After escaping the Yokai, Hiro and Baymax made their way to the police station and reported their story to the officer at the front desk.

"Alright, let me get this straight," the officer said utterly bored. "A man in a kabuki mask attacked you, with an army of miniature flying robots."

"Microbots," Hiro corrected holding out the one he kept in a petri dish.

"Microbots," the officer typed into the computer.

"Yeah," Hiro said. "He was controlling them telepathically with a neurocranial transmitter."

"So, Mr. Kabuki was using ESP to attack you and Balloon Man," the officer summarized as Baymax took a piece of tape from the dispenser on the front desk. He self-inflated his left baggy arm and it released three streams of air. Hiro and the officer watched as he taped the first hole in his arm with the piece he took. He then took another piece of tape and patched the second hole. And after taking a third piece of tape and sealing off the last hole, he inflated his right arm and began the process again.

The officer pushed the tape dispenser closer to the robot to assist him.

"Did you file a report, when your flying robots were stolen?" the officer asked.

"No," Hiro answered rubbing his head, "I thought they were all destroyed. Look, I know it sounds crazy, but Baymax was there, too. Tell him."

"Yes, officer," Baymax confirmed. "He's telling the truuuooooaaaooohhh…" Baymax began making concerning computer noises as he hunched over and blinked uncontrollably.

"What the…" Hiro stammered, "What's wrong with you?"

"Low battery," Baymax answered an icon of a dying battery flashed on his chest. The officer observed the robot with minor interest as the robot made hiccups and laughs. As an experienced law enforcer, he recognized the symptoms as being 'under the influence.'

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Hiro held his hands out to him. "Try to keep it together."

"I'm healthcare," Baymax slurred, "your personal Baymax companion." He began tipping over and Hiro held him up.

"Kid, how about we call your parents and get them down here?" the officer asked rolling away on his chair.

"What?" Hiro asked.

'No,' Hiro thought, 'Aunt Cass will know I lied about registering for school and freak out about this Yokai business.'

"Write your name and number down on this piece of paper and we'll…" the officer turned back around with a pen and paper on a clipboard but Hiro and Baymax were gone. And the tape dispenser was being pulled by a long strip of tape off the desk counter.

"I've got to get you home to your charging station," Hiro said carrying Baymax down the small stairs. "Can you walk?"

"I will scan you now," Baymax slurred without scanning. "Scan complete." He fell off Hiro and sat on the ground. "*Hiccup* Healthcare."

'I would have so many questions for my brother if he were here,' Hiro thought shaking his head as he noticed how many people were in the area. 'I don't want to show off how strong I am like this. I better make this look good for the crowd.'

"Come on big guy," Hiro said lifting Baymax by his arm. "We need to get a move on." Hiro pulled Baymax with him while making sure he did not take off his arm.

"H-hey…" Baymax slurred, "How, how come you got spider D-*hiccup*."

"Come on!" Hiro said and picked up the pace.

"Spider D-*hiccup*…" Baymax slurred. "Spider D-*hiccup*… Spider D-*hiccup*… Spider D-*hiccup*… Spider D-*hiccup*…" Hiro finally managed to take him into an alley. "Spider D-*hiccup*… Spider DNA?"

"We'll talk about that later," Hiro said as he lifted Baymax over his shoulder and carried him up the wall. "Let's just get you home." They made it to the roof and Hiro readied his legs. "Now, let's try to have some fun." He ran to the edge and jumped over to the next roof.

"Wee!" Baymax cheered in mid-air. Hiro landed and ran across the new roof. "Again! Again!" Hiro leaped over the next alley. "Wee!"

Hiro was smiling and his heart was pounding like when he first discovered his powers. But when he reached the next roof, the petri dish flew out of his jacket pocket and bounced off the ridge behind him.

"Oh, no!" Hiro panicked. He turned around, leaped over, and sky-dived into the alley. But the petri dish had already touched the ground and opened.

"No!" Hiro landed on his feet and grabbed the microbot as the top and bottom casings rolled away.

'Can't lose this,' Hiro thought and set Baymax down. 'It's the only way I'll get any answers. But answers to what? So much is going on, I don't know what to think, or ask. I guess I just have to focus on what I have to do now.'

"Just give me a sec Baymax and we'll…" Hiro started to tell the robot until he heard a crash. He turned and saw Baymax with his head in a trash can and his posterior in the air.

"For you, a confusing time, puberty can be…" Baymax slurred as his trash can fell over.

"Okay…" Hiro smiled and hunched over.

And so, Hiro had to resolve to carry Baymax on his shoulder on a walk across town, back to the Lucky Cat Café. The healthcare companions' low battery mode slowed them down until they reached home after sunset. Hiro snuck in through the back door and Baymax followed him inside with poor walking stability and a completely deflated body.

"Okay," Hiro said pressing Baymax against the wall, "if my aunt asks, we were at school all day. Got it?"

"We jumped out a window!" Baymax slurred.

"No! Quiet! Shh!" Hiro hushed him.

"We jumped out a window," Baymax whispered.

"You can't say things like that around Aunt Cass," Hiro whispered. "Shh.."

"Shh…" Baymax mimicked. Hiro started walking up the stairs. Baymax raised one foot to follow him but fell over and hit his head on the second step.

