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"Your doing great Yata-San keep pushing!" The delivery Doctor told the female "fuck, shit damn ahhhhhhhhh, shit shit shit shit shit!" The female yelled out in pain.

About 6 minutes later the baby was finally born but than another minute later the women was giving birth to the damn things twin.

Not a moment later, the cries of the infants could be heard throughout the hospital room. "Congratulations, , Its a girl and a boy!" said the doctor, wrapping the child in a warm blanket. After cutting the umbilical cords,the twins were placed in the tired mother's arms. Staring lovingly at the little bundles of joy against her skin, the women panted out.

"So what's their names?" Rikio asked as he walked in with Anna "I dunno, hmmm how about Anna you name them" Misaki said as Anna rushed towards her and the twins "really I can name them" Anna asked gleefully "Yeah" Misaki said with a gentle tone "than how about..." Anna said "How about the girl is named Masaki & the boy is named Sasaki" Anna said "I think that's perfect" Misaki said