June 8, 2023

"You're broken..." Chef told Chris, in an almost defeated tone.

The pair were walking through the campgrounds of an island Chris had just purchased with the help of a network. Because Chris was behind the purchase, it was an incredibly rundown campground, if you could call it that.

It had the buildings you'd see at a campground, sure, but there were next to no amenities for those staying to actually indulge in. It seemed more like a prison camp than anything. "I'm not broken, the execs want a big first season, so we're giving them a big first season!" Chris told his co-host as they approached a dock.

The dock was rather large, with 20 feet wide wooden walkways going about 120 feet out from the island. "The producers said you were supposed to sort through the applications and pick 22 of them!" Chef reminded Chris.

"I know, but we're working with 52 episodes! 26 episodes was perfect for 22. But with double the season length, I figured it'd be good for ratings to just take all 68!" Chris explained himself.

"All 68!? We ain't got the episodes to boot 'em all out one by one! How you gonna explain that to the producers?" Chef asked him, stunned.

Chris just held both hands up, still smiling coyly. "Don't worry about the details of the game, that's my job. You've got to start cooking lunch for 68 teens, so I'd get on that if I were you!" Chris advised, dismissing the question.

Chef narrowed his eyes at Chris, before just turning around and walking away to head to the camp's dining hall. The film crew was already waiting for Chris on the dock, with the mics and cameras ready to go. "Mr. McLean! Are you ready to go?" a glasses-wearing poofy haired intern called to him.

"Yes Oliver! Let's get this introduction out of the way before the kids start arriving!" Chris replied, walking past the film crew on the dock.

Chris stood on where the walkway split into a horizontal path, just for bigger boats to park along it. He fixed up his hair one last time, then crouched down. "What are you crouching down thor thir?" a brace face intern with black hair in a ponytail asked him.

"Dramatic effect Irene, you'll see! Just let me know when the cameras are rolling!" Chris answered, clearly excited for this.

The intern behind the camera, a fellow with dark hair that partially obscured his eyes and was clearly not just in a phase, gave Chris a thumbs up. "Cameras go rolling in 10, I'll give you a signal..." he responded dully.

"Thank you Ted, catch my good side yeah? Just kidding, they're all my good side!" Chris remarked, praising himself as always.

10 seconds went by, and Ted then gave Chris a thumbs up, the filming was now in progress.

Chris sprung to his feet, entering the shot which had been showing the lake behind the dock. "Yo! We're coming at you live from Camp Wawanakwa! Somewhere in Muskoka Ontario!" Chris raised his arms, gesturing to the environment around him.

"I'm your host, Chris McLean! Dropping season one of the hottest new reality show on television, right now!" Chris then pointed at himself of course, maintaining enthusiasm throughout.

The cameras then stopped, and Ted saved the recording. "Alright, now I'll get into position for the next shot!" Chris told the interns, walking over to one end of the horizontal path.

"Isn't this going to look a little weird in the final cut? It might look like you're just teleporting everywhere to the viewers at home." Oliver pointed out as Chris once again fixed his hair.

"Nah, Josh and Flaky over in IT are just gonna edit all the shots together. Besides, the viewers aren't stupid enough to think teleporting is real. It's just showbiz, showing off more of the island in the introduction to get the viewer engaged. It'll all look fine in the final cut, trust me." Chris explained to them.

"Okay... thilming in 10 theconds again thir!" Irene accepted the explanation, her braces making her talking a bit hard to understand.

"Here's the deal..." Chris now began walking down the dock, continuing the explanation. "68 campers have signed up to spend eight weeks right here at this crummy old summer camp! They'll compete in challenges against each other, then have to face the judgement of their fellow campers!"

"Every day, a few teams will either win a reward, or watch one of their team members walk down the Dock of Shame, get picked up by the Drone of Despair, and leave Total Drama Island for good!" Chris stated the game's structure, while out of frame, Oliver then held up a picture of a green drone.

Cutting to the campfire area, there were 22 stumps laid out in front of a bonfire pit, with a podium on the other side. Clearly a remnant of the original plan by the producers. "Their fate will be decided here, at the dramatic campfire ceremonies where all but one camper will receive a marshmallow!" Chris waved his hands for dramatic effect as he described the ceremonies, walking up to the bonfire pit.

Chris then pulled out some magazines, while Oliver offscreen had a treasure chest ready to toss to him. "In the end, only one will be left standing, and will be rewarded with cheesy tabloid fame! And a small fortune, which let's face it, they'll probably blow in a week! To survive, they'll have to battle!.."

