just pressed some random button, then the air got all wavy, and well here we are now.".

"Random button? Who in the hell is dumb enough to press a random button when they don't even know what it does?" Katsuki asked bluntly.

Kirishima tries his best to look away, trying to not draw his father's attention to not get found out and get in trouble.

Subaru not liking to get fingers pointed at him, he thought to change the subject, "Look instead of talking about how we might've got here, why don't we find out who brought us here in the first place, there might also be other people like us and if Beako is correct Mr. Roswaal might have some answers as well."

"Listen up Students, class begins immediately!" shouted another random voice.

Everyone looked confused and turned to the voice and now saw some middle age guy smoking a thick cigar and wearing what looks to be an army commander uniform.

No one had any idea who this guy was and want answers, especially Bakugou, "Yeah and who the hell are you!?"

"I'm the vice principal of this school and it is my responsibility you kids get to your classes." the general guy responds.

"Well then who the hell is the real principal and actually in charged here!?" Bakugou yells back knowing if he is the vice of something, there was someone of higher rank than him.

"That would be Mirellia Melromarc, and she appointed me to make sure you all get your butts to the classroom." the general responds.

The sidekicks were surprised to hear that name, "The Queen? Queen Mirellia is here?" Rino says out loud.

"Well then where the hell is Queeny at!? I like to get a good conversation with out of her!" Bakugou continues yelling at the general guy.

"Miss Melromarc is busy right now and can't meet anyone at this moment. So if you want answers to anything I recommend you get your butts to class or you might as well wander around the schoolyard for the rest of your lives. You're all in Class 2, so be there before 0900 hours." the general responds and while still smoking his cigar just leaves the area and goes back toward the school.

Bakugou was just about ready to use his quirk as he emits it with anger, "Hey I'm not done here you bastard where the hell are we-" but before he finished Neia grabbed his arm.

"Sir Bakugou, perhaps we should just do what he says for now. We don't know where we are at, so maybe it's best we just go along with what he says for now and hopefully meet with the Queen later." Neia explains to him with the other sidekicks nodding in agreement.

Bakugou was just annoyed by this whole situation, but know she had a point and just let a large sigh and then said, "Fine! I better get answers soon, and maybe we'll find out that asshole who dragged us out to this dump in the stupid class room. Come on you 4 lets go!" he orders as he heads toward the building with his sidekicks going along with him including Kirishima shrinking down again and he jumped his onto his father's shoulder.

With the other group the silver hair girl then says, "Perhaps we should go along with them too, Mr. Roswaal could be that way as well."

"As much as I don't want to be following that guy around, it is best we stick with his group and listen to the military dude, so I'm with you Emilia," Subaru responds with a thumbs up.

"I'll be glad to go with you as well Subaru." the Blue haired maid girl agrees back with a smile on her face.

The two others nod in agreement as well, hoping this will lead them to Roswaal.

The group then follows suit with Bakusquad toward the school building.

After some walking inside the large structure and using a map on a wall, the groups move on their way to find this class 2 to hopefully gets some answers.

Bakugou was leading the way with Kirishima in his toddler form on his shoulder again, still looking pissed off to be stuck in this situation as he also growls and grits his teeth.

It worried the silver-haired elf girl of the other group, "Excuse me, is your friend ok, I understand the situation we're in now isn't ideal, but he looks extremely.. uh unhinged."

Neia was quick to respond, "Oh this isn't new for Sir Bakugou, this attitude isn't too uncommon for him. He can be calm when a situation permits it, just give him some breathing space for now."

It still felt off for the silver-haired girl, how can someone just be this angry this often? She wished to know more, but it probably wasn't best to continue asking these questions while Bakugou was still in earshot of her.

Subaru then turns himself toward Daven, "Uh, say out of curiosity you are a guy right?" he randomly asked.

"Do I look remotely feminine to you?" Daven bluntly answered the weird question, even pointing to his Adam's apple.

"Oh no, I was just curious that is all." Subaru quickly responds.

After some more walking the two groups finally make it to a sliding door with a sign above it saying "Class 2", so they all knew they were in the right place.

And Bakugou wasted no time, he grips the sliding door handles and aggressively slams it across the floor, "Ok! What jackass is responsible for this!" he yells across the classroom.

And indeed there were a bunch of people there in the large room with that loud yell getting everyone's attention.

There were many of them, 3 separate groups who all looked radically different from one another.

One group had a teen guy with 3 seemingly teen girls with him. The teen guy had messy brown hair and green eyes and looked to have a similar stature to Subaru, but unlike him he wasn't wearing a tracksuit, he had on what looked to be green adventurer clothing not too different from what they have for low-ranking adventurers from Melromarc, but of lower quality.

Another was a girl with long blue hair in a topknot ponytail of sorts and blue clothing that looked way different to what the guy had with a skirt so short it was hard to tell if she even had panties on or not, she also had a bit of a magical aura around her that is unlike the others.

The other girl had blonde hair in a ponytail and was wearing what looked to be heavy orange and white knight armor.

The last girl looked to be a mage wearing an eye patch with a large old witch hat on her head with a crude face decorated on it. She also looked pretty frail all things considered, like she barely ate much in her life.

The second group on the other hand, looked to be from nowhere near Melromarc. Instead Bakugou recognized their outfits to be old World War 1 German army military uniforms, not too far off from what the General guy from earlier had on. There were six of them, this time 4 guys and 2 girls.

One of the guys with short brown hair looked to be on the wider side, though that seemed to be more muscle than fat, another had a long narrow face with his hair in a ponytail, and another had strawberry blonde hair and eyebrows and seemed to be the smallest of the group other than one other person, and the last one had black hair that was a little on the longer side and he seems to be the highest ranking of the 4 men.

One girl had long brown hair and large round eyes, though unlike the rest of her group who were obviously German, she seemed more Slavic than anything. Possibly from Poland or Russia or at least their equivalent of it.

And the last of the group was surprisingly a young girl with short messy blonde hair that had a large cowlick and large blue eyes, looking to be no more than 10-12 years old. Yet despite her young age, she looks to be the most serious one in the room and produced a strong aura of authority that makes her seem a lot older then she looks.

The third group though was the strangest of all, not a single one of them was human.

Two of them were elves with light brown skin, and blonde hair, and both also had one eye green and one blue, like with Ram and Rem they seemed to be twins only one was feminine with a staff and one was masculine without one indicating one is a girl and one is a boy.

Another was a giant monster ice bug man of sorts, about the largest thing in the classroom with a thick and muscular exoskeleton and seems to be carrying a spear on him with his 6 appendages.

Another looked to be a human man with slick black hair, brown businessman-like clothing, and thick glasses on him, but he had pointy ears and a long scaled tail on himself.

Another also looked human-like, but her skin was extremely pale almost as white as her hair as she dawns a purple noblewoman dress including a large bow and hat while holding a large parasol. It's more apparent what this creature was when you look at her face, below her deep red eyes was two large fangs in her mouth.

Across from her was another humanoid woman, she had deep yellow eyes, small horns around her head with large black bird-like feathered wings that stick out with her white robe-like dress.

And lastly, the most intimidating one of all was the obvious leader of the group, a literal living skeleton almost as big as the ice bug man, but was wearing long sorcerer robes covering most of his skeleton body with it opened at the chest area showing a glowing orb thing within it's exposed ribs. All with huge long horns on his head, though these looked to be more decorative than actually being attached to his skull that had dark eyes with red glowing dots in them resembling pupils.

Despite the normal high school setting the students that were here were anything but normal. It was something that greatly annoyed the shield hero, "What the hell is this crazy place!?" he shouts out loud getting even more attention from the room than before.

'Oh geez, there's more of them.' said the thoughts of that Skeleton guy.

"Lord Ainz, we should slaughter them." whispered the winged woman to her skeleton overlord.

"Not yet! First, we need to gather some intel." the skeleton man immediately responded back quietly.

"Understood my lord.', the winged woman responds back, loyal to her core along with the rest of her comrades who heard the same order and will respect their master's wishes.

Things got a bit crazy though as Bakugou continues to look around and observe the student's trying to assess the whole situation, the adventurer group was barely worth noticing, and the army group was something to look out for especially that little girl, "If this is some new trial Being X came up with then I accept it! Do you hear me? Whatever you're planning I'll rip it to shreds with my own bare hands and have my revenge!" she randomly shouts and then laughs maniacally like a mad woman, causing her companions to nervously stare at their commanders moment, with rest of the room watching as well in complete bewilderment. Bakugou knew he had to especially keep an eye on her.

Though of course, the non-human group was what got the most attention from him, Bakugou can tell from both his instincts and the shield's stats menu that these beings were not to be underestimated, they were all powerful in their own ways.

He then looks toward the strongest of them, the living skeleton man. Without any word, Bakugou moves his way up to the mysterious individual, "Hey you!" he shouts.

"Huh?" expressed the skeleton man as he turns his large head to the front with Bakugou already slamming his hand hard on the desk.

"Hey you living corpse, mind telling me what the hell is going on here and why you dragged me out here in this stupid ass school!?" he starts shouting at the skeleton man.

He tries to respond, "Uh well I-"

"Don't play dumb with me bastard! Was this some kind of joke to screw with me!? Well I'm not laughing and neither is my fist, so you better get me out of this shithole or I'm blowing up what's left of your bony ass!"

'Ahhh! Why is he yelling at me for?! What did I do to this guy?!' the skeleton man yells in his head, getting a bit freaked out by this random guy screaming at him like a rabid dog, 'Perhaps I can scare him off a bit by activating my intimidation despair aurora skill.' he continues speaking in his head. And with a few seconds of silence the skeleton man activates that powerful dark despair aurora spell around himself. This spell is meant to scare away lesser beings or at least make them wary of him, the skeleton man then speaks out "Do you dare try to threaten the great and powerful Ain-"

*Slam* Bakugou slams both his hands flat on the desk, "Don't give me that stupid bullshit! I've already dealt with tired idiots like you making your stupid "I'm great and powerful" speeches! Now answer my damn questions!"

'That didn't even remotely work on him?!' the skeleton man panics in his head again, even those near his level should've expressed some form of fear from that spell but it didn't affect Bakugou the slightest.

The winged woman finally spoke up for her master, "How dare you insult Lord Ainz like that, he is the ruler of the great tomb of Nazarick and I will not allow you to-"

"Oh shut up you simp slut I didn't ask you!" Bakugou interrupts and insults the now shocked woman.

But the winged woman also grew mad fast, "Slut?! How dare you insult the right hand of Lord Ainz! Who the hell are you to insult those that will-"

"To be honest, slut would actually be a compliment to you considering you're still a pure virgin Albedo. Hahaha," the Vampire girl mocks after interrupting her comrade as she does her own nails.

