"Hey, You must be Dennis Lawrence Chan?"

"Yes." Dennis said "Yes, I am."

"I have a simple question for you."

"What is it?" Dennis asked

"Are you an only child? I'm asking because in the show, there were no signs of any siblings or mentions of siblings of yours."

"Oh," Dennis said "I have a sibling."






"You have a twin sister?"

"Yes." Dennis said "The reason being of her unknown whereabouts is because she was in Asia when the show started and ended."

"Your show, Kid vs Kat."

"Yes," Dennis said "Hold up just a minute."


Olive Chan came over

"Brother." Olive Chan said in annoyance "What now?"

"Somebody wants to know if I have any siblings."

"Of course you do." Olive Chan said "It's me."

"Yep." Dennis said, he looked at the fourth wall

"Now, let me introduce you to my twin sister, Olive Lori Chan." Dennis said

Olive Chan looks at the fourth wall

"Hi." Olive said

"That's impossible. How can you have a twin sister? I've never seen her before."

"Let me explain." Dennis said

"It was 16 years ago..."

-16 years ago-

Dennis and Olive's mother, Mayumi was going through labor, and she was in pain. As she was laying on the hospital bed, pushing out the child she thought she was going to have until its head came out.

"Wow." Mayumi said "I have to keep pushing."

Henry, Dennis and Olive's father were waiting outside for his wife. As he waited, he heard double cries in the room.

"What was that?" Henry thought "Is my child born?"

The doctor came out

"Mr. Chan." The doctor said "Your wife and children are okay."

"Children?" Henry asked

"You have twins." The doctor said "Your wife gave birth to a boy and a girl."

Henry went inside to see his wife, holding 2 babies in her arms. Henry came closer to his wife and sat next to her.

"I didn't know that we were going to have twins." Henry said

"Me either." Mayumi said "What should we name them?"

"Let's name the boy... Dennis Lawrence Chan." Henry said "And the girl... Olive Lori Chan."

"Those are beautiful names." Mayumi said "Are you sure we're going to raise 2 children at the same time?"

"I honestly don't know." Henry said

-Present time-

"And that's how we were born." Dennis said


"One question."

"What is it?" Olive Chan asked

"Why wasn't Olive around in the show?"

"You see..." Olive said

-16 years ago-

Dennis and Olive were crying in their crib, Mayumi and Henry looked tired and stressed out because of the crying.

"What should we do?" Mayumi asked her husband "I don't think we can take care of two children at the same time."

"Well, my dad has been single since my mom died because of me." Henry said "Isn't your dad a movie person in Hong Kong?"

"Maybe... Maybe we can send Olive to live with her grandfather." Mayumi said

"For now, let's get things settled first." Henry said

A few weeks later...

Mayumi and Henry arrived in Hong Kong to meet up with Mayumi's father, Seth.

"Hey father." Mayumi said

"What's up my precious daughter." Seth said "It's been 3 years since I last saw you. Anything for me?"

"We have a little request." Mayumi said "You see... I gave birth to twins a few weeks ago, lately I've been tired out and couldn't handle taking care of two children at the same time."

"Oh my goodness." Seth said "Now I have 2 grandchildren. Now do you want me to take care of one of them for you."

"We want you to take care of our daughter, Olive Lori Chan for a while." Mayumi requested

"Of course," Seth said "Looking at her reminds me of you when you were little."

"I know. I'm an only child." Mayumi said "So is Henry."

"No honey, you have a brother but he just wouldn't be able to live after your mother gave birth to him." Seth said "Before you were born, your mother had your older brother but immediately after she gave birth to him, he passed away."

"Oh my." Mayumi said "That's so sad. That's why I never got a sibling."

"Yes." Seth said "I only wanted you because you remind me of your deceased brother so I only wanted you. You're my only child. I'll look after Olive Chan for a while and let me know if you're ready to look after her."

Mayumi handed Olive over to her father, Seth placed Olive gently on the sofa and looked at his daughter.

