I'm gonna be honest, this isn't my favorite chapter I've written… The time jumps got in the way a bit so the topic seems to change kind of fast, but I hope it doesn't ruin anything for you. Thank you again to my readers and reviewers, this isn't the sort of story I'm used to writing but I'm enjoying the challenge.


Waking up to the sound of birds singing outside your window is meant to be a relatively pleasant experience, and I do believe in most cases that it is. Today, however, is not one of those cases. Waking up to birds chirping outside a window that isn't actually yours but is instead in the living room of your ex girlfriends parents beach house that you ended up falling asleep in after having smoking hot sex on the couch while wasted is a form of hangover that I wouldn't wish on anybody.

Covering my eyes with the back of my hands, I let out a small groan before turning over to where Rosetta lay beside me, still sleeping peacefully with her head on my chest. Realistically, it would only be fair to wake her as well. No reason for me to suffer alone and bored while she got another hours rest, but I couldn't help but appreciate the chance to look at her without her knowing, mostly because our clothes from the night before were currently sprawled out on the floor instead of on our bodies. I had honestly almost forgotten how great of a body she had.

Repositioning myself so that I lay propped up on my elbows, I kissed gently as the cress of her neck while taking a moment to have my way with her bare chest, waking her up just before taking a nipple into my mouth.

"Seriously…?" She mumbled in annoyance without fully waking up. "Who even knows where that mouth of yours has been."

"You know where it's been, you told me to put it there."

She pushed me off of her with a roll of the eyes, picking her things up off of the floor while also throwing mine in my general direction.

"I feel like shit." She sighed, stretching her arms into the air with a slight arch of the back.

"I can't say I disagree with you. I think I drank too much."

"You were drunk before school even got out."

"I was only buzzed."

She put her shirt from the night before back on and stuffed her bra in the purse that hung off of the door, remaining nude from the waist down for the time being.

"I'm gonna make coffee, but if you want it with alcohol you're on your own."

She stepped out of the living room and into the kitchen where I could hear her bare feet tapping the hardly touched wood flooring, a sound I took a moment to close my eyes and listen to before grabbing my phone from the pocket of last nights discarded pants. Everything about last night made me feel like a new person today, if maybe a very hungover one. I had proven to myself that I didn't have to suddenly stop being who I was and could keep living my life as I saw fit.

Until Bianca's name popped up in my messages…

My stomach churned from either the hangover or from my sudden jolt back into reality as I went through her innocent hellos, some of which asked me about how school was going and some involving life updates. She said something about being able to feel the baby move now, how it started out just feeling like stomach flutters and was now becoming easier to decipher, about how she was nervous but also excited…

Can you make it to my next appointment? She asked. We'll be able to see if it's a boy or a girl.

"Fuck..." I mumbled, leaving the messages on read for the time being.

"You okay?" Rosetta asked as she came back to the living room, handing me a mug of coffee without me having to ask and taking a seat next to me. "Baby mama drama?"

"Just… doctor appointment stuff. She wants me to go with her to her next appointment but I'm not sure if I should. I mean, it's all stuff she can tell me over the phone, you know?"

It didn't seem like an even remotely appropriate conversation to have with the girl I had just cheated on her with, but I couldn't sit here and claim I had much in the way of options.

"Just break up with her or something, then she'll only call you when it's actually necessary."

"I can't just break up with her, she's pregnant. That's kind of a dick move."

"You fucked me on my parents living room couch last night and now you wanna talk about morals?"

"I mean, technically it's the vacation home living room couch."

She smirked slightly, leaning into my shoulder and closing her eyes.

"It was kinda kinky."

"You up for a second round?"

"Absolutely not."

She had nuzzled herself into me, my arms wrapped around her tightly and bringing the absolute blissful feeling of a woman's skin warming my own. Outside of actual sex, it was one of my favorite sensations.

"We haven't even been in school long. Should I really be taking time off in order to see her yet?"

"You and I both know that your plan this week isn't to focus on your studies. Besides, you have a damn private jet, how inconvenient could it possibly be?"

