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It was an early afternoon 15:30pm (3:30pm) to be precise and the HOMRA bar was packed with the members of the gang including a young girl who looked similar to Anna but had eyes on her black platforms and her skirt and hat and the belt of her skirt and was just less pale and had hair the same color as Yata Misaki's hair. The child was laying on misaki and seemingly sleeping. Anna was at a bar stool sipping a glass of grape juice through a straw her juice was in a clear red cup. Mikoto was sitting next to her with his head down. Whilst most of the HOMRA members were standing and making jokes Totsuke was next to Mikoto going on about a new hobby of his. Eric walked towards the red leather couch the young girl and misaki were on he sat down next to the child and looked over at what the other man was doing on his PDA the child rubbed at her eyes as she woke up. "Nnh," the little girl groaned as she stretched.

"Good afternoon," Misaki told the child as he patted her on the back.

"Misaki," the child said as she looked at the 19 year old's PDA too. Eric had already looked away from the others PDA and went to look at his own. The child noted that he was texting someone, someone named 'Hikaru' the child new who Hikaru was it was a friend of Misaki's from work the girl had met him once before. But was a bit scared of him, Hikaru was a man of color who had a lot of muscle that was what scared the child the muscles that were shown ever so clearly. The man wore a black V-neck T-shirt with the neck of his shirt outlined with maroon, he wore ripped up grey jeans. And wore a bunch of bracelets. The man hair was in a short high ponytail and his bangs covered his right eye, and his eyes were a very dark brown so much it could pass as black, he also had a maroon metal chain on his waist melt and on the top of that chain was his keys his car keys and house keys and mail box keys and the work place keys. Where he normally locked up. The girl even though was scared of him the first time she got used to him and liked him she called him 'Hika-Chan' like how she called misaki 'Misaki-Chan' and Mikoto 'Miko-Chan' and Izumo 'Izu-Chan' and Rikio 'Riki-Chan' and Eric 'Eri-Chan' etc.

"Hm, I'm gonna have to go Sato got sick and needs me to cover for him," Misaki said.

"Hika-Chan is sick?" The child asked as she looked up at the man she slept on.

"Yeah kiddo," misaki replied as he got up the little girl then got up to her feet as well.

"Ok Misa-Chan," the child said and with that they left.