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"You're doing good Yata-san! Just push one more time!" the labor and delivery doctor called out to the chestnut-haired girl in front of him, "Ahhhhhh,Shiiiiiiiit!" Misaki screamed out, giving one final push. Not a moment later, the cries of an infant could be heard throughout the hospital room. "Congratulations, , It's a girl!" said the doctor, wrapping the child in a warm blanket. After cutting the umbilical cord, the child was placed in the tired mother's arms. Staring lovingly at the little bundle against her skin, the women panted out, "Sooo Yata-San whatcha gonna name it?" Rikio asked walking in after being called in by the doctor, the women looked at her now skinner friend and shot him a murderous glare "I'm not sure just yet" Misaki said, "Hm, possibly Megumi," Misaki whispered as she looked at her baby's face "yeah Megumi" Misaki repeated "hmmm Yata Megumi, that's a great name" Izumo whispered walking into the room with Anna & Mikoto "she's adorable" Anna spoke as she walked towards Misaki & the baby.