"Thank you."

Henry and Mayumi smiled and both left.

-Present Time-

"And that's how I grew up with my grandfather." Olive Chan said

"Nice story and why did you move to Bootsville? I'm just curious."

"Basically..." Olive said

-5 years ago-

Olive Chan was painting in her room, when Seth came in.

"Olive?" Seth asked

Olive Chan looked at her grandfather.

"Yes grandpa?" Olive asked

"Can I tell you something?"

"Sure." Olive said "Tell me while I'm painting."

"To tell you the truth is that... You know that I'm your grandfather."

"Yes." Olive said

"Would you be willing to move in with your biological parents?" Seth asked

"Why?" Olive asked

"I'm planning on retiring and it might be difficult for me to look after you during my retirement." Seth said

"Honestly," Olive said "I would love to meet my biological parents and didn't you say that I have a twin?"

"Yes you do." Seth said "His name is Dennis Lawrence Chan."

"Cute name." Olive said "Do you want me to start packing."

"Sure sweetie," Seth said "I don't hate you or anything, I just want to enjoy my vacation and retirement."

"Of course." Olive said

Four days later...

Olive was at the airlines, she looked at her grandfather.

"I'll miss you grandpa." Olive said

"I'll miss you too." Seth said "My sweet girl."

Olive headed to the plane and left Hong Kong.

A few hours later, Olive Chan arrived at Bootsville to meet her biological parents and her twin brother, she found the address, when she saw the house, it was big and tall. She knocked on the door and it swung open.

"Hello... Olive Chan." Mayumi said

"Hello mother and father." Olive Chan said, Mayumi and Henry hugged their daughter.

"We're so happy to see you all grown up." Henry said "Welcome to our family."

"Can I go in to meet my twin brother?" Olive asked

"I'll get him." Henry said

-Present Time-

"That's basically how I met my real parents." Olive said


"What about Dennis?"

"You see..." Dennis said

-5 years ago-

Dennis Lawrence Chan was playing GTA with Coop Burtonburger when suddenly...

"Dennis! Can you come downstairs for a bit!?" Henry called his son

Dennis paused his game, took off his headphones and rushed downstairs to see somebody unexpectedly...

"Who's her?" Dennis asked

"Meet your twin sister, Olive Chan." Mayumi said to her son

Dennis looked at Olive with a greeting smile on his face

"Welcome Olive Chan," Dennis said "I'm Dennis Lawrence Chan, it's very nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too Dennis." Olive said

Dennis giggled, Henry and Mayumi left to take Olive to her new room, Dennis headed back upstairs and continued playing GTA.

An hour later...

Dennis was reading a book about Earth/Environmental Science when... Olive Chan came in.

"Sup bro!" Olive said

Dennis looked at his sister

"Hey," Dennis said "What's up?"

"Watcha doing?" Olive asked

"Reading a book about Earth/Environmental Science." Dennis said

"Can we do something together like painting, cooking, archery, building technicians, or maybe some creative writing?" Olive Chan asked

"Maybe cooking can help me mood up a bit." Dennis said as he closed his book. He got off his bed and the two headed downstairs to cook some food.

"Let's make some cookies." Olive said

"I was thinking lasagna." Dennis said, "But cookies are fine for me."

"Goodie." Olive said

-Present Time-

"And we learned how to make cookies." Olive said "But Dennis wasn't a good chef."

"Bruh," Dennis said "I don't cook on a daily basis but I'm learning in culinary class."

"Good to hear." Olive said

"And how are you and Dennis got along?"

"We do activities together, mostly cooking but Dennis is learning." Olive said

"Yep." Dennis said

"That's good to hear from you two."

"Anyways, that's good to know about your backstories."

"Yeah," Dennis said "Anyways, me and Olive are going to make chicken casserole for dinner for our parents."

"Alright, I got to go. Bye guys."

"Bye." Dennis and Olive Chan said as they walked away.

The End