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Warning: rape mention

"Mr. Kusanagi!" Misaki yelled as she ran into the Bar crying "Yata-Chan?!" Izumo yelled in surprise as he saw the hurt crow break down in the middle of his bar "H-he l-l-left a-and b-before h-he l-left h-he r-r-raped m-me!" Misaki told Izumo sobbing Izumo ran to her and sat down next to her and rubbed circles on her back to sooth her "ok um who is this "he"? If we know who he is I can talk to Mikoto and tell him who raped you and we can hurt him" Izumo said in a soothing voice "N-no! D-don't h-hurt h-him" Misaki cried out "hurt who?" Mikoto asked as he walked down the stairs with Anna "Hm someone hurt Yata-Chan" Izumo said looking to Mikoto "how?" Mikoto asked "um Anna go upstairs and don't listen in got it" Izumo told Anna "yes Izumo?" Anna said questioningly but she did what she was told.

"Somebody Raped Yata-Chan then left" Izumo said "WHO?!" Mikoto yelled his eyes widening "s-s-Sa-s-r-r-u" Misaki stuttered Mikoto ran to Misaki and hugged her, she nuzzled her face into Mikoto's chest and sobbed