Sally Jackson cursed her luck as she ran for her life, her beautiful face streaked with tears and the swollen belly of her first child could hinder but not stop her desperate run.

How did it end up in this situation?

A few months ago he had thought that his life had finally ended on the right track. After all the misfortunes that had happened in her life she had met a man she could say she loved.

Poseidon had been a strange man that fascinated me: despite his youthful appearance he gave the air of a lived man not unlike an old sailor. It hadn't taken long before she fell under her spell as the typical schoolgirl had fallen for, dark and mysterious.

Just thinking about those piercing green eyes made her knees shake even now after all that had happened. Yet what should have been the love story of her life had turned into the beginning of her tragedy.

After months of what he could only describe as burning passion, he had discovered the truth. The man she loved with all her heart was not only married but not even a man.

A God when Poseidon had told him the truth she had laughed thinking it was yet another joke in bad taste due to the man's bad sense of humor.

Laughter had died on her lips at the first tests of her ex-lover's powers, within moments all the certainties she had built in a lifetime had been shattered the world as she knew it had disappeared to be replaced with one of myths and legends.

A world that would not be kind to the child she was carrying, Poseidon had been very clear about that. The demigods didn't have an easy life being hunted and hunted by monsters until they died, their life was a constant battle for survival.

Her son especially would have gone even more uphill than the other half-bloods, as son of the sea flower he would have been even more subject to monster attacks, but this was only a small part of the danger that his child was in, the the real threat to his future were the other Gods.

The myths were full of disputes and disputes between the various gods for the most desperate reasons, the Greek gods in particular being more likely to make even the smallest offense into an endless tragedy.

And the birth of her child would be no small transgression, as the child of one of the big three her child had literally been forbidden for more than fifty years. But Poseidon hadn't cared about all this lost in his lust for her he had done the deed regardless of the dangers and consequences anyway. Wounded and disconsolate, she had chased the God away and hadn't seen him since.

After Poseidon's departure she had been studying everything related to Greek myths and history in the hope of finding something that could save her child. The more she learned the more desperate she became, the Greek heroes demigods or normal humans didn't end up well usually punished by the same gods who had helped and favored them in the past.

Only one had managed to live a happy life Perseus, after reading about him he wished the same life for his son. It was during his studies that he met an old satyr.

For a moment he thought he finally had a stroke of luck , the grumpy satyr had explained in more detail what Poseidon had only hinted at.

Camp half blood the only place for the demigods she had briefly hoped for the safety of her son, only to be disappointed by her own nature as a forbidden child her child could never set foot in that shrine.

Desperate she had asked the satyr for help hoping for any solution willing to do anything to save her child. Reluctantly the satyr admitted that there was a solution, monsters and satyrs relied on smell to identify and locate demigods if she could mask her baby's scent she stood a good chance of hiding it.

So they had started looking for a way to hide the smell of the unborn future, their research had led them to find Gabe Ugliano. The man was one of the most repugnant individuals Sally had ever seen, not only in terms of his hygienic but also moral habits.

Just looking at him Sally felt nauseous but the satyr continued to argue that the stench emanating from the man would have been such as to mask any perfume that his son could ever emanate.

If she could keep that disgusting man by her side her child would be safe, so tonight she had prepared to sacrifice herself for the love of her child.

Sally was well aware of being a beautiful woman and despite being pregnant she was confident of being able to seduce Gabe this same night and if she had played her cards right in a short time she would have been able to get married thus securing her son.

The plan had been made , but while it seemed perfect on paper, its implementation had proved disastrous. Yes, Gabe had been fascinated by her at the beginning of the evening but not enough to give up everything to follow her, instead the little man had decided to combine business with pleasure and had taken her to his business meeting.


In her pretty dress standing in a dark and dingy alley Sally couldn't have looked more out of place than this but Gabe didn't care in the least as he strode confidently towards his contact.

"Do you have the stuff?" asked one of the five men hidden in the shadows

"Of course Bob you don't know me" joked Gabe as he threw a bag at the feet of the shadow identified as Bob

"That's why I asked," growled Bob

"You know me too well" Gabe chuckles as he grabbed Sally and pulled her closer to him as he began to harass the woman to her thinly veiled displeasure

Only then did the big man hidden in the shadows seem to notice Sally's presence

"Who is?" Bob asked as he seemed to be throwing his head in the air as if to smell something

"Nobody important. Do you have my money instead?"

Bob just grunted as he sniffed the air with more and more apprehension from Sally who was starting to worry about the whole situation.

"I smell fish," said one of the remaining big men hiding in the shadows.

At these words Sally stiffened as fear began to rise in her heart , she immediately tried to wriggle free from Gabe's grip but the man didn't let her go too confused by the bizarre statement she had just heard.

