My first Owl House story. I was inspired by the last episode and decided to write about King. He's my favorite character in all of this. Spoilers for the last episode, so please read at your own risk. I don't own any of the characters or the show. Enjoy!

King watched his egg intensely. He could hear the little one inside, shifting about. He had a feeling his baby was going to hatch soon. Having the power to change his size, King shrunk down and carefully gathered his egg in his furry arms, cradling it the way that Vinessa cradled her daughter. He hummed to himself, contemplating how everything was going to turn out once his baby hatched. He was excited of course! But also terrified. Knowing what had happened to his dad, it scared him to think he might have to leave his child behind and hope that someone would come up and adopt them the way Eda had adopted him.

He missed Eda. He missed Luz, Willow, Hunter, and everyone! It's been several centuries since their passing, but he could still remember the amazing adventures they had. Even after Belos' defeat, more adventures came and went. New discoveries were made, friends were found, and lives changed for the better.

Luz and Amity got married and adopted three cute kids. There was Timmy, Gabriela, and Paisley. All three were great. Even when they would chase him around and pull on his tail as toddlers. He loved them. They grew older and started families of their own.

Eda passed away shortly after the youngest, Paisley, turned fifteen. She had been sick prior but always pulled through. However, this time it wasn't the case.

He had watched them all grow up and live their best lives. And just a few thousand years ago, decided to start his own. It happened when Timm announced he and his wife, Winey were expecting their first child. Luz and Amity were ecstatic! There was a huge group hug and lots of exciting whispers. King was in his twenties? Given that Titans had a very long lifespan, who knows how old he technically was? He was more mature though. He understood that life can give, but it can also take away.

Timmy and Winey welcomed their daughter, Lily, followed two years by her brother Ben.

Paisley and her wife, Natally adopted their son Luke. And Gabriella married her husband Joe, but they didn't want any kids. Two nephews and one niece were more than enough for them.

Despite being part of the ever-growing family, King felt a longing to start his own. A few hundred years later and King laid his first egg. Luz would have been over the moon. And Eda would have fainted.

His egg was tiny, about the size of a small ball. It was very fragile too. King didn't let anyone near it for the first few days until its outer shell had completely hardened. The Collector begged to see the egg, promising to not hurt it and growing excited bout how cute baby titans were. Hooty wouldn't stop dancing around and talking on and on about all the fun things they could do. It nearly caused an uproar among the residents of the Boiling Isles.

Speaking of the Boiling Isles, the citizens there continued to remember Luz, Amity, Eda, Hunter, and everyone, even after over two-thousand years. An annual festival was held when Luz faced Belos and won. King, of course, was always invited to eat. He would over-stuff himself with sweets and then sleep it off in a comfy little bed, next to his precious egg. The Collector happily babysat the egg, talking to it about all the fun games he used to play with other baby titans. King knew that Collector wouldn't intentionally hurt his baby and had trusted him when he needed to step out and take a stroll.

Most of the time, King would shrink down to a moderate size, not tiny like he was as a kid, but just a little taller than an average witch. He often kept his egg in a sling across his furry chest. Many asked how long it would take to hatch, King had to admit to most that it'll be a long time. Probably a few more centuries. The Collector had mentioned that babies took forever to be ready.

Now, it was almost time and King didn't think he was ready for the responsibility. Where was Eda, surely she could give him some advice. Though, she might just tell him to drink some apple blood to calm his nerves. Luz was super motherly, and she would have told him that he was going to do great. King closed his eyes and brought up Luz's image. He could remember her, clear as day with her purple cat shirt, smiling at him. "You'll do great, King!" It brought tears to his eyes. King sniffed and nuzzled his egg.

"Hey, what's the matter?" The Collector had appeared, floating around aimlessly in the air. He hadn't changed at all. He decided to stay to see the baby hatch. Thinking that was the case, the Collector threw sparkles in the air, "Is it here yet, can we play!'

King shook his head, cradling his egg deeper in his black fur, "No... Not yet."

"Aww..." He flipped back and flopped on a beanie chair, limbs splayed out. "No fair! I've been waiting forever to play with the baby Titans again. I remember when you were a baby and we played. I wish you could just go back to that." He grumbled crossing his arms.

King laughed despite himself, "Hey, I rather not go through Titan puberty again. Besides, you're gonna have a friend to play with soon. I think in a few days, he's gonna hatch."

"That's too long!"

"Too bad. You can play with the others kids outside."

"No." Collector shook his head, "I'm not leaving until I see the baby. Baby Titans are so cute!"

King smirked to himself, he was well aware of how cute he was as a baby. Getting lots of pets, scratches, kisses, and sweets. It all made him feel like a worshipped lord. Looking back down at his egg, he wondered what kind of parent he was going to be. Would he be like his dad, the former last of the Titans?

Actually with his baby born, then King won't be the last Titan anymore. There will be two! Two Titans exist in the world. Hopefully, in the next millennia or so, the Titans can come back.

"I hope I'm a good dad." He said to himself.

Collector smiled, "You will be, your dad was pretty good, I think. Well, until he locked me away."


"Not your fault." He grinned when a new idea came to his mind, "Hey since we're friends, does that mean I'm going to be the aunt and uncle too?"

King thought of it for a moment before nodding, "Yeah, I guess so. I'm both the momma and the daddy here, so you can be the uncle and aunt if you want."

Collector threw his hands in the air, "Yes! I'm going to be the best uncle/aunt ever. Though..." he paused to consider it, making a face, "Being cause aunt/uncle doesn't sound very fun. How about cousin? Can I be the cousin instead? No-no wait! How about Titi? I remember Lily calling Gabriella Tia and Joe Tio."

King nodded, "Yeah, and I'll be called Baba!"

"Yeah, can you hear me, baby Titan, I'm your Titi!" Collector yelled down at the egg. King shushed him, "Calm down, he's sleeping."

"How can you tell?"

King shrugged, "I just can." It was the way his baby's heart was beating. When anyone went to sleep he could hear their hearts slow down to a softer rhythm. His baby's heart was slower now. He hummed, pressing a kiss to the shell. "No matter what happens, I loaf you."