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The Scooby gang was on their last day of vacation time in Japan. Ichika, an online friend of Velma's who invited them to visit her country for a week, was acting as their tour guide, when Velma suggested they pay a visit to Ichika's hometown.

"I've read all sorts of interesting things about Ikebukuro." Velma said, reading out of a guidebook. "Aside from being one of Tokyo's more popular entertainment districts, there's all sorts of urban legends surrounding the place. Most prominent is that of a headless rider who rides through the city at night on a jet-black motorcycle."

"R-readless?" Scooby shivered.

Shaggy shakes his head. "No way man, we're on vacation here. I for one need a break from being chased down by ghosts and monsters, headless or otherwise."

"I don't know if I could recommend going to Ikebukuro, Velma-san," Ichika tries to dissuade the gang. "Urban legends aside, it can be a pretty dangerous place."

"I'm kind of interested in seeing it too." Fred joins.

"I heard the shopping there is best." Daphne says.

"They've also got some of the best restaurants around as well." Velma directs this statement at Shaggy and Scooby Doo.

"Like, why didn't you say so? let's get going, haha." Shaggy laughs, fork, knife and bib at the ready, Scooby mirroring him.

Realizing she cannot convince them, Ichika relents. "Well alright, but you guys have to stick close to me, no matter what."

They arrive at dusk. The group of six take in all the sights and sounds of Ikebukuro's nightlife when they come across a large crowd buzzing with excitement.

"What's all the excitement about?" asks Fred

"You must be tourists." A young man notices them. "This crowd is for the famous actor Yuuhei Hanejima-san. He's scheduled to do a live show right here in Ikebukuro."

"The Yuuhei Hanejima-san?" Ichika exclaims looking starstruck. "I'm his biggest fan! I can't believe we have the chance to see him in person."

"Sounds pretty cool. I guess coming here wasn't such a bad idea after all." Shaggy says.

"Reah." Scooby agrees.

Suddenly, a smoke bomb goes off and terrifying laughter can be heard through the haze. Eventually it clears and reveals three hideous horned Oni with red, green and blue skin standing before them in front of the crowd.

"Like, why did we have to say something?" Shaggy laments, holding on to Scooby in fright.


Most of the crowd had run away, leaving behind only a mixed handful of scared and curious people, including the gang and Ichika. Fred looks at his friends with his usual look, everyone already knowing what words will come out of his mouth next.

"Well gang, looks like we got ano-"

His sentence is cut short as a large neon sign sails inches away from his face right between the group of friends. It crashes right into the red Oni in the middle, knocking him out cold and breaking most of his bones.

The square goes silent as the tourists and remaining Oni try to process what the hell just happened. The locals, however, know exactly what that sign means, and wisely begin to clear out lest they get crushed by the real demon of Ikebukuro. The gang is still gaping at this scene as someone new calmly walks past them, a blonde guy in shades who for some reason was dressed as a bartender.

Daphne recovers first and turns to Ichika. "Are you okay? What just happened? Who is that?"

Ichika somehow looked even more terrified of the new guy than she was of the demons, as did the other locals who remained.

"Shizuo Heiwajima." She whispers just loud enough for her friends to hear.

Shizuo says nothing, but the annoyed look on his face says it all. The blue Oni, noticing the approaching man, stomps up to Shizuo trying to scare him away.

"LISTEN LITTLE HUMAN, DON'T YOU DARE INTERFERE!" The Oni roars in his face, standing at least a head taller than Shizuo and fixing him with his scariest glare. Shizuo just calmly takes off his glasses and cleans the spittle off.

"Listen, looks can kill. According to statistics, there's at least a 0.00000000000000000000675% chance that a stare can kill someone." Shizuo answers almost too calmly. The blue Oni takes a step back, suddenly feeling like he's made a horrible mistake. Shizuo places his glasses back on his face and fixes his own deathly glare on the demon. "So if you glare at someone like that, you can't complain if they kill you, right?!"

