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Notice: of course the story HAS a happy ending, but before that we have to know what caused the divorce in this young couple.

Chapter 1


I was nervous.

I would have liked to be iron tempered and not feel anything when I saw her again, however, I can't ignore the fluttering rumbling of my heart and the churning in my stomach.

It has been two weeks since we signed the divorce.

Two weeks.

It has been two weeks since I left what was our house for seven years, that warm place I often called home.

I stupidly thought that the memories would remain there. And no. The memories haunted me like ghosts in my thoughts, still rooted in my heart and mind.

It was being painful to start over. Very much so.

It just wasn't easy to get out of the system the one you thought was the love of your life, the one who was everything. And now I had no idea what our deal would be.

Doubts came in puffs, one after the other: how will our greeting be? Our reunion?


Eric's soft voice snapped me out of my reverie.

I smiled at the sight of him in my lap and stroked his docile brown hair. I let out a sigh when I saw that he had his little face full of chocolate ice cream stains.

His Batman backpack was on the table; I pulled out a fresh pack of wet wipes and wiped one across his cheeks. Wiping all dirt from his face.

I was starting to get impatient.

The place was semi-empty for eighteen o'clock on a Saturday.

As nervous as I was, I noticed that the girl who served our ice cream had not stopped watching us from her place. When those moments happen, I would like to know, what do they think when they see me with my son?

Will they suspect that I am a recently divorced father? They might think I'm a widower.

I immediately shook my head.

I would die if anything happened to Bells. No. No way. Never.

Then, a small smile tugged at my lips at the mention of her affectionate nickname. Bells.

I had nicknamed her that when we were in tenth grade.

God. She was sixteen.

I shook my head again. I didn't want to go there, didn't want to remember we had a past.

I looked at the time again and cursed under my breath. We've been waiting for over thirty minutes.

At what fucking time does she plan to arrive?

With my cell phone in my hand I sent a text message:

[Eric is getting impatient, why aren't you here?]

Five minutes passed and she didn't answer.

"And mommy?" my little son asked, capturing my attention. His brown eyes have the intensity to dispel any bad mood. I want to see her.

Distressed, I lowered my face.

"Grandpa got sick and she has to take care of him." I had been repeating the same lie for two weeks. "That's why you're not with her."

Eric's eyes were watching me impatiently.

At three years old, it was almost a given that he could not assimilate what was happening. Bells and I decided to protect him and let him know that he would have two homes from now on.

I kissed his little head.

"Mommyyyy!" Eric shrieked, making me tense up.

My heart thundered loudly as I saw her in front of us.

Eric ran out of my protection and went to her. Bells immediately took him in her arms and showered him with kisses making our little boy happy to be with her again.

I watched quietly and almost breathlessly; my stomach was churning at the presence of my wife of seven years.

I wanted to correct my mind and call her ex, but that was not yet possible.

Bells looked beautiful in that black suit outfit, she had her hair up in a high ponytail, I wanted to laugh remembering that since Eric was born she had to put her hair up when she discovered that our son loved to chew on her long hair.

Stop it Edward. Get out of there. Get away from the memories because you won't be able to forget her.

I kept looking at her and I could see dark circles under her eyes, of course they were blurred with concealer, but no matter how much makeup she wore, her sad countenance prevailed.

"I'm sorry I'm late," she apologized. "I just came from the airport because..." She kept silent as she held my gaze.

Why are you silent? I wanted to ask her. Why not just say that you went on with your life while I keep claiming the reason why?

It's not like I haven't seen all your stupid pictures on Instagram from your weekend.

"I have to go," she whispered nervously. "Thank you for having him with you these past two weeks, Edward."

I stood up as she slung Batman's backpack and Eric's small suitcase with his belongings over her shoulder.

Bells surprised with my closeness stared wide-eyed; our arms brushed and for the life of me I swore the hairs on my skin stood up at our touch.

There was so much between us. Thousands of memories and good anecdotes, though also...

I shook my head from side to side and sighed. Ridding myself of stupid ideas my mind was recreating.

I had to go.

"I love you little boy," I said, kissing my son's blushing cheeks, "I'll see you soon."

And I walked out of there without looking back with a bloody lump in my throat.

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