"...Black flies, grizzly bears, disgusting camp food, and each other!" shots of each were shown, before cutting back to Chris on the dock.

"Each and every moment will be caught on one of the hundreds of cameras situated all over the camp!" Chris stated, prompting Ted to flip the camera around to show him, Irene, and Oliver waving to it, showing off their film equipment. This irked Chris, but he let it slide since Ted quickly flipped the camera back around to show him.

"Who will crumble under the pressure? Find out here, right now, on Total, Drama, Island!" Chris concluded the introduction, raising his arms with each word of the show's title.

Intro Sequence:

Rock music began and the opening notes of I Wanna Be Famous kicked in as cameras popped up from various places throughout the island. First in front of a bunch of trees, then out of the ground with a gopher on top, then through the window of a bathroom, startling Dave inside, and finally out of a tree and pushing a squirrel out before a film clapper came and transitioned the shot.

Dear Mom and Dad I'm doing fine, you guys are on my mind

The camera zoomed down the Dock of Shame and onto the campground, where Chris was fending off Sierra and Topher pestering him, while Blaineley was trying to take center stage. He pushed Topher aside as the camera zipped by, while Sierra just swooned.

The shot then went up a large cliff where Izzy and an unsure Emma gave each other excited looks before diving down into the water. In the water, Chase was having a good time swimming with Owen until the latter farted, making the former cough from the stench.

You asked me what I wanted to be and I think the answer is plain to see

Above the water, Bridgette and Geoff were sitting on a surfboard together, smiling at one another. That was until B sped by on a speedboat, pulling Ripper along on wakeboard while Scary Girl watched from the boat. The splash knocked the pair off of their surfboard, with Scary Girl and Ripper not bothered one bit, enjoying their time. A dead fish rose from the water thanks to Owen's fart, which an eagle swooped down and picked up, carrying it away.

I wanna beeeeeee famous!

In the woods, Dawn was meditating while Leonard and Beardo were pestering her. The fish from the eagle dropped down by them, and the two immediately fled thanks to the smell, making Dawn smirk while keeping her eyes closed. DJ and Ella were petting the animals in the woods when this happened, and both had to flee as well when the stench made the animals go berserk and attack them. Scott watched all this from behind a tree, laughing to himself. Max laughed at this too, but attracted too much attention and soon had to flee.

I wanna live close to the sun

Further downstream from the forest, Heather and LeShawna were slapfighting each other riding one raft, while Shawn and Jasmine were happily riding together in one behind them. The former two were too distracted and went falling down a waterfall ahead, while Shawn was quick to steer their raft to the river bank, safe from falling.

Go pack your bags 'cuz I've already won

Harold was practicing his karate moves with Axel on a log in front of the waterfall, who was deflecting all of his moves easily while Julia filmed it on her phone, trying to talk to an uninterested Nichelle while doing so. Heather and LeShawna fell in the background, and Lightning quickly stepped onto the log, carrying another log just to show off his strength to Julia's recording. This weight made the log snap, and all 5 of them fell.

Everything to prove nothing in my way, I'll get there one day

Panning to the left, Damien was skateboarding by himself when he crashed into the confessional, knocking Zee out and confusing Zoey who was just about to use it, while MK poked out from behind, messing with the wires.

Further left was the dining hall, where inside Chef was making something disgusting while Wayne and Raj watched in horror, the former much more scared than the latter. Amy and Samey were bickering nearby, so Chef shut them both up by shoving food into their mouths.

'Cuz I wanna beeeeeee famous!

At the counter, Jo, Brick, Tyler, and Eva were having an arm wrestling tournament while Millie and Duncan watched while eating popcorn. The girls beat the boys, with them high fiving as the guys were shocked at their losses.

Zipping past Noah, Scarlett, Cameron and Staci studying together at one of the dining tables, the shot went outside where Katie, Bowie, and Sadie were fawning over Caleb, Alejandro, and Justin suntanning. Heather saw this as she stepped out of the dining hall, and just stormed back inside.

Na na nana nanananana nanananana

Anne Maria was applying spray tan while looking out at the beach when Sky and Priya passed by on a sprint, nearly knocking her over. Ezekiel soon passed by as well, but Anne Maria sprayed him down angrily.

Sam was sitting not far from Anne Maria, playing on his Gameguy. Mike was watching him play, but when the sprinting girls passed by, he gasped and turned into Chester, shaking a fist at them.

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!

Panning to the Dock of Shame, Rodney was sitting on a crate watching Lindsay help Dakota get her makeup on. Once it was ready, Dakota stepped back and paparazzi swarmed the scene, flashing pictures while Lindsay and Rodney watched in amazement.

