The next morning, after a quick breakfast, consisting of sausages grilled over the still flickering fireplace, Hagrid made his way to the boat anchored to the rock with which Harry and the Dursleys had made their trip the previous day to the shack.

After settling down and a tap with the umbrella accompanied by in the astounding beard drowned words, the boat starts its course back toward land.

No conversation span itself between the two travelers because shortly after breakfast a owl with a newspaper showed up and Hagrid immediatly started reading once the boat drifts off. Harry saw it positive since it gave him time to think the news he recieved last night through.

So... There is a magical school in britain, I got a kind of stipend to attend because my parents were magic practitioners themselves and were killed when I was 1 1/2 years old. As far as I saw from Hagrid, his claims about magic being a thing at least are true.

From the school material and book list I gathered, that the magic uses are wider spread then they were in Origin.

None of the departed test subjects or researchers I communicated with had anything to say about a necessity to understand astronomy to carry out reasearch of and on magic...

Potions and herbology I'm at least somewhat farmiliar with because of the poison and disease related experiments they carried out on me. Nothing seemed to correlate with the enchantment of magic items...

The least sense i can make of 'Defense against the dark arts'. What the hell is a dark art supposed to be?!

Now that I think about it, because of the scientists disregard for human rights I might only now of so called dark arts so far besides the neat tricks Hagrid showed me...

How would I go about accomplishing those feats of magic? Well firstly a wand is needed appearently even if Hagrids is shaped like an umbrella, he does need to rely on one too.

"Ther we ar'. 'The leaky Cauldron', this place everyon' o' us knows."

Ripped out of his musings, Harry saw the rundown pup in the otherwise colorful shopping street around it.

He noticed other pedestrians looking from one side of the pup to the other as if they weren't able to see this obvious darker spot inbetween the musik shop and the backery.

Just like Hagrid overlooked me at first...

Unperturbed took the afformentioned giant of a man four big steps towards the entry of 'The leaky Cauldron' and held it open for his small charge to enter first.

The patriots sitting and standing all around looked up at the sound of the opened door one after another. All noticed and acknowledged Hagrid with a wave or nod before returning to their conversations, food and drinks. Only two seemed to also take notice of Harry, unsure of himself walking slowly towards the bar, to give Hagrid time to overtake him and guide to where they have to go.

"The usual Hagrid?" intoned the barman, glancing interested between the two newcomers.

"No, Tom nod' tady. Am here for Hogwarts. Helpin' Harry hear get his stuff."

Once more nearby people looked around at the mention of his name to see who they talked about.

None of them could see him however, since he now stood between the now named Tom in front and Hagrid behind him, leaving only a jittery young man with a purple turban actually laying eyes in him.

"Is it..? Are you Harry Potter by chance?"

Tom inquisitively bent forward to get a closer look at his face. After taking in the green eyes, Toms look wandered upwards stopping at the scar on the boys forehead.

At the mention of his full name, a third time nearby people looked interested in his direction and even peeked around Hagrids massive frame, to get a clue by seeing where Tom directed his gaze to. Finally settling on the same sight as the barman shuffled they closer.

"Welcome back Mr Potter."

"An honor to meet you."

And similar greetings werde directed at Harry while most of the greeters extended hands to shake his enthusiasticly.

Unused to those interactions, bordering on worship he saw in the faces of some people standing in line to get autographs from their idols, in all of his three lifes so far he shook the offered hands and slowly edged towards Hagrid, tugging his mantle as soon as was possible to him.

" 'ight... much ta get now."

Finally noticing the silent pleas to move on as what they were, he strode towards a backdoor near the counter.

Now in a fenced in, by brickwalls, plot behind the pub, only occupied by garbage and associated bins, Harry turned to Hagrid.

"Why do they know my name and were all so obsessed with shaking my hand?"

"Well mmmh... Told ya pests of muggles relativs allready tha ya parents didn die in a car crash... "

Counting bricks on the wall from atop the bin on he continued answering.

"There was a guy. Evil as ya might imagine. He came for ya parents and killed em both... Best people ah might ever know. You survived that night with jus ya scar and the evil guy disappeared ever since tha day. Thas why so many know ya name, cause you are the-boy-who-lived an ended darkest times most knew."

