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Chapter 27

It was a few hours after the system was back online. Zuko and his crew were now eating the only available thing around, a very well-cooked centipede. Spirits know what kind of disease those creatures may had, it was only after Sai checked the food that he allowed his men to eat.

It wasn't a delicacy by any means, but they were rather low in supply and three thousand years of infestation gave them a lot of meat to work with. That, and the crew thought that the centipedes owned them something for all they were put through, something which Zuko agreed.

His men were terrified, shaken beyond belief from the ordeal, but their spirits were never higher. The cathartic release after surviving impossible odds was truly without equal.

They laughed around the pyre and told each other jokes about their near-death experience. Many of them congratulated Jasmine for her work and thanked her for saving them in the neap of time, for the first time since her arrival, Jasmine was finally part of the crew.

True, she tended to many of their wounds, that were much more frequent in the last two months for some unknown reason, but she never really was one of them. She never shared their life-or-death experience and, as a young woman, had trouble having a casual conversation with the men.

It was… strange for her to get that kind of attention, but not unwelcome. Besides, the more she was distracted, the more time he has to prepare for the inevitable questions about Sai.

"There are some results on the apex centipede that you may find interesting."

'Results as in from its corpse, right?'

"No, the apex centipede is locked away in a secured room, actually an area is more precise."

'You kept this thing alive?!'

"It's an anomaly worthy of research, and a useful tool for the right scenarios. Most men would be thrilled to have their own monster to command."

'That thing almost killed me! And everyone else as well! What in Agni's name possessed you to think that keeping it as a pet is a good idea, that thing is bigger than some villages!'

"Please your highness, I'm the one possessing, not the other way around. Besides, without explicit orders about what to do with the creature, I took the initiative. I must say that so far, the results were very interesting, if frustrating."

'What do you mean by that?'

"Remember when I said that those creatures grow as they live?"

'Yes, some can even reach the size of a dragon, which is still tiny compare to that monstrosity.'

"Exactly, the catch is that frost centipedes just don't live over a century or two. Which means that as much as they can grow, a frost centipede has a maximum of mass it can reach."

'But you said that the apex centipede is three thousand years old, clearly it didn't get that message.'

"True, at first I hoped it was just a mutation, but after analyzing the blood samples I discovered the truth."

'Which is?'

"Said blood samples contain in their genes traces of a certain de-aging potion that could be found in the restricted area of the treasury."

'De-aging? As turning into a baby?'

"No, my apologies. I meant a potion that stops the body from aging. It keeps the cell regeneration from regressing and the body functions from weathering."

'You have the elixir of immortality in your basement?!'

"No, far from it. The potion merely keeps the body working and stops aging. The person, or creature in our case, can still be killed by diseases and other unnaturally causes. What you have in mind require much more work."

'Can you extract it from the apex centipede?'

"It's already assimilated with the creature's DNA, extracting it is nearly impossible. I may be able to make a chrysalis, but the consequences will be dire. I hardly think that your idea of immortality includes living the rest of your days as a centipedal abomination."

'No, I'm happy as I am, thank you. Damn though.'

"My apologies. In any case, I feel it's time to go to the treasure room. I opened the access to the treasury, disassembled the traps and even repositioned the cursed items elsewhere."

'How generous of you…'

"Thank you, I try."

Zuko's sarcasm flew far above Sai's nonexciting head. Either that or Sai ignored it.

In any case, he turned to his men and slapped both his hands.

"Alright, breaktime is over. Up on your legs, we have an entire centipede-free underground to explore."

The men got up, even if some wanted a few more minutes of rest, and formed a search party. Zuko led them by the instructions Sai gave him.

As they walked, they could see some of the living armors patrolling the corridors and doing regular maintenance work. Luckily, those armors were at maximum height of nine feet, so even if the crew felt a little uncomfortable near the soulless machines, it wasn't the overwhelming dread they got from the big ones.