Sugar stepped onto the dock, now posing for the paparazzi as well, much to Dakota's annoyance. Courtney arrived to shoo away the paparazzi, but to no avail. Finally, Beth rushed into frame with a flaming baton. She tossed it up, before it landed on the dock and made it burst into flames, sending everyone into a panic.

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!

The flames from the Dock of Shame transitioned to the bonfire trail on the night sky. Panning down, Gwen and Trent were sitting together at the campfire, leaning in happily. That was until Cody popped out between the two of them, putting hands on both their shoulders. The camera panned out after this, showing the rest of the cast sitting on tree stumps, barrels, and tires, whistling the last few notes of the tune while the words "Total Drama Island" were shown on a wooden sign.

Returning to the episode, Chris still stood on the dock, his hands on his hips. "Welcome back to Total Drama Island! It's time we meet all of our campers one by one, all 68 of them! And here they come now!" Chris told the audience, before pointing to the water.

A motorboat carrying the first contestant was on the way, which the camera showed for a moment before panning back to Chris. "We told the contestants that they'd be staying at a luxurious island resort while competing, so if they seem a little ticked off, that's probably why!" Chris added.

Zoey: The Indie Chick

The first boat pulled up to the dock, dropping off Zoey, whose eyes right away widened as she looked around. "Um, hi Chris! Is this the right place? Oh no, did I get on the wrong boat!? This must be the wrong camp! And that's why no one is here!" Zoey right away began to panic.

Chris shook his head, chuckling for a moment. "No Zoey, you're in the right place! Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa!" Chris welcomed her.

Zoey blinked a couple of times, before nodding. "Oh, okay! You scared me for a second! I thought I'd be alone again! Err, not that I've been alone before! I have lots of friends back home!" Zoey blurted out, very unconvincing.

Chris raised an eyebrow, before gesturing to the other side of the dock with his thumb. "Yeah, whatever you say. Just go stand over there while everyone else comes." Chris directed her.

Zoey did as told, carrying her single pink backpack with her and humming to herself as she passed by Chris.

Zee: The Type B

The next boat pulled up, dropping off Zee carrying a green backpack. "Yoooo, is this the place?" Zee asked Chris.

Chris nodded, appreciating his calm yet enthusiastic demeanor. "It sure is Zee! This is where you'll be staying for the next few months!" Chris answered delightfully.

"A few months? Awesome dude, but like, why?" Zee asked in confusion.

Chris facepalmed, lowering his smile. "Because you're in a competition that could be 52 episodes long for you? You're on a show!" Chris reminded him.

It then clicked with Zee, and he turned to face the camera. "Oh yeahhh, right! Hi TV!" Zee greeted the audience, before taking a sip of soda to go stand with Zoey.

Zoey waved to Zee nervously, smiling up at him. "Hi! I'm Zoey! Do you think you can win?" Zoey asked him, trying to be as friendly as possible.

"Uhhh, I dunno, I'm just here to have a good time!" Zee lackadaisically replied, holding his soda can close.

Tyler: The Clumsy Jock

"Lady and Zee, up next is Tyler!" Chris told the pair as the next motorboat came by, with Tyler waterskiing behind it while waving to them.

Tyler's waving made him lose balance though and he soon fell forward, spinning on the water for a bit before hitting the dock with a loud thud. "Is he going to be alright?" Zoey asked in concern.

"Yeah brah, they have like, stuntmen for shows and stuff." Zee answered, not helping at all.

Tyler soon pulled himself onto the deck though, giving everyone a thumbs up once he stood on the deck. "I'm okay! Taken a lot worse back home, so that was nothing!" Tyler assured them, walking past Chris.

"Oh you'll probably face worse here!" Chris remarked, snickering for a moment.

Trent: The Cool Guitarist

The next motorboat arrived not long after Tyler pulled himself onto the deck, dropping off Trent, carrying a bag in one hand and guitar case on his back. "Sup Chris, is this the place?" Trent greeted Chris.

Chris nodded his head, gesturing to the sign. "This is it, Camp Wawanakwa! Just like you signed up for Trent!" Chris greeted him back, while Trent just gave him a doubtful look.

Trent just walked past Chris and over to the others, giving a quick wave. "Okay, so these digs aren't the best, but what do you guys think of this place?" Trent asked the three as he approached.

"'s pretty good. I wonder if they have like, a good vending machine around here." Zee replied.