"So, you think I should go?"

"Enrique, I don't give a shit what you do. Last night was just for fun, I have no interest in being a part of your drama or dating someone with a kid before I'm even out of school."

My heart sunk slightly, an obvious sense of disappointment taking over my face. I couldn't say for sure that I wanted her back, but when it came to being stuck between two options, Rosetta was less intimidating to me. Bianca liked my financial status and I wasn't going to sit here and pretend she wasn't spoiled and materialistic with an upper class lifestyle, but she was definitely the calmer of the two. She had a certain amount of innocence to her, preferring fancy dinners and late night walks in the park over staying out drinking until the sun came up. She preferred the romance aspect of intimacy and remained extremely vanilla in the bedroom, always preferring that I took charge and largely disliking dirty talk or playing into kinks. To be honest, out of the two if them, Bianca would not be the one anyone would ever expect to fall pregnant, especially before graduation.

"She's been acting really clingy." I sighed at Rosetta, hoping she would say something that would make me feel less bad for wanting to turn my phone off.

"Maybe she has yet to lose all faith in you, just give her time."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Come on, babe… you and I both know that you aren't sticking around for this kid."

"I'm not just bailing." I argued, "I can pay for everything and if we need someone to live with us full time to take care of it we can figure out how to make it work, my parents can't just sit around and give us nothing."

"Does she even know that you don't fucking want it?"

I paused, taking a moment to think before speaking.

"I mean, it's not like she does either."

"I can't tell if you're in denial or just stupid."

"She knows that we aren't ready for any of this."

She rolled her eyes, taking a moment to dress her lower half before calling her sister to bring us back to school.

"Put some pants on." She smirked. "You aren't going to proposition Vittoria into joining anything."

Rolling my eyes, I threw last nights clothes back on and finished the last swig of now cold coffee that remained in the mug.

"She never came back last night?" I asked.

Rosetta sat down in my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck, smiling slyly.

"Would you?"

The joke was on her, though.

I absolutely would.


I had sent a text message to my chauffeur as soon as the plane landed, giving him the okay to be on his way while I made the tiring journey through customs and giving him the extra assignment of picking Bianca up on the way. There had always been something oddly romantic about airports, like the modern day equivalent of waving off a lover as their train left the station, except instead of rushing to the end of the docking station and waving a handkerchief you walked through a crowd of pissed off travelers and the warmth of their body odor. Still, I tried to do what I could to add some romance while I searched for her, hoping that she would do the most of the work and just run into my open arms.

Thankfully it didn't take her long to find and call out to me, waving with excitement and a smile among the crowd and then making some sort of attempt to half run and half walk to where I was, appearing now unable to move as quickly as she once could.

She had caught me off guard and I was relieved that she didn't seem to notice the look I gave her as she wrapped her arms around me tightly. Her hair looked to be thinner than it had been when I left, lacking the normal bounce I had grown accustomed to, a bounce that's roll was taken over by her chest that seemed to have doubled in size. She had always had wide hips and there wasn't much change in regards to that, but her stomach protruded out the way you normally saw in pregnant women, similar to my mother before my little sister had been born. It was true that B had been pregnant before I left for school, but now that I had come back, she very much looked it.

I was actually pushed backward slightly when she ran to hug me, the size of her stomach causing me to lose my balance and have to quickly catch myself. Her soft skin had been replaced with an exceptionally hard lump that made hugging her back rather awkward.

"It started kicking when I saw you." She smiled, bringing my hand to it and flattening my palm. I really hadn't touched her stomach since finding out, the thought was a tad creepy to me, but she wasn't giving me much of a choice for the time being, holding perfectly still until I took notice of the movement that hadn't been from her. It felt like the heel of a very small foot had brushed against me, Bianca's skin and dress fabric being the only barrier in between.

I couldn't smile, not even forcefully… instead I stood there in a frozen state of what one would describe as panic while she began explaining what had happened during the time so far that I had been gone. Our parents had helped move the beginning of her things into the guest house and were in the process of hiring an interior designer so that we could begin putting together a nursery once we knew if it was a boy or a girl and Bianca had begun a list of names that she liked, which she wanted my opinion on.