At the end if his reminicing he tapped a specific brick and the wall rearranged itself into an arc, giving free view on a bustling shopping alley framed by more colorful shops then the ones around the Leaky cauldron.

"Now though, welcome to Diagon Alley."

Blending out Hagrids pointing and chatter Harry once more fell into thought.

Ok, I'm not an unassuming schoolboy or an experimental subject, no...

This time I'm the savior of a group of wizards cause I somehow survived and banished a magic using murderer. Well could also have been similar to my situation on Origin and rampaged because reasons... gotta hit the books about the history of these wizards

What kinda curse was it, Rodcorte thrust onto me back then? First I thought it simply took my magic and I would just have to manage to live safely without a fortune and destiny... So what did it do?

On autopilot he had followed his giant carer to the front of a large marble double door inscribed with a poem, warning thieves to not even try. Flanked were the doors by unfriendly looking creatures in armor.

"Gringotts. Run by goblins an only insanes woul even try to rob the place."

Showing one of the tellers manning the desks got them a kobold escort to mount a cart and drive a thrillride inspired course into the depths of the earth below London. Starved of excitement and G-forces, Harry enjoyed himself untill they stopped at vault 687.

Receiving the key from Hagrid the kobold opened the vault and Harry was agape at the sight. Veritable mountains of gold and silver towered towards the ceiling of the vault.

"What are you waiting for? Take your gold so we can continue. I don't have all day."

Snapped the kobold after a minute at Harry. Startled, the boy looked at the diminutive creature and then at a nodding Hagrid. Beside the entrance to the vault were sacks of unknown material. He grabbed one and shoveled full hands of coins into it.

Getting back on the cart the trio rode further until stopping at vault 713. This time no key was needed and the kobold caressed the vaults opening until it simply melted into nothingness. Hagrid stepped in and pocketed a small package.

Back in the entry hall of the bank, Harry regretted to have filled the sack as much as possible. Chuckling good naturedly, Hagrid took pity on his charge and carried the money for him.

Over the next hours they got ingredients at an apothecary, scale, telescope and cauldron in a metalware store and books at a expansive bookstore called 'Florish Blotts', where Harry remembered that his magic previously was easiest used on and around dead creatures.

Under the guise of being interested in the existing forms of what muggles would call a zombie, the salesman hesistatetingly showed him a compendium of dark creatures. Hagrid seemed off-put as well by Harrys choice off extra curricular subjects to read up on.

The last things to get now were a wand and pet. After showing Harry the door of 'Olivander's Fine Wands' mumbled Hagrid something of getting him something for his birthday afterall and after some half-hearted and ultimately futile tries from Harry to make him reconsider they split up.

'Olivanders' was very dusty and badly air conditioned shop. After ringing a bell on the counter appeared out of nowhere a white haired man with silvery eyes.

"I wondered when you might pay me a visit Mr. Potter."

Stratting across the shop pulling randomly boxes out of the ceiling high stacks, leaving the surroundings untouched and miraculously still standing, the shopkeeper gathered several of his wands in their respective boxes still and presented the first one to Harry.

Wondering why he would have brought so many over he took the offered one and looked at Olivander expectantly.

"Give it a swing."

As advised he waved the stick he held as he imagined a conductor would. Immediatly the wand was snatched out of his hand.

"No no. Try this one."

The procedure repeated itself. No rime or reason made itself clear behind the wandmakers choices of wands to test out. Some sparked in different colours respecteively and one even emitted a sneeze somehow.

As the last of the ones on the desk was given to Hary, something strange happened. A calming warmth traveled up his right leg and unhindered by his baggy clothes, slithered its way into his right hand, before any kind of reaction fueled by instinct could even occur.

In his hand appeared another wand.

Unbothered by its sudden appearance, he gave it too a broad wave. A trail of silver-black mist trailed behind the wand tip accompanied by a familiar pull-push sensation tugging on something of his very being outside his own reach.

The flabberghasted wandmaker forgotten in front of him, Harry expanded the reach of this newly established connection to his magic. Widening the cracks brought fourth from his wand the magic flooded into his entire body, unconciously keeping it away from the wand responsible for the situation.