"It's not what Chris promised, but as long as we have a good time, it shouldn't matter too much right? We can all be friends right!?" Zoey asked desperately, throwing off Tyler and Trent.

Topher: The Chris Wannabe

As soon as the next boat came by, Topher stepped off, excitedly waving to Chris. "It's you! Like really really you!" Topher excitedly greeted Chris, running right up to the host.

Chris took note of Topher dressing pretty similarly and put two and two together. "A fan I take it?" Chris responded, a big grin on his face.

Topher nodded, eyes still wide from joy. "Yup! The biggest one ever! I saw you on that figure skating show, you got SOOO robbed! No one has handled the reality TV circuit quite like you have Chris, and now you're hosting!" Topher praised Chris.

"Always great to have people with taste on the show! Go stand with the others and good luck!" Chris told Topher, giving the fan a high five before he joined the others.

"I didn't know he had dedicated fans like that..." Zoey commented to herself.

Sugar: The Pageant Queen

The next boat was a bit more run down, but it still stopped at the dock and dropped off Sugar nonetheless, before speeding away. "Sugar! Welcome to the island! Are you ready for what's in store?" Chris asked her with a smirk.

Sugar put her hands on her hips and proudly nodded. "You betcha! I ain't leavin' this place without my million dollars! Won all kinds of pageants already, so this should be a piece a cake!" Sugar answered confidently.

"First boot, calling it. That's how it goes in these reality shows." Topher whispered to Trent.

"I mean, there's gonna be like 70 of us right? A bit early to call that..." Trent whispered back to Topher.

Sugar marched up to the two, glaring at them and pointing a finger. "Ye two cobbmunchers doubtin' me!? Yer gonna face the might of Sugar! You bet your butts on that!" Sugar barked at them, before going to stand with Zee.

"...but I hope you're right." Trent finished whispering to Topher after that.

Staci: The Compulsive Liar

Staci was dropped off by the next boat, carrying a blue backpack with a skunk keychain. "Welcome to the island Staci, how do you feel being here?" Chris greeted her, already knowing what she was going to say.

"Great Chris! Did you know that docks like the one we're standing on were invented by my great great great great great great great great great great grandfather Qin? Yah, before him, people would just fall into the water and had nowhere to park their boats, so sad." Staci rambled, holding up a finger as she did so.

Sugar laughed while the others shared awkward looks, except for Zee who seemed impressed. "Yoooo, so like, you're an inventor?" Zee asked her.

Staci clammed up at this, averting her eyes from the players. "W-Well... no, but, maybe I will someday yah!" Staci answered nervously, before going to stand with everyone.

Sky: The Olympic Athlete

The next boat zoomed by, and Sky hopped onto the deck after a graceful dive off of it. She then caught her handwoven bag, before bowing as everyone else clapped. "Sky! Way to make an entrance, welcome to the island!" Chris welcomed Sky, also giving a few small claps.

Sky accepted the applause, then walked over to the rest of the players. "Hello everyone! I'm Sky! Whether we end up on the same team or not, I hope we can all enjoy a fun and fair game together!" Sky greeted them all.

"Right on! Fair game to the end zone!" Tyler exclaimed, offering a fist bump.

Sky accepted it, although she didn't stand next to him. "Glad other people have the same mindset! Hopefully no one plays dirty, I'd hate to see that happen." Sky commented.

Sierra: The Total Drama Superfan

Similar to Topher, when Sierra stepped off her boat, her eyes lit up as soon as she saw Chris. "OMG! Chris! I never thought I'd meet you in real life!" Sierra exclaimed, before hugging him tightly.

Chris pushed Sierra off him, then dusted off his shirt. "Two fans already? Wonder how many more the network sent me!" Chris remarked in delight.

Sierra nodded, making a picture frame with her hands as she looked at Chris. "Yup! THE Chris McLean in perfect form! I've been watching all the promos and trailers, the challenges look so awesome! I may have read over everyone's info as well, I'm so excited for this show!" Sierra exclaimed, now stirring some worry.

"Read... our info?" Staci repeated.

Sierra nodded her head, looking at Staci directly. "Yup! Well, the website for the show put up bios for everyone just a couple days ago, so I read them all like a gajillion times!" Sierra answered, now standing next to Staci. The liar then promptly stepped away.

Shawn: The Zombie Conspiracy-Nut

Rather than arriving by boat, the next contestant just pulled himself up onto the dock, soaked in water. "Here! I didn't miss anything did I?" Shawn asked, panting a little.

"Did you... swim here?" Chris asked in confusion.