"This is happening really fast..." I mumbled, nerves causing an unpleasant weigh to drop down into my stomach.

"I'm due in December, Enrique." She reminded me. "That's only two months away. Closer to three, I suppose… since my official due date is just after Christmas. I hope you're here when I go into labor, it honestly feels too good to be true that it's a possibility..."

I disagreed with her statement. Too good to be true is what I would call it if I were able to make it back to Switzerland before the New Year party that I had been hoping to attend and not stuck in a hospital. I wasn't a doctor and there wasn't anything I could do in regards to helping during the birthing process, which I was not particularly interested in witnessing. Everything I knew about it sounded downright unpleasant if not completely disgusting.

In a state of discomfort, I said nothing as she took my hand and walked with me back to the car, excitedly talking about the doctors appointment we were meant to go to the next day that I still wasn't completely sure why I had to be a part of. Still, I held my tongue as we walked, opening the car door for her and sitting with fidgeting hands until my chauffeur reminded me to put on my seat belt.

"What time is your appointment at again…?" I mumbled without looking at Bianca.

"Ten o' clock, I figured we could grab lunch afterward and then go back to the guesthouse. I want to show you some of my plans for the nursery and show you the crib my parents got us. Everything is an off white so far and I'm thinking that once we learn the sex we can add in some appropriately colored pastels."

A crib? Her parents got us a crib? How could we possibly already need something like that when I felt like we had only just learned she was pregnant? How did she already have such a large bump where I couldn't even properly hug her? How was this all happening so fast and how was I possibly expected to keep up with all of it?

A cold sweat fell over me as we made it back to the home I shared with my parents, hands shaking as I took my time leaving the comfortably confined space of the car. In an ironic twist of events, Bianca was now the one who helped me out, remarking on the paleness of my face and asking if I was alright.

"Just nervous..." I stated, looking at the mansion expressionless as she pulled me up the walkway. "This is all… a lot, you know?"

"Hey, I'm the one who has to push your melon head out of my fanny."

I wanted to remind her that I never asked her to, catching myself and holding my tongue to avoid what would have been a well deserved slap in the face. It all continued to feel unreal to me, like some sort of nightmare I couldn't wake up from. I knew she was pregnant before I left and yet it was just now becoming clear that it was real. I had left her looking mostly the same as I had always known her, if not with a tad more of a stomach, and had come back to her being visibly pregnant with a baby that I could actually feel when it moved, even being able to make out what limb it was that brushed my hand. It was far too late to attempt to talk her into aborting anymore, it was no longer a concept, but an actual thing.

A baby.

That I was expected to keep alive for eighteen years.

I closed my eyes for a moment before walking, taking a deep breath and hoping that confronting our parents wasn't going to be as bad as it currently felt in my head and then stepping forward, Bianca holding me by the hand. She still trusted me; she still felt like this was something that we would be able to pull off even though I had spent the first part of the school year waking up in another girls bed and thinking nothing of it. If anything it made her seem naive, especially since she was fully aware of the history I had with women. I hadn't hidden any of it from her.

"I'm sorry." I sighed as she walked with me, "I'm just tired from being on the plane, I knew I should have asked my parents to send the jet over to get me but it didn't seem necessary when my brothers were staying at school."

"Let's get some dinner in you, then." She smiled, gently kissing me on the cheek. "Then you can wind down the rest of the evening, especially with us having a big day tomorrow."

As we reached the front door, my nerves worsened, a knot tying itself in my stomach as I opened the door and called out to my parents who instructed us to come on down to the dining area. The table was already set up, with Bianca's parents seated in chairs while my mother made small talk to them.

"There's my baby girl." Her mom smiled, getting up and coming over to where we stood in order to kiss her on the cheek. "How are you feeling today?"

"I'm fine." Bianca nodded, "As fine as I was before, at least. You're acting like you don't see me every single day."

"I just want to make sure that everything goes smoothly. You haven't been getting sick nearly as much but being in your third trimester comes with its own unique struggles. Are your back and feet doing okay?"

