Coop Burtonburger, 16, and Millie Burtonburger, 14 were talking about something random when suddenly...

"Excuse me you two but are you two the Burtonburger children?"

Coop and Millie looked at the fourth wall

"Yes." Coop said "We're the children of Burt Burtonburger and Martha Burtonburger."

"Who's Martha?"

"Our mother." Millie said "You may be wondering why our mother didn't appear in the show before it was cancelled."

"Yeah, about that... Why didn't your mother appear?"

"It's a long, touchy story but we'll explain anyways." Coop said "It all started when I was born."

-16 years ago-

Martha Burtonburger was going through labor and was in serious pain because her water broke. She was in the hospital bed, with doctors by her side.

"It hurts!" Martha said "My water just broke a few minutes ago! Help me!"

"Just push ma'am." One doctor said

"Okay, I'll try my best." Martha said

With Burt, who was anxious about his wife going through labor. Burt was pacing back and forth with anxiety rising him. He waited and waited for minutes and minutes became hours... Then suddenly... He heard something...

A baby's crying

"What was that!?" Burt asked when the doctor came out

"Mr. Burtonburger." The doctor said "Your wife is okay, with your child."

Burt went inside to see his wife, holding a baby Coop.

"Wow." Burt said "He's so adorable." He walked to his wife, Martha was happy to finally give birth to a healthy baby boy, Burt sat next to her then kissed her forehead.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" Burt asked

"It's a boy." Martha said "Remember when we went to get tested and it reveals a baby boy?"

"Oh, I remember now." Burt said "What should we name him?"

"Cooper Davies Burtonburger." Martha said "I named him after my dad's brother, Cooper."

"Beautiful name." Burt said "I always wanted a son. Maybe we can get a daughter soon."

"Depending if we tried having another baby," Martha said "For now, Coop will be our only child."

"Okay," Burt said "Welcome to the world my boy."

-Present Time-

"And that's how I was born to my wonderful parents." Coop said "Unfortunately, my mom took less care of me because of her mysterious work. Only my dad looked after me the most since he was unemployed at the time I was born."

"What a wonderful story. Now one question. How was Millie born?"

"Let Coop do the explaining." Millie said


-14 years ago-

2 year old Coop Burtonburger was playing with cubes and his childhood plush when his parents came into his room.

"Cooper." Martha said "We have good news for you."

"Mama!" Coop said "Me want two pwlay!"

"You're going to have a sibling." Martha said as she pulled out a pregnancy test and showed it to Coop.

"Me wanna sissy!" Coop said "Me wan a sissy!"

"You're going to get a sissy." Burt said to help Coop understand a bit. Coop got up and cheered that he was getting a sister.

9 months later...

Burt was playing with his son, Coop with toys when suddenly...


It was Martha, Burt grabbed Coop, took him to check up on Martha, and saw her lying on the bed, the bedsheets were wet and she was in pain. Coop screamed.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Coop screamed then he came to his mother, "Mama! Wwhat's wrongwly!?"

"Get your father to take me to the hospital, your sister is coming out." Martha begged

Burt came to his wife and pulled out his phone and called 911 for an ambulance to take his wife to the hospital for delivery of her baby.

Soon, the ambulance came, the doctors got Martha and took her to the hospital where she was still in pain. Burt took Coop and the two went to the hospital, Coop was scared and terrified to witness his mother in pain but at that time, he didn't understand what was going on since he was only 2 years old.

A few hours went by, Coop was sleeping on Burt's shoulder, Burt was still worried for his life while she was in the process of delivering her second child, then suddenly...

A baby cried...

The sound was so loud that it woke up Coop, Coop immediately got off and tried opening the door, only to get hit by it when a doctor opened it but didn't know that Coop was there. Coop started crying, the doctor looked at him and realized what he had just done.

"I'm sorry little one." The doctor said as he tried comforting Coop but Coop ran to his father.

"I'm so sorry for my son doctor." Burt said

"It's okay." The doctor said"I came to tell you that your wife and daughter are okay. Unfortunately for your wife, she gained a rare illness that we don't know."

Burt and Coop went inside to see Martha holding a baby Millie, Coop ran to his mom, sat next to her and looked at his baby sister.

"Sissy!" Coop said

"Meet Millie Burtonburger, Coop." Martha said "Your little sister has arrived."

"So you name her Millie?" Burt asked

"Millie Joyce Burtonburger." Martha said "My sweet little Millie."

"Welcome to the world Millie." Burt said to his new-born daughter.

-Present Time-

"And that's how Millie was born." Coop said

"Was I an accident?" Millie asked her older brother

"No you weren't." Coop said "Mom just gained a rare illness but it wasn't your fault."

"Thanks Coop." Millie said

"What a wonderful story but sad one. What happened to your mother?"

"Well..." Millie said

-11 years ago-

Coop and Millie were playing with some toys with each other, Burt was with his soon-to-be deceased wife, Martha was coughing and she was weak, she barely moved a muscle, she looked at her husband.

"Burt?" Martha asked "Can I tell you something?"

"Yes Honey?" Burt asked

"I love you very much," Martha said "Since we met as kids, we have always been with each other's side and we enjoyed our companies. Even though I'm an only child to my parents since they had me when they were in their 40s, I'll be their child forever until they pass on. You've been the best husband, boyfriend, friend, and partner I've ever gotten."

"Honey?" Burt asked surprisingly sad "What are you talking about?"

"I love you..."

"My Honey Pie."

Martha closed her eyes, took her last breath, and passed away. Burt immediately started to cry while trying to get a pulse from his wife but there was no pulse. Burt immediately called 911 to take his wife to the hospital, Coop and Millie were still playing with their toys when Burt came into the room.

"Kids! Get into the car!"

"Why daddy!?" Coop asked surprisingly

"Your mom! She's not breathing!" Burt said

"What!?" Coop and Millie asked in shock

Later in the hospital, Coop, Millie, and Burt were waiting for the results about Martha, if she was alive or deceased. Suddenly, a female doctor came out with a devastated look on her face.

"Is my wife okay?" Burt asked the doctor

"...She didn't make it."

"Wait!? Mommy's dead!?" Coop asked

"I'm sorry little one but your mother is dead." The doctor said, Coop immediately started crying, Millie also started crying because her brother was also crying as well, but she didn't understand what was going on, Burt started sobbing for the loss of his wife.

-Present Time-

"Ever since our mother died," Coop said "I've been sad and angry at the same time, Millie started to be depressed and would constantly avoid me like I was a constant reminder of our mother's death."

"As we got older, we began to socialize a little bit more with each other and I still regret being mean to my older brother." Millie said "We're over our mother's death but we still miss her."

"Dennis was the only one who cares for me since fights at school started to increase dramatically before the show started and I finally recovered from my depression and opened up a bit." Coop said "We miss our mother and we'll see her again."

"What a sad and heartbreaking story that you told me Coop. Now I understand why you don't have a mom in the show."

"I know." Coop said

"I got to go. See y'all."

"Bye." Millie said

The two Burtonburger kids left...

The End