Lifting his wandless hand he concentrated once more on the feeling of getting flooded by the nostalgic foreign force, pooling it on his palm. After it however without visible change just poured out of him the image of the fire Hagrid started last night in the fireplace superimposed itself behind his eyes. Guided by the image the magic coalesced into a shape and gathered as a flickering blue flame, growing stronger by the second.

Expecting warmth, the cold he feels from his palm below the flame and crawling down his left arm surprised him.

"Astounding... Marvelous Mr Potter!"

Shrinking away by the once more startling announcement of Olivander, Harry turned to the man and saw his sparkling eyes in the blue light cast by his conjoured fire transfixed on the cold spreading phaenomenon.

"Controlled magic, cast without wand after receiving the one choosing you and manifesting a heat stealing blue bell flame."

Plucking the wand deftly from his hand he clambered back into his shop.

Still filled with the feeling of magic and unwilling of letting it go now, Harry quickly went back to form and guide the now to a torent grown magic. Leaving the, according to Olivander, so called bluebell flames burning,

freezing? It absorbs instead of spreads heat so does it still burn?

He thought back to what kind of magic he should try. Images of Origin came to him clear as day for the first time since his awakening as a 4 year old and saw the corpses he was supposed to move and golems to build from provided materials.

Not keen on making a mess and hopefully gather goodwill instead. Harry focused on the thick dust layer on the surfaces around him. Spreading the magic formless once more, after stopping the flow into the blue fire and extinguishing in the process, around himself, the dust gathered infront of him. A veritable, although reversed, dust devil formed in more ways then one.

The starting point on the floor grew darker the more dust the upper part sucked from its surroundings and gathered at its origin. After no more dust was in reach, a small three inch tall horned figured came to stand at the former ground and anchor point of the dust devil. The now humanoid shaped dust-devil walked towards Harrys palm, prompted by the boy squatting down and presenting its palm to the figure.

That was weird. I thought the dust would just stream together like metal dust pulled by a magnet... How had it gotten so artistic? Was the image I had of dust devils responsible for how the dust was gathered? The further associations would at least explain the form the dust golem took... a literal dust-devil huh.

"How many times do you wish to impress me further Mr Potter?"

Came the almost gleeful statemant of the returning Olivander with a box the wand usually occupied.

Harry payed the 7 galleons for the, according to Olivander, surprisingly rigid 13 1/4 inch long vine wood wand with phoenix feather core.

Leaving the shop made him see Hagrid across the alley waiting for him with a snow owl in a birdcage for him.

"Happy birthday again Harry. Here ya go."

Thanking him, Harry made his way with the giant back towards the leaky cauldron since all the needed things were bought now.

"What now? Are we heading back to the Dursleys or can I go ahead to Privet Drive while you get them off the rock in the sea?"

Hagrid stood stock still few steps before the now solid again wall, sepparating the alley from the pub.

"Was there only one boat back ther'?"

Stepping next to Hagrid Harry looked him with difficulty in the hidden behind bushy hair and beard eyes.

"You noticed only now? I thought it was some kind of revenge since you didn't seem on the best terms with them. How they get back on the mainland I don't care particularly about, I would anyway like to stay in the leaky cauldron so I can get a better feel on what to expect from school and maybe buy more books if I need some... Would be hard to come by magic tomes in a muggle neighborhood you see."

"Should bring ya back to them muggles 's what Dumbledore said...Train leaves in a month..."

Hagrid descended into mumbles.

"Well, depending on how much longer you want to leave them stranded out in the sea..."

"Right ya are, musta hungered the whole day and more o' that just be cruel."

With those words he made his way through the leaky cauldron and through 'muggle' London, as he had on their journey called it at one point, back to where he parked the boat... leaving Harry behind.

Harry watched him leave, shrugged and turned to the barman Tom.

"I would like a room till the schoolyear starts. My relatives aren't fond of magic and visiting the shops at my own leisure would be great."

In his shop Olivander stands over a wandbox filled with splinters of holly.

"I knew I had used the phoenix in this wand... A wood absorbing anothers core and seeking out his wielder. We live in interesting times it seems."