Bruce goes down to the Bat-cave right to the computer to test out his idea to make sure it's right before he even considers trying it out on the girl. Speaking of which he doesn't even know her name.

Inside The Batman's Mind...

The Batman approaches the little girl, and says.

"What's your name?" The Batman

"I don't really have one. My mommy calls me child or treasure." the girl

"I see. I have bad news." The Batman

"What is it?" the girl

"Your mother is dying." The Batman

"What! Why?" the girl

"Your mother is very old. She has reached the end of her life. The most we can do for her is make her comfortable. She has been looking for you. So we moved your body to a guest room, and laid her down next to you. Hopefully that will provide her with some comfort." The Batman

"Thank you Batman." the girl

Outside World

Alfred walks up to them, and says.

"Any luck sir. The girls mother is starting to worry." Alfred

"Not yet, but I'm working on it." The Batman

Batman continues to work wondering if the child will be alright once she is returned to her body. She will be all alone with no possibility of adoption. She will be unable to speak English so she can't even get papers, and I highly doubt that she will be able to learn. Dog doesn't seem like your typical language. We'll just have to wait, and see what the devices after effects are. The Batman realizes that the girl is panicking...

Inside The Batman's Mind

The Batman approaches the girl, and she says.

"Can you take me to see my mother the worry is probably shortening the time she has left." the girl

"I'll see what I can do. Just be prepared you might not like what you see." The Batman

Outside World

The Batman changes back to Bruce, and goes to the room her mother is resting in. When he gets there he grants the girl access to his eyes. Moments after Bruce hears crying in his head. Realizing how bad an idea that was he is about to cut access when the girl says.

"Please do something to let mommy know that I'm going to be fine. I don't want her die like this. Please help mommy find peace." the girl

Bruce walks over, and starts petting the dog soothingly the way Alfred did after his parents died. He comforts her saying.

"Everything will be fine." Bruce

The dog nudged her daughter, and whined.

"The Batman is working on it. She will be just fine." Bruce

The dog laid down, and rested. While Bruce was petting her she was getting weaker. Bruce was happy the dog was at peace. He couldn't help but wonder if he would be able to help the girl after she is healthy. The dogs breathing was slowing she wouldn't last much longer, and Bruce knew it. The dogs breathing stops not long after. When her mother dies she starts to sob. When Bruce hears this he is reminded of when his parents died. At that moment he doesn't care if the girl sees the memory or not. Bruce understands her pain so he returns to the Bat-cave to continue his work. Once he arrives Bruce decides to try, and comfort her.

Inside The Batman's Mind

The Batman approaches the sobbing girl, gets down on one knee, and says.

"I know that your hurting right now. If it helps I know how you feel." The Batman

"You understand how I'm feeling right now. How?" the girl

The Batman takes off his cowl showing the girl his face, and says.

"My name is Bruce Wayne. When I was your age my parents were murdered in front of me. The pain your in right now is very familiar to me. I would like to tell you that everything is going to be fine, but the truth is it won't. I can however tell you that it will get better." Bruce

"How will things get better I'm alone now. My brothers and sisters have all been adopted by loving human families. All I had left is mommy, and now she's gone. No one will adopt someone who knows she is human, but talks like a dog." the girl

As soon as she finishes saying this she starts to cry again. Bruce wraps his arms around the girl as new tears fall down her face, and says.

"I'll adopt you. I know I could never replace your mother, but I'll love and care for you. I promise to give you a good home. What do you say?" Bruce

"I accept. Thank you so much Bruce. Um can I have some time to myself." the girl

"Are you sure that you won't start crying again the moment I leave?" Bruce

"I have no tears left I'm just tired." the girl

"Alright then go to sleep in this bed, and I'll check on you later." Bruce.

"Yes Bruce." the girl

Bruce puts his cowl back on, turns to leave as the girl gets in bed, and goes to sleep.

Outside World

The Batman zones back in, and doubles his efforts to find a solution. It takes a couple hours, but he finds it. Unfortunately he has to wait for the girl to wake up. Seeing how tired she is he lets her sleep. Alfred walks up behind him, and says.

