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Chapter Four

"So your..." Vivian's expression screwed up as she walked beside Calla through town towards Jason's toy shop, "What is Sirius to you again?"

"He's my godfather," Calla shook her head softly, "Trust me, you aren't the only one who had a bit of trouble figuring that one out," She uncapped her soda and took a swig, "Anyway as I was saying, he's in the magical version of a hospital. He'll be staying there for a couple months until someone from the Ministry deems him healthy enough to leave. Both mentally and physically,"

"Damn," Vivan shook her head, "And you're not allowed to visit him?"

"Technically I am," Calla corrected her, "But Papa thinks it's better if we wait till one of the days that Siri can be out and about outside of the hospital which'll be the day before school starts back up," She rubbed the back of her neck, "He's worried about my sensing ability overreacting to the hospitals magic,"

"Huh, I wonder why though. You're good with Hogwarts' magic now," Vivian frowned a bit as Calla pushed open the door to Jason's shop, "I mean it doesn't really make sense,"

"What doesn't make sense?" Jason popped his head up from behind the counter, "And how are you two doing?"

Grinning lightly, Calla rushed over to give Jason a quick hug earning a soft grunt, "I'm good, Papa. EJ's probably going to be coming by to ask if we can move up my lessons again."

"Really?" Jason grinned slightly as he hugged her back, "I'll have to speak with Cane and Pop about having a celebration," He looked at Vivian, "And what about you, Vivian? How is your training going?"

Shrugging her shoulders, Vivian smiled a bit, "Not bad, Masky thinks that we'll be moving onto advanced stalking techniques and more traps. He also thinks that I'm ready to start working on a higher calibre gun. Not sure what, he hasn't mentioned it."

"Well, I wish you luck and if you need any help with those stalking techniques, I'm sure LJ and Calla both will be happy to help you out," Jason told the girl earning a nod.

"LJ and I already said as much earlier when Viv came into the candy shop," Calla released Jason as she rejoined Vivian, "By the way Papa, how come you don't really want me to go to the magical hospital? You never really explained,"

Letting out a low sound, Jason set down the toy he'd just picked up and looked at Calla, "Even with my own sensing ability, I dislike how...oppressive the hospital feels, Sweetheart. And knowing how much more powerful your senses are compared to mine, I know you won't have a very good reaction. I dislike the idea of another incident happening."

"Incident-" Calla paused as she remembered what happened last year when she'd over used her sensing ability, "Oh yeah, I overdid it last year.." she understood now, "You're scared of me having the same reaction or something worse happening?"

"Yes," Jason reached over the countered and laid his hand on Calla's head, "I would be crushed if I'd allowed you into such a situation. Until your older and able to control it a bit better, I'd rather avoid the hospital,"

Nodding in understanding, Calla smiled warmly at Jason, "Yes, Papa. Even if I'd love to see Siri now rather than later, I get why we can't," Jason ruffled her hair a bit earning a pout, "Papa!"

"Not sorry," Jason chuckled softly, "If you head upstairs, I think Cane is baking some double chocolate cakes~"

Eyes widening as she quickly forgot about her hair, Calla darted for the nearby doorway that led to their home while Vivian snickered and followed after her fellow hybrid.

"-Really did that? Damn!" BEN laughed as Candy Pop walked up, "Oi, Candy Pop, you drinking with us?"

"For a bit," Candy Pop gratefully took the glass of wine Tenderman offered him, "What are you talking about?"

"The brats," Jane grunted as she swiped a shot glass from the table, "Apparently Masky's protege is getting upgraded stealth lessons now, she somehow managed to trick some poor asshole into running off a cliff right over a Cougar's den,"

Whistling at that, Candy Pop shook his head, "She's definitely improving quite a bit," He looked at Eyeless Jack at the entity sat down, "How's Calla doing?"

"We can officially add her onto the surgery team now," Eyeless Jack took off his mask and smirked at the wide-eyed looks he was given, "Brats passed all my tests and while she does make a few mistakes occasionally, it's gotten to the point I can trust her to do the minor operations,"

"Mother fucker, I knew she fucking intelligent if she graduated from high school, but seriously?" Jane swore softly.

Candy Pop raised up his glass with a smirk as Night chuckled softly in their mind. He spoke warmly, "Well then, I am definitely going to be grabbing her a present."

"We will be getting her a present," Night corrected earning a mental eyeroll, "After all, she is our mate and needs to know we support her endeavors,"

Internally sighing at that, Candy Pop ignored Night as BEN muttered, "What would you even give her? I mean...we just celebrated her birthday, so...?"

Shaking his head, Candy Pop smiled lightly as he took a drink from his glass, "I have a good idea of what to get her."

Hearing a knock at the door to her room, Calla called out, "Come in!"

"Hey, Little One-" Candy Pop started though paused as he spotted her sitting among multiple piles and a few boxes, "What is all this?"

Head tilting as she peered back at him, Calla grinned slightly, "My mundane school stuff. It's everything that I've kept over the years," She leaned back on her hands, "Since Cane always said I might need something or another, I just kept saving stuff and well..."