The winged woman now looked deeply embarrassed after her comrade said that with everyone starring now, despite the starring being actually on Ainz and Bakugou. She still though thinks it was on her for the embarrassing comment, and knew now she had to fight back, "Oh yeah, well that's rich coming from a flat chested lamprey who stuffs her bra!"

After that, the vampire girl now looked absolutely embarrassed from that secret getting out. That embarrassment though turned to anger as she turns herself toward her winged comrade, "How dare you say that in front of everyone Albedo! Not like I have any choice! I can't control my body that way! At least your stupid virginity problem can be solved easily as I did myself!"

"You know Lord Ainz is the only worthy one for me! You're just a cheap whore with those bridal slaves you have mind controlled!"

The two girls were now just going at it back and forth with each other on insults and yelling which embarrassed the skeleton man named Ainz, 'Oh man now they're making a scene as well, this is so embarrassing.' he says in his head while facepalming himself.

"Hey, I'm not done with you! You haven't answered a damn thing to me you living calcium dump!" Bakugou yells once again.

"Calm down will you! I still have no idea what you are even talking about!" Ainz yells back

Like with the Vampire and Succubus, the Shield hero and Lich King were having their big argument with Bakugou being the loudest there.

To the rest of the class, it was definitely an awkward scene with everyone just watching the show.

Everyone was mostly silent until the brown-haired adventurer finally says "Uh, so what's up with blondie?"

"I have no idea, when we first meet he threaten to kill me." Subaru responds which just left the adventurer more confused.

The shield hero's sidekicks were also all sighing and face-palming themselves over their leader's very blunt actions, "Oh Sir Bakugou you know how to make a great first impression on everyone." Rino says out loud.

"Well well well, looks like everyone is here nowww." announced a random voice behind the sidekicks.

Subaru's group turned themselves to the voice's source, recognizing it from anywhere, "Mr. Roswaal is that you?" Subaru said to the man.

Everyone including Bakugou after he finally stopped yelling looked toward this Mr. Roswaal, he looked to be a mixture of a magician and a clown with his purple eccentric outfit and white makeup on his face with a little top hat on his head.

The clown magician man then moves his way to the front desk and takes center stage of the room, "Welcome to Class 2 everyonnee, may you take your seats and we'll begin our orientation." he casually states to the whole room.

Bakugou still wasn't big on this, "And who the hell are you clown!? What makes you think I'm going to listen to what you have to say!" he yells at Roswaal.

'This guy was literally yelling at everyone for answers and he now yells at the guy who might know the answers to shut up?' the brown hair guy says in his head.

Roswaal just shakes his head, "If you want some of your questions answered and have a chance to eventually get out of here sir Shieelldd, I recommend that you take your seat and listen to your teacher."

"Yes yes! I agree, let's listen to the clown guy!" the skeleton man shouts behind wanting to use the excuse to get Bakugou off his boney back.

Bakugou groans in annoyance at this whole thing and being told what to do by random strangers. But he wanted some questions to be answered and was starting to see his intimidation methods weren't getting him anywhere. So he huffs to himself and quickly takes a seat at a desk with a couple of other empty desks around him.

His sidekicks follow suit and took the empty seats up from the brown-haired adventurer's group, below Subaru's group, and right by the wall around him and all sat down. His sidekicks sat down normally, while Bakugou himself leaned on the chair with his feet up on the desk still looking annoyed by this situation. Kirishima was also on a separate desk in his toddler form but was laying on the top of the desk itself.

Bakugou still drew eyes from many in the classroom, including that little girl in the military uniform, 'Just who in the hell is this guy? He and his group seem to also come from some sort of RPG setting though they looked to be far more competent than the other group. But what the hell is that shitty personality? He acts like some delinquent punk, the blonde hair fits but that looks far too natural to be dyed. Still, I should keep my eyes on him, underestimating your enemy will always bite you on the back where you least expect it.' the "little girl" says in her head as she continues observing Bakugou even after he engaged the skeleton man.

Mr. Roswaal finally spoke up again, "Thank you for taking your seats students, if we are going to have a harmonious school life together we'll first need to establish the rules, Kaaa. You'll be sharing this class together so it'll be appropriate that everyone plays nice."

'This is so dumb.' Bakugou complains in his head.

"So um, Roze?" Subaru asked with his hand up from the back.

"I'm your teacher." Roswaal adds in.

"So uh Mr. Roze, why the hell are we here?" Subaru continued with everyone wondering the same question.

"To experience school life of course," Roswaal responds.

Subaru smiles at that answer, "Oh yeah good old school life, where boys grow into men and girls blossom into full-grown women... So then why the hell is this classroom packed with freaks that shouldn't be anywhere near this school!"

Almost everyone there stares at Subaru at the comment.

"It appears the first lesson to be taught is to not judge a book by its cover." Roswaal responds back

"Yeah, and what if I don't want to learn that lesson!? I have better things to do than this school life bullshit! So where the hell is the exit to this place!?" Bakugou shouts back not in the mood for this situation.

Roswaal quickly answers with, "I'm afraid refusing is not an option, if you want to eventually leave you need to-"

Bakugou then interrupts with a slam on his desk, "Listen here you gay clown! I already have a world to save from idiots and genocidal waves and heroes, and another world where I need to kick the asses of other edge lord bad guys, don't waste my time with this stupid bullshit and get me out of this dump!"

Despite the yelling Roswaal continues to smile and shakes his head, "I'm afraid even I don't know shieelldd. There is only so much even I'm allowed to know about, and unfortunately an exit is not one of them. I do know as I said already that refusal is not an option and breaking the rules will mean you'll be punished, and punishment could mean never being allowed to leave this place. So I recommend you play along with your role if you truly do want to get back home, I hope you understaanndd."

"Grggghh! This is so stupid!" Bakugou shouts out loud, as much as he wanted to attack and beat the shit out of Roswaal for his subtle smug attitude, but if this guy was telling the truth and "playing along" is the only way to get out of this, until he gets more answers he would have to listen, even if he didn't like it. So he just continues to grumble in annoyance.

In the back though Ram was eyeing Bakugou with a distaste look on her face for insulting Roswaal like that, already affecting her impression of him.

After that Roswaal gets the class's attention again, "Now listen up everybody Ok, it's time to tell your classmates just whhoo you are. Subaru why don't we start with you okaayy?

Subaru then smiled, as he can now finally lay a good impression on the class. He then poses himself as he points his finger up in the air, "My name is Subaru Natsuki! Not only am I totally clueless, but I'm also broke beyond compare! Nice to meet you guys!"

'God, I can't believe I wasted my time with that loser dork.' Bakugou says to himself in his head with the rest of the class just silent from that introduction.

"Well I can say it's a unique introduction." Daven comments out loud with the other sidekicks nodding in agreement.

"It's comforting to see that no matter what world we happen to be in, no one thinks your funny." Ram said out loud.

"Couldn't resist that dig could you!" Subaru yells back making it clear the two had a bit of a thing against each other.

"Will the next person stand up?" Roswaal says

The silver-haired half-elf girl then spoke up, "Yes, hello my name is Emilia, it's a pleasure to meet you."

The gray magical flying cat then appears from behind her head, "And my name is puck spirit medium extraordinaire. Lia, that's what I call her, but anyway mess with Lia and you mess with me."

'Bah, whatever hairball.' Bakugou says in his head

"She seems nice enough." Neia says out loud, she is admittedly surprised to be seeing another elf again since her exile.

The 2 maids then stood up, "My name is Ram, and this is my little sister Rem." the red-haired one says and points to her blue-haired sister."

"Hello, it's nice to meet all of you." Rem politely says to the whole class showing well the two twins were quite different in personalities.

The curly-haired blonde girl then stood up, "My name is Beatrice, can't say it's nice to meet any of you I suppose. "she bluntly tells the class.

"And I suppose you won't make any friends with that crappy attitude." Subaru says.

"If you think I care, you're a bigger idiot than I thought!" Beatrice insults back.

'Finally someone who gets it.' Bakugou thinks in his head, for once agreeing with someone else in his class.

Then at the corner of the class, the next group was up, "Ok, I guess it's my turn... Attention!" shouted the little military blonde girl that got the student's to look at her.

The girl then continued, "Imperial 203rd aerial mage battalion commander Major Tanya von Degurechaff!"

The big-eyed Slavic girl then stood up, "And I'm first lieutenant Viktoriya Serebryakov, reporting."

"Matheus Johan Weiss, reporting." said the slick black-haired one.

"Wilibald Koeni, reporting." says the ponytail one.

"Ryaner Newman, reporting." says the somewhat pudgy one.

"Warren Grantz, reporting." says the blonde one.

It was then silent for a few seconds with everyone wondering about this group, with many thinking the group were from some kind of war world.

"Definitely military I see." Daven comments to his group who also figured the same.

Bakugou didn't have much to think about this group, but he'll keep an eye on them, thinking that since these were soldiers they should be the most discipline ones around here. He especially wants to keep an eye on the blonde girl, she seemed a lot older then her physical age implies.

Once their introduction had settled with everyone, it was the next group's turn with the blue-haired girl raising her hand, "Oo me, it's my turn right?" she excitedly asked while raising her hand which got everyone's attention. After a few seconds of pause and clearing her throat the girl finally introduced herself, "I stand before you as the omittable goddess-"

"Just call her Aqua ok." the brown hair guy interrupts catching the girl off guard. He then continued speaking for his group, "I'm Kazuma, that's Megumin, and ignore that one." he says pointing to himself, to the mage girl, and then to the knight girl.

Aqua of course didn't take that lightly, "What the hell is wrong with you!? I was starting my awesome introduction and you had to go and step all over it!" she yells at Kazuma.

The mage girl then stood up, "How dare you! As the greatest of the Crimson demons, this was my time to shine!" Megumin also shouts back.

"He said to ignore that one... That one... like some useless object ." the Knight girl says, but rather than of anger, she seemed of all things happily turned on by the insult.

And with that, the two girls continued to yell and argue against Kazuma who was just trying his best to ignore them.

"Well they seem to be a fun bunch." Rino says out loud with this reminding her a bit of her time in Ponytail Slut's dysfunctional group.

Bakugou wasn't impressed, 'Just as expected, a group of idiots.' he says to himself with this also reminding him too much of Ponytail Slut as well as Bow Bitches group.

And while that is going on Roswaal turns his attention to Bakugou once more, "Well then why not you and your group introduce yourselves?" he requests to them.

Bakugou huffs to himself, he may not like this situation, but he finally decided to smile again, "Fine then if I'm stuck in this world I might as well make it clear to all of you who you are dealing with." he boasts. Bakugou then stood up and placed one foot flat on his desk and the other on his chair to stand tall among the class as he points his thumb at his chest and smugly smiles, "The name's Katsuki Bakugou, also known as the cardinal shield hero, number 1 hero in one world and soon to be number 1 in my homeworld, and none of you will forget it!" he introduces himself to the whole class.

