"I would like you to meet Dragomir Despard." Hermione introduced Ron to Antonin. "And this is…"

"Antonin Dolohov, I know," Ron interrupted. "Your reputation precedes you. I heard all about how you killed two… Blood traitors." Of course, his mother mentioned this guy before. He was the one mainly responsible for the death of two of her brothers, his very own Uncles, but right now he had to pretend it was the best thing ever. He averted his gaze to hide his hatred.

Hermione, Antonin, Ron, Harry and Griphook boarded a small cart which descended down a twisted path to the vault. Harry sat next to Hermione under his invisibility cloak. "Once we get in the vault keep your guest distracted," he whispered to her, softly enough that only she heard it. "Ron and I will search for the Horcrux."

Hermione gave the subtlest nod indicating she understood the instructions. Once the goblin melted the wall which blocked the entranceway, Hermione was the first to enter. She had to remember to act like she owned the vault, and nothing should take her by surprise. She shrugged off the opulent overabundance of wealth, all the golden goblets, potions in pretty jeweled bottles, a silver suit of armor, stacks of gold coins and stacks from floor to ceiling of other treasures, but she couldn't help it but to gasp at the sight of a skeleton head wearing a crown. "I guess it has been a while." Hermione did her best to downplay her reaction to the skeleton. "I forgot all about that crown."

Then she grabbed Antonin by the shirt and pulled him toward her. She kissed him full on the mouth.

Antonin's eyes widened in surprise, and for a moment, Hermione thought she'd made a mistake. But then he smiled, a slow, seductive grin that made her go weak in the knees.

This was worse than when she had a crush on Lockhart, something from her past she would rather forget was ever the case. At least with him she didn't know what kind of monster he really was, and that crush disappeared as soon as she found out, yet this time, she knows he is a murderer and still manages to behave like that young school girl with a crush who doesn't know any better.

He took her face in his hands and pulled her even closer.

Their lips met, and Hermione felt a thrill of excitement run through her. Antonin's kiss was electric, his hands gentle yet firm as he pulled her even closer. She could feel his body pressed against hers, and all she could think about was how great it felt to be in his arms. At the same time, she also felt disgusted with herself. He was just like chocolate. You know it isn't good for you, but you still enjoy it anyway.

Ron used the Lumos spell to light up the vault. He was supposed to be helping Harry search for the Horcrux, but he couldn't take his eyes off of Hermione, who still looked like Bellatrix, snogging with the Death Eater. He grimaced in disgust, feeling a knot in his stomach.

Harry rolled his eyes at Ron. This wasn't at all what Harry had in mind when he told Hermione to distract the Death Eater, but he couldn't deny it was extremely effective.

"Get a room," Ron scowled at Hermione and Antonin.

Neither Hermione, nor Antonin, acknowledged Ron's bellowing. Neither noticed anything until the treasure began to attack them. A burning piece of something slammed into Antonin's leg which caused him to break away from Hermione.

Harry too, got pummeled with heated coins and goblets. He covered his mouth, doing his best to muffle his own screams from the searing heat. Then he spotted the Hufflepuff cup, but it was high up. He pushed the extra cups together and began to climb.

Antonin, as if running on pure instinct, whipped out his wand, which he had in a hidden compartment in his boot. "Finite Incantatem," he called out as he waved his wand. Antonin's counter curse appeared to be working. The extra cups began to explode in clouds of golden glitter dust, which harmlessly disappeared upon contact.

Unfortunately for Harry, the extra goblets disappeared right from underneath him which caused him and Griphook to fall and hit the ground. He lost his grip on his cloak and Antonin spotted him and quickly used the full body binding curse on him. "What have we got here?" Antonin asked. "Thief." Then he realized the thief was none other than Harry Potter.

Ron pulled out his wand and attempted a stunning curse on Antonin. Unfortunately, for Ron, the spell only reflected back on himself, in much a similar way when he tried to curse Draco with the slug barfing spell. He simply ended up stunning himself.

Hermione knew she had to do something fast. She suspected if she attacked Antonin with a spell, she would get the same result Ron did, so she had to be smart. She grabbed one of the jeweled bottle potions and pretended to down it at the same time her Polyjuice potion began to wear off. Then she looked at her own reflection against the silver armor. She let out a loud screech and pretended to be horrified. "He should have warned me," she bellowed.

"Who?" Antonin asked. Then he looked up at Hermione and witnessed the rest of her transformation.

"Voldemort, our lord. I took the potion he asked me to and look what happened," she paused and thought about what Bellatrix would say if she took a potion and ended up looking like Hermione. "I'm hideous."

"You never," Antonin argued.

"I look just like that mudblood Granger," Hermione declared.

"No doubt this was his plan to lure the boy who lived into a trap, which is no longer necessary." He kneeled beside Harry and slapped him on the side of his face. "We got him right here."