Shawn nodded his head, pointing at himself with his thumb. "Yep! No way am I gonna be caught riding a zombie infested boat! Have you seen any zombie movies? If there's a breakout on a boat and you're in the middle of nowhere, you're screwed! So I don't risk it! Shufflers can't swim either, so I've practiced swimming a whole lot!" Shawn explained, a bit of fear in his voice.

"Yeah, but they're zombie movies." Trent reiterated, not buying it at all.

"You may say that, but the apocalypse could happen any day, so you gotta be prepared man!" Shawn warned Trent, standing by himself at the corner of the dock after walking past Chris.

Scott: The Devious Farmer

The next contestant arrived on boat as expected, carrying a burlap sack on his back with his belongings. "Welcome Scott to Camp Wawanakwa, what do you think?" Chris greeted Scott.

Scott took a quick look at his surroundings, then at the other campers. "For soft meat like this bunch, I'd say this place stinks. But compared to my farm? This is paradise. So yeah, I'm likin' it." Scott answered smugly, before going to stand with the others.

Sugar was the only one who found this funny, while the others were unamused. "He got y'all good!" Sugar laughed, holding her stomach.

"We are not soft meat!" Sky shot back, glaring at Scott.

"We'll see about that shorty." Scott remarked, standing on his tip toes just to look further down at her.

Scarlett: The Quiet Brainiac

Scarlett was the next to arrive, stepping off her boat and onto the dock, carrying a large dark gray backpack that seemed a bit heavy for her, holding both straps. "Salutations, I assume those are our abodes just over there?" Scarlett greeted Chris, pointing with one finger towards the cabins.

Chris nodded, looking towards them. "They sure are! Didn't expect that did you? Hope you like them, because that's where you'll be staying for the next few months!" Chris answered smugly.

Scarlett opened up her backpack, pulling up a pillow for Chris to see. "I was well aware of this, this inadequate housing was described in the contract. I trust that there should be no surprise if one had read it. I brought my own bedding as a precaution." Scarlett explained to Chris, then put the pillow back in her backpack and walked past Chris to join the others.

Topher chuckled as she walked by him, pointing to her backpack. "You know Chris better than I do there! And you read the contract too! I totally should have brought something with me! Nice switcheroo Chris!" Topher praised Chris once more.

"Thank you Topher! Oh, and here comes here our next contestant!" Chris happily accepted the praise again, the looking to a boat approaching the dock.

Sam: The Gamer

The next boat arrived and Sam stepped off, carrying two duffel bags on his shoulders, along with a bright green backpack with a Triforce logo on it. "Looks like Scarlett wasn't the only one who packed! Welcome to the island Sam!" Chris remarked, greeting the gamer.

Sam was currently playing on a Gameguy Dual as he stepped off, which he folded up and stuck in his pocket when greeted. "Oh, yeah! Well if I'm gonna be here for a week, I gotta be prepared, heheh." Sam laughed, before walking past Chris to join the others.

"A week? But Chris said we'd be here for months!" Zoey pointed out.

Sam chuckled, pulling his Gameguy Dual back out. "Maybe you guys will, but I'll take a week if I'm lucky." Sam replied, although this didn't seem to bother him.

"Why would you sign up for a competition you don't think you can win?" Sky asked, raising an eyebrow.

Sam shrugged, chuckling again. "This just sounded fun! Who knows? Maybe I'll get cut a month in if I'm lucky. As long as I don't get cut first I'm cool, that would be lame." Sam answered, his eyes focused on his screen.

"For real dude, that'd be like, a big bummer." Zee agreed, walking over to Sam to watch him play.

"Why did you pack so much then? What's in that bag? Survival gear?" Shawn asked, pointing to the left duffel bag.

"Video games." Sam answered.

"And the other bag?" Shawn followed up, now pointing at the right duffel bag.

"Video games." Sam once again answered.

Trent facepalmed, then looked at the backpack. "I'm going to take a wild guess that the backpack is also filled with video games." Trent guessed dully.

Sam slowly nodded, his eyes still glued to the screen, as were Zee's now.

Rodney: The Moonstruck Farmer

The next boat came after Sam got immersed in his game, dropping off Rodney carrying a sack similar to Scott's. "Welcome to the island Rodney! How does it feel to be here?" Chris asked the large farm boy.

Rodney looked around, then gave a big wave to all the players. "Hey guys! It's great to be at camp Chris! Last time I went camping was with my two cousins up north a few years back!" Rodney answered, looking up as he reminisced.

"How did this camping trip go? If you have camping expertise, that could prove valuable." Scarlett asked.