Like the others before, everyone stood in silence at his big introduction. Some were less impressed by it than others, 'Man what an overachieving blowhard.' Tanya says in her head.

Unfortunately some people couldn't keep their opinions in their heads, "Ha, a shield? What good is that to a number 1 hero." Aqua snarks out loud for everyone to hear. Unfortunately for her, the shield hero himself also hears.

*SMASH* Bakugou punches right through her desk after rushing himself to the shocked and surprised goddess, "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU SAY TO ME YOU STUPID BLUE TURD! HOW ABOUT I BASH THIS SHIELD THROUGH YOUR EMPTY SKULL AND SEE IF YOU THINK ITS GOOD TO YOU NOW!" he screams at the poor goddess and she slouches down on the chair in absolute fear of this madman.

"Ahhhhh! I was only joking! Please don't hurt me!" she cries back holding her arms at her face fearing Bakugou was going to beat her up.

But before things got any more extreme Roswaal calmly says, "Mr. Kaatsukii! Please behave yourself and control that temper of yours. One of the rules is no fighting with others students on school grounds unless permission is granted. Such things will get you expelled and punished, and if you want to eventually leave this place I suggest you play niccee." he continues to calmly tell off Bakugou.

And as much he wanted to beat up the blue-haired bitch he wanted to leave this stupid place more. After some grumbling, he backs down and removes his right arm from Aqua's desk, now with a big fist-sized hole in it. He then returns to his seat still pissed off about the situation. All with the class witnessing that crazy event.

"Once more Sir Bakugou leaves another good impression." Rino snarks with the rest of Bakugou's team sighing to be getting the attention of awkward stares once again.

But with Kazuma's group, Kazuma himself after Bakugou return to his desk was flat out laughing, "HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh man, you should've seen the look on your own face, "Oh please don't hurt me!" Hahahahahahaha! What a big scaredy cat!" he mocks the goddess.

"Shut up Kazuma, I was not scared! I was just... I was just... I was just trying to think of a strategy to beat the fool with my superior goddess skills, and the cry was just a distraction." Aqua lies to save some face

"Ha, yeah right, the only thing you ever plan for is how to eventually get through another wine bottle." Kazuma continues mocking.

"No I do not Kazuma!" Aqua whines back.

Megumin then spoke up, "I highly doubt you would've been as dignified in the same position Kazuma, though I still have to say that was pretty pathetic Aqua."

"Megumin!" Aqua shouts back

And while the rest of the group argued and mocked each other, the knight girl was looking completely enamored at Bakugou, "Wow, such a loud and violent man. Imagine if he threw all of that anger at me. Oh man just thinking of such a thing makes my insides tingle." she says to herself, looking completely bashful now gaining a big crush on Bakugou.

And Bakugou himself could only look on in confusion at the knight girl eyeing him with her lustful eyes.

Roswaal then wanted to get everything back on track, "Ok then next up please."

And despite the whole episode getting the entire class's attention, the sidekicks all sigh and knew they had to introduce themselves at some point.

Neia stood up first, "Hello my name is Neia, I'm Sir Bakugou's first sidekick and hero in training."

'Sidekick? Isn't she an elf, wouldn't she find such a term offensive to them, especially by a human?' Tanya says in her head, she wonders why someone in a fantasy setting would even use such a word, to describe themselves as a sidekick is more of a superhero thing. Tanya was also used to elves being these arrogant haughty people, but neither Neia nor Emilia for that matter sounded like that all. Tanya thought Bakugou acted more like a typical elf than Neia did.

Rino then stood up, "My name is Rino, I'm technically Sir Bakugou's 3rd sidekick and archmage in training."

"Hmm, an Archmage? Wonder if she knows some explosion magic as well?" Megumin says to herself.

Daven then stood up, "My name is Daven and I guess I'm technically Sir Bakugou's 5th sidekick, as well as a former spy and assassin."

'Weird for someone to publicly tell that they were once an assassin? Then again not like my group is much better.' Ainz says in his head.

Bakugou then points to his dragon as he was licking his wings, "And this is my dragon Kirishima, you better respect him as you would with me or my sidekicks or you're getting a caved-in face!" he says to everyone making the situation more awkward for everyone.

"A dragon huh, neat." said Warren from Tanya's group.

"We're in a room full of different crazy fantasy creatures and a dragon is a big deal to you?" Ryaner questioned him.

"Hey a dragon is probably the most logical thing that could exist in our world than anything else here, and I think dragons are cool so what of it?" Warren justifies with his comrade nodding at least understanding his point.

Roswaal then turns to Ainz, "It looks like it's your turn now."

Ainz and then rest of his group rose up, "*sigh* Hopefully the achievement is worth the nuisance of this school life level. I'll go first." says Ainz. And after a couple of seconds of a dramatic pause, the skeleton sorcerer's dark eyes glow a deeper red at the center, "Behold! I am the lord of the great Tomb of Nazarick! THE MIGHTY AINZ OOAL GOWN!"

But despite the dramatic intimidating introduction, everyone was just watching on without much of a reaction, other than his winged subordinate who quickly passed out in enjoyment from his mightiness which shocked Ainz.

Roswaal quickly reacts to it, "Oh my, what's wrong young lady feeling a bit fainty today?"

The winged woman then raised her head, "You got the wrong idea, did you not see Lord Ainz just now? Did his greatness not awaken something deep within your loins?"

"Well my goodness, well then TMI." Roswaal casually responds.

Bakugou's sidekicks though were baffled by that, "Did she literally say awaken something in your loins?" Rino questioned.

'Great another creepy class pervert.' Bakugou groans in his head.

The winged woman continued as she looked around at her comrades, "And now you shall learn all of our names, everyone identify yourselves now."

"Right!" Ainz's group responds.

The vampire girl spoke up first, "I'm the guardian of the first, second, and third floors of Nazarick, Shaltear Bloodfallen."

Then the Ice Bug Man spoke up, "I'm the guardian of the fifth floor, Cocytus."

Next the seemingly masculine dark elf spoke up, "Guardian of the sixth floor Aura Bella Fiora."

After her was Aura's feminine twin, "sixth floor Mare Bello Fiore."

Next was the glasses wearing business suit demon guy, "seventh floor guardian, Demiurge."

And last was the winged woman going full circle, "And I hold the position as the overseer of the floor guardians of Nazarick, I'm Albedo."

And with that Ainz's group was fully introduced. Everyone in the class can tell that this group had a lot of power behind them. It made Subaru and Kazuma anxious, while Tanya and Bakugou look back with caution, knowing they both will have to keep an eye on the inhuman group.

"How delightful, it seems we have quite the variety of students, don't. We. Claasss." Mr. Roswaal smiles too.

"Yeah a variety of freaks and losers." Bakugou says out loud, which the entire class hears and continue to look back annoyed at Bakugou.

His sidekicks once again were not liking all the nasty looks toward them, "Sir Bakugou maybe while we are all stuck here, how about we try not to constantly insult our classmates." Neia says back with the rest of the sidekicks nodding in agreement.

Mr. Roswaal also nods toward the water elf, "Indeed ms. Neia, it's important we all get along here. We don't want to have any problems now ddoo wee? Although it is a rhetorical question, the answer is still an emphatic no sir." he responds with Bakugou groaning to the idea.

"I see now, that's how it is." Demiurge responds with intrigue.

"You see what's how what is?' Shaltear asked back confused by her colleague's phrase of words.

Demiurge quickly answers her, "Mr. Roswaal is simply outlining the rules that we are to follow, while implying that any behavior that would jeopardize our, quote-unquote, 'school life' is taboo."

"I hear you talking but it's all noise to me," Shaltear responds back still confused by what he said.

"Then perhaps this will help." Demiurge said, as he stands himself up before the class, "We are trapped in this world, and some force is compelling us to pretend as if we are students. And of course, our liege understood this from the very beginning." he explains starring toward Ainz's direction.

"An astute observation Demiurge, It's like that." Ainz responds with a boney thumb pointing up

"Indeed it is!" Demiurge casually responds

"Yes, that thing!" Ainz responds back

"Indeed it is!" Demiurge said again

After a couple of seconds of pause, Ainz speaks up again, "We get it, but it is obvious everyone else doesn't seem to grasp that thing as you and I do, so you must explain it to them."

"As you wish," Demiurge responds back to that order, he then goes on to explain that 'thing' to the class as everyone turns their attention to the demon man, "Let's just assume that this world is covered by some type of barrier that has a compulsory effect to those within. There are no further details at this moment, but I'd wager that engaging in any action deemed threatening to the balance here could bar us from ever returning home." He explains to everyone.

"Which is why you ordered us to reframe from combat." Cocytus says to his master.

"Ah, Ahem, yes correct well done Demiurge." Ainz responds to Demiurge.

Though the demon man didn't seem excited by the praise. "No, I should have realized this much sooner forgive me"

"Even the wisest amongst Nazarick need time to process things." Ainz says back to his minion.

Demiurge after bowing sat back down. The class then fell into silence to think about what he just said.

This also includes Bakugou as he thinks about it, 'Hmm, as much as I hate to admit it, that guy does have a good point. Whatever jackass is doing this is trying to force certain rules on us to keep playing along stupid school thing like some sick game of house. And trying to go against it will spoil their fun and will stop us from getting the hell out of here. I still think this is all stupid, but I guess I can only play along with it for now until me and my sidekicks find out more information, I especially like to her this from the Queen.' he ponders in his head, but that wasn't the only thing he was thinking about as he stares back at Ainz, 'Something does feel off by that skeleton bastard, the way he was talking to his minion about knowing that thing sounded like he didn't know shit what he was talking about and tried to dodge the response as much as possible. I still don't know what his or any of these other freaks and loser's deals are, but I need to find out soon along with the rest of this place, and finally get the hell out of here.' he continued thinking.

Ainz eventually noticed the angry starring Bakugou back at him, 'Uh.. why is he staring at me again? I hope he isn't catching on I have no real clue what is going on here.' Ainz thinks in his head, he rather not let anyone know how clueless he really was.

Roswaal smiles once more as he levitates some papers with his magic, "Perfect, now here are your schedules as well as your apartment dorm addresses and security combinations to allow you in. Orientation is now over and you may all go to lunch once you finish reading, so enjoy yourselves." he finishes as he magically moves all the papers to the desks of each student to the right people. After that Roswaal bows and just leaves the classroom.

Everyone continues to wonder in bewilderment about this whole situation, wondering how much of this role-playing school life will continue.

After about a half of an hour later everyone was in the cafeteria enjoying themselves.

The groups were all mostly remaining together by themselves, despite the talk earlier of getting along with each other most of the students here are still being cautious around these random people they barely know and would rather take it slow and steady.

And with Subaru's group, they were talking to each other as they eat their surprisingly high-quality meals.

