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Malfoy Manor

Draco's Pov

Picking up a spoonful of chocolate mousse, I chewed for a while as I watched my parents bicker. Honestly, at this point, I had given up on attempting to overhear their discussions. I couldn't even distinguish the reason for their tight voices. Sighing, I began to swirl the chocolate mindlessly in its bowl. Even though, to an outsider, it would merely seem as if it were a friendly discussion, I knew better. This wasn't the first time they argued for an hour.

After the first twenty minutes, my mother would start speaking softly, and the glare would disappear; the signs didn't indicate that she was yielding. She would never give up so easily.

She was Narcissa Malfoy, once a Black.

The small eye twitches, my mother's hand creeping towards her wand, the flashes of annoyance— I'd bet my entire manor that my mother wanted to curse my father until he was black and blue.

Though the same couldn't be said for my father. A couple weeks ago, he lectured me on a few pureblood customs. Woman, specifically. Whether it be a pureblood, half-blood, or muggle, never raise your hand to them. It was a sign of a barbaric upbringing, and my father wouldn't mind hexing me for bringing shame to our name. Such a taint was frowned upon by other families, and well, the path continued.

A fall from grace and elegance.

'Imagine the horror,' my mind muttered as I rolled my eyes.

My ancestors would be rolling in their graves.

"-And, at the dinner table too, darling!" My mother huffed, wiping her mouth delicately with a napkin. "You know I detest such words."

Displeasure was written all across her face, I noted silently. So, my father said something to upset her mood. Speaking of the accused man, he wore a deep scowl, and his fists were on the table, clenched. Nothing out of the ordinary.

"My love," He began, pausing once she narrowed her eyes at him. "Vile words aside, it would be the best for Draco."

I raised an eyebrow at him as he simply ignored me, continuing on to stare at the fuming woman. Best for me?

'If they were, in fact, discussing me, wouldn't it be best to include him?' I thought wryly. I wisely chose the option of remaining silent as my mother rolled her eyes.

"Why is that, dear?" She inquired lowly, placing her fork down with an audible click.

I gazed at my father, who seemed to gulp nervously as I suppressed a laugh. Narcissa Malfoy could be an intimidating witch when she needed to be. I had yet to intrude into their talk, deciding to be a spectator. There was no reason for her to get angry at both of us.

'Maybe she'd force us to sleep on the couch together,' I mused, smirking at the image my mind provided.

Reaching for a glass of water, I took a small sip. My father, Lucius Malfoy, seemed to struggle for words under my mother's demanding gaze. What a sight to behold. I aimed to hide the growing smirk by dabbing at my mouth rather harshly.

Lucius sneered, "Hogwarts still accepts those…muggles," as I perked up immediately at hearing the school. "Durmstrang shall be a fine school for Draco." He finished, relaxing slightly in his chair with a smirk.

I mulled over his words for a while before I frowned. So, my mother wanted to send me to Hogwarts, while my father favored the other option. If I had a say in the matter, I'd rather attend Hogwarts. Both of my parents had done the same; I could follow in their footsteps. And perhaps not make an utter joke out of myself. Although I was quite sure they wouldn't settle with Durmstrang. Arguing with Narcissa Malfoy, nee Black, was near impossible.

Speaking of the witch, her lips were pursed, and her icy glare was directed straight at the poor man to my right. To my father's credit, he still sat as if he were a king, calm and composed. Though I'd only need three guesses to figure out his internal state. Maybe even one.

They were so absorbed in staring the other one down that I was sure I could slip out of the room unnoticed. So I decided to put that to the test. Grabbing my unfinished dessert, I hopped off the chair and took tiny steps towards the huge mahogany doors. Just as I reached for the handle, my mother called out, "Draco, dear, please return to the dining table. It is quite rude to leave in the middle."

I grimaced at her overly sweet, sugary tone before I turned around, the tips of my ears growing pink. She was definitely more observant than I gave her credit for. I avoided meeting her gaze; I was certain she'd send me a look so cold it could bring a man to his knees.

"Can I decide where to go?" I questioned, staring hopefully at my mother as her eyes immediately softened.

My father arched an eyebrow at me. "If you wish to attend Durmstrang, then of course, son."

Truth be told, if my father had gone to Durmstrang, I would have voted for the same.

I watched my mother shake her head, though a soft smile clung to her lips. "It's too far for my comfort, darling."

Narrowing his eyes at her, he opened his mouth before closing it with a scowl. He seemed as if he were fighting an internal battle with himself. I knew he was having a hard time agreeing with her. He probably knew she was logical, though his pride stopped him from admitting it out loud. Of course, he couldn't bear agreeing with my mother on a miniscule decision.

Pride was an ugly feeling.

The Malfoy matriarch seemed almost as if she were bored, studying her manicured nails with disinterest. I wanted to bang my head against the table due to their silly antiques. They were married for about twenty years; she was quite familiar with these sorts of arguments.

She met my father's stubborn gaze, and finally he sighed. His shoulders sagged as she gracefully stood up, approaching him quietly. She knew he would agree with her decision once he swallowed his pride.

If only he had done so fifty minutes ago…

She whispered something to him, making sure he wasn't too upset by her stubborn streak. And then he allowed a rare smile to dance on his lips. A smile.

When I said rare, I meant it. I nearly fell from my chair once his regular smirk or sneer was replaced. It seemed as if my mother had won again.

'As you predicted,' my mind commented as I grinned.

So, Hogwarts it was for my future. I had heard many tales from both of my parents, and was eager to visit the castle. The Whomping Willow, the Quidditch Field— that was probably the best thing they had to offer. Though my father informed me that first-year students weren't allowed to play. Which I had to say was a whole lot of rubbish.

I practically knew every rule and risk of the dangerous sport involved. Sometimes, money can't offer everything.

My father addressed me: "Son, would you be willing to practice your Quidditch skills right now?" A devilish smirk replaced the rare smile as my mother scowled instantly.

She loathed me playing Quidditch. And I knew he had asked me in front of her just to spite her.

'If he isn't cursed in five seconds from now, I will be surprised,'

A wide grin appeared on my face as I nodded hastily, taking a final bite.

She could sense my excitement as she sighed, "I'll be watching both of you; if Draco's hurt, you're sleeping on the couch, dear."

I watched my father hesitant as I finally let a laugh slip past my lips. She definitely won both battles today.

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