"A bear attacked us and ruined the whole thing, but my cousin and I made it out of there just fine! There aren't any bears here are there?" Rodney asked Chris.

The other campers gave worried looks at the wording, while Chris shook his head. "Nope! None right here!" Chris answered, then winked at the camera as Rodney walked by.

Ripper: The Alpha Male

Ripper soon arrived on the dock, with the boat that brought him leaving with noxious fumes behind. He had no luggage whatsoever. "Welcome to the island Ripper! Your contract was a bit different, I assume you didn't read any of it?" Chris greeted Ripper cautiously.

"Nope! That stuff's for nerds!" Ripper boasted, laughing afterward.



"What did it say?" Ripper then asked quickly, raising an eyebrow.

"Your criminal record allows us to have you swiftly removed from the game if you repeat your charges here. Just remember that!" Chris threatened Ripper.

Ripper blew a raspberry, shaking his head. "Pff, like that'll happen! It's not my fault that lady left her purse on that seat!" Ripper replied cockily.

"Oh he's a thief! The bio didn't mention that!" Sierra exclaimed.

"Thief? As if! I took a huge dump in that purse! Public defecation is bogus man! But no matter, if any of you cross me, I'll just go into beast mode! RRRAGH!" Ripper then yelled and ripped his green shirt off before flexing his muscles.

Chris stepped back as he did this, then smirked. "You didn't bring any luggage, was that your only shirt?" Chris asked him.

It then registered with Ripper what he did, making him groan. "Aww fart nuggets!" he let out in frustration.

"We'll find you something! Just go stand with everyone else for now!" Chris directed Ripper, who nodded and went to join the others.

Wayne and Raj: The Hockey Players

"Our next players are our first package deal! All the way from northern Alberta!" Chris told the other players as Wayne and Raj stepped onto the dock. Both were carrying blue duffel bags on their back, holding them with one hand.

The two boys looked around, their eyes looking to the lake rather than the players. "This a pretty big lake eh Rajee?" Wayne asked, gesturing to the lake with his spare hand.

"Totally! Bet if it froze over, you'd have like, the biggest hockey ring ever! Fit for the Stanley Cup bro!" Raj agreed, with the two then laughing together.

"The Stanley Cup is only held in stadiums with specific size parameters, I fail to see the comparison." Scarlett commented, adjusting her glasses.

The two heard her and walked over, seeming impressed. "Woahhh! A girl knows a bunch about hockey? Guess they weren't kidding when they said the girls here would be sweet!" Wayne remarked, while Scarlett rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, heh... that's pretty cool!" Raj again agreed, although he didn't look Scarlett's way.

Priya: The Reality TV Pro

The next boat arrived and off it stepped Priya, carrying a tan backpack with her. "Hi everyone! Hope you're all ready for a long and hard competition!" Priya greeted everyone fiercely.

Sierra nodded her head. "Oh yeah, you're Priya! You're the one who's been prepping for reality shows her whole life huh? I wish I trained early on like you did! I've only gotten into them recently." Sierra praised Priya.

"What? How did you know that?" Priya asked, tensing up a little.

"She read everyone's bios, they were posted on the show's website right before we got here. So she like, knows a ton about us!" Tyler answered, still unnerved by Sierra.

Priya wasn't weirded out though, instead clenching her fists. "I can't believe I forgot to do that! Well, I'll try my best!" Priya let out, before walking past Chris.

"Yeah, we'll see how that goes, plenty of people did their research it seemed!" Chris replied, looking Topher's way for a moment.

Owen: The Fun Loving Guy

When the next boat arrived, Chris seemed way more pumped for this arrival. "Owen! Welcome!" Chris greeted Owen, pointing at him with both fingers.

Owen just had a small red backpack on, pointing back at Chris. "Chris! What's happening!? Awesome to be here man!" Owen replied with just as much enthusiasm.

"Aww yeah, this is my kind of guy!" Ripper exclaimed, digging Owen's vibe.

"Great..." Sky let out with a sigh.

Owen heard this and ran up to everyone, pumping both fists in the air. "I'm so psyched to be here! And there's already so many of you guys! This is gonna be so much fun!" Owen declared excitedly.

"Yeah man, fun all the way!" Tyler declared with him, pumping a fist as well.

Noah: The Smart Alec

Owen turned around, expecting the next arrival to be just as energetic, but instead, Noah stepped off, carrying a brown satchel and looking very disinterested. "Oh great. Is this where we're staying?" Noah asked as he saw the run down camp.

Chris shook his head, then laughed. "No, you're staying here! I'm staying in a cottage just off the shoreline of this island!" Chris answered, to which Noah just gave a deadpan look in return.

