Coop's POV:

I was smoking in the alleyway, as I felt the pressure of wanting to smoke more, I encountered some guy who I never met before, or so I thought...

"Hey Coop, quit smoking buddy."

"Why?" I asked skeptically, honestly I was confused as a piece of dried fruit, I didn't know who that guy was...


"How many times have I told you not to smoke?"

"I can smoke if I fucking want to!" I snapped "If only my sister haven't brought that fucking cat into my shitty life, I wouldn't have been smoking!"


"I know how you feel."

"How do you know?" I asked

"Because we met before."

"I don't even know you!" I said as the figure reveals his name


"Dennis who?" I asked "I don't remember somebody named Dennis."

"We met before Coop,"

"You just prefer not to think about your past with your father and sister."

"Shot!" I said "Tell me who you are!"




The figure revealed himself, it was Dennis. I was shocked to see my friend, who I haven't seen since the sleepover at my house.

"Where have I been?" Dennis asked "We moved because... Of my... Dad."

"Your dad was a monster." I said

"He just wanted me to be safe... From you." Dennis said "I can't believe that I saw you... Smoking since I left Bootsville."

"Bruh," I said "I'm 30."

"So am I." Dennis said "How's Millie?"

"She's dead!" I said "She and dad died from a car accident after you left, I was sent to live with my Aunt Beatrix for the rest of my life until I got kicked out for doing drugs when I was in college."

"Why would you do drugs?" Dennis asked

"I'm... Developing stress." I said "Been in and out of recovery a lot of time! I haven't seen Fiona since she stopped coming to Bootsville! Even dumbass Old Lady Munson is still pissing me off!"

"You're still living at your father's house?" Dennis asked

"Why!?" I snapped "I've been living there for most of my god damn life now!"

"So are you just going to end your family's bloodline?" Dennis asked

"Hell yeah!" I said "I'm ending it! No more Burtonburgers!"

"I was thinking the same thing." Dennis said "I was engaged to a geologist but she's sleeping in her grave now."

"I'm smoking to die!" I said to my friend "I didn't want to live in the first place! Ever since I've lived alone, I had to deal with my crazy ass neighbor and Kat also! Thank God Kat's dead!"

Dennis's POV:

I looked at my friend with disbelief

"I suggest that you get into rehab." I said "I don't want you to make it worse."

Coop looked at me with an angry face, he stared at me when he came closer and said to me

"Jeez Dennis!" Coop said "Why the fuck did you moved!?"

"It's dad!" Dennis said "We moved to get away from you!"

"You hate me!" Coop said "I know God damn well that you hate me!"

"Me?" I asked "Of course! Not!"

"Is your controlling dad dead!?" Coop asked

"He's in rehab!" I blurred out loud "HE'S IN A REHABILITATION FOR ALCOHOL!"

"Cool." Coop said "He deserves it."

I got pissed, I immediately pulled out my gun and pointed at Coop.

Coop's POV:

When Dennis pointed the gun at me, I immediately jumped out of frightening.

"Don't do it!" I demanded

"Why!?" Dennis asked "Badly as you are! This whole thing wouldn't have happened if you respect my father's struggles!"

"Fuck!" I said "If you were married, would your wife be satisfied about this whole shenanigans!?"

"I don't have a wife!" Dennis said "I'm single! Look! My dad is in a rehabilitation hospital! My mom is mentally ill and my grandfather's dead!"

"I HATE YOU!" I shouted then...

Dennis's POV:

I pulled the trigger...

I shot my childhood best friend...

I shot him right in the head, with my handgun...





I took a deep breath

I dropped my gun and ran off the scene. I headed back to my apartment complex and locked the door. I took another deep breath, packed all of my stuff, returned the keys to my apartment, got into my van, and drove back to Bootsville, to return to see my only parent, my mom.

As I drove back, I suddenly saw someone behind me, I looked behind, it was...

Fiona Munson!?

She looked very angry like a tiger, her hair was so messed up and her eyes were heavier than a 100k bag of sand. I sped up the van and drove in different directions. However, she knew where I was. I drove to a nearby gas station to fill up my gas, I stopped my vehicle and ran to get some errands. As I was filling up my van with gas, Fiona pulled up, got off her car, and pulled out her pistol.

"You bum nut!" She said "You shot my boyfriend!"

"I thought you and Coop broke up!?" I asked

"We got back together through my friend!" Fiona said "Now he's dead because of you and his lousy family!"

"Your memories were erased!" I said

"Well," Fiona said "I got them back after I saw Kat lifeless in the kitchen of the house. I came by to see Coop when I saw Kat lifeless on the floor, a bullet on his stomach! Just like how PaperLuigi99's Caillou was forced to kill his cat Gilbert on his ultimate punishment day! Because of his abusive father, Boris!"

"Did Coop!?"

"He shot Kat!" Fiona said "I checked the security cameras to see the exact same thing as Caillou was forced to kill his cat Gilbert! The same thing! Thanks to PaperLuigi99!"

"Why would Coop do that!?" I asked

"Because Kat deserves it!" Fiona said as she pointed the pistol at me

"You want to see your lousy sister again!?" Fiona asked

"I'm alright without her!" I shouted back, then she...

Fiona's POV:

I shot Dennis, on the head, I immediately took his body to the dumpster and ran off the scene. I went to the city's office, changed my name, changed my identity and moved out of Bootsville, to go nowhere else.

The End