"I do not hear anything. Rather where is my money? Gabe asked more and more annoyed while still not seeing his ill-gotten gain appear

"Are you sure?" Bob ignored Gabe's question completely as his eyes traveled to his partner and what he had just said.

"Yes" growled the big man as he sniffed the air deeply, with every breath Sally felt shaking, forcing the woman could also see the shape of all five distorted like a mirage in the middle of the desert.

The ability to see through the veil that hid the world of legend from the normal one in the past had been this trait that made Poseidon interested in the woman in the past.

And now Sally was experiencing the effects of that skill as her eyes tried to focus on what was hidden from most view.

With renewed vigor the woman began to tug on Gabe's arm in an attempt to free herself from the man's grip, eventually succeeding. Without looking back, the woman began to run as if there was no tomorrow.

"It's the woman" triumphant yell one of the figures hidden in the shadows as Bob leapt into action with a roar flung himself on the still oblivious Gabe tearing him to pieces in an instant.

"Get her" with a yell the chase began as blood and guts flew everywhere .

The alleyways and streets of the neighborhood blurred as Sally ran like there was no tomorrow, no matter how fast she went she couldn't shake off her pursuers, their laughter filling her ears.

At one point the sickening sound of chewing had been added to the sound of laughter, it was a chilling sound that the woman did not dare to imagine what was due to it, just thinking about it brought to mind images of ground bones and torn tendons.

Knowing that this was the future that awaited her and her son if she slowed down even a little Sally ran with more vigor.

"Get down" following the instinct Sally listened to the unknown voice and threw herself on the ground just in time because a monstrous claw ripped through the air where her head was previously.

With her heart pounding Sally finally saw her pursuers from the original six they had turned into an infinity, the woman couldn't even count them all from how they filled the streets and alleys.

Hellhounds, cyclops, manticores, giants all kinds of monsters had come for her and her little boy some Sally couldn't even recognize them despite her studies.

It was as if the gates of Hades themselves had opened and regurgitated all kinds of abominations to pursue her. There was no escape, no salvation, Sally couldn't find any escape however she searched with certainty she knew today would be the day she died.

The regrets of a lifetime passed through her head, first of all the fact of not being able to protect the life of her condemned son even before he was born into the world for faults not hers.

"Are you OK?" when she had reached her lowest point, one step away from falling into an abyss of despair, a warm voice awakened her.

A pair of gentle gold and silver eyes watched her intently, clearly searching for any injury or damage to her person. The eyes belonged to what Sally had to admit must be the most attractive man she had ever seen: exotic red hair speckled with a few white wisps resting on a handsome tanned face, broad shoulders and a body to rival a Greek god something Sally must have known from personal experience having seen one herself.

"Are you OK?" again the same question finally brought Sally out of her reverie back to harsh reality

"Yes" Sally could only answer as she lived that surreal scene: a charming stranger who came to the rescue of the damsel in distress besieged by monsters of all kinds, looked like something out of a fairy tale or a myth.

But Sally knew very well that fairy tales didn't exist and she had experienced firsthand how cruel and bloody myths were.

" Please run away, save yourself at least " even in these circumstances Sally considered herself a good person and did not want a stranger to suffer for her problems even if only in the hope that this good deed would earn her and her son a place in the Elysian fields .

" Don't worry, it will all be over in a moment, " the man said confidently as he turned to face the army of monsters.

"Trace on"

Sally couldn't believe her eyes black and white swords had appeared in the man's hands at the mere utterance of a few words.

The woman knew nothing of weapons but could also say in her ignorance that those in the hands of her savior were works of art worthy of Hephaestus himself.

Sally didn't even have time to finish processing this new information that the man took action. With a lightning bolt that the woman could hardly follow, she hurled herself at the monsters.

At each passage of man clouds of gold dust rose and monsters died, it was an unstoppable force no matter how many enemies stood against it, they didn't last more than a few seconds.

It was something Sally could only compare to a natural, magnificent and destructive force.

Within minutes, what was an invincible army capable of bringing to death even the most powerful of demigods was reduced to a cloud of dust.

It had been an incredible scene yet Sally couldn't believe her eyes, a hero had truly come to her rescue in her hour of need and despite the odds she had accomplished the impossible.

With an unstoppable power he had managed to go against fate it was the kind of power Sally would need to keep her son safe.

"Now you're safe it's all over" once again the warm voice of her savior brought Sally out of her thoughts. The man wasn't even out of breath after his feat his clothes were also in perfect order not even a crease on them, all indicating that his feat hadn't even required the maximum effort of him.

"Thank you" what else could Sally say still groggy from everything she had experienced

The woman's numb expression must have been clearly visible on her face because the stranger in his infinite kindness asked

"Do you need help?"

"Please marry me" Sally immediately felt blush after pronouncing her absurd proposal, she had been so impressed by her savior's actions that she had desired those skills to defend her son and therefore taken by the moment she had expressed her wish and now she felt silly.


