Talia was working a case in Los Angeles when she happened to catch the documentary about Mid-Wilshire - curiosity got the best of her. She had lost touch with her friends, their lives busy and not intersecting at all in the past few years. Her jaw dropped when she learned of Tim and Lucy's relationship - she had fallen for his former rookie? That didn't seem like Tim, and she sure as hell had warned Lucy against relationships with fellow cops. But they seemed happy and clearly were in love so maybe the two of them knew what they were doing. But still, she texted Tim to let him know she was in town and would love to catch up when they were both free. He responded within an hour and they found a time and a place that worked for the three of them.

When Lucy and Tim showed up at the restaurant they had agreed upon, Talia stood up and hugged him. "Congratulations on the promotions."

"Thanks, Bishop. How's your new line of work treating you?" he asked after pulling out Lucy's chair for her. Tim beamed at Lucy once they had all sat down, and Talia nearly did a double take at the look of pure happiness on his face - one she had never seen before, even at the happiest point in his relationship with Isabel.

"Fine. I'm enjoying it." Talia glanced over at Lucy. "And how about you?"

Lucy smiled at her. "I'm great! Studying to take the detective's exam. Angela and Nyla are backing me."

"Nyla?" The name didn't sound familiar to Talia.

"Nyla Harper," chimed in Tim.

"Wait, didn't she have a golden ticket? She's backing you up?" Wow. A lot of shit had gone down in the years since she left the LAPD.

Lucy nodded. "She's one of our closest friends." She leaned over to whisper something in Tim's ear, and Talia couldn't help but watch them together.

But curiosity got the best of her and she had to ask Tim something. "So what made Tim Bradford leave patrol and join Metro? Last I knew, you wanted to stay on patrol for the rest of your life."

Tim glanced up from the menu. "When Lucy and I finally got our heads out of our asses - Angela's words, not mine - and got together, we realized fairly quickly I couldn't be in her chain of command anymore. So I went to Gray and took a desk job. It didn't last very long because Lucy figured out a way to get me a job with Metro and the rest is history." He looked so proud of her and leaned over to give her a quick kiss.

Talia's eyes widened. "Wow. Damn. Never thought I'd see the day. But congratulations to you both. I know you'll make detective, Chen."

"Thanks, Bishop." Their conversation got interrupted when the waiter showed up to take their order and they sat in silence for a few minutes.

Something was bothering Talia so she got straight to the point. "Not that you two aren't adorable or anything but I see you didn't take my advice to heart, Chen."

"Yeah, I had your voice in the back of my head for a long time. Tim and I were in denial about our feelings for each other for a long time, and honestly, it doesn't matter anyway. But I appreciate the advice, nonetheless."

Tim chuckled, shaking his head in amusement. "Will never get over you and Nolan. But hey, we all have our pasts."

Talia pursed her lips. "Well, I'm happy for you both, despite my initial misgivings about the situation. I expect an invite to the wedding," she teased.

"You will be on the guest list," Tim promised.

"We look forward to seeing you there." Lucy stole another quick kiss and they continued to converse until the food arrived.

By the end of their dinner, Talia had been updated on their friends' lives and she wished she could have met up with them too but it wasn't meant to be.

And when Tim and Lucy eloped just a few short months later, they kept their word and invited Talia to the celebration thrown by their friends afterwards.