At San Fransokyo Techs' front gate, small portraits of Tadashi and Callahan stood next to one another, surrounded by all their loved ones. Grey clouds followed the mourners through the city, growing heavier and thundering. They reached the cemetery where the clouds had taken enough and began raining. In preparation, everyone who brought an umbrella opened them as they looked at their graves. Tadashi's wake took place at the Lucky Cat Café where all his friends and classmates followed to.

Others grieved with one another while Aunt Cass was consorted by Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Fred, and Gogo. All the while, a single soul, the youngest at the wake, sat at the top of the stairs with his head down then made the rest of the way to his room. Time passed by and Hiro seemed to stop leaving his room until the next fateful day.

He wore his usual casual attire sans jacket with the lights off sitting on his window bench with all the blinds down.

'Why didn't I go in with him?' Hiro asked himself. 'Or why didn't I hold him tighter?' He stood up, took hold of his Megabot, and sat in his beanbag chair. Hiro held his robot with both hands and looked at it with pure despair. 'I could've done things differently in a thousand ways and I did nothing to help him or Callahan.'

"Hey sweetie," Cass greeted coming in.

"Hey Aunt Cass," Hiro hid Megabot behind his chair and moped.

"Mrs. Matsuda's in the Café," Cass informed, "she's wearing something super inappropriate for an eighty-year-old." Hiro had managed a small and brief smile. "That always cracks ya up." She swapped out a breakfast plate with an untouched dinner plate and left the clean fork and knife. "You should come down."

"Maybe later," Hiro said.

"Oh," Cass remembered, "the university called again, it's been a few weeks since classes started but they say it's not too late to register." She opened one of his blinds and displayed the SFIT envelope Callahan gave him, having it stand on its own.

"Okay thanks," Hiro said, "I'll think about it." Cass frowned and sighed in defeat and left the room for Hiro to mope. Once she was gone, he closed his blinds back down again.

'I'm sorry Aunt Cass,' Hiro thought, set Megabot down on his large desk, and turned his computer onto his usual bot-fighting website. But he was interrupted by a popup window containing a video message. Hiro opened it and played the video from his friends from the university.

"Hey Hiro," the college kids and Fred greeted.

"We just," Honey Lemon began, "wanted to check in and see how you're doing."

"We wish you were here, buddy," Wasabi smiled.

"Hiro, if I could have only one superpower right now," Fred fanboyed, "it would be the ability to crawl through this camera and give you a big…" Hiro stopped and closed the video message and stood up from his chair.

He woefully looked and picked up the SFIT envelope next to Megabot.

'I'm sorry you guys,' Hiro thought, 'but now I see if I don't want something, at least I won't lose it.' He tosses the college acceptance letter in his waste bin and picks up Megabot. But the tiny machine drops its lower half on Hiro's barefoot. In minor agony, he drops the rest of the robot and hops over to sit on his bed.

"Ow," Hiro said.

Then, from Tadashi's share of the room, a red box lights up a circle on its upper left side and it opened to release a familiar robot whose body inflated into an overweight body. Hiro looked to see Baymax next to Tadashi's bed looking at him. The robot recognized the twin bed as an obstacle and walked around it sideways, while his posterior knocked down some books on a nightstand. Baymax did not want to knock down the divider for an even further mess, he makes one sidestep, folds his arms down, and reaches Hiro.

"Hello," the robot waved, "I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion."

"Uh, hey, Baymax," Hiro greeted, "I didn't know you were still active."

"I heard a sound of distress," Baymax said, "what seems to be the trouble?"

"Oh," Hiro recognized," I just stubbed my toe a little, I'm fine."

"On a scale of one to ten," Baymax began as his chest displayed a window of ten emoji faces ranging from happy to angry, "how would you rate your pain?"

"Zero?" Hiro guessed. "I'm fine really." He stood up from his bed to walk away. "Thanks, you can shrink now."