Gesturing to the piles around herself, Calla shrugged a bit. Candy Pop let out a low chuckle as he walked further into her room, "You forgot that Cane is also a hoarder of many things."

"So are you if we're going that route," Calla pointed out earning an eye-roll, "But I can somewhat see your point especially when I'm looking at all this,"

"So," Candy Pop eyed the piles, "What do you plan on doing with it?"

"I...I'm not sure," Calla looked at Candy Pop, "I mean the text books are something I can give Slendy for the library, right? He can save them for someone else that'll need them later,"

"True, but the rest of it?" Candy tilted his head.

Eyeing the piles, Calla contemplated what to do for a long while before a mischievous grin began to form. She looked at Candy Pop while asking, "Fancy making s'mores?"

Snorting at that, Candy Pop shook his head with grin spreading across his own face, "Your mother is probably disappointed, but I think this is a very good way to celebrate finishing off your mundane schooling," He held out a hand to Calla and she took it, "Let's gather everything for the fire up, I know the exact place we can use and where we'll get some wood."

"Mama's going to be disappointed?" Calla gained a look of hesitation.

"Just a bit, she always liked keeping a few momentos from each year of her schooling," Candy Pop explained, "But not this much," He waved a hand to her many photo albums which were set up along the walls of her room, "You have momentos those. In the form of photos,"

Smile forming on her face, Calla nodded, "Yeah...Yeah, I do," She regained her grin, "C'mon, we've got shit to burn."

In a little over thirty minutes, they'd gathered everything together in the place Candy Pop had selected with the jester calling up Laughing Jack for the materials to make S'mores. As the fire was started up, they were joined by a few others only for more people to join them as time passed on as everyone added something to the fire. Even Slenderman joined in though he warned them all to keep things contained, they all nodded nervously and kept a careful eye on the fire which had begun blazing a wide variety of colors.

Leaning against Candy Pop's side from where they'd perched on one of the many couches that had been dragged out to this field, Calla felt content. She glanced at Candy Pop as he shifted about. When he pulled out a slim box, he said, "So I originally came to your room earlier for a reason, I wanted to give you this."

"A present?" Calla asked as she took the box, "Why? You already got me a birthday present. Night did too,"

"It's a graduation present," Candy Pop smiled at her, "And something to say how proud I am of you for doing so well under EJ,"

Face flushing at that, Calla grinned, "You didn't have to get me anything, Pop. Especially after helping me with this," She waved a hand around them, "I'm happy enough with that."

"I planned on this, so go on and open it," Candy Pop gestured for her to open the box.

Doing so slowly, Calla's eyes widened and she gasped at seeing what was inside. They were hairpins that she'd dreamed of ever since that late night stroll in first year. Eyes burning a bit, she set the box down before hugging Candy Pop tightly earning a grunt. She whispered softly, "Thank you. How did you know I wanted them?"

"I had a feeling especially with how much you tended to wear your hair up after what happened," Candy Pop hugged her back, "And well, I've seen them in your dreams a few times when wandering the dreamscape. Night has as well,"

Releasing him, Calla smile brightly, "Thank you..." She hesitated before asking in a somewhat shy tone, "I-Would you help me put them in my hair?"

Eyes widening before softening, Candy Pop nodded, "Of course."

Turning her back to him, Calla waited just a bit anxiously as Candy Pop carefully threaded each hairpin through her hair. When they were finally settled, he conjured up a mirror and showed her. She let out a squeal and hugged him again, "Thank you, Poppy! I've got to go show Viv and the others."

Freezing slightly as Calla pressed a kiss to her cheek, Candy Pop watched her go. He slowly blinked after her only to shake it off as Night chuckled, "Oooh look whos stunned over a simple kiss."

'I wasn't expecting it besides she just kissed me on the damn cheek,' Candy Pop rolled his eyes before focusing as Candy Cane slipped into Calla's vacant seat, "Cane."

"Pop," Candy Cane looked a bit amused, "Why didn't you tell me about this little gift for the kitten? I would've had so much fun helping out,"

Rubbing the back of his neck, Candy Pop shrugged, "It was a bit spur of the moment though I'll admit that I have been planning to get her those hair pins for awhile."

"They are very cute," Candy Cane leaned back against the couch, "I wonder if she'd like more in that style. Perhaps other colors,"

Glancing at his sister for a few moments, Candy Pop's eyes went towards the hair pins that Calla was now happily showing off. They were made of a pale almost bone-like metal. Curling from the edges of each hairpin were amethyst butterflies, a silvery chain hung from each butterfly bearing a sapphire jewel. He cleared his throat, "She likely would enjoy it. Just be wary of the uh...price."

Eyeing him, Candy Cane smirked a bit, "How much did you spend?"

"No comment," Candy Pop looked away from his sister, "I'll give you the seller's business card,"

Did he regret spending a pretty penny on Calla? No, the smile on her face right now more than made up for it. Anything that brought such joy to her was worth i-Candy Pop inwardly groaned as Night started to cackle loudly. He pushed that thought away and decided to enjoy the impromtu party.