"Yes, everything is exactly the same as it was when you asked me a few hours ago."

My own mother had gotten out of her seat as well, approaching in order to give me a brief kiss on the forehead. She seemed much less concerned than B's mom, saying very little outside of a generic question regarding my flight.

"If we're all settled," She began, "It would be best to begin eating before the food gets cold, we have quite a bit to go over this weekend and I'd like to begin tonight."

Neither of our fathers said much, hardly looking up from their empty plates as though they hoped they could become as invisible as the food they wished to pretend they ate. It was likely that Bianca's father was using most of his strength in order not to hit me, something he had immediately threatened as soon as she confronted him with her positive pregnancy test, accusing me of tainting his little girl.

Although the women made some sort of attempt at conversation, it was an overall silent dinner, soon going from minimal chatter to the only noise being the cutlery brushing against the plates.

That was fine for me, though…

I truly had nothing to say.


"Bianca Vignalli?" A nurse called from the waiting room we sat in.

I got up alongside our mothers, reaching a hand out in order to help B out of the chair that felt to be a bit too low to the ground. The doctors office was uncomfortably quiet and smelled too clean, like the specific mix of chemicals anyone who's ever gotten so much as a checkup knows all too well.

"You remember Enrique, right?" She said as we walked the halls and into a private room. "He was here during my first ultrasound as well."

"I believe I do." The nurse nodded. "You're the father, correct?"

I didn't say anything, my mother needing to answer the question for me.

"Yes, he's my son. He came home from school in order to be apart of the gender reveal."

"Any preference?" She smiled.

I merely shrugged in return, keeping my eyes on the ground in front of me.

"I think both of us just want it to be healthy." Bianca smiled. "And for you to triple check that there's only one, since I know I told you he's a twin."

"I assure you," The nurse giggled slightly, "There is definitely only one and it's growing beautifully. I believe I explained before that there is no genetic link in regards to identical twins and that fraternal can only genetic to the mothers side. Were there twins in your family it would be possible that you would have a higher likelihood of releasing more than one egg a month, but a mans sperm doesn't have the ability to travel up there and pull another one out of the tube."

Even I couldn't help but smile at her uncomfortable attempt at humor as B laid down on the table and lifted her shirt to reveal her bare stomach, which I hadn't actually seen yet. She had a lot of stretch marks now, which were red and puffy and looked like she had been scratching at them.

"I've been keeping up on using moisturizer but the scarring seems to be getting worse..." She said sadly. "It looks really gross..."

"It's completely normal, sweetheart." Her mother said, touching a hand to her shoulder. "You look beautiful."

I couldn't say I agreed with the statement, remaining silent for my own benefit as a clear gel was squirted onto her stomach and spread out with some sort of object that reminded me a bit of a scanner at a grocery store but without the clear section that the beam went through, not the thin one that they had shoved inside of her during our last visit. Immediately the screen in front of us was lit up with that same dark blue blob.

"Thankfully it's much easier to find with the amount that it's grown. The heart rate is exactly where we want it to be and I can assure you once more for your comfort that there's only one growing in there."

I sighed with relief. I hadn't even thought about the possibility of there being two.

Taking several minutes to go over measurements with us and ensure that absolutely nothing out of the ordinary was happening and that we had nothing to worry about, she repositioned the machine several times in order to take new pictures, working hard at one point to attempt a shot she seemed to struggle with.

"What are you looking for?" Bianca asked, propping herself up slightly on her elbows. "Is everything okay?"

"Of course, I just want to double check one of my findings. Get a better view, if you know what I mean." She moved it one more time, tickling B's stomach in order to get the baby to reposition itself. "There we go!" She smiled. "That's what I thought."

"What did you think?"

"Can you see it's legs?" She asked me, using the arrow on her computer to point to them.


Going to her computer, she made a yellow circle directly in the middle of where she had been pointing before typing a single sentence that popped up onto the picture instead of saying it out loud.

I think we all know what that is. She wrote, pausing for dramatic effect before writing just one more word.