"Does it hurt when I touch it?" Baymax reached down to the foot with his index finger.

"That's okay," Hiro pushed him away, "no touching." But Baymax still walked towards him, making Hiro step backward, trip, and fall between his bed and desk.

"You have fallen," Baymax stated walking and leaning over Hiro.

"You think?" Hiro smiled. Hiro reaches out to grab the shelf above his desk to pull himself up, but he used too much strength and destroyed the shelf's support and one of the toys fell on him. "OW!"

"On a scale of one to…" Another toy slid down the broken shelf and fell on Hiro.


"On a scale…" Another toy slid down the broken shelf and fell on Hiro.


"On a scale…" Another toy slid down the broken shelf and fell on Hiro.


"On a scale of one to ten…" The biggest toy on the shelf slid down and fell on Hiro.

"On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?" Baymax finally finished asking.

"Zero," Hiro answered covered in toys.

"It is alright to cry," Baymax said leaning down to pick up Hiro.

"No, no, no, no, no, no," Hiro tried resisting but ended up being cradled in the robots inflated vinyl arms.

"Crying is a natural response to pain," Baymax said.

"I'm not crying," Hiro said climbing out of his arms.

"I will scan you for injuries," Baymax said.

"Don't scan me," Hiro commanded.

"Scan complete," Baymax finished.

"Unbelievable," Hiro shrugged.

"You have sustained no injuries," Baymax observed, "and you seem to have been exercising and eating healthy for increased muscle mass."

"Uh, yeah, yeah, that's how I got all these muscles," Hiro lied. "Well, if since there isn't anything else, you can…"

"However," Baymax continued, "your hormone and neurotransmitter levels indicate you are experiencing mood swings common in adolescence. Diagnosis, puberty."

"Whoa, what?" Hiro blushed walking around the personal healthcare companion. "Okay, time to shrink now."

"You should expect an increase in body hair, especially on your face, chest, armpits, and…"

"Thank you that's enough!" Hiro set down Baymax's docking station completely flustered. He grabbed his vinyl arm and made him stand on the port.

"You may also experience strange and powerful new urges," Baymax continued explaining.

"Okay," Hiro climbed on top of Baymax's head and pressed down. But even with his newfound spider strength, he held little resistance against his metal skeletal structure. "Let's get you back in your luggage."

"I cannot deactivate until you say you are satisfied with your care," Baymax explained.

"Fine," Hiro still tried pushing his head down, "I'm satisfied with my…" Hiro slipped off Baymax and fell on the floor. He growled when he saw under his bed, something in his jacket pocket was stirring around. "Huh?" He pulled out the jacket and stood up.

He pulled out the cause of the mystery and held it in his hand.

"My microbot?" Hiro asked. "This doesn't make any sense."

'Puberty can often be a confusing time for a young adolescent flowering into manhood," Baymax continued explaining his health lecture.

"No," Hiro disregarded his personal healthcare companion. "The thing is attracted to the other microbots, but that's impossible. They were destroyed in the fire." He encased the surviving microbot in a petri dish on his counter. Dumb thing's broken."

Hiro shrugged off the mystery, sat at his desk, and began fixing Megabot. Baymax steps in for a closer look and picks up the microbot in the petri dish. He twists his body while holding the dish in place and notices the microbot trying to move in one direction.

"Your tiny robot is trying to go somewhere," Baymax deduced walking backward.

"Oh, yeah?" Hiro disregarded. "Why don't you uh… find out where it's trying to go?"

"Would that stabilize your pubescent mood swings?" Baymax asked.

"Uh huh," Hiro focused on Megabot, "absolutely." Within seconds, Hiro heard the sound of a door closing and a bell ringing.

'Wait,' Hiro thought, 'can he understand sarcasm?'

"Baymax?" Hiro asked for the robot, turning in his chair. "Baymax?" he stands up, spins around, and walks behind the divider. He hears a car honking and screeching its tires and peeks out the side of the divider.

