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Lived dream.

I pressed the doorbell again.

It was strange that Bells didn't open the door. Eric stirred in my arms but didn't wake up. He had been exhausted after running in the park most of the afternoon.

"Hello..." she said as she opened the door.

My eyes unwillingly roamed over her body: barefoot, skin wet and covered by a white towel that reached mid-thigh, her hair still dripping with water, she was the sexiest picture.

"I was taking a shower," she confirmed the obvious and let me pass, "take him to bed, please."

I blinked. I had been gawking at her body.

"I'll just take him to his bed," I said once I had cleared my throat.

I walked through the room to the hallway, opened the door to Bells' room and put Eric to bed in the bed he shared with his mother. After covering his little body with the sheet and leaving a short kiss on his forehead, I turned around ready to leave, noticing the clothes scattered at the entrance to the bathroom.

It was underwear. Bells had a habit of undressing before entering the bathroom.

I unconsciously bent down and picked up each piece; my member reacted by stiffening at the simple fact of having the soft lacy fabric between my fingers.

I didn't think about it, nor was I aware that I locked myself in the bathroom. I unzipped the fly of my pants and freed my erect member from confinement.

I closed my eyes tightly and wrapped my penis in my wife's panties - I shook my head, denying - my ex-wife.

God, it didn't matter. I was completely horny and needed to feel good.

I threw my head back as my hand kept moving up and down. I let out a moan of pleasure.

Images of Bells flooded my mind. She was kneeling in front of me, one of her hands frantically moving from my base to the tip.

I moaned.

I did so loudly when I felt her hot mouth. She had engulfed my cock completely and was sucking it like a lollipop.

I stroked her head, burying my fingers in her long hair before setting the pace for her, I moved my hips lashing into her oral cavity.

"Bells," I exhaled voicelessly.

I was so close. My wife kept sucking and moving her hand at the same time until the first fluids reached her mouth.

"Edward..." her voice was beautiful, "are you all right?"

My body trembled, breaking free.

"Edward," the sound at the door made me open my eyes.

My chest was rising and falling too ecstatically. I had just ejaculated in Bells panties.

"I'll be right out," I barely managed to whisper. My legs felt weak, and I leaned against the sink.

I sighed noisily as I pulled up my boxers and zipped my fly.

I left her underwear in the sixth of the laundry. And I brought my hands to my hair and looked at myself in the mirror.

I was a fucking cunt.

I poured enough water on my face and dried it with a small plush towel.

I opened the door. I had the cynicism to see Bells eyes; and I noticed that she had changed her clothes, now wearing a cotton nightgown that hinted at her small belly.

"I used your bathroom," I said, "I hope that's all right."

"Don't worry," she smiled at me. "I made coffee, do you want some?"

«Bells I just fucked your beautiful mouth in the bathroom. You just gave me the best orgasm in months and... of course I want to stay.»

"Yes, I do," I followed her. I kept watching her walk, especially the swagger of her hips and ass, without any shame.

I had become a pervert.

"I have some cupcakes," she said, as she leaned into the refrigerator.

Bells don't do this to me. I shied my gaze away from her beautiful figure, but I was weak and ended up seeing her thighs and if she bent over a little more I could see what was underneath, what panties was she wearing? She was usually more lacy and when she was on her days she opted to wear cotton clothes.

She was obviously wearing lace, I mentally corrected myself.

"This one is strawberry, chocolate and another one is tres leches," she explained, placing each slice of cake on the counter.

Once again I saw her eyes. Bells had no idea how much I was imagining about her right now. She didn't know that right now my mind was betraying me with all the fucking memories of the times we fucked on this counter.

"Are you eating a lot of sweets?" I asked, trying to clear my mind of so much obscenity.

"Lately it's all I want to eat," she confessed embarrassed.

She was so beautiful.

"With Eric you used to eat only spicy food, remember?" I asked as I tasted the strawberry cake.

"That's true. You had to go out in the middle of the night to buy mangoes and chili powder," she laughingly recalled. "It was midnight, and we were eating fruit."

"The next day our stomachs would hurt," I added to her story.

We started laughing.

It was so comfortable to be able to do that. After our last talk in the park where we came clean, we stopped seeing each other for a while. Maybe giving each other the space we both needed, however between the nursery, the events that were organized and always because of our son, everything flowed between us again.

"Edward, do you remember our first prenatal class?

"Don't start," I jokingly warned her when I saw her laugh. I continued to eat the cake with coffee as she began to laugh out loud.

"You can't deny you were a caveman."

"The guy ran his hands over your hips and waist, I couldn't let him."

"He was in charge of giving us the class since the nurse was unable to attend that day," he said, still laughing.

"He liked you," I hissed. "From the moment he came in he didn't stop seeing you and the jerk didn't miss a chance until he didn't get you to participate."

"It was professional, I never felt it had any other intention."

"It might be very professional, but I won't let anyone touch what's mine," I said without thinking.

Bells pursed her lips. Her cheeks had turned a beautiful pink.

"You were always jealous," she whispered.

"Because it drove me crazy to have someone else touch you, did I do wrong?" that doubt had always existed in me.

She shook her head from side to side.

"You were funny. You were never rude to me or came to blows with anyone, your jealousy was well-controlled but poorly disguised."

"You were jealous too," I accused her.

She looked up, seeing me.

"In fact, I still am."

"My heart could be heard in my ears."

"What makes you jealous?" I asked, leaning my body on the counter, wanting to get closer to her.

Bells also moved as close as her belly would allow, and her breath mingled with mine.

"That you dance with others," she confessed with her eyes locked on mine.

I opened my mouth, enjoying her closeness. I might as well get a little closer and kiss her.

"Then it is forbidden to dance with others," I admitted, "I don't want to make you angry."

"I hope you keep your word."

"What will you give me in return?" I asked. "That is if I keep my word to the letter."

"Whatever you want."

"I like that," I articulated. I can want a lot of things.

Our mouths were too close.

"Like what?" she asked as she licked her lips.

To kiss you. Make love to you. Come back to you.

"You'll know later," I sighed noisily.

She nodded taking the spoon from my hands and tasting the strawberry cake. She tasted it in front of me making my penis harden.

The tension between us could be felt throughout the room. If only I dared to kiss her I knew we would end up making love in the same kitchen. But it wasn't the time yet, so I had to control my stupid urge.

My anxiety to kiss her had to be controlled a little more.

This is a lost chapter; it takes place weeks later when they say goodbye in the park and decide to move on without rancor. I hope you like it.

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