Noah sighed, then looked to the cast to get the vibe. Although Owen ran up to him and shook his hand forcefully. "How's it going!? I'm Owen!" Owen welcomed Noah excitedly.

Noah nearly fell over from the handshaking, but pulled himself away before he did. "Fine. Do you count as three contestants? I saw how many you guys accepted, that's a joke I'm guessing?" Noah asked snarkily.

"Nope! We've got 68 in total, and you're number 20!" Chris informed Noah, while the burn didn't register with Owen.

Nichelle: The Movie Star

After Noah walked past Chris to join the others, Chris clapped his hands to get everyone's attention. "Up next is a pretty big deal! Nichelle LaDonna! The network went through a lot of hoops to get her here!" Chris introduced Nichelle as her boat arrived.

Nichelle stepped onto the dock, before having an assistant bring out her luggage in a diamond studded roller bag. The assistants then got back on the ship and it drove off. "Nichelle LaDonna? You were on Hot Teen Ninja Detective Squad! No way! I watch that show all the time!" Zoey exclaimed, amazed to see her here.

Priya was bursting with excitement seeing her as well, before flailing her arms as she greeted her idol. "OMG you were on Gorgeous People High I'm like your biggest fan ever!" Priya squealed, scoring some awkward looks.

"Mmkay." Nichelle replied, looking at her nails with one hand as she walked over to the join the others, pulling her bag with the other hand.

"Speaking of mmkay..." Chris segued, glad to see Nichelle had no complaints.

MK: The Pickpocket

"Everyone, here's Mary Kate!" Chris introduced MK as she got off her boat, carrying a gray bag over one shoulder.

"'Sup! But just call me MK, makes conversations shorter." MK replied, shooting a finger gun at Chris.

Noah smirked at this. "That's probably the most reasonable excuse I've heard for a nickname." Noah remarked.

MK smirked back, walking over to join everyone. Her eyes fell on Nichelle's bag, so she stood next to Zoey, who now stood between MK and Nichelle. "I bet you're fun at parties." MK remarked back.

"Right back at you." Noah replied, before going back to his resting bored look.

Millie: The Writer

The next boat arrived, and Millie stepped off of it cautiously. "Huh? Where is the resort? The application said we'd be staying at one while we compete." Millie asked right off the bat.

"Yeahhh, about that, I lied." Chris replied with a smirk.

"And none of you have a problem with this?" Millie asked the others.

Scott shook his head, pointing at her casually. "Nah, but you sure seem like you do! Can't imagine you sticking around long." Scott insulted her, laughing afterward.

Millie still looked a bit worried, but she just pulled out a notebook and began writing. "Taking notes to sue me? I wouldn't do that if I were you. We hired very good lawyers in advance." Chris advised.

"Oh it's not that! Don't worry." Millie assured Chris, then grabbed her roller bag and walked past him.

Mike: The Hopeless Romantic

The next person to step onto the dock was Mike, carrying a light green backpack as he looked around. "Umm, did I get dropped off on the wrong reality show?" Mike asked Chris.

"If this wasn't Total Drama, would I be here?" Chris asked him back, getting a bit annoyed by this question.

"Oh! Right! Brain fart there! Well uh, hi!" Mike greeted Chris awkwardly, waving a hand.

Chris just deadpanned at him. "Yeah. Hi. Just go stand with the others Mike." Chris told him, letting Mike leave this awkward exchange.

Mike walked over to the others, waving while still having an awkward smile. "Hi! Guess we're gonna be staying here for a while together?" Mike greeted them.

"Not if ye get voted out early! Mwaha!" Sugar laughed, pointing at Mike.

Mike's eyes widened, pointing at himself as he began to panic. "Wait what!? But I didn't do anything! Why would you-"

"Just scarin' ya silly! Ya seem easy to mess with!" Sugar assured him, still laughing. Mike calmed down, although he still seemed uneasy.

Max: The Supervillain Wannabe

Up next on the dock was a short purple haired boy, probably the shortest in the cast entirely. "Welcome Maximillian! Hope you're ready for Camp Wawanakwa!" Chris welcomed Max, who was carrying a black backpack with pink skulls on it.

"What you should be asking Chris, is if Camp Wawanakwa is ready for ME! Mwahaha! My evil schemes will devastate this wretched camp!" Max declared, laughing evilly.

Nichelle scoffed, looking down at him. "Hun, you need to work on your laugh. Have you tried vocal warm ups?" Nichelle asked him condescendingly.