"Well this has definitely been an interesting day, push a random button, get transported into another world, get almost killed by an angry guy with a shield, and meet a whole class of colorful characters, can't say it's not what I expected to wake up to this morning, but hey here we are together.' Subaru says to the rest of his group.

"Well as long as I'm with you I don't mind it." Rem says back with some blushing on her face, not hiding well from her crush on Subaru.

Emilia then spoke after she finished eating a piece of an omelet "We should still try to get to know the rest of our class, we don't know how long we'll be here so we might as well make the best of it and do what's good for everyone."

Ram snuffs at the idea, "Frankly I don't want to get cozy with certain classmates of ours, especially with that Bakugou guy who showed no respect for his betters including Lord Roswaal."

Subaru quickly responds to that, "Hey lighten up a bit, we should at least try to be nice with our classmates, as Roswaal himself said we have to get along. Then again I kind of agree that I may have a hard time getting friendly with that Bakugou guy. Wonder what that guy's deal is."

"Um, excuse me?" said a voice that drew the team's attention, and to their surprise the source of the voice was none other than Neia, Bakugou's first sidekick, along with the rest of his team Rino, Daven, and even little Kirishima was laying on her shoulder, "Hello if you don't mind, can we please sit with you to talk?" she asked with the rest of Bakusquad nodding.

"Uh, sure.. sure why not." Subaru responds with Emilia nodding in agreement with him, despite the group not wanting to immediately be associating with the shield hero, Subaru and Emilia didn't see any harm in talking with his team who seem more reasonable to deal with, and said shield hero doesn't seem to be anywhere near them.

The shield hero team all took their seats at the long table as the two groups stare at one another for a few seconds to be sure nothing funny was going to happen between the two.

That was until Neia spoke, "Hey guys, we're extremely sorry for what happened this morning, we didn't mean to start any trouble, Sir Bakugou is just a bit.. of a cautious person, this whole transporting thing was just confusing to all of us."

Rino nods with her, "Yeah can just put that crazy event behind us and try to get along with each other as our teacher told us?" she says to the group.

Emilia, Subaru, and Rem looked and nod to each other in approval of the same thing. Emilia turns back to say, "Of course, we're here to get along after all so why not make peace with that weird misunderstanding."

Puck then appears above her head, "If Lia says it's cool I'm cool with it too." he says with a tiny thumbs up from one of his paws.

Subaru then spoke up, "Yeah and I'm sure you guys were just following orders, if I was stuck with Bakugou I certainly don't want to piss him off not doing what he says."

Rem then spoke after him, "If Subaru thinks it's okay, then I'm ok with it as well."

Ram was silent for a couple of seconds still with an annoyed attitude but finally spoke up herself after a quiet sigh, "Very well, it is what Lord Roswaal wants from us so I guess I can put petty things aside."

The shield hero sidekicks nod back at the group with smiles, "Glad we got that sorted out." Neia says with a smile on her face.

Daven though noticed something off, namely this group was down one person, "Where's that Beatrice girl at?" he asked

Emilia was quick to answer, "Oh she went off to look for Mr. Roswaal again, she wanted to ask some personal questions with him.

"Speaking of went off, where is your loud team leader at?" Subaru asked himself with the others wondering as well.

Neia quickly answered that, "He's gone off to see the Queen, or I guess the principal of the school to also ask her questions himself."

"I'm curious if that questioning will also end with him yelling and threatening to kill respondent." Subaru says out loud to outline that kind of experience he had.

Neia nods understanding what Subaru is thinking, "You should at least understand Sir Bakugou, he has been through a lot since he came to my world, dealing with a lot of nasty people and going through many difficult situations. You can imagine that be hard on anyone." Neia says in his defense.

Puck then decided to speak up for Bakugou, "If it does help everyone, when I was trying to get a good read on him I didn't sense any sort of evil malice in Bakugou. A lot of anger sure but no true evil to it."

"Why are the four of you even with that guy in the first place? I mean he isn't exactly what I call charismatic. Even if he seems to be going through some sort of hard mode." Subaru asked now more curious about Bakugou.

Neia nods to that and quickly responds to Subaru's question, "I admit, Sir Bakugou isn't exactly the most friendly person to be around at first, but under all that anger there is a pure heart to him. He saved my life in more ways than one."

"He saved your life? From what?" Rem asked now curious about Bakugou's character.

"I was alone in the world after I was exiled from my people's lands. I was lost in the world with no talents or money to my name other than my people's worthless currency. I had nothing and was pretty much a nobody, then I was chased and nearly captured by a gang of thugs who were going to turn me into their sex slave. That was until Bakugou came in and kick the crap out of the thugs, tying them up, took away everything they had, and saved me in the process. And despite me being weak and pathetic and his own reluctance at first, he still eventually accepted me as his sidekick, and from then on he went on to train and empower me to be one of the toughest fighters in my world and finally become a real hero." Neia told her story.

It fascinated Subaru's group, especially Subaru himself who can relate to Neia with being originally a loser, with her Emilia being Bakugou of all things, "Wow impressive, to think that guy did all of that." he then looked toward Rino and Daven, "What about you two?" he continued.

Rino answered first, "Well my original team leader was an incompetent idiot, and his little gold-digging spoiled bitch and fellow teammate of mine had sold me off to human sex traffickers because I was a minor nuance to her."

"That's horrible! Who would do something like that!?" Emilia says out shocked to hear such a cruel thing.

"The former elder princess of the Kingdom I live in, who she was and had my team leader under her rotten thumb. But thankfully before I and a bunch of other girls could be shipped off, Neia and Sir Bakugou saved us, killing the traffickers and getting us to escape before the ship exploded. So despite his unique way of doing things and his admittedly unorthodox character, he still saved my life among many others. From then on, I knew I pretty much owe him my life, so I went on to be his next sidekick when he invited me."

"Wow that is amazing, such bravery from a single man like him, reminds me a bit of me and Subaru.". Rem compliments

"Did you really compare me to that guy?" Subaru asked puzzled.

"I agree you would probably be beaten to a pulp by a ship of armed traffickers and then piss your pants." Ram casually insults Subaru.

"I would not Ram!" he shouts back, and when Ram just ignores him Subaru turns back to Daven, "And what's your story with him?"

Daven quickly answers, "Sir Bakugou saved my family in a unique way. My country's government is full of greedy corrupt assholes who would step over those below them, with many others in the high-ranking nobility following suit, including my bastard father who screwed over my mother and stole her land and titles. When Sir Bakugou came to Siltvelt he could've been like the king and allowed himself to get overindulgent from all the crap the Prime Minister and Council threw at him and became a pampered pet. Instead he told the bastards to screw off and with my Neia, Kirishima, Melty, and Rino's help we managed to screw those bastards over and crippled their corrupt foundation, even freeing a whole nation's worth of slaves."

"Wow, that sounds cool breaking down a corrupt government from within. Though what exactly happened with your evil dad?" Subaru says and asked.

"I eventually stab his brains out through his eye sockets." Daven answered bluntly.

"Uh, ok maybe we are getting a little too personal here so why not we get back on topic? But wow for a guy who looks like he would mug or beat you in a dark alley, he did a lot of good things." Subaru nervously says.

"Shows you to not judge a book by its cover." Rino responds with the rest of her team nodding.

Emilia smiles to that approving such a lesson from her own experiences, "Indeed, I think we should always first open the book itself and read its contents before truly judging them."

Ram then said, "Though sometimes a cover does show off well what contents are inside it, Barasu's for example is of a weak pathetic loser and inside he is also a weak pathetic loser."

"Ram you completely missed the point of the lesson!" Subaru yells back and turns back grunting in annoyance, "Whatever, got any more crazy stories with you guys?"

Emilia then spoke up, "Subaru, why don't we share some stories of our own with them? I'm sure they would like to know more about us as well?"

Subaru nods to her, "Good idea, why don't I tell you of my grand adventure that lead to first meeting with Emilia and going against a evil mob boss puppy." he says and the two groups continued on telling stories with one another for the rest of lunch. With Subaru's group now knowing Bakugou was more than meets the eye.

And little did the two groups know, at the table across from them was Kazuma's group, they heard a lot of their conversation about Bakugou, "Wow to think for a guy with just a shield this Bakugou fellow has accomplished more than you did as a hero." Megumin playfully mocks Kazuma.

"Hey just remember you didn't amount to anything either before meeting with me, as the mage who can only do one spell a day." Kazuma defends himself back at the mage girl.

Aqua though wasn't in the mood as she continues eating her meal, "Can't we just forget about that crazy maniac guy already, he shouldn't deserve any of the great goddess's attention."

"Crazy huh? You going to say that to his face standing right behind you." Kazuma says as he points his finger behind Aqua.

The goddess spits out her food in shock and immediately turns her chair as she moves her arms up at her face, "Ahhh! Please I didn't mean it, don't hurt me!" she begs for forgiveness from Bakugou. But as the goddess opens her eyes to see if Bakugou calmed down, only to see no one there.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh god, the look on your face again! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Kazuma laughs hysterically at his goddess teammate's expense, "HAHAHAHAHAHA! Man this will never get old-*Slat*"

But Kazuma then gets food thrown at his face by a pissed-off goddess, "You're a big jerk you know that Kazuma!" she angrily cries back at her team leader as he wipes away the meal off his annoyed face with his joyful fun ruined.

And right next to him was the blonde knight named Darkness with her flustered cheeks, "Oh my, I can't stop thinking about Bakugou myself, imagine what kind of strength he has from those thick muscles and what strong grip he would have on my defenseless body." she happily says out loud.

"Ah oh. Looks like someone is in love." Megumin back at her teammate.

"A very messed up kind of love if you ask me." Kazuma snarks back after he finished up wiping his face of food, while being somewhat concerned and creeped up by his teammate's masochism fetish, the thought of this brute guy having to deal with Darkness did greatly amused him.

Outside of the cafeteria the Shield hero Bakugou was stomping his way through the school in search of Queen Mirellia the so-called "principal" of the school, hoping someone he is actually familiar with here would help provide more answers to this insane situation.

He already tried to just go to the principal's office, but all he found was a locked door to the office with a powerful magical barrier preventing him from just blowing it up without destroying half a hallway, and even his curse and hex breaking magic from the shield didn't work to remove it so he had to find other means of getting into the office. One way he figured out was via a teacher, he can either threaten the information out of them on the Queen's location and how to get to her, or the incident will get him in trouble which would force him to see the Queen anyway.

He just needed to find another staff member of the school, he didn't want to mess with Roswaal since he rather not antagonize his homeroom teacher who would no doubt start acting more spiteful to him afterward. Also as much as he hates to admit it, despite his clownish look from the various appraisal abilities of the shield he knew Roswaal had a lot of magic power behind him so he would be able to put up a fight and not be as intimidated by Bakugou.