'There's no way right?' Hiro thought.

He goes to open the blinds on his window and sees Baymax walking through traffic.

"What?" Hiro asked. "No, Baymax!"

Hiro puts on his shoes and jacket and then opens the window.

'At least I can finally use these spider powers for something,' Hiro thought as he stepped onto the roof. 'Now, wait, there're too many people down there.' He goes back inside, closes the window, and runs downstairs to the front door. 'I just have to make sure I'm not seen by…'

"Hiro?" Aunt Cass turns into his path.

"Hi, Aunt Cass," Hiro smiles scared.

'Why didn't I go out the side door?' Hiro thought.

"Oh, you're up?" Cass asked.

"Yeah," Hiro answered, "I figured it was time."

"Are you… registering for school?" Cass smiled.

"Uh…" Hiro sees Baymax turning a corner and walking out of sight, "yes! Thought about what you said, really inspired me."

He walked around her to the door.

"Oh, honey that's so great!" she grabbed him for a hug.

"Uh, huh!" Hiro replied.

"Okay," Cass separated from him, "special dinner tonight! I'll whip some chicken wings! You know, with the hot sauce that makes our faces numb."

"Okay," Hiro smiles, "sounds good!

"Great!" Cass hugged him again. "Last hug." And she let him go to get back to work.

Hiro was finally out the door, he crossed the street, turned the corner, and into the alley. He made certain no one was looking and climbed the wall and parkoured across rooftops to the street he last saw Baymax. He reached the corner and looked down at the road.

'Come on Baymax, where are you?' He sees him riding the trolley on its patio.

"No!" Hiro cried. He ran to the edge of the roof he currently occupied about to jump when he noticed the distance was greater than he was used to jumping.

'There's no choice,' Hiro accepts. He steps back to the opposite ledge, charges forward, and takes the leap. But he began falling too soon and squealed as he descended to a green house and stuck himself between its four windows. 'Climb, climb, climb, climb!' He pulls himself onto the rooftop and stops to hyperventilate.

'No one saw that, right?' He turns around and peeks over the ledge and did not see anyone looking up at his new roof. 'Okay!' He resumes parkour after the trolley. When Hiro finally catches up to it when it stopped, Baymax was not on the patio or anywhere near the trolley.

'Oh, come on!' He sees a small flight of stairs in a tunnel entryway on the sidewalk. 'There!' He steps back again and tries to make a full leap across the street but had to resolve to climb a building again. 'I need to work on those spinnerets.'

He reaches the end of the line of buildings and sees Baymax enter another tunnel away from a crowd of people. Hiro rolls his eyes leaping and climbing to another rooftop.

'This was a lot more fun when I wasn't worried about anything! But I can't lose Baymax like I lost Tadashi.' He chases him down to an alleyway in a more barren part of San Fransokyo and wall-jumps down to street level. Hiro runs until he sees Baymax turn a corner behind a tall staircase. He tries to stop but trips and falls onto a pile of garbage and making a cat yowl.

Hiro stands back up and runs into the alleyway, turns the corner, and runs down a flight of stairs into a clearance. He stops to catch his breath and sees Baymax standing in front of an abandoned warehouse with missing windows.

"Baymax!" Hiro calls up running to him. "Are you crazy? What are you doing?"

"I have found where your tiny robot wants to go," Baymax answered.

"I told you, it's broken," said Hiro taking the petri dish back. "It's not trying to go… huh?" He sees that the microbot is not simply scurrying like he thought it was and was trying to roll directly to the warehouse door.

'Okay,' Hiro thought, 'maybe he's onto something.' He walks to the door hoping to get inside but sees it is chained up with a padded lock.

"Locked," Hiro said.

'I know I can break it but what if someone's inside?' Hiro asked himself.