After half an hour of walking, they finally got in front of a big golden door. It had the symbol of the dark helmet branded proudly in the middle for all to see. At Sai's command, the door opened and shown a sight that the men will never forget.

Mountains of gold upon gold were what greeted their eyes, who shown from wonder and greed. Coins and jewelry and all kinds of other expensive goods laid there right for their taking.

"Jump in, you can take whatever fits in your pockets. You've earned it."

The crew didn't need any more motivation, they all ran as if they have never seen gold before. There was so much that they didn't even fight each other for the loot. Only his uncle stayed behind, the only one who didn't feel any greed.

"Are you sure it's a good idea, nephew? I hardly think the previous owner will be happy with us taking their stuff."

"Don't worry uncle, we have permission. Besides, it's my gold now, like everything in this workshop."

His uncle still looked unsure.

"…And you know it because of the helmet?"

"Yes, now are you going in? I'm sure that there are some expensive tea sets in there."

"Not actually, there are some ceramic plates, however."

Sai said to his head.

"No, thank you for the kind offer. I'm good with what I have."

His uncle replied.

"Well, you do you, I suppose."

Zuko said as he walked towards the spoils. Hey, he may technically own it, but it's still nice to leave with a few nice things.

"There have not been reports on the whereabouts of the prince ever since his suppose departure to the south pole, my lord."

Mi-Sha was in one of his debriefings again.

He sat there in his office as the man in front of him listed the important happenings of the "business". Honestly, most of the stuff said went above Kia's head, but tan again, she wasn't a crime lord or even a merchant.

The only reason she was hearing this is because she was sent by the madam at Mi-Sha's orders, but apparently the meeting was taking longer than expected. Which may be good or bad depends on the situation. At least the less she had to be near Mi-Sha, the better.

Right now, she was outside of the office doors eavesdropping on the conversation. It sounded much more dangerous than it really was.

Sure, there were two enforcers at the door, scary and vigilant as ever, that will slice and dice anyone stupid enough to come close to the door. But she was an exception because she was expected.

Sure, they told her to wait outside, and sure, they would have forcefully shown her out if she didn't comply. So she waited outside where it was fine for her to be. The fact that she heard what was said at all was actually a parting gift from Toph.

The little earth bender managed to create a thin tunnel between the wall she was resting on and some hidden point at Mi-Sha's office. In was hardly of the finest quality as she could barely hear what was said, but discretion was the key. If her "master" would have any reason to suspect that she was spying on him… well, she saw the things he did for lesser offences.

She thought back to the day she heard that Toph managed to get out, how happy she was for the little girl she quickly took as her own. True, she now felt more alone than before Toph, but from what she heard, not only did she get rescued by a prince, but she was also safely returned to her family.

The few attempts Mi-Sha tried to get his prized tool back were met with failure as the newly conquered Gaoling was just too deep in the fire nation's clutches for Mi-Sha to wriggle his way in. La and Tui, she still thought of the irony in the situation. It's like the saying goes, the best place to hide from a saber tooth moose lion is in a sleeping dragon's cave.

"Far from sight far from mind, that way he will be too busy chasing avatars. Have men keep an eye for his return, he has the talent to always make things difficult."

"Yes sir."

"What's the status of the income? And recruitment?"

"Unfortunately, there has been a decrease in the income from the red side of the map by thirty percent. With the new machines and reforms, the fire army can now spare more men to patrol the territories. This lowers the number of successful operations, as well as rises the costs of blackmail and bribery."

The messenger explained.

"Shame, but not unexpected. What about the green side of the map?"

"A decrease of fifteen percent, I'm afraid."

The messenger replied to Mi-Sha's question, much to the later confusion.

"Oh? Aren't the armies of the earth kingdom in a state of disarray? We should have easier time conducting our business. Then again, the state of the was must have required our usual high paying clients to lessen their excesses."

"Quite so, my lord."

The messenger summarized.