Before the Oni can react, Shizuo punches right in the face, literally sending him flying. This punch was so powerful, the centrifugal force ripped the man out of his costume and his street clothes as he flips through the air, leaving the poor unconscious suspect in only his underwear and one of his socks as he goes sailing into a nearby dumpster.

The gang can only look on in complete shock, jaws practically hitting the floor. They've been solving mysteries for years, so they were no strangers to the odd or bizarre, but the scene they were witnessing before them was unlike anything they have ever seen. They've faced down ghosts, ghouls and monsters of all kinds, but there was an unspoken agreement between the five friends that the bartender standing before them was more terrifying than any of them.

The last Oni gives up the act entirely and just begins to run away, but it is too late. "Hey." Shizuo walks over to a nearby vending machine bending down and grabbing it from below. "Who the hell said..." The concrete begins to groan and crack as the deadbolts give way to Shizuo's rage-fueled strength. Terrified onlookers watch as the rampaging man lifts the vending machine over his head. "...that you could just walk away!" With a single movement, Shizuo tosses the vending machine right into the path of the green Oni, who just falls on his butt, his legs completely given out.

Before Shizuo can stomp over and kill the guy, a dark-skinned man with dreadlocks grabs him by the shoulder, saying something in a hushed tone that miraculously calms down the berserker bartender. He gives one last look at the green Oni, who by this point has pissed himself in fear, unable to move from his spot on the ground. The two walk off as police sirens can be heard in the distance. No one makes any attempt to stop them, out of fear of having that wrath turned on them. Scooby and the gang can only watch as the duo disappears into the crowd.

Meanwhile at the mouth of an alleyway, a dark-haired youth with sharp eyes just regards the scene with amusement. He was hoping the trio would make things a little more interesting, especially after he offered them the oh-so helpful information about Yuuhei's schedule and directed them to the costume shop where they got their Oni costumes for cheap. But he wasn't the type to linger on such things. He just smirks and slinks off into the alleyway, wondering how he could mess with his hated rival next time.

The police and paramedics arrive and arrest the suspects, who apparently all hated Yuuhei for various reasons (mainly involving their girlfriends dumping them) and wanted to ruin his reputation by making it seem like he earned the ire of real demons. They are loaded up and sent to the hospital. When Velma asked about what they were going to do about the blonde that caused all the property damage, the police just looked at each other and said the city would handle it. The mystery ended before it even began.

The Gang decides to cut their visit to Ikebukuro short, and pile into the car they rented and drive back to their hotel, getting ready to return home the next day. Ichika decided to walk home and agreed to meet with them tomorrow morning at the hotel to say goodbye to her new friends. On the ride back they contemplate what they witnessed this evening.

"So... that happened." Fred started.

"That should've been impossible. No normal human could possibly that strong." said Velma.

"But we all saw it happen. There's no denying that." Daphne was still trying to process the raw power she witnessed the man use.

"As, like, seriously scary as that dude was, I'm just glad we didn't have to worry about solving another mystery on out last day of vacation." said Shaggy.

"Reah, Ri'm ready to ro home." says Scooby.

"I guess. Though at the very least, I was hoping to learn more about some of the other urban legends surrounding Ikebukuro." Velma said.

"Oh, come on Velm; a motorcyclist with no head? What we saw today was pretty crazy, but I'm sure that other stuff really is nothing but myth to pull in tourists," says Daphne.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Velma chuckles.

The five friends share a laugh as they drive out of the city, as a black motorcycle and its rider passes them by going in the opposite direction. The faint sound of neighing and galloping horses could be heard as she passes by, echoing out through the cool night air.

I finished season 1 of Durarara a while ago, and Shizuo was easily my favorite character, so I felt inspired to write this little one-shot. This was just a fun idea that came to me. I still need to get to x2 at some point, hopefully soon. As per usual, please drop a review if you feel like it.