Tim and Lucy didn't even realize they were living together for several weeks, neither of them thinking much about it nor saying a word. He had just packed up some of his and Kojo's things, made sure his house was safe and secure, then came over to spend the night and just never left. Tamara glanced at them on one of their movie nights, only sighing. "What's up, Tam?" Lucy questioned.

"You two do realize that Tim's moved in? Like unofficially but still pretty official." An amused Tamara stifled a laugh as she pet Kojo.

The stunned couple stopped paying attention to the movie and just stared at each other. "Wait, she's right." Tim swiveled his head around to look over at Tamara.

She did laugh this time. "What did I tell you? You're literally here all the time. I don't mind, though. You two are sickeningly adorable."

"You don't mind?" an apprehensive Tim questioned Lucy.

"I want to live with you, Tim. I love living with you. I love you, but we already knew that. So let's make this officially official, what do you say?"

Lucy shrieked in happiness when Tim stood up and scooped her up off the couch. "I say we should start looking for a bigger place, that I should sell my house. This apartment's a little small for the four of us." He kissed her.

She kissed him back. "I'm in! What about you, Tam?"

"Works for me," Tamara agreed.

"Now, why exactly am I in your arms? I'm not complaining but still." Lucy laughed when Tim returned her to the couch.

"Thought maybe I should carry you over the threshold or something but that can wait." He winked at her.

Tamara egged them on so Tim ended up carrying Lucy over the threshold anyway.