I never created Superman TAS.

Reverend Amos Howell began to frown before one territorial creature approached him in Smallville. His eyes were on its fangs and claws. Amos recalled Supergirl battling animals after the usual stroll. Fists being brought down on the enemy's back. Other attacks from her.

He then viewed Supergirl flying by him and scowling.

Amos stepped to one side after the creature snapped. He faced Supergirl and remembered her protecting him from various creatures. Attacks were recalled again.

The frown remained as Amos wrapped his arms around Supergirl. Although Amos tensed when the animal bit his shoulder, he refused to release her.

''I'll avenge you,'' Supergirl said prior to one smile. She was released. ''You should heal when you return to our place.''

After one nod, Amos walked to the farm.

Amos remembered Supergirl's previous battles again. He wondered how she was going to defeat the creature.

Heal and then bed.