"Usually such things aren't such a concern for our gains because the nobles can just raise their taxes. However, things seem rather dire in the green side, it's starting to reach the state where the taxpayers simply don't have enough possessions to pay said taxes."

"Hmm… maybe I should lay off with the debts a little…"


Had she heard it right? Have the avatar had been found and Mi-Sha finally started to grow a heart?"

The load laughter of both men quickly grounded her to reality. Figures.

"Oh sir, for a moment there I thought you were serious."

"Ha! You should have seen your face! Ha… I needed that."

Mi-Sha calmed down from his oh so clever joke.

"Seriously though, make sure that those fat farts know what happens when they don't pay in time, take their people if they don't have anything else."

"Yes sir."

"And what about the spices and trafficking?"

Mi-Sha asked.

"Ironically, it stays the same. The operations conducted there much easier, and there is more verity of products available, but the mass conscription effect our men as well."

The messenger answered.


To which, the other man obliged.

"While the mass conscription leaves the territories free of any hard opposition for our boys, it's sometimes includes them as well. Not once our men were forcefully conscripted to the front lines on their way to an operation or a bar. Which, of course, affects said operations."

She heard Mi-Sha whistles in an impressed tone.

"That bad, eh? Can't the men just shove those green boys off and end the story?"

"Afraid not, sir. It seems like the conscripts are under heat as well, if they don't reach a certain quota, it will be them in the front lines. Which makes them extremely motivated."

"Then remind them that the back lines can be even more dangerous, especially when it concerns me. I believe the problem will be solved after a few examples."

"But what about the possibility of a conflict in from the eastern front? We have enough trouble with the western side."

She heard the messenger say in concern.

"Eh, don't worry."

Kia could just feel the dismissive handwave of Mi-Sha.

"Those big wigs don't care about it as long as they get their pound of flesh for the meat grinder. They will just focus more on the northern and eastern sides of the kingdom, they have enough problems with the fire nation as is without adding enemies."

"It will be done. Anything else, my lord? Before we go over the recruitment?"

"Yes, what is the state of our growth? Financially, I mean."

"We stand on fifty five percent of what was originally intended. The loss of the southern west sea and Kyoshi island were a heavy blow to your pockets, let alone the increased cost of operations. Some clients are wary of business now, at least until the situation calms down."

"Damn… fine, we'll have to be smart about this. Have more raids sent to the less strategically important settlements of both sides, make sure our boys wear the other side's uniform so they will blame each other."

"Very well, sir. That is all for the finance, I believe."

"Good, recruitment then."

"There is a steady flow of men for now. With not many alternatives, many joins for the chance to gain some gold. The weakness of the local authorities helps tremendously as well."

"Finally, some good news. What are our numbers now?"

"Around ten thousand men in total, a quarter of them is mounted and another tenth is made of earth benders. That excludes the camelephant squads, who are three in number and have seven mounts each."

Kia knew about the gigantic animal, a cross bread between an elephant and a camel that can grow to tremendous sizes. It's usually saved for heavy transportation of entertainment, but she could easily see how such a creature can be used as an instrument of war. Luckily, from what she understood, camelephants require a handsome amount of money for their upkeep and are very hard to train for war.

"Good, good, and what are the estimations for the end of the season?"

"The number should grow to fifteen hundred, but that will push us to our limits with finances."

"A risk we must take. We can no longer idle around, with little Beifong out and about it's only a matter of time until someone of importance who cares will try to attack me. I'll eat my own hands if that upstart prince doesn't have a plan in motion as we speak."

"And in the aftermath? The fire lord will hardly except the death of his own son go unpunished."

"You overestimate the affection Ozai has for his kids."

Mi-Sha said dryly.

"Besides, as far as the fire nation concerned, he will die fighting the armies of the earth kingdom, like his cousin. There are many generals who will jump to take credit on his demise, I just need one of them to take the official blame and all the heat will fly over us."

"Very well sir, what about the tourney? Do we continue as planned or save the money?"

"Damn, forgot about it with everything that happened."

