Ready to cry or call one of their friends in desperation, Lucy and Tim checked the time - three fifteen in the morning - as their nine week old daughter Carrie cried. They had tried everything they could think of her to get her back to sleep but nothing seemed to do the trick. "Maybe Angela can help," a frantic, tearful Lucy suggested.

"We'll figure this out," Tim tried, even though he was ready to give in himself. Maybe Carrie had the right idea. Then he thought of something. "Hand me my phone."

Confused, she did as asked and gave Tim his phone. He pressed a few buttons and then a familiar song started playing.

Lucy chuckled. "Sweet Caroline, Tim? Really?"

He shrugged, laughing. "Ran out of ideas and considering her name's Caroline, I figured it couldn't hurt to try." Tim started bouncing Carrie again, and her cries started to taper off as the song continued playing.

"Maybe we should put it on repeat until she falls asleep." An amazed Lucy just gawked at them.

"Come over here and dance with us, baby," Tim pleaded.

And the three of them danced to four renditions of the song before Carrie finally fell asleep.