"Any luck sir?" Alfred

"Yes Alfred I found the solution, but I can't use it until she wakes up. I don't have the heart to wake her. She is sleeping so peacefully." The Batman

"Very good sir I'll move the girl to the med-wing immediately." Alfred

"Thanks Alfred." The Batman

Half an hour later the girl wakes up, and yawns. The Batman sets up the machine, and turns it on. As soon as it finishes the girl wakes up, and telepathically says.

"Bruce what happened? One minute I'm in bed the next I'm laying on a table." the girl

The telepathy doesn't go unnoticed by Bruce who says.

"I found a way to put you back in your body. Now I'm going to change stay here with Alfred I'll be right back." The Batman

"Yes Bruce." the girl

Minutes later Bruce walks into the med-wing. The girl is trying to get up with Alfred sternly protesting. Bruce walks up to Alfred, puts his hand on his shoulder, and says.

"What seems to be the problem here Alfred?" Bruce

"The girl is pushing herself. She hasn't used her body for some time. It would be wise to ease into strenuous activity." Alfred

The girl speaks her mind; Alfred and Bruce give her confused looks. Bruce says.

"Could you repeat that in English please?" Bruce

"Strenuous activities please. I've been unconscious for longer with some of the parties mommy used to take me to when I was younger." the girl

The girl sits up, and looks at Bruce who says.

"Parties. What happens at these parties?" Bruce

"Drinking, Dancing, Socializing, and downright rowdy behavior. Just an all around good time." the girl

"Your mother was a dog. I didn't know dogs drink, or throw rowdy parties." Bruce

"Well there is a lot you don't know." the girl

"I can see that." Bruce

The girl responds. To which Bruce says.

"English please." Bruce

"Honestly how could you grow up in the city, and not know these things? What were you doing living under a rock?" the girl

"Tone down the attitude if you don't want to be grounded." Bruce

"Sorry Bruce. I just don't understand how you are just finding out something so obvious now." the girl

"We humans don't think animals are smart enough to do these things." Bruce

"Well now you know differently." the girl

"Yes I do so thanks." Bruce

"Your welcome. Now if you don't mind with the day I've had I could use a drink. See you tomorrow." the girl

The girl leaves the Bat-cave, and makes her way to her favorite bar.

When she is gone Alfred turns to Bruce, and says.

"Master Bruce do you really intend to allow a child under your care to consume alcohol?" Alfred

"Yes I do Alfred. It'll give me a chance to study this new side of the world." Bruce

"Will you be needing your tights sir?" Alfred

"No thanks Alfred. I think swinging bachelor Bruce Wayne can handle some bar hopping." Bruce

"Do be careful sir. We know nothing about what these K-9 public houses are like." Alfred

"Thanks Alfred, but I'll be fine." Bruce

Bruce manages to catch up to Treasure before she makes it to the bar. Treasure looks at him, and says.

"What are you doing here?" Treasure

"Going out on the town with my foster daughter." Bruce

"You want to come with me?" Treasure

Bruce nods, and Treasure says.

"Fine, but you better not embarrass me." Treasure

"No problem Treasure." Bruce

Treasure continues on the way to the bar making sure that there is no one else following her.

Treasure and Bruce arrive at the bar, and walk in each of them hoping to have a good time. Bruce hoping that he will be able to learn as much as he can about this previously unknown side of the world. Treasure hoping that her faster father will not do anything to embarrass her in her favorite bar. Treasure goes up to the bar, and orders herself and Bruce a glass of Moon Drops. Treasure pays the bar tender two moon tokens, the bar tender looks from her to Bruce, and says.

Are you sure that you are using the right currency Treasure?

What do you mean Noah?

Well you did just buy that human a drink.

Are you saying that I am a pet? You've got a lot of nerve Noah.

Well then what is going on?

Bruce is just taking care of me until I get back on my feet after my mothers death.

Noah shakes his head, and says.

You know Treasure being a pet isn't such a bad thing.

I know it's just after what happened to Devon …

You can't keep living in the past, and you know that it was your mothers dearest wish for all of her children to be adopted into loving human homes.