Kia forgot about it as well, every four years there is a huge event in the colosseum which fitches all kinds of activities, mainly those involved around fighting and physical activities. People come from all around the world to participate in the, sometimes lethal, games to gain riches and glory.

She even participated in the last one (actually, the only one she had ever since she was captured and brought here). No, not as a competitor, but as one of the prizes.

It could have been worse, she could have switched places with the speeders. The competition itself may have sounded innocent enough, he who finished first wins, but Mi-Sha had a talent for unnecessary cruelty and violence. To make sure that the participants (who may or may not have crossed him in some point of the past) give their best, a quick predator would run after them and eat the slowest one. Each new round will have another kind of animal until only one man will remain.

She had to stop herself from puking as she was forced to watch the butchery, which she was forced to stay and watch as she was included in the winning package of said event. The winner, a young man from an unnamed village in the earth kingdom, participated in the race with his twin brother. None of them knew about the catch, to be fair, neither was she at the start. The poor guy was so traumatized, that in their one night together she was the last thing on his mind.

Only some time after the incident did she wonder if it all was another cruel joke of Mi-Sha.

She almost missed Mi-Sha talking.

"No, everything will go as planned, now more than ever we need to show that business is going as usual. Besides, the tourney is a good opportunity to gain coins."

"Very well, my lord. Is that all?"

"Yeah, if I think of something I'll call you."

Mi-Sha dismissed the other man and Kia prepared herself for what's to come.

Everybody took what they wanted, Zuko could see how their pockets were filled with all kinds of goods. With the men stated their greed, Zuko was now focused on their next step – the armament of his crew.

As everyone got out of the treasury, Zuko pressed his hand on a certain spot on the wall and put a little chi in there. The result was immediate as the treasury rose to reveal another room, much to the surprise and bewilderment of his men.

'Why did you place the room with all the relics right under the treasury again?'

"It wasn't my doing, the first overlord designed this place. But to answer your question, any invader would have long stated their greed from the treasury. Even those who still hunger for more would have been hard pressed to find the relics right beneath the treasury. It would have taken someone like Toph to discover it and even then, without my energy signature they would have to brute force their way in. something that I assure you will be counterproductive because of all the traps."

'couldn't they just sense the traps as well?'

"Not all of them, some are of a more… immaterial element."

'If you say so.'

Zuko called his crew to follow him.

"After me. Now this time, and I mean it, Don't. Touch. Anything."

"Most of the things there are either cursed or can easily explode, so keep your hands to yourselves or the living armors will be the least of our problems."

His man nodded, taking his words seriously. After all they saw here, cursed magical objects were fit in, expected even.

As they entered the hidden treasury, Sai began explaining to him about the various artifacts in the room. Which he told the others in turn.

The first thing was a battered looking pouch, not unlike the ones people tie to their belt.

"Let me introduce you to one of the most helpful tools the overlord could have, the inventory. This little sack is capable of storing an infinite number of objects and resources without having the user feel any difference in the weight. The user can also pull out said objects just as easily, you only need to think about the object you want and put your hand in the bag."

'It's incredible!'

The others agreed with Zuko after they heard the explanation from his mouth.

"Thank you, the only downside is that the size of the bag allows it to store only things that are physically thinner than the bag's entrance."

'It's still a miracle.'

"Agreed. Now take it and use it to store all the other things I tell you, it will come in handy in the future."

The tour continued and Sai showed many more interesting things. Some were to be taken, some to stay locked forever.

A few of the things he did take were three discs that Sai told him are actually depleted power sources, they needed to be recharged first before they could be of any use, however. One or two spirits to devour would do the trick according to Sai. Uncle looked like he aged another century in a second after he heard about it, it took a few minutes and a promise of using other energy sources to pacify him.