"There is a window," Baymax noticed an open window on top of cargo freight. Hiro makes a serious face, pockets the microbot, and begins climbing the wall to the window. "Hiro, you are climbing and sticking to the walls."

"Yeah, but keep that stays between us okay?" Hiro asked still climbing.

"Oh my," Baymax scanned him again. "My scans indicate you now have partial spider DNA."

"Shh!" Hiro told him. "Yeah, now keep it to yourself!" He neared the window.

"Please exercise caution," Baymax said. "A fall from that height could lead to bodily harm."

Hiro checks over the windowsill to see no one around and climbs inside. He walks on a catwalk up to its guard rail and checks the microbot as a compass. Hiro looks out to see nothing in the warehouse so far.

'What exactly are you looking for?' Hiro asked. He became surprised when he heard squeaking from behind him.

"Oh, no," Baymax said in the windowsill.

"Shh!" Hiro told him.

"Excuse me while I let out some air," Baymax said. He began to shrink his body like a deflating balloon, complete with the silly sound effect.

'Do not laugh at this fart joke,' Hiro kept his scared straight face. 'This is a serious investigation and I need to take this seriously until I find out what's going on.'

Baymax stopped deflating.

"Are you done?" Hiro asked. Baymax let out a little more air.

"Yes," Baymax answered.

Hiro pulls him onto the catwalk.

"It will take me a moment to re-inflate," Baymax said drawing in the air back into his body.

"Fine, just keep it down," Hiro told him walking down the stairs and following the microbot again. He turns the corner and sees some sort of blurry see-through container with lights on inside. Hiro pockets the microbot and carefully walks toward it. He reaches it and manages to see inside a small factory operated by automated robotic arms.

'What's going on here?' Hiro asked. He heard a noise from the right and walked around the small factory to a conveyor belt sticking out. It was rolling what looked like small black spikes into a trash can that was already filled to the handles with them. He scooped them up with his hands for closer inspection. 'My microbots?

'Someone's making more?" Hiro looks up to see rows of hundreds of trashcans filled with mass-produced microbots. 'A lot more. But why, or for what?' He looks to the side to what looked like a red yarned conspiracy wall layered with a map of the city under blueprint schematics, equations, and newspaper articles.

"Hiro?" Baymax asked and Hiro screams.

"You gave me a heart attack," Hiro exaggerated.

"My hands are equipped with defibrillators," Baymax rubbed his hands together with a charging noise and held out his glowing palms to Hiro. "Clear."

"Stop, stop, stop!" Hiro backed away. "It's just an expression." He heard the microbot in his petri dish reacting again and took it out of his pocket trying to go in Hiro's direction. There was a ringing in his ears as his whole brain felt like it was vibrating, telling him to turn around as the microbots from the trashcans rose as a swarm.

"Oh, no," Baymax worried as Hiro turned around.

"Run!" Hiro lead the retreat but stopped when Baymax was only walking. "Oh, come on!"

"I am not fast," Baymax explained.

"Yeah, no kidding!" Hiro ran back to pull him by the arm. As they neared the locked door, Hiro pulled Baymax in closer to lift him and carry him overhead with both hands. Hiro jumped and side-kicked the doors open. Hiro kept running as he looked back and noticed someone in one of the open windows.

"Huh," Hiro stopped, turned around and he and Baymax tilted their heads to see a kabuki mask staring back at them. "What?"

"Hello," Baymax waved.

The microbot swarm shattered the remaining windows to reveal his black trench coat and black clothes underneath. He raised his arms as the microbots pulled themselves back into swirling clouds.

"Who are you?" Hiro yelled. "And what are you doing with my microbots?"

"My apologies," he answered through a deep voice filter. "But I am nothing more than a yokai now. And they're not your microbots anymore. He tightened his fists as the microbots forms sharp spires pointing at Hiro and Baymax.

Recognizing the danger, Hiro turned and ran again as they attacked and pierced the ground. Hiro squeezed Baymax through the narrow passageway up the stairs.