Fine I'll go to the records office and the currency exchange tomorrow.

Good, now what'll ya have?

A refill for me, and I think Bruce should try the Cactus Juice. Also can you get us a large chicken platter.

Sure thing just take a seat at your usual booth, and Dixie will bring your order right over.

Thanks Noah.

Bruce and Treasure go and sit in a very comfortable booth, and wait for their order to arrive.

When Dixie has brought their orders, and gone to see to other customers Treasure samples the food from the chicken platter. Bruce also samples some of the delicious looking chicken off the platter. Bruce is surprised by how good this chicken tastes, and wonders if he can get the recipe for Alfred. Bruce takes a sip of his drink finding it to be on the spicy side, and says.

"Mind telling me what we're drinking?" Bruce

"I ordered another glass of Moon Drops for me, and a Cactus Juice for you." Treasure

Bruce raises an eyebrow asking for an explanation, and Treasure goes on to say.

"Moon Drops is a very popular brand of sweet whiskey while Cactus Juice is so spicy it leaves your tongue feeling like you licked a cactus. That is why that liquor is enjoyed very sparingly." Treasure

"How sparingly?" Bruce

"The recommendation is one glass a day." Treasure

"Do you like this drink?" Bruce

"Occasionally." Treasure

Bruce smirks, and goes back to enjoying his drink. As soon as they are finished their drinks Treasure orders another round making sure to explain the particulars of every drink they order. After having quite a few of the different liquors in the bar Bruce says.

"Treasure do you think the bar tender would be willing to sell us a bottle of Moon Drops to take home with us when we leave?" Bruce

"It shouldn't be a problem as long as I have enough money left to pay for it." Treasure

Treasure looks in her money pouch, and says.

"Fortunately I have just enough left to buy a bottle of Moon Drops, but I'll have to go back to work early to refill my money pouch." Treasure

Bruce nods, but is mentally kicking himself for allowing Treasure to spend all of her money on booze.

Bruce and Treasure arrive home with a bottle of Moon Drops, and the recipe for the chicken platter they had the pleasure of enjoying. Bruce takes the bottle of Moon Drops down to the Bat cave to analyze it so he can find out what's so different about it compared to human liquor. What Bruce finds is absolutely astonishing. The K-9 liquor is formulated so that it does no harm to the body, but still retains all of the pleasant affects inherent to the drink. After going over all of the results again Bruce determines that he will only serve K-9 liquor at his parties and fundraisers from now on. It makes Bruce wonder what else there is that he doesn't know about the life of dogs. He wonders if when amongst themselves they live lives very similar to humans. Bruce will have to conduct a more thorough study of this in the future, but right now he will focus on how to purchase more of this remarkable liquor for his fundraiser this weekend. He will have to look around to see if he can get some of his own money changed into the correct currency so that Treasure will not have to keep spending all of her money, but first he will have to build some kind of translation device so he can understand what the parties involved are saying. Bruce realizes that he will have to ask Treasure to help him with the project. Bruce will make sure that he does what he can to make sure that no one finds out about the secret life of dogs. Bruce knows that Treasure greatly values her freedom, but at the same time he is her guardian and therefore responsible for her well fare. Bruce is astonished by how mature Treasure is for a ten year old. Bruce goes on patrol, and sees what kind of trouble is going on in Gotham. When Bruce get's home he goes to make sure that Treasure is sleeping peacefully. After seeing her peacefully sleeping Bruce goes to bed himself, and drifts off to sleep with little problems. The next morning Bruce and Treasure go to their respective places of work. Treasure finishes her shift at the liquor distillery, and goes to the records office immediately after work. When she is done at the records office Treasure goes to the currency exchange to get her stipend of bones to go with her change in status. On her way home Treasure stops by her favorite dinner to get something to eat. As soon as she has finished her dinner Treasure pays for her meal, and goes home to her human family. When Treasure gets home she plunks down on the couch, and takes a nap after her exhausting day. Bruce comes into the living room, and finds Treasure sound asleep on the couch. He smiles, and leaves the room happy with his life.