He continues walking down the hallway hoping he could find any sort of staff who was not Roswaal, but as he passes by a door he hears a conversation going on from within. He checks the sign to see this was not a classroom, it was a teacher's office room. With that Bakugou knew he gained the opportunity to finally get his answers.

And without hesitation, he pushes open the sliding doorway into the office room. The whole room was mostly empty of people with just a bunch of office desks with tons of papers and files for who knows what. But there were two individuals there, first was Beatrice who was just finishing her conversation with the other individual.

He was mid age man with dark blue hair that had one long extension hanging off the side of his head, wearing thick tribalzoidial glasses, looked to be germanic Caucasian, and was wearing a military uniform not different from the Vice Principal or Tanya's group.

The two quickly stare at the angry teen as he moves his way toward the supposed teacher.

The military man quickly clears his throat, "Uh, hello Mr. Bakugou is it, can I help you?" the man politely asked.

Bakugou though didn't have any patience as he places his hands at his sides, "Yeah foureyes where the hell is the "Principal", Mirellia at? I have a lot to ask her and little time to waste, so just tell me where the hell she might be because she is definitely not in that damn office?"

The man lets out a large sigh, he just dealt with Beatrice already in the same situation and was not in the mood to deal with another troubled student, but the man kept his composer and was going to treat this the same as he did with the spirit girl, "Well first I prefer you refer to me as Mr. Lehrgen, and you shouldn't be talking to your teachers like that-"

"Don't talk down to me foureyes! Just tell me where the damn queen or principal is at now or how she could be found!?" Bakugou rudely interrupts getting impatient

But Mr. Lehrgen continued to keep his calm, "Now Katsuki as I just told Beatrice you are here for the express purpose of experiencing school life-"

"Quit the damn patronizing talk and just tell me so I can get out of here!" he yells at the teacher getting madder with the guy basically stonewalling him.

Mr. Lehrgen was quickly getting annoyed with the shield hero, he was already a lot worse then Beatrice was, the military man knew he had to once again use the same spell that was used to get Beatrice in order, "Mr. Bakugou as Mr. Roswaal told you, you need to start behaving like a student." and with that he activates his spell once again at a student, as a wave of energy goes through the room.

"I'm already doing that in my homeworld and I like to get back there faster so quit wasting my damn time foureyes!" Bakugou once more yells at him as he slammed a hand on the office desk.

Lehrgen now looked nervously surprised, 'Wait, that spell didn't work on him?! How could that be possible?" he thinks confused in his head as unlike Beatrice before Bakugou was not backing down. Lehrgen tried his other means of subduing unruly students, a threat, "Mr. Bakugou calm yourself down right now or I will have to issue you detention for not listening-"

"That's it!" Bakugou yells

"Huh?-AH!" Lehrgen is then grabbed by his uniform as Bakugou effortlessly lifts the frightened teacher above his pissed-off face.

Bakugou then yells, "I had it with you bastards just trying to talk down to me like some preschool brat! Tell me where the hell the principal is at now!" and as the shield hero screams he rapidly and forcibly shakes poor Lehrgen with the military man in too much shock and fear to speak up.

"Mr. Bakugou, please put Mr. Lehrgen down." said a random voice.

Hearing that voice immediately made Bakugou stop shaking the now terrified and scared Lehrgen, and quickly turns his head to the source of that familiar voice. That voice was none other than Princess Melty herself his technically 4th sidekick, letting out a playful smug smile toward the hero, she still wore her normal princess clothing, but now had a large gold sash around her body that says "Hall Monitor" on it.

Bakugou's anger quickly disappeared and smiles at the familiar face, "Ha, Princess Blue hair, finally a familiar face in this dump." he says in a friendly tone as he also casually just throws Lehrgen on his office chair again as the poor man falls back on it flat on the ground from the force.

Melty then approached Bakugou, "You know yelling and threatening at a teacher like that is against the school rules, you know that Shield hero?" She asks Bakugou already knowing why he was here for.

Bakugou continues to smile down at the young hall monitor princess, "Ha, I think you're right. I'm guessing that means I have to see the principal now right?" he asked the girl surprisingly calmly.

Melty nods back knowing what this was about, "Indeed, please come with me to the principal's office Lord Bakugou." she responds casually as she and Bakugou walk out of the room toward the way to the Principal of the school.

Beatrice witness the whole event as she kept her normal annoyed look on her face, "Ha, well that was definitely amusing." She casually says as she heads her way out of the office to find her group again.

All the while poor Mr. Lehrgen remained where he was at, as the teacher rose himself up from the floor and placed the chair back up. He was still quite stressed out from that event, 'Great, not only are there evil little girls in this school, but they're also evil boys as well!' he shouts in his head knowing this was going to be a long long semester.

Now once inside the principal's office, Bakugou sits on a chair across from the Principal's desk. and behind that desk was the principal herself, Queen Mirellia Melromarc still in her noblewoman clothing with her crown while also still holding her trademark fans with her daughter standing beside her. She smiles at the young hero, "Nice to meet you again Shield hero, I hope you understand why you are here?" she asked with what sounded like a serious school-related question but said in a more playful tone.

And Bakugou saw through it, "On the records sure, but I know why you really wanted me here, and why I'm here as well."

Mirellia nods toward the hero, "Indeed, I know you have many questions, but unfortunately theirs's only so much even I know or was told about. Just like you and everyone else here we have roles to play, my is to be the principal, Melty's is my Hall monitor and assistant, while yours and your team's role is to be students. I know you don't like it, but for now I recommend we play along. Hopefully we can find some answers soon."

As much as it annoyed Bakugou, he knew she had a point and seemed genuine about the information unlike the other teachers who were being obtuse about the whole thing, "Man this bites. So what's with those other groups, none are from your world or mine?" he asked.

"I have no idea myself either, just what Mr. Roswaal was willing to tell me. You should try to remain cordial with them if you can, they seem just as confused by this whole thing as you are, and having allies never hurts. Still it be wise to learn anything you can about them and see what their characters are really like. I feel like we need any help we might get in this situation, not to mention I sense a great evil here."

The last part made Bakugou raise his eyebrow, "What do you mean great evil?" he asked.

"Not necessarily with the world itself, but something within it, like dirty plague rats that snuck aboard a ship without anyone knowing. I don't know what it is yet, though I know it has nothing to do with your classmates so don't attack them over this, though keep an eye open for anything stranger then usual and try to get along with your classmates we might need all the help we can get in the future once we find these dirty rats." she explains as she looks out a large window in her office looking somewhat concern.

Bakugou scratches his chin at this, wondering what these "rats" were.

Mirellia turns back to the hero, "Now then, back to our proper school roles, Mr. Bakugou it is not proper school etiquette to be yelling and handling teachers like that, I hope you understand." she says back acting in her role again.

"Yeah yeah, I know principal Melromarc it won't happen again." he responds jokingly back not taking the role seriously.

Mirellia nods back, "I'm glad to hear that, now are you willing to write a 500 word apology letter to Mr. Lehrgen?" she asked.

"Ha, yeah no. I'm out, see you later Queeny. You want to join me again Princess?" Bakugou responds and immediately just got off his chair.

"I'd love to, but I still have my duties as a Hall Monitor and helping mom with things, I'm still learning of my princess duties even here as well. I'll still meet with you if I can. Say hi to Neia, Rino, Kirishima, and Daven for me."

Bakugou nods back, understanding the princess's decision, after getting all he really could from the queen he finally just left the room.

Mirellia sighs to herself, she was happy to see the shield hero was still the same as before with the teleporting between realms, "And there he goes."

"Yep that's Sir Bakugou for you." Melty says back knowing Bakugou was acting as he always does.

Now outside of the office, Bakugou heads his way back to the cafeteria to meet up with his sidekicks once more and tell them what the queen could say, he still had a lot of questions about this world, but even he knew Mirellia had to keep her mouth shut on so many things and will have to do what he can to get them out of her in any indirect way he could as well as find out more on these 'classmates' of his.

He didn't get much new information out that Mr. Roswaal didn't already say, but he was glad to hear from someone he trust than a weird guy in clown makeup. He still needs to look out for these "dirty rats" Mirellia mentioned and exterminate them before they try anything.

But as he turns down a hallway he saw a very weird sight. It was a middle age guy in a maid's uniform mopping the floor as if he was a janitor. But after a few seconds of looking at the man, he quickly figured out this was the old King-consort of Melromarc himself transported here as well, it immediately brought a smile to his face, "Well well well, if it isn't Piece of Shit here in school as well, still enjoying the uniform you old bastard." he mocks the old former king.

Piece of Shit himself groans in deep anger to hear that voice again, "Of all the things to happen to me, you had to show up." he groans to himself.

Bakugou continues to smugly smile as he walks past the former consort, "Hey remember you were the one who summoned me in the first place so you're stuck with me as well." he mocks the angry man. Then Bakugou decided to kick the bucket of dirty water as it spilled across the floor, "Oops my mistake." he lies and just leaves the pissed-off former consort to his fate as Bakugou moved on.

Piece of Shit groans in deep anger, "GGGGrrrrrrrrr, damn shield devil! If I had my vas-AAAAAAHHHHHHH!" but he then gets shocked by volts of electricity, though these were coming from taser cables rather than magic.

Once the shock stopped, Piece of Shit looked toward its source and it was none other than his former wife, Principal Mirellia looking down at the former king with a serious look on her face, "Remember Piece of Shit, your punishments still apply outside of Melromarc, so dare insult the Shield hero or his companions again, you know what will happen." she scolds the former king while pointing the taser at his face.

Piece of Shit nervously nods in agreement toward the Queen as she nods back and leaves the former king consort back to her office as he attempts to clean up the dirty water bucket spill.

It was now a full day later after being summoned to this world, after school everyone was sent to their assigned dorm house where they can rest and enjoy themselves after a long day at school.

Bakugou of course still wanted to find what info he could about this world, it turned out the town itself wasn't completely lifeless there were indeed some people in it. Though almost none of them looked to be from the normal world at all even with quirks to take into consideration. Many of the inhabitants are people from different fantasy worlds all around, Bakugou even recognizes a few from Melromarc and Siltvelt wandering around including Mr. Erhart. Though considering the size of this place it was still scarcely populated.

Speaking of the size of this place, Bakugou before nightfall got on Kirishima and flew his dragon way up high in the air to find out if they can just fly out of this place or find out what kind of world this is. Though this ended up with a strange answer, Bakugou was expecting to find some barrier or some sort of edge of this world, but instead after some time flying far above a dense forest and ocean for over an hour he ends up right back at the same city again despite going in a straight line at the same direction. Bakugou concludes that this weird phenomenon could mean either the world they were in is extremely small and Kirishima just flew around its entire circumference or this was like in some video games where if you go out a certain distance from the game boundaries you end up being teleported back at the same place again. It was weird either way, and now knew this means he can't just fly out of there either.