Another thing Zuko took was a pair of hexagonal metal boxes, like the kind that is used to spread aroma around the room, that Sai labeled as the "lover flames". Apparently, when one box is lit and someone is burning a letter, the other box will receive said letter. It was created by overlord number seven, To-nie, as a favor for a pair of forbidden lovers from rivaling clans. It was an interesting story about passion, duty, tragedy and left a bittersweet taste as the families finally resolved their differences in the price of the lover's lives.

Obviously, Sai told the short version.

There were many other little trinkets like bracelets that regenerated chi from the light of the sun and other things like glasses that enable people to see in the dark that Zuko will later add to the equipment of his men.

Concerning the crew, they will get some serious upgrades. Because of the lack of a constant power source, Sai explained that he won't be able to give them something called "power armor".

Instead, he was in the middle of manufacturing a "powerless" armor that is made from stronger but lighter materials than anything available today. In addition to the bracelet and the glasses, it will also include a system that will inject antidote, painkillers and adrenaline according to the situation as well as a primitive early warning system from enemy attacks.

The troops were now equipped with sticks that could electrocute people for "peaceful" subjugation. Not unlike what he pulled against Hokoda all those weeks ago. Even Jasmine got one for self-defense.

Mi-Dved, for his different fighting stile, got a new pair of axes.

The Axes themselves were of a similar shape to the ones he had before. The front of the head was shaped in a sharp half circle, with the ends concaved inwards. The other end of the head was shaped as a sharp and thick fang, made for breaking armor. The middle of the head, what connected the two ends, was brick shaped and could be used as a hammer when needed.

Those new axes had the same electric nature as the sticks, batons Sai corrected him. In addition, the axes caused rapture damage when hitting. Needless to say, Mi-Dved was very excited about his new toys.

With those upgrades, his crew should be able to go toe to toe with even the royal guard fire benders.

In contrast to the things he took, Sai also warned him about the forbidden relics. Namely all kinds of summoning catalysts of otherworldly beings or enhancers that have a much too big of a price.

Zuko isn't going to list them.

Sai also suggested him to take a few vehicles to carry all the things they couldn't fit into the inventory, namely weapons and machines. They also found a room that the apex centipede used to shed its armor.

Sai suggested taking a few of the high-quality skins with them for prestige and materials and Zuko agreed that it was one heck of a trophy.

Said vehicles first required driving them, which got them to burn another day until everyone, even Jasmine, were comfortable enough to drive without having an accident.

The vehicles themselves looked… slick. Zuko was familiar enough with the tanks that were under construction, but besides the two being mount-less carriages there was little in common between them.

Those knew unnamed vehicles were arrow shaped and four wheeled. They had a window made of a see-through material from the inside, a mirror on the outside. At first Zuko and the men were a little worried about its fragility, but after a demonstration of taking Mi-Dved's axes head on without any signs of damage their worries disappeared.

The color of the vehicle itself was brown, in contrast to the black and glowing red color theme of the armors. People could enter the machine from left, right or from the back. At full capacity, the vehicle could hold up to ten people.

Together with the living armors, they transferred all the cargo to huge containers that were connected to the vehicles. Luckily, the shed skin could be folded to make space, Zuko had no idea how otherwise they would have transferred it.

Which is how he ended up with uncle, the siblings and some other members of the crew in the leading vehicle. Once again, he was in the lead as the others followed him. He was the one driving because only he knew where to actually drive to reach the ship as Sai was the one giving directions.

'How much until we're back to the ship?'

"About a day of driving. It would have been thrice as fast, but with the weather and the cargo we need."

'It took us a week to get here.'

"The wonders of technology, your highness."

"Are we there yet?"

Came Jasmine's voice.

"No, we have the entire day in front of us."

Zuko answered.

"Wonderful! Just enough time to talk about the various wonders of tea!"

Uncle exclaimed.


The response was shared by the all the people in the vehicle as they were forced to listen to the old man rambling about tea and pai sho.

This was going to be a long ride…

"Are you sure about this? Like one hundred percent sure?"

Sokka asked her for what felt like the hundred time today.