Shirou Emiya cursed his luck once again no matter how pointless and repetitive it was. He'd simply gone out to do some shopping for a starving Saber and found himself surrounded by an army of monsters.

It wasn't the first time he'd come across monsters since he'd moved to this new world, but never in this amount.

The air was so filled with the foul stench of monsters that Shirou found it difficult even to breathe. The situation was worrying an army of this size didn't arise for nothing, there had to be a reason why such a huge multitude of monsters had been mobilised.

Strengthening his body, Shiruo climbed one of the buildings that overlooked the path of the army. With the advantage of height, it wasn't hard for him to spot the prey the monsters were hunting.

A young woman in her early twenties was fleeing with all the strength she was capable of, a faint smell that Shirou could only associate with the sea emanating from her almost drowned out by the monsters' stench.

The woman was now visibly exhausted without help she would soon be captured. With a sigh, Shirou dropped his groceries and made a decision that he would help the woman.

Having identified his target, Shiruo leapt forward and swooped down like a hawk on his prey to rescue the damsel in distress following what Rin would have called his stupid hero complex.

His intervention would no longer be timed, the first monsters had already reached the woman with their claws just a few centimeters away from tearing her apart.

Black Keys materialized in the air to be promptly hurled at approaching monsters, as missiles ripped through the air reducing the most imminent threat to golden dust. The woman was so caught up in her flight that she didn't even notice his intervention.

But the danger wasn't over yet from the woman's shadow a colossal paw was emerging as there was no way to strike the monster without endangering the woman Shirou had to detect her presence.

"Get down" luckily the woman promptly followed her order dodging the incoming attack and allowing Shirou to exterminate the first line of monsters just in time before it reached her.

Landed safely and bought some time Shirou allowed himself a better look at the woman. She had long brown hair and bright blue eyes most importantly she was clearly pregnant.

Realizing that the situation was even more serious than expected Shiruo prepared to unleash all his strength, but first he had to ascertain the condition of the woman.

"Are you OK?" a mixture of adrenaline and shock must have hit the woman hard because she didn't immediately answer the question, meanwhile Shiruo could hear the second line of monsters approaching.

"Are you okay" Shiruo asked once again worried that the woman might have fallen into a deep state of shock.

"Yes" luckily even if shaken the woman was still in her senses and didn't seem to have suffered serious damage either to herself or to her child

"Please run away, at least you save yourself" even in such aloof circumstances the woman thought of the well-being of a stranger compared to her own, it was a stupid way of thinking according to some but for Shiruo who had lived all his life for others the the woman's attitude was to admire.

But this propensity for sacrifice was useless at this moment, the army of monsters before him was not a threat to Shiruo at all, even without using his strongest cards he could have destroyed the nightmare that presented itself on the horizon.

"Don't worry it will all be over in a moment" I reassure Shiruo throwing a reassuring smile at the expectant mother.

"Trace on" once again the words that had made him a legend were pronounced and with them Shiruo found the familiar weight of Kanshou and Bakuya in his hand.

Strengthening his legs Shiruo departed, in the eyes of most he would have been just a blur as he pounced on the monsters like a vengeful demon.

With the married blades in hand Shiruo was unstoppable, the monsters of this new world were not used to facing individuals like him capable of enterprises well above the human, the few opponents worthy of the name they met were young inexperienced demigods and ill equipped who based all their skills on their divine gifts.

But Shiruo was different from those scared and abandoned children he was a man who had crossed countless battlefields and had perfected his skills beyond the limit.

His strength had reached a level that eclipsed even some of the legends that in his youth had brought him to the brink of death.

And the army before him was neither powerful or numerous enough to overwhelm the heroes of his boyhood. Within minutes everything had been reduced to dust.

"You're safe now it's all over" with his hands now free from the weight of his swords Shiruo turned to the still shaken woman

"Thank you" now that the danger had passed you could see a light of relief illuminate the woman's face making her beauty stand out even more.

"Do you need help?" Shiruo asked the immediate danger might have passed but not only was the woman still visibly in pain but why she was being attacked by the monsters was still unknown.

"Please marry me" the proposal arrived like a bolt from the blue, of all the things that Shiruo expected this was the last.

The man would be lying if he said that this was the first marriage proposal he had received from a woman after a situation of grave danger.

But there was a desperation in the woman's voice that was missing from all the other statements she'd received. It was as if the woman's life itself depended on her answer, an indescribable and urgent need.

Shiruo may have matured a lot since his adolescence but deep down he was still the same boy the core that made him up hadn't changed since his first days after the fire.

And it was that core that had led him on the path to becoming a hero of justice, a person who couldn't say no to those in need and who would do anything to help others.

There was no need to think so his answer would not have changed the moment the woman had made his proposal their destinies had become intertwined.

"Of course" now he would just have to tell his other wives.

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