But after he and his team slept through the night and woke up the next morning, they all head back to the school again to continue to play their assigned roles as much as Bakugou didn't like it. They were all seated with the rest of their classmates. All but Aqua, she was outside in the hallway, she got into trouble from attacking Ainz late the other day, and is now forced to do the classic punishment of holding up two buckets full of water while balancing one on her head. And Kazuma as usually enjoys taking a dig at her while the two argue through an opening window of the classroom to the hallway.

It was definitely an amusing sight for Bakugou to see the bitch in misery.

Things though changed with the class once Tanya finally comes in late as she approach Ainz, "We need to talk." she bluntly demands from Ainz, "Got it, come to the park after school." she continued

It was quite a surprise to the class for this seemingly little girl going up against the most intimidating one here.

It was also hard for anyone to get a reading on Ainz with his skull face lacking much emotional expression, "Why, I'm more than willing to converse here?" Ainz asked back

"It's private, they're too many eyes and ears." she responds.

It made a lot of people in the class wonder why she would even want to talk to Ainz. The one most curious was Bakugou, he wanted to know more about the suppose strongest in this classroom and confirm if Ainz might be secretly involved in the powers controlling this weird world or not.

However, things got strange when Ainz's right-hand woman Albedo immediately got triggered at Tanya, "SAY WHAT! You want to talk to my Lord Ainz!? We all know what you really want! Bimbo!" she yells at the girl causing a big seen in the classroom.

Ainz tries to defuse her, "Calm down Albedo!'

"No, if this husy wants to mount you, then I'll slap her silly! I'll pulverize her, I'll rip out her hair!" Albedo yells on and on about what she wanted to do, all the while Tanya just looked dumbfounded not remotely intimidated at all.

"Albedo she's just a child." Ainz once again responds.

"I don't give a damn about her gender, race, or age! Have you seen yourself?! Your sex appeal penetrates the whole spectrum!"

"Besides we just met."

"That doesn't matter at all." said a random voice and when everyone turns to it, the source was none other than Rem.

"Stay out of it Rem." Subaru quietly says to his partner, but Rem continued.

"You can fall in love, even with someone you just met."

"Ha, yeah sure if you're in some cheesy fairy tale." Bakugou mocks her outloud finding that idea silly.

"I think it's cute." Neia admits out loud.

Albedo on the other hand almost immediately changed her mood and runs right toward Rem to calmly grab her hands, "This little maid knows what's up." she agrees to her.

"I mean I only know Subaru for a short while." Rem responds back with a smile.

"I don't know what a Subaru is but Ok." Albedo says to her.

Rem then points to Subaru, "It's this guy right here, he's very important to me."

"And you're saying that without being forced to." Subaru nervously responds, he rather not be at the center of attention to the crazy Succubus, he already had to deal with one mad person the other day and would rather not deal with another one.

"I think you and I have some things in common." Albedo says back in a very friendly tone already enjoying herself with Rem.

Two girls then went on with their friendly conversation with everyone just surprised by the random change of tone from Albedo.

"Why don't we go now instead?" Tanya then said to Ainz.

"Very well." Ainz agreed and rose from his desk as the two head their way out of the classroom.

Bakugou knew they were going to talk about something important and also knew he had to get on it as well.

But before he rose from his desk to catch up to them, Albedo already noticed Ainz was not in the room anymore, "Oh no Lord Ainz is gone!" she shouts and runs her way toward the sliding door to stop her master. But right when she got to the door, the teacher of all people Mr. Lehrgen stood in the way with a stern-looking face, "MOVE YOU SCUM!" she shouts at the teacher.

"Class is starting now." Lehrgen just says as he emits a spell at Albedo, and despite the fact she could easily tear Lehrgen into pieces even without magic, the spell he cast somehow forced Albedo into submission as she stands down.

"That flusy!" she cries as Albedo angrily turns around back to her seat as Lehrgen walks into the room.

'Great, it had to be him of all people!' Bakugou complains in his head, he knew he won't be getting out of the room easily with him here after the incident yesterday. He also rather not pick a fight and force his way out since that'll just bring Tanya's and Ainz's attention. But thankfully for him, he has a third option to get out of the room. As he looks out toward the window. He then turns back to his sidekick Daven and whispers into his cat ears.

The demi-human rogue nods, and just as Mr. Lehrgen was writing his name on the chalkboard not paying attention to anything else, and with most of the class looking toward the teacher, Daven grabs hold of Bakugou's hand and he uses his teleportation magic to disappear from the room and pop out outside. They were on the second floor but it was no worries for the two as Bakugou had created a flat airstrike shield just a little below the windows allowing them to land safely.

The two nod to each other and Daven teleports himself back into the classroom, A few people in the back of the class saw what happened, but didn't say anything to not be seen as a big tattletale and to also not be on the receiving end of Bakugou's wrath later on.

It still surprised Subaru the most, though less to know what Bakugou was trying to do and more on Daven's teleportation, 'Wow judging from all the black smoke he must be a dark magic user like me. Could that mean I can learn teleporting magic myself? Man imagine all the benefits to that?' He says in his head thinking of all the things he can do with it, the good, the bad, and the perverted. But for now, he had to remain quiet and pay attention in class, or more accurately sleep through most of the lesson.

And right back outside Bakugou makes his move as he stealthily jumps off the energy platform into some bushes, as he moves across the walls on his back and turns a corner, he can already see Ainz and Tanya moving their way out of the school grounds toward the park down the street, he did his best to not be seen as much as possible keeping his distance and not draw any attention to himself which include carefully blasting himself to the roofs of the buildings until the two were in the park.

Bakugou came through the park at a different entrance and remains inside a tree-dense area to not be seen.

He finally finds the two not too far away as they stare at each other not talking yet.

Bakugou remained behind a bunch of trees, and while no normal human even him won't be able to hear them at this distance, he had other means to allow him to listen in on there conversation, "Voice Gengar shield." he says quietly and the shield transforms into a microphone like device that will also allow him to hear from a far distance which he immediately does to listen in on Tanya and Ainz's conversation.

For a little bit, the two didn't say a thing only looking at each other intensely. That was until Ainz finally spoke up and activated some sort of spell that help control his emotions, "You wanted to discuss something, what is it?" Ainz demanded with a lot of dread in his voice that could scare off any random person, unfortunately for him neither Bakugou nor Tanya were normal people.

Tanya finally spoke up with a powerful aura developing around herself, "Tell me!" she shouts which actually made Aniz of all people nervous, "You're that bastard being X aren't you?!" she asked him.

"Huh?" Ainz expressed, he immediately stopped looking frightened and was now just confused by the question.

Bakugou from afar was also wondering who she was talking about, 'Being X? Could she be referring to who the hell brought us here in the first place?' he questions in his head and continued to listen on to hopefully hear an answer.

"Being... X you say?" Ainz asked completely confused by the question.

"You're not some regular smock, you got that powerful aura around you, not to mention that nightmarish face. So cut the crap and admit your that wannabe god being X!" Tanya yells and points at the confused Lich king.

"Wait what are you talking about?" Ainz asked with Bakugou listening wanting to know the same thing.

"You tossed me into a hellish world at constant war, but I guess that wasn't enough for you. Couldn't get your jollies going until you set up this back-to-school scenario. Is this some kind of sick joke?!" she continues yelling at Ainz

'Tossed into a hellish world? She's not referring to this world is she?' Bakugou questioned, he may hate this world as well but he knew that wasn't what she was talking about, and considering her military uniform she might be referring to her old world.

"Wait one moment?" Ainz responds back to Tanya.

"For what?" she asked with little patience.

"Let me ask you something, are you originally from earth? Japan to be exact?" Ainz finally asked.

Tanya gasped after hearing that question.

"Huh?" Bakugou also expressed out loud, now finding out the truth behind his "classmates".

Back in the classroom, Mr. Lehrgen was in the middle of his lesson as all the students listen while reading through the textbooks the class was provided, or in the case of Subaru just sleeping behind it.

However, one student was barely caring and it was Albedo still pissed she is unable to accommodate her lord as she tried all she could to contain her inner anger.

Even when the rest of her comrades kept their cool and continued to play their student roles. This includes her fellow comrade and rival Shaltear as she also does her nails, "Now don't work yourself into a tizzy, lord Ainz isn't exactly the type of man who chases little girls around."

Albedo however is still unable to let it go, "You're totally missing the point, Lord Ainz is simply irresistible. With those red eyes and steadily horns, I'm sure she instantly fell in love with him the instant he walked into the room. I mean how can you not?!" she explains to her vampire comrade with Shealtear sighing knowing she wasn't going to get through with her.

"I know. I get you for real." Rem speaks out toward Albedo across the class as she gives a thumbs up.

Albedo smiles and gave her a thumbs up back, happy to have someone to agree with her. But as she looked back around the class, she knew something else was off, the Shield hero Bakugou was nowhere to be seen with his group, with his desk completely empty.

She grew immediately suspicious of this, "Blue elf girl, where is your master with the shield at?" she quickly questioned Neia across the class.

Neia knew what happened after Daven explained to her what Bakugou was doing and knew she would have to lie about it, "I'm actually not sure where Sir Bakugou is at."

Rino immediately responds after her, "Me neither."

Daven just gave a shrug without saying a word.

Albedo was not satisfied with any of those responses and was growing with anger and jealousy again.

"Please Albedo, don't tell me you now think Ainz would also be interested in that loud-mouth human boy?" Shaltear mocks back knowing where this was going.

"Didn't I just explain to you already on how you miss the point of how irresistible lord Ainz was and how he breaks the whole spectrum?!" Albedo defends back

"Yes, and it still sounds ridiculous when you explained it again and shows you have no faith in our own lord to have any sort of standards." Shaltear says back

"Don't you dare call me unfaithful Shaltear! Lord Ainz has no one more loyal than me! So take that back you lamprey!" she yells at the vampire who was just enjoying how much of a fool Albedo was making of herself that Demiurge also enjoyed seeing.

"Are any of them even paying attention to me?" Mr. Lehrgen complains silently in annoyance as Albedo and her crew's conversations were constantly talking over his lessons.

But right before he could tell them to be quiet, the school lunch bell rings.

And without a second to breathe, Albedo immediately runs out of the classroom, "Lord Ainz!" she yells and rushed out of the room.

"See you later," both Shaltear and Aura say together after Albedo was now long gone.

"Sorry but I got to go too!" said Viktoriya as she also ran off out of the classroom.

After that, the rest of the class stood up and all walked their way to lunch, including the Shield hero team as they head there themselves without their leader with them, "It'll be interesting to find out more about our classmates after Sir Bakugou finishes his little "mission"." Rino says to her group who knew what she was talking about.

