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Adrien looked down at the Parisian streets below and gently flexed his wings. Down below, the city streets thronged with life as people took advantage of the warm Sunday afternoon sun. Adrien looked down at them with a strong sense of envy and a certain amount of trepidation. He looked back at his massive pair of black, leathery wings. They had only emerged last Friday evening and he still found it hard to believe that they were real. It seemed almost impossible and yet here they were.

He flexed his wings again. They were functional, he knew that much and they were nearly (but not completely) impossible to clip. Still, there was a small, irrational part of him that whispered that they were only temporary.

It was nonsensical of course. Everyone gained different traits at some point in their teenage years. Chloe had gained venemous fangs. Nino had a shell and his girlfriend Alya had a beautiful, bushy red and white fox tail that she loved to flex. And unlike feathery wings, clipping large- leathery wings like his was a lot harder and highly illegal in France. (He had heard of places where it was entirely legal to clip and trim wings like his, but the practice was frowned upon at the very least.)

He rotated his shoulders, watching his wings move with them. It was still hard to believe that his particular trait was wings. Wings! They were magnificent in his opinion and much to his joy, entirely functional.

He looked down at the streets below and grinned. He knew he could do it. No more test flights inside the tight confines of his room. This was the real thing and he had every confidence in them. He leapt into the sky and extended his wings, feeling the rush of wind as he fell through the sky gathering speed.

He could see the ground rapidly approaching. The speed he was travelling through the air was incredibly exciting. The most thrilling thing he had ever done in fact. His heart was racing and the wind was whipping through his usually pristine hair.

With a quick flap of his wings, his flight changed from a downward fall into level flight. He looked at the streets below him and let out a whoop of joy. He was moving fast, faster than he ever had done before. Even in the car, his driver had never dared drive as fast as this. He let out another whoop of joy and flapped his wings again. It felt so natural, flying without a care in the world.

It should have been difficult to be so proficient at flying. For any other skill, even something as simple as walking, it would take time. But when it came to traits, people were always instinctively good. He had only had his wings for a few days and yet he could instinctively read the wind currents like an expert, riding thermals and sliding through the wind currents.

This was freedom. A moment of pure joy that was so pure and beyond reproach that he wished it could last forever. He could fly for an eternity and not have enough.

As he continued his flight, he allowed his mind to wander to his friends. Would they be jealous of his huge, leathery wings or scared by their appearance? He banked, seamlessly turning through the skies and allowing his instincts to take over. He had no destination in mind, just a strong desire to allow himself to follow his instincts for a change. No order or plans, just...freedom.

A powerful scent hit his nose, cutting through the polluted air of the city. A mouthwatering, delicious smell. The smell of baked goods so delicious that it made his mouth water.

He sharply turned, gliding his way towards the source of the delicious smell and his stomach grumbled.

He was unsurprised to see that it was none other than the Dupain-Cheng Bakery that had caught his attention. They always had the best pasteries in Paris in his opinion. It really should have been obvious really. And of course, it was home to his good friend Marinette.

On the subject of Marinette, he could see her on her balcony and much to his delight, he could see that she too was sporting a pair of beautiful wings. These ones however were gossamar thin insect-like wings with beautiful designs adorning their span. Without thinking, he flared his own wings and landed on the bakery's perch.

"Hi Marinette."

Marinette yelped as she fell over.

"A-A-A-Adrien!" she yelped in surprise and Adrien winced. He hadn't intended to startle her like that. "What are you doing here?"

"Sorry Marinette," Adrien said sheepishly. "I just...wanted to show someone..." He flexed his wings and Marinette's eyes widened. "They came through on Friday and I couldn't wait to show my friends and..."

"It's perfect!" Marinette said in a slightly high pitched voice. "I mean your perfect! I mean..." Marinette groaned and her wings fluttered adorably in the setting sun.

"Your wings are really pretty," he said and Marinette's face turned red.

"Mine came through on Friday as well!" Marinette blurted out and Adrien extended his hand towards her.

"Do you want to share the news with our friends together?" he asked and Marinette's face turned even redder.

"That's a great idea!" Marinette said and she climbed onto the edge of her balcony. She gave her wings an experimental flutter.

"I'm on my way to see Alya and Nino now," Adrien said with a small smile. He expanded his wings and grinned. "Do you...think they're okay?"

"You're perfect...I mean they're perfect!" Marinette said and she groaned once more. She muttered something under her breath about confusing her words and how stupid she sounded.

"I know just where they are!" Adrien said excitedly, turning towards the Seine. "Follow me Marinette!"

He took to the skies once more. Behind him, he could hear Marinette's wings gently buzzing behind him. He couldn't wait to show everyone!