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Chapter Three

As Calla carefully stitched the open wound shut beneath Eyeless Jack's watchful 'gaze', a part of her thought back to how she'd gotten into this position. Not long after her grounding officially ended, she'd been sat down by her father and the eyeless demon to go over this apprenticeship-style deal. While she wouldn't be running around like her fellow hybrids, she'd still be learning valuable skills that would assist her later on. It had taken her close to a week to get used to Eyeless Jack's rather interesting schedule as the demon didn't have a set one. But despite all that, she was learning quite a bit on top of finalizing the preparations for testing out of high school.

As the last stich was done and she cleaned up her work, Eyeless Jack made a pleased sound deep in his throat, "Go get cleaned up, I'll finish up here and we'll go get something to eat at Tenders."

Grinning at that beneath the surgical mask she wore, Calla nodded eagerly, "Awesome!"

Jumping down from the stool she was using, Calla darted off to do as she was told and quickly got cleaned up. In the time it took her to clean up, Eyeless Jack had already gotten the unconscious Creep they'd been working on moved off to another area of the clinic under the care of someone else. Together they headed to Tender's as the moon rose high above them, it was by coincidence that Vivian was there with Masky and Hoodie. Letting out laugh, Vivian wrapped an arm around Calla's neck as they all got a table together and ordered food, "You look paler than normal, Cal."

"It happens when you're inside all the time," Calla retorted earning a snort, "You're one to talk though,"

"Ha, I'm still tanner than you," Vivian grinned as she squeezed Calla lightly before releasing her to sit down properly, "So how's it been? Learn anything interesting?"

"I know where all the organs in the human body are alongside where most of the ones in a couple other species are," Calla answered earning a blank look, "I still need to work on my alternate anatomy,"

"Oookay," Vivian shook her head, "Anything else?"

"I can help perform surgeries now," Calla answered earning a snicker from Vivian, "EJ says I should be able to perform them by myself in a couple weeks!"

"So by the end of the summer?" Vivian asked earning a nod, "Awesome!"

"Depending on what they pertain to," Eyeless Jack corrected her earning a nod, "For now, we're working with removing foreign bodies,"

"And since no one that comes into your clinic risks dying, it's the perfect way to make Calla more deadly," Masky snorted with as he raised a glass towards Eyeless, "Nicely done,"

"It's fun too," Calla grinned brightly earning a round of chuckles, "I can see why Jackie likes digging around in there,"

Eyeless Jack patted her head lightly as he shook his head, "Which is why he's pretty much claimed you for when it's actually safe to train your more bloodthirsty side."

Pouting at Eyeless Jack, Calla muttered, "But I wanted to work with Papa..."

"And you will though we've all agreed he might go a bit too soft on ya," Masky coughed lightly in amusement as Calla rolled her eyes.

"You might be right," Calla picked up her glass of soda, "Anyway," She looked at Vivian, "How about you? Anything fun?"

"I stalked someone into a bear trap!" Vivian answered making Calla laugh loudly, "It was fucking awesome! They were so damn scared and it was just...perfect,"

"I can't wait to have a turn," Calla grinned at the thought, "Though definitely not with a bear trap, I'd go for a knife pit. Alternate with some of them being dull too, it would make things so much more fun!"

"Oooh that sounds interesting, I could probably..." Vivian began to murmur.

As the two girls began to bat around ideas, the three creeps mentoring them gave each other looks of amusement and pride that went unnoticed by the duo.

Barely refraining from hugging Sirius as he was brought into view of her, Candy Cane offered him a warm smile as she approached, "Ready, Siri?"

"Always, Cane," Sirius nodded his head.

Turning towards the doors of their court room, they barely had to wait a few minutes before a pair of Aurors opened them. Walking inside with her held up high, Candy Cane inwardly smirked as many of the politicians flinched at the sight of her. She set her things down on the provided table as Sirius was settled in the chair beside her. As Dumbledore stood, she stared at him with narrowed eyes, "This is the criminal hearing of one Sirius Black-"

"Objection," Candy Cane inwardly smirked as her crisp voice echoed through the silent court room earning a few gasps.

"O-objection? Miss Crane, we have only just started-" Dumbledore began to protest.

"And you have already made one mistake," Candy Cane stared right into Dumbledore's eyes making it clear she didn't fear any attempt of him trying to invade her mind, "After all, Mister Black is Lord of the Great and Noble House of Black. If you require records of this, I have them, Chief Warlock,"

Letting out a soft cough, Dumbledore inclined his head, "There is no need for that, Miss Crane. I simply forgot that fact. If I may continue," Candy Cane nodded as Sirius released a soft snicker, "Lord Sirius Black who was charged with the slaughter of thirteen muggles and one wizard-"

"Objection," Candy Cane crossed her arms as Dumbledore stared at her, "Peter Pettigrew is an Animagus,"

"I see..." Dumbledore flicked the papers in front of him.

Opening her mind just a bit as she felt a slight probe, Candy Cane hissed at the old man, "I will ensure you're buried, Old Man."

As Dumbledore continued to read off the charges, Candy Cane raised various objections causing a slow tide of mumbles to echo through the air. Sirius leaned over to whisper to her as she settled down, "You're really going all out, huh?"

"Have to, Siri," Candy Cane whispered back to him, "As you're one of ours, I can't allow anyone to try this shit with you,"

Walking downstairs after a long shower, Calla grinned as she caught sight of Candy Cane and quickly rushed to give the succubus a hug. Candy Cane hugged her back with a low laugh, "Happy to see me, Kitten?"

"Mhmm," Calla hummed as she nosed into Candy Cane's side, "How are you doing? You were gone all day according to Poppy,"

"So were you," Candy Cane replied earning an eyeroll.

"EJ's been keeping me busy," Calla retorted as she pulled away, "It's awesome though. I'm getting very good at what he's teaching me,"

"That's good, Kitten," Candy Cane leaned against the kitchen table, "They handed down the verdict after a six hour court session,"

Pausing in the middle of grabbing some bread, Calla turning to Candy Cane with wide eyes, "Six hours-Wait, no, that's not the important thing. You got him, right? Siri's free?"

"He needs to spend a couple months in a magical hospital getting healed up, but yeah," Candy Cane grinned at her, "Want to hear about what I-"

Squealing loudly, Calla hugged Candy Cane tightly as she shouted, "I knew you could do it, Cane. I knew it!"

Laughing as she hugged Calla back, Candy Cane said, "And I did it because you're the best support a girl could ask for, my precious kitten."

"Six hours?" Calla asked as they pulled apart earning a laugh from Candy Cane, "The fuck did you do?"

Laughing as started to explain, Candy Cane led Calla into the living room and they settled down there.