"I hope Ainz and Tanya get any wrong ideas about Sir Bakugou if they spot him." Neia says as she pets Kirishima resting on her shoulder.

"Personally I'm more worried about the Succubus finding out about it." Daven adds in as they continue to head their way to the cafeteria, and see if they can get to know more of their class.

Back at the park, the atmosphere from before with Tanya and Ainz had radically transformed into something completely different. Instead of caution and fear plaguing their minds, the two were now sitting on the park bench having a pleasant conversation with each other. With the two finding out they were both originally from Japan as typical office workers, with Tanya in particular being the head of her company buildings HR department. Ainz though seemed to have been teleported to his new world and body after the servers of his favorite VRMMO video games had shut down. While Tanya was pushed to her death by a lazy spiteful employee she had fired and got reincarnated into a World war 1 era alternative earth Germany by some powerful cosmic being that claims to be god.

All the while Bakugou continued to listen to the whole thing in secret.

"Sorry again if I was being rude to you earlier, but I'm sure you imagine why I have no idea that you were actually human." Tanya genuinely apologizes to Ainz.

"Think nothing of it, for the record, you don't look like your typical salaryman either." Ainz says back

"No I don't,... Ha, salaryman, that's a title I haven't heard in a very long time. You really should've told me you were from another world sooner, I would've never called you such a horrible thing as being X at least."

"Well to be perfectly honest I didn't think anyone would believe me."

"I know just how you feel."

As the two continued to have their casual conversation, from afar Bakugou finally transform his shield back to its default self and huffed in annoyance, "Ha, so the military loli and zombie are just a bunch of office jockeys. That explains why the brat is acting mature for her age and why the calcium dump acted like he had no idea what his lacky was talking about." He says to himself, this wasn't what he was expecting when he came out here but he at least knew more about his classmates including the most powerful among them. Especially now has some potential dirt on Ainz if tries anything on him or his party with powers.

"You scum!"

"Huh!?" Bakugou immediately reacted to that voice, but before he could turn to see what it was, a beam of magic energy was blasted right at him. Just in time, he blocks the powerful blast with his shield and it made him slide across the ground from its power. After the beam stopped, Bakugou lowers his shield to find out what it was, he originally figured it to be either Tanya or Ainz finally finding out about him, but instead it was Ainz's supposed right hand, the succubus Albedo, and she looked to be full of intense rage.

"You dare to peep on my lord Ainz and try to think of ways to seduce him you brat!" she yells back with intense rage in her eyes.

That sentence confused the hell out of Bakugou, "What the hell are you talking about seduce you crazy bitch?! You must not be right in the head if you think-"

"Shut your damn mouth scum! I will not allow the likes of you or that brat to attempt to steal my Ainz away! I'll be bathing in your blood soon enough as I laugh at your decapitated head!"

"Bring it on you virgin slut!" Bakugou yells back

Albedo was now enraged with blood lust and immediately fires a bunch of magic energy attacks at Bakugou coming at him in dozens of small but powerful projectiles.

"Meteor shield!" he shouts one of his more powerful defensive attacks as an energy shield forms around himself, and any of the projectiles that go through the energy barrier he effortlessly blocks them with his shield.

Albedo though knew she was just warming up and when the attack didn't do anything she fires a more powerful energy blast at the barrier, and after the blast dissolved, with her immense strength she flies forward and punches Bakugou's shield as he slides across the ground in a great distance further than before by such a force showing Albedo was physically powerful as well.

Albedo just laughs, "hahahahahahaha! Do you really think that stupid shield and defensive magic will be enough to stop me!? And I don't even have half the power lord Ainz has, so if you can't beat me, your nothing but a filthy bug to him!"

"How about you just shut up about your corpse fetish already, you think I give two shits about it!" Bakugou insults back.

"Oh you certainly learn more about it once a bash it through your skull!" Albedo yells and without hesitation she jumps at Bakugou again intending to punch his shield to pieces and then his head next.

Bakugou though just smiles and as Albedo was just about to smash the shield, Bakugou blasted himself over a confused Albedo, and once right behind her Bakugou fires a double explosion from his quirk at the Succubus as Albedo was sent flying until she bashes into a large tree with the force instantly making it snap and collapse on the ground.

"Don't think I'm all defense bitch!" he mocks her with a smile on his face as Bakugou emits small explosions from his hands.

Albedo quickly recovered from that and was now getting genuinely pissed off again from that humiliating attack on her, "I don't care what tricks and spells you have! The right hand of Ainz will not let the likes of you live to speak ill of him!" she screams as Albedo grabs hold of the downed tree with her immense strength she lifts and throws the tree down, intending to smash it on Bakugou's head. Only for Bakugou to casually blow up the entire top half of the tree intending to smash him, blowing it to a million pieces without moving a step away. Albedo then threw what was left of it on Bakugou, but he also quickly blows that part up, as he smugly smiles at the succubus.

Now more enraged than ever Albedo instantly jumps and attempts to smash in Bakugou's head with her fist once more, only for Bakugou to jump away in time as she left a large deep crater below where he stood before. The two continued their intense battle as magic and explosions were fired at all over the place.

Back with Ainz and Tanya the two were ignorant of the intense battle happening not too far, the two former salarymen kept on with their conversation, "So do you enjoy coffee?" Ainz asked Tanya who was happy to answer that.

"Oh I love it, back in Japan it-"

"Major! Major!" shouted a voice that interrupted their conversation, as the two turned to see who it was, it turned out to be Tanya's subordinate Viktoriya. Who finally made it to the park as she nervously emerges from the side of a large mailbox.

"What is it?" Tanya quickly asked her.

Viktoriya immediately salutes to her commander, "Well major, school is in lunch now so I came to fetch you. I thought we get to the cafeteria and get those croquette's that magnificent chef makes."

Tanya calmly hums to that, liking the idea of eating those croquette's, "It seems the reason we're here and who brought us here will remain a mystery for now. But at least the food is the most divine I've ever had. Well it's nice meeting you Ainz Ooal Gown, I had a-"


But Tanya immediately stopped as she along with Ainz and Viktoriya immediately reacts to the loud sound.

"What was that?!" Ainz quickly shouts.

"It... It sounded like an explosion, like one made of dynamite?" Viktoriya responded speaking her own mind, but even she was in the dark as her commander was.

*Boom Boom Boom!*

the explosions continued deep within the trees of the park. None of the three knew what this was or if they should attempt to investigate or not, for such a peaceful place this world has been so far, the loud explosion sounds were deeply out of place.


the explosions fired off as the 3 now witnessed several trees being flung in the air like they were made out of nothing, with one large one heading right for them.

Ainz immediately reacted and creates a barrier spell in the air as the large tree hits the energy shield and slides off and safely smashes into the ground away from the group.

This already confused Tanya, "What in the hell is going-"


Then many trees in from the woods had all blown up in a giant explosion with a bunch of the severed trees aiming right for the group.

This time though Tanya and Viktoriya create a magic barrier in front of them and Ainz as all the giant trees and debris all smash into or are blown away around their powerful barrier.

After that was done and two lowered their magic barriers the three saw that the park now looked to be turned into a warzone with holes and stumps of former trees now scattered across the devastated park.

It was far too much of a familiar sight for Tanya and Viktoriya, while Ainz was just baffled by the whole thing, "What in the hell is going on with this place?!" he yells out loud with the 2 military girls wondering as well.

And as the group look across the devastated landscape they quickly found their answer, as they witness two powerful beings fighting to the death as they fired magic and explosions at each other with them blocking, tanking, and dodging the attacks magic and physical alike. It was hard to tell at first who these people were, but after their three get closer looks at them, they immediately found out who they are.

"Wait is that Albedo!?" Ainz quickly reacts seeing his subordinate doing the exact opposite thing he order her not to do, namily to not try to slaughter anyone, though it seemed even she was having trouble doing that right now.

"And is that the Bakugou kid?" Tanya says out loud with the two others recognizing him as well. The whole situation was weird to Tanya, though in the back of her mind she wonder about what Bakugou was even doing here in the park in the first place. She knew why Ainz's subordinate was here, but she wanted to know what the shield hero was doing here in the first place and it raised her suspicions.

Back with the intense battle Albedo and Bakugou continued to duke it out with each other as their magic and explosions had transformed the landscape of this once beautiful park.

Albedo attempts to overpower Bakugou's shield the best she could, but Bakugou's agility with his quirk made that a lot harder than it seemed to be, she underestimated him as being just a tanky shielder as his explosions genuinely hurt her. But she would not stop now as her love of Ainz would not allow her to stop as she fires her spells and throws her punches at the shield over and over.

Bakugou continued his attacks on the succubus, taking advantage of her blood rage as he blasts and jumps all over the place, she was definitely a hard hitter and pretty fast herself, but Bakugou was faster as his quirk allowed him to not be up right at the succubus's face, though her vitality was pretty high so the powerful woman could take a few hits as he can.

This fight went on back and forth as one tried to overpower and beat the other. It was enraging Albedo more as she feels like she is failing her lord for not ending this battle sooner as she starts fighting more aggressively doing her best to avoid the boy's explosions and overpower any magic defense he conjures up.

Albedo finally flies herself up high in the air and looks down at Bakugou with deep rage as she powers up a devastating power punch and with her deep rage, the succubus screams as she flies down at the shield hero.

Bakugou though just smiles as he raised his shield and shouted, "Explosion shield!" and with that, the shield transformed, and Albedo finally makes contact with the metal object with her fist and then-


A huge explosion goes off from the shield on contact, with the shield being stored full of Bakugou's sweat. Albedo was flying across the hole-filled field until her momentum stops. She rises up again after cracking her neck now more enraged than ever as Bakugou smugly smiles, "Ha, is that the best you got you virgin bitch! I'm not even using all my powers yet!" he mocks the succubus.

But after saying that Albedo then smugly smiles herself and lets out an evil laugh, "hahahaha, I've been holding back myself you dumb human. If you want me to be at my best then you got it!" she yells, and then produces a powerful aura around herself as a dark smoke covers her body, and once it dissipates it revealed Albedo now out of her dress into thick heavy metal armor all over her body all but her head, and from that smoke she also conjures up a large halberd ax weapon onto her hands full of numerous magical enchantments. She now looked more intimidating than ever as Bakugou goes into a battle-ready position ready for anything.

Albedo then points her ax weapon toward Bakugou, "You think you can continue to make a fool out of me any longer shielder!? You will not best me, the greatest of Ainz's court! You shall rue the day you insult the great and mighty-"

"Albedo!" shouted a random voice. the succubus immediately recognized it and stops herself in complete shock even dropping her weapon in nervous fear.

She turns her head to see none other than Ainz Ooal Gown himself, tapping his foot on the ground with his arms crossed, "Albedo, what in the name of Nazarick are you doing!?" Ainz demanded.