"Yes Sokka, I'm going to except the deal. It's better than doing nothing and that way, we may be able to see dad again… if you're sure you want to tag along…"

Katara looked at him in concern. On one hand, she wanted him to be with her, but on the other hand… it was all to easy to imagine all kinds of situations that will have her brother "accidently" killed while in service. And that's if Zuko will accept her brother tagging along, there was no guarantee that the prince will not just force her to abandon him to cut off any connection she had to her home.

Sokka put an arm on her shoulder.

"Hey, we're together in this. What kind of big brother will I be If I wouldn't do anything to keep you safe? You may be an annoying hag sometimes, but you're still my sister."

"Thanks Sokka, every girl sure likes to be called a hag."

Katara said in a dry tone as she rolled her eyes, but there wasn't any venom in her voice.

"So when do you think they are going to come back anyway?"

Sokka asked.

"I don't know."

Katara shrugged her shoulders.

"With any luck, they are lost in a blizzard and never going to return."

"Amen to that."

Sokka replied.

"Will sure save us a lot of trouble."

The two looked at the horizon in silence.

"Do you think we'll ever see dad again?"

Katara suddenly asked and Sokka looked strangely at her.

"What brought that up?"

"I… I don't know, I'm just tired, I guess. With all the uncertainty… I guess that now that we may have a chance to meat him again I just… Do you think he will be proud of us? Think us as traitors for working with the people who took mom?"

"I think that you think to much. Whatever happens, dad will always love us. Besides, like Gran-Gran said, we aren't working for Zuko, we're using him to teach you water bending and maybe stop the war."

"Heck, I may even be able to learn military secrets and figure out how to dismantle the fire army from the inside!"

Katara couldn't help but chuckle a little, Sokka did know how to lift the mood sometimes.

"Yes, maybe marry a princess along the way."

She said jokingly.

"Hey! I could totally marry a princess!"

Her brother said with indignation.

She couldn't help but laugh now.

"Not cool! I'm trying so hard to cheer you up ant that's what I get."

"Sorry, sorry. It wasn't nice."

Katara finally pulled herself together.

"Ha… Thanks Sokka, I needed that."

"No problem sis, glad to see that my misery always cheer you up."

He said jokingly.

Suddenly, they saw a more than few men speed walking next to them.

"Hey! What's happening?"

Her brother asked the men.

"The prince came back, boss said they need more hands to lift the stuff he brought back."

"Stuff that he brought back?"

Katara asked.

"We're in the middle of nowhere, what could he possibly… you don't think that he found…"

"I think we should go check."

Was Sokka's reply.

They ran together after the men.

After a few minutes, they left the comfortable warmth of the greenhouse and went into the harsh cold of the south pole. Before them was a strange scene that neither of them expected.

They saw Zuko commanding the men under him to move along some very big containers, as in big enough to hold inside all the people of the greenhouse. Besides them, the containers were pushed by both men, komodo-rhinos and some strange things made of metal.

"What the heck is going on here?"

Sokka asked no one in particular.

Whatever it was, Katara decided, it wasn't the avatar. That was enough for her.

"What to go and ask?"

She suggested.

Sokka shrugged his shoulders and the two went towards the prince. On their way, they saw the only female member of the crew sitting idly and offering warm drinks to the workers. She was easy to spot but hard to recognize, with all the layers of fur she did look more like a ball then a human.


Katara called.

"Hm? Oh, hello. How can I help you?"

"What's happening?"

Katara decided to do the talking before her brother blurted out something the two of them will regret later.

"Oh, this? This is just the guys loading all the stuff we found at the workshop."


Sokka asked.

"Yes. Apparently there was some ancient civilization down there under the ice, or maybe it was just buried under the snow? Never mind. Short story, said people were there way before even the four nations, and left all kinds of interesting stuff. The things on wheels you see? Part of what they had."

"Really?! It's fascinating!"

Katara couldn't help but marvel. At entire civilization buried right under their noses? Who would have thought.

"Wait, So Zuko just went ant took it?"

