Once Upon Time...

In the darkest city on earth there was a happy couple who were just about to be a family. The woman gave birth to a baby girl. They were very happy. Then one day tragedy struck the abandoned house they were living in was broken into. You see though they were happy they also had no home. It was completely senseless trying to rob the homeless, but that was just what a pair of burglars did. They broke into the house looking for valuable old stuff. When they found none they turned their guns on the couple. They started shouting at the couple with guns waving saying.

"Give us all of your valuables now." Robbers

"We have nothing of value." The Couple

"Then we have no use for you." Robbers

What the robbers didn't know was that the couple did have one thing of value their daughter, which they stashed away with a dog that had just given birth. The robbers shot the couple with out mercy. So that is how a girl ended up being raised by a dog.

Present Time Narrator POV

The girl roamed the streets of Gotham looking for food for her ailing mother. The girl is ten years old her adoptive mother is an eighteen year old golden retriever. Meanwhile a rather devious criminal stole doctor Strange's mind device. The police were immediately called, and The Batman intercepted the call. He is here to get the device back what he doesn't know is that it has all ready been modified into a new and improved model. The criminal calling himself Codename is going to use it to trap all of Gotham in the minds of it's criminal population, and The Batman is determined to stop him. The girl was walking past the hideout during the fight when the blaster portion of the device went off just as The Batman was swinging past. The Batman looks over, and sees the unconscious girl he knocks out the criminal, ties him up, and picks up the girl then returns to the Bat-cave where Alfred says.

"Sir another stranger in the Bat-cave?" Alfred

"It's ok Alfred I don't think she'll be waking up any time soon." The Batman

Alfred raises an eyebrow in question, and The Batman says.

"She was hit by an improved version of Strange's mind traveling device." The Batman

"Oh dear. If her body is here then where is her mind?" Alfred

"That's what I intend to find out Alfred." The Batman

"Very good I'll make it known that master Bruce is in Tahiti on vacation." Alfred

"Thanks Alfred." The Batman

The Batman goes to his computer, and starts trying to figure out how to help the child lying in the med-wing. Inside his mind someone is waking up in a very scary place. She starts crying at first The Batman thinks he is imagining it, but when the crying didn't stop The Batman realized that the girl was inside his mind.

Inside The Batman's Mind...

The little girl sits on her knees crying The Batman walks up to her, and says.

"What's wrong?" The Batman

"I'm scared." the girl

"Do you know who I am?" The Batman

"The Batman. Mommy says you are a hero. Wait a minute why am I speaking English. Where am I anyway?" the girl

"What language do you speak?" The Batman

"Dog. My adoptive mother is a dog." the girl

"You were raised from infancy by a dog?" The Batman

"Yes." the girl

"How do you know?" The Batman

"Mommy told me that my birth parents loved me very much." the girl

"Did your mother tell you why they gave you up?" The Batman

"Mommy told me the story of how she got me now I'm going to tell it to you. A female dog had just had a litter of pups when robbers came into the abandoned house she lived in. A homeless couple also lived in the house. They were always nice to the dog she liked them very much. The couple just had a child a beautiful little girl. The child was their precious treasure. The man saw the robbers coming so he told his wife that they needed to give their treasure away for her own safety in case something bad happens at least then she'll be safe. They took the child to the female dog that lived in the building she had just had a litter of pups so she could care for the child. After the dog accepted the child the couple left that part of the house, and went back to their area to wait for the robbers to leave. The robbers didn't leave however they kept making their way through the house. When they made it to the couples area they tried to rob them. When they realized that they had nothing they killed them. The dog took her family, and left the building; She settled down in an abandoned building in an isolated area of the city.
That is the story of how I came to be raised by dog." the girl

"I see. What were you doing outside that building?" The Batman

"I was looking for food for my mommy." the girl

"Why wasn't your mother going out, and getting food?" The Batman

"Mommy is really sick." the girl

"What's wrong?" The Batman

"She can hardly move, and she is always crying. I don't know what's wrong. Can you help my mommy?" the girl

"I'll see what I can do. Where is she?" The Batman

"In Old Gotham the house is red." the girl

"You can watch the whole thing on this screen, and this will allow you tell me when you see your mother understand?" The Batman

"Yes. Thank you for everything." the girl

"Your welcome." The Batman

The Outside World...

Alfred exits the elevator just as The Batman stops zoning out, and says.

"Any progress in finding the girl sir?" Alfred

"Yes Alfred there is. I found her." The Batman

"And where would that be sir?" Alfred

"She is in my mind." The Batman

"Please try not scare her master Bruce." Alfred

"She will find that my mind is the safest place possible. Alfred I'm going out, I need you to call a vet, and cancel the trip to Tahiti." The Batman

"Certainly Sir. May I ask why?" Alfred

"Later Alfred." The Batman

The Batman changes into Bruce Wayne, and drives to Old Gotham. Within minutes Bruce pulls up to the house, goes inside the house, and sees a golden retriever lying down on the couch. Bruce walks over to the couch, and lets her smell him. She lays her head down keeping her eyes on Bruce the entire time. Bruce picks her up off the couch, walks out of the house, to the car, puts her on the backseat, closes the door, and drives away. Bruce calls Alfred, and says.

"Alfred as soon as the vet leaves I need you to move the girl to a guest room. I will find a way to reverse this." Bruce

"Certainly Sir. The vet is awaiting your arrival as you requested sir." Alfred

"Thanks Alfred. I should be arriving any minute." Bruce

Bruce arrives at the manor, the vet looks the dog over, tells Bruce whats wrong, and leaves. Bruce feels sorry for the girl. She is about to loose her mother. The least he can do for her is return her to her body so that she can be there for her mother in her last hours.