Pacey's Creek - Chapter 26: Strange Relantionship

Carter was at the bar trying to buy a pint of Guiness

But the guy at the bar refused to let him have one

In the US Carter had to be twenty-one to get pisses

Carter was furious he was gonna get done

For trying to get alcohol. Now how could he kill Clear?

He suddenly realised the only person was Terry, she was so dear

To him that she couldnt refuse.

At Terry's house she was in bed with Dawson.

DUNDUNDAAAAAAA! He wasn't dead! That person

Was still alive! But how? The phone rang

And Terry jumped from the bed with a bang

She grabbed the phone and demanded who was there

An even louder voice greeted her so loud she could not bear

It. Carter hammered at her for not answering the phone

Sooner for she had only answered it on the second ring. A bone

In her skull was aching from the bang

When he'd first rang.

Carter told her to kill Clear for him.

Meanwhile at Clear's house something was going on in the bedroom...

Something involving Alex and Clear and to do with their doom...

A lot of thumping and banging was going on.

And it seemed a lot of it was fun.

Occasionally Alex would shout out

And sometimes Clear would join him

She liked to be vocal too otherwise she would pout.

Despite being dim

She was pretty stubborn when she wanted to be.

For on Clear's bed they were playing on the playstation

As far as Alex could see

He was losing the game.