Albedo immediately bows repeatedly at her Lord, "Lord Ainz I was... I was just trying to maintain yours and Nazarick's honor from this scum who was-"

"Albedo what did I order you and the other floor guardians to not do?" Ainz interrupts her and asked.

"To not engage in any fights with anyone else. But my lord this brat was-"

"Did he attack you first?" He interrupts once more

"huh?" she expressed

"I said did he actually attack you first, which forced you to defend yourself?" Ainz continued asking knowing the answer was important.

"I well... I.. no I attacked first, but you must understand Lord Ainz I was-"

"Albedo, I gave you a direct order to not start fights with anyone and that order was absolute." Ainz scolds her

Albedo then starts to look extremely sad, "Ye.. yes lord Ainz."

"I'm afraid Albedo for such disregard of my orders, you shall be punished for this whole event." Ainz says finished with his scolding

"Yes of course my lord." Albedo express's with extreme depression producing a huge aurora of misery around herself in a form of dark miasma, now feeling like she betrayed her own lord.

With it being clear the battle was over with Albedo now neutralized, Bakugou cracks his neck a bit after that whole struggle, "I hope you can forgive me for what Albedo did, I'll be sure she and the rest of Nazarick will not allow something like this to happen again." Ainz apologizes to Bakugou.

But Bakugou hardly looked interested in that, "Whatever, to be honest it was fun to fight again, so I got my fix for the day." he brags as Bakugou just casually walks away from the undead skeleton as Ainz continues to overlook his depressed subordinate not in the mood to question why he was there in the first place.

Tanya on the other hand continued to look at Bakugou with suspicion, "What exactly were you doing here anyway?" she demanded knowing something was up.

"Bird watching." Bakugou lies and just ignored her as he walks his way out back to the school

Tanya groans in annoyance, knowing he was just lying, but she didn't feel like engaging him and possibly destroy this park more than it was already. She'll definitely want to engage him again and see how much the Shield hero heard from her and Ainz.

After sometime later, lunch was over and the next class was in session this time having Bakugou, Ainz, and Tanya there. Word had already quickly gotten out to Bakugou's and Albedo's big battle in the park. It was quite shocking to most of the class, with this proving Bakugou wasn't just all talk if he can go up against Ainz's second in command of sorts.

And speaking of said second in command, while Aqua was still in the hallway over her punishment, right next to her was Albedo herself, back in her normal white dress again, and was forced to go through the same punishment for starting that fight with Bakugou and destroying the park. She was looking down and depressed still creating an intense miasma of deep despair that was freaking Aqua out for how intense this was.

Ainz watches this from afar across the classroom from the wall opening, 'Oh man, I'm so sorry Albedo. This is all my fault, you wouldn't be like this if I didn't change your personality right before the servers shut off. I would've been a little easier on her, but I shouldn't put in a bad example with the rest of the floor guardians or show any favoritism after what happened to the likes of Shaltear when she was just mind controlled, I have to be fair and not let Albedo off easy.' Ainz says in his head trying his best to not look guilty, though his undead appearance makes it easy to hide it. He then looks back toward Bakugou, 'Still the fact this Bakugou guy can hold his own on Albedo like that even when she wasn't at her full strength yet is definitely not something to scuff at, I know to not underestimate him now, especially with how wack the power scaling of this world is.' he continues to think.

The rest of the floor guardians watch on to indeed learn from the experience and what it means to defy Lord Ainz's orders.

Shaltear was enjoying the sight, now thinking this help her chances of eventually becoming Ainz's main wife in his harem while Albedo would be relegated to his secondary wife.

Demiurge also enjoyed the sight, "Say lord Ainz, does this mean the position of the Overseer of the floor guardians is open now?" he asked his lord.

"Demiurge this is just a temporary thing, I'm not firing anyone from the position right now." Ainz responds to such a question.

"I was just curious is all. I'm of course still open to accepting such responsibility if need be." Demiurge responds, he always wanted Albedo's job of floor guardian overseer for a good long while and likes to think this stunt she did today will start to put more doubts on her position that he be glad to take.

Then to Ainz's surprise, he gets a paper airplane thrown at him. The undead lord picks it up and unfold it to read its contents which said, *Meet me in the men's bathrooms alone after class* Ainz turns to the direction of where the airplane was thrown and saw an annoyed-looking Bakugou with his head turned toward the skeleton, he huffs and turns his head back forward, 'Oh great what does he want with me this time?' Ainz somewhat panics in his head.

Things remained pretty routine with most of the class listening to the teacher's lesson

Soon enough the final bell rings ending class for the day.

"OKKK class, time to go head on to your temporary homes, now remember no fighting with each other or you'll be sharing the same space as miss Aqua and Albedo." Mr. Roswaal announced as he left the room himself.

Most of the class head out as well, though Ainz's group circled around Albedo to see how damaged she was now, and to also mock her in Shaltear's and Demiurge's case.

And while they did that, Ainz heads to the men's bathrooms as that paper airplane letter told him to do. He knew he wouldn't like it, but he also knew if he ignored it, it might mean him being seen as a big chicken which is the last thing he wants this world or his minions to see him as.

And once in the large bathroom, he saw Bakugou leaning next to a corner as he finally stares at Ainz, "About time you show up, I'm going to be quick about this skullface." he sternly says to Ainz.

"Yes, you wanted me here for something?" Ainz asks trying to keep his cool and not drop his act.

But Bakugou then approaches him, "I'm already getting to the point, I know what you really are."

That confused Ainz, "Uh, I don't-"

"Don't play dumb! You're not really some powerful lich king who learn his powerful magic and spell from centuries of undead work, your nothing more than some desk jockey playing pretend to a fantasy that just became real to you." Bakugou bluntly tells off Ainz his true identity.

'What?! How did he- wait so he really was spying on us at the park, that was why he was there to begin with?' Aniz panics in his head, "Uh, well you must be a mistaken I'm the great Ainz-"

"Shut up with your pretend bullshit, as if you know what you're actually talking about! You act like you know what you're doing, but you just let your lackeys do most of the heavy lifting for you in actually being this super overlord." Bakugou shouts then turns away, "I won't deny it, you still have a lot of power in you after building up that body from that game of yours's, the stats on my shield don't lie, but I know inside your not that person you made that character into."

Bakugou then moves closer to the exit, "I'm no tattle tale, so I'm not going to say anyone else about what you really are. But know that your bullshit won't fool me so don't even try it, and be sure you or your lackeys don't try anything on my sidekicks, or I'm going to be pissing in your severed eyeless skull afterward! Am I clear!?'

"uhh-I... yes.. yes I understand, maybe from this point on we can be more open with each other rather than spying on one another. For the sake of both of our teams." Ainz says trying his best to save face.

"You don't just ask for my respect desk jockey, you earn it! So good luck with that." Bakugou finished and left the bathroom, leaving Ainz to himself to think about the situation.

"Just bird watching huh?" said a voice as Bakugou left the bathrooms and saw Tanya was just leaning on the side of the bathroom entrance, she now knew what Bakugou was doing at the park, "You know spies in my world that get caught usually end with very painful death's in interrogation."

Bakugou smiles and leans down at the supposed girl, "And yet here you are spying on us." he throws her words back at Tanya who was now looking annoyed.

"Only to know my enemies and allies better, I just like to know which one you are and your little 'birdwatching" at the park is not leaving a good impression on me." Tanya says back

"So you're thinking I'm this being X guy as well?" Bakugou again throws back at her.

"No that bastard wouldn't be as blunt in being the center of attention as you are. I still don't appreciate spying." Tanya contiuned

"Ha, I'll give you this kid, you got a lot of guts in you to go up against the likes of me and mr. roleplay there. Though is it even accurate to call you kid?" Bakugou jokingly says back.

Tanya sighs to herself and then said, "Look I'm not going to cause you trouble as long as you don't cause me trouble. We're all stuck in this together and I rather not ruin any chance of leaving by starting petty fights like what happened today."

"Hey the bitch started it, I just defended myself! But yeah, I also like to leave this dump as soon as possible so as long as you and your men don't screw with me and my sidekicks I won't screw with you."

Tanya nods and then salutes to that, "I consider it a deal then, hope you enjoy the rest of your day." she casually says back and then just turns and leaves.

Bakugou huffs and does the same thing in the opposite direction.

Ainz also exits the restroom after he was forced to watch the little conversation, 'Wow, Tanya was able to normally talk to that guy and not get screamed at. Definitely someone with a lot of skill in talking to people.' he says in his head and then sighed, 'Man I still can't believe this, but I pretty much have a high school rival now. And I never even went to high school. God what did I do to deserve this?' he continued thinking until he just sighs again knowing there isn't much more use in complaining about the situation, and head his way to his group of minions who are no doubt wondering where he was at.

Back with Bakugou, he himself was looking for his group until he sees them down a hallway awaiting for there hero leader.

"So sir Bakugou how was the talk with our classmates?" Neia asked.

"Eh, not too much honestly. Skull face is definitely someone to look out for, but don't think he's invincible because he isn't." Bakugou responds referring to Ainz keeping his promise to not tell about his real self.

"I think Neia was assuming you were trying to make friends and not make them more wary of us." Rino remarks.

Daven nods with her, "Indeed, there's nothing wrong with being cautious, but if getting along is our only known way to get back home we should remain friendly with our classmates for now until we get more info."

Bakugou also nods to that, "Ugh, I hate to admit it, but you're not wrong and the Queen pretty much said the same. I don't expect to ever be friends with these freaks and losers, but for now, we play along until I find a way out of here and blow up the asshole responsible for this whole diversion." he responds to him.

Neia then responds, "Still keep an open mind Sir Bakugou, just remember I was once a loser myself before meeting you, and look at me now." she reminds him.

Bakugou reluctantly nods to that, "Fair enough, but at least I had a hand in doing that unlike the other losers here. But whatever, let's just get back to our dorm house, I still feel a little sore fighting that crazy bitch earlier." he says to his crew who nod back in agreement.

They then head off their way to the dorm house to rest for the night until morning.

Bakugou still thought this whole situation was bizarre and wonders why they were even here in the first place, but nothing they can do now but to play along. Bakugou then thought, 'Well if we're going to be stuck here for now, I'll make sure that me and my agency will be on top. We'll be the best damn students in this school by the end of this stupid quest or whatever it is. And the great Katsuki Bakugou won't be known in just two worlds but soon over six.' he thinks as Bakugou and his crew leave school for the day ready to deal with whatever challenges are ahead tomorrow.

Second Authors note: This was fun to finally get to, I've wanted to write this for so long, but wanted to wait until I got to the end of the first season part of Shield heroes story before getting to this. I was thinking of publishing it on April 1st, but I completed this a lot sooner than expected and I didn't want anyone to think this was a joke so I published it now rather than April fools.

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