"Huh?" Hiro turned around.

"Shh!" Baymax hushed him.

"Hiro?" Aunt Cass asked upstairs in the kitchen. "You home sweetie?"

"Uh… that's right!" Hiro answered and quickly went up the stairs.

"I thought I heard you," Cass smiled. "Hi." She leaned over the counter to see him leaning on the railing.

"Hey, Aunt Cass," Hiro smiled trying to hide his nerves.

"Oh, look at my little college man," Cass brushed her hair back smiling. "Ah, I can't wait to hear all about it! Oh, and wings are almost ready."

"Wee!" Baymax cheered at the stair top.

"Will you be quiet?" Hiro asked pushing him down.

"Yeah, wings! Wee!" Cass cheered. Hiro laughed nervously as he quickly pulled Baymax up while Cass's back was turned. "Alright, get ready to have your face melted!" He lifted the robot over his head and took him to the stairs that lead to his room. "We are gonna feel these things tomorrow. You know what I'm saying?

"Okay, sit down and tell me everything!" Cass finally turned around and saw Hiro coming down from his bedroom.

"Um…" Hiro took a moment to think. "The thing is that since I registered so late, I've got a lot of school stuff to catch up on." Baymax cause a noise upstairs and finally caught Cass's attention.

"What was that?" Cass asked.

"Mochi," Hiro blamed their pet. "Ooh, that darn cat!" He then saw the accused purring and rubbing against his legs.

"At least take a plate for the road, okay?" Cass asked with her back turned as Hiro tossed the cat upstairs.

"Don't work too…" Cass handed him his plate of wings.

"Thanks for understanding," Hiro took his plate and ran upstairs.

"Hairy Baby," Baymax called Mochi as he sat down and petted her, "Hairy Baby." Mochi ran off yowling pretending to hate what she was loving.

"All right, come on," Hiro lifted Baymax on his shoulder and carried him to his charging station.

"I'm healthcare," Baymax slurred, "your personal Baymax companion."

"One foot in front of the other," Hiro instructed and Baymax was finally back in his charging station with his head down as his body reinflated.

'Glad that's over with,' Hiro thought as he dragged his feet and collapsed on his bed facing the ceiling. 'Now what's going on with you?' He pulled out the microbot that the day's mystery revolved around.

"This doesn't make any sense," Hiro closed his eyes.

"Tadashi," Baymax said.

"What?" Hiro sat up.

"Tadashi," Hiro noticed he was looking at his brother's empty bed. "Where is Tadashi?" Hiro stood up from his bed sulking.

"Tadashi's gone," Hiro answered walking over to the other part of the room.

"When will he return?" Baymax asked.

"He's dead Baymax," Hiro closed the divider.

"Tadashi was in excellent health," Baymax said as Hiro walked away to his desk. "With a proper diet and exercise, he should have lived a long life."

"Yeah, he should have," Hiro moped with his hand on his chair. "But there was a fire and now he's gone."

"Tadashi is here," Baymax looked down.

"No," Hiro denied. "People keep saying he's not really gone. As long as we remember him." He slouched in his desk chair. "It still hurts."

"I see no evidence of physical injury," Baymax stated with concern and cocked his head.

"It's a different kind of hurt," Hiro turned around. With full or plenty of power back in his battery, Baymax stepped off his charging station.

"You are my patient," Baymax stated, "I would like to help."

"You can't fix this one, buddy," Hiro said. His depression changed to confusion when he heard mechanical whirring behind him. Baymax had his hand on top of a monitor with its screen matching the same display as the screen on his chest. "Uh, what are you doing?"

"I am downloading a database on personal loss," Baymax explained.

'I had no idea he could connect to the internet like that,' Hiro thought. 'Bro still knows how to impress me.'

"Database downloaded," Baymax finished. "Treatments include contact with friends and loved ones."

'Wait…" Hiro thought with wide eyes.

"I am contacting them now," he displayed a pentagon with a person icon on top and portraits of Gogo, Fred, Wasabi, and Honey Lemon.

"No, no, no!" Hiro stood up putting his hands on Baymax's chest. "I… don't do that!

"Your friends have been contacted," he turned off the display on his chest.

"Unbelievable," Hiro rolled his eyes and turned away as Baymax hugged him from behind. "Now what are you doing?"

"Other treatments include compassion and physical reassurance," Baymax explained as Hiro blushed.

"I'm okay, really." Hiro smiled.

"You will be alright," Baymax began patting his head. "There, there."

"Thanks, Baymax," Hiro chuckled as the companion released him.

"I am sorry about the fire," Baymax sympathized.

"It's okay," Hiro said. "It was an accident."

'Wait,' Hiro thought, 'was it?' Hiro looked at his bed to see the microbot and walked over to pick it up.

"Unless…" Hiro began to deduce. "Unless it wasn't. At the showcase, that guy in the mask stole my microbots. And… And set the fire to cover his tracks. He's responsible for Tadashi."

He turned around and slammed his fists on his desk making cracks in the wood. At that moment, his brothers' words rang in his head, 'with great power, comes great responsibility.'

"We gotta catch that guy," Hiro turned his head to look at his healthcare companion blinking at his patient.