Sokka asked.

"Oh, I wish…"

Jasmine grumbled.

"No, apparently, the place was abandoned for like, a few thousand years. In the meantime, it became a huge nest of frost centipedes."

The two water tribe siblings both made a sour noise and face. They were familiar enough with the creatures from a few hunts their father brought back and by the spirits, those things looked nasty. Gran-Gran also told them that those were the little ones, some of the big ones could swallow a polar bod bear to the ground in a bite.

"Yeah… the place was crawling with them. And don't get me started on the big one, still have no idea how my prince went toe to toe with that thing…"

"How big are we talking about?"

Sokka asked out of curiosity.

By the shudder that went through Jasmine, Katara figured out that the answer was very big.

"Big enough to not being able to enter those containers."

The nonbender girl finally said.

"Do you actually except us to believe that something like that was living under our feet?"

Sokka asked and raised his eyebrow skeptically.

"And that Zuko actually fought that thing one on one?"

As if the spirits themselves decided to have a go at her brother, the door of one of the containers was thrown down by the wind and the contents of the container was spilled outside. Revealing the biggest, scariest, mean looking creature Katara had ever seen.

A girly scream was heard as a result, to katara's relief it wasn't from her.

"What in everything that's holly is that thing?"

Sokka, who will forever deny that he screamed a second ago, asked an octave higher that his usual voice.

"That would be the big one."

Jasmine said, rather enjoying the reaction of the two. Sokka's reaction especially amused her.

"Oh, calm down, it's just an old skin. I promise that the real thing was a thousand times scarier."

"And Zuko defeated that!"

Sokka asked in a small voice.

Katara had to agree with her brother, if the prince killed that what chance did they had against him?

"Oh heck no. Zuko, while dealing the most damage, was barely enough to give it a headache. No, he distracted the thing by flying around it and attacking it with everything he had with the rest of the men for fifteen minutes while Iran around to power up the traps the place had to get rid of it for good."

"It's still very impressive."

Katara said, that something caught her attention.

"Wait, so you are the one who actually defeated it?"

"More like whoever built those things down there and that helmet, but I did save everyone so yes."

Jasmine said as she looked at her nails.

"Wait, Zuko can fly?"

Of course her brother will ignore the woman's achievement, typical Sokka.

Once again, as if to answer her brother, Zuko yelled angrily at some of his men, held the door with his hands and then flew off with flames from legs, pushing himself and the heavy metal upwards. He then reached the top of the container and locked something. He used his flames to once again fly, this time to his ground to continue ordering the men.

"You know Sokka, you should really learn when to keep your mouth shut."

"Agreed. Anyway, did you want anything else?"

Jasmine asked.

"Oh, yes actually. We came to give our answer to Zuko's deal."

"Well, he seemed to finish yelling at those guys. Now may be a good time as any before he will be too tired and just go to bad, we do leave tomorrow."

"Oh… Okay…"

Katara said as the two went to the prince. Luckily, he didn't turn them off right away.

"Yes, what is it?"

He asked as he turned around to face them.

"Am… it's about the offer you made some time ago… the water bending lessons?"

Katara said, suddenly very small in front of the clearly irritated prince who supposedly went toe to toe with a monster from legends and lived to tell the tale.

"Oh, right… Sorry, I had a very long day. So what's your answer?"

He asked.

"I agree if my brother comes with me and be treated fairly."

Katara said, finding her confidence and ready to hold her ground against the prince.

"Sure, whatever. Welcome aboard."

Zuko waved his hand dismissingly.

"Have my uncle, the fat old man, escort you to the blue room, he will know what to do. Sorry for the poor welcome, I just really don't have the energy right now, we'll have a proper welcome tomorrow. Ship's leaving an hour after dawn so make sure you so to sleep right away, Agni knows I will once I finish this up…"

With that Zuko left them and went to order the men to move the final shipment.

"Amm… Okay?"

Was all Katara said. It sure was an interesting way to start her new life.


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