"I've practiced this for forever! You'd never get it like how I laugh!" Max yelled in response, pointing up at Nichelle angrily.

Owen walked up to Max though, delighted to see him. "Maxy! You signed up for the show too? Awesome!" Owen exclaimed, pulling Max into a hug.

Max was used to these kind of hugs, so he just pulled himself out right away. "Eugh, I can't go anywhere without you showing up! You are no exception, you will fall to my dastardly plans! Bwahaha!" Max threatened Owen.

"Do you two know each other?" Shawn asked, scratching his head.

"Of course! He's my cousin! He thinks he's all evil but we all love him still!" Owen answered, while Max just bitterly walked past everyone, opting to stand alone in embarrassment.

Lindsay: The Dumb Blonde

Coming off the dock next was Lindsay, pulling a bright pink roller bag behind her. "Everyone, this is Lindsay! Not too shabby am I right?" Chris introduced Lindsay, getting some odd looks.

Lindsay looked around, quickly getting confused. "Okay so like... I'm so confused. You look so familiar!" Lindsay pointed to Chris as she walked up to him.

Chris blinked, not getting it at first. "Uhh, I'm Chris. The host of the show." Chris reminded her.

"Ohhhhh that's where I know you from! Got it!" Lindsay replied, giving a thumbs up and walking past Chris while he facepalmed.

Lindsay walked over to the rest of the campers, waving to them happily. "Hi everyone! So like, are we sharing the million together or something?" Lindsay asked them.

"Yeah, if you win, just give me half of it." Scott told her, before receiving an elbow from Sky.

"Don't listen to him. This is a competition, so you need to watch out for yourself!" Priya warned Lindsay.

Lindsay looked down at herself, then nodded her head. "Yeah, I can do that!" Lindsay replied, then walked past Priya to stand next to Nichelle.

Lightning: The Overachieving Athlete

The next contestant wasn't very bright either, as Lightning jumped onto the dock from his boat, carrying a large gray duffel bag on his shoulder. "Everyone, this is Ru-"

"Say hello to the Lightning! Sha-bam! Get used to seein' these muscles, 'cuz y'all won't be getting far if you between them and my fists! Sha-wham!" Lightning introduced himself, boasting as he flexed.

"If we got between your muscles and your fists, there'd be more pressing questions on hand." MK quipped, smirking at him.

This didn't register with Lightning though, who just jogged past Chris to join the others. "Sha-yeah, you best not get in my way! Whatever team I'm on, you know I'm captain!" Lightning declared.

"Aw yeah, hope we're on the same team then! Wonder if you can score more touchdowns than me!" Tyler exclaimed, liking Lightning already.

"You sha-know it!" Lightning boasted, pointing at himself.

"Touchdowns? You're both rugby players eh?" Wayne asked them.

Lightning was instantly perplexed by this. "Rugby what? Lightning is the captain of his football team! Rugby sounds like a bed or somethin'!" Lightning told them.

"There's no touchdowns in football though? You just kick the ball into the net y'know?" Raj brought up, now getting perplexed as well.

Scarlett stepped in between them, raising a finger. "National differences. Lightning is clearly American and refers to the sport you call rugby football. Lightning, Wayne and Raj call what you call soccer football. There." Scarlett corrected all of them.

Lightning, Wayne, Raj, and Tyler all gasped, then collectively nodded. "Thanks nerdy girl!" Lightning thanked Scarlett.

"Don't mention it." Scarlett told him, then walked away from the jocks.

LeShawna: The Sassy Sister

Another boat was soon arriving to the dock, where LeShawna stood on the bow waving to everyone as it pulled up. "Wassup y'all! LeShawna's in the house!" LeShawna greeted everyone, standing next to her leopard print roller bag.

"In the house? But like, we're on a dock." Zee pointed out, a bit confused.

LeShawna stepped onto the dock, pulling her bag behind her. "Yo baby, how's it goin'?" LeShawna greeted Chris, high-fiving him as she passed by.

"Y'all feel free to quit now, because I came to win!" LeShawna told the others confidently, standing beside Sierra.

"Ooooh, that won't be happening, but I'm excited to see how far you get!" Sierra replied excitedly.

"You don't think I'm gonna win? Ha, I'd like to see you make it further!" LeShawna shot back, still keeping a smile.

Sierra nodded, pointing at herself. "I'll try! OMG! A challenge from a fellow competitor! This is so exciting!" Sierra exclaimed, getting even more giddy.

Leonard: The LARPer

The boat zipped by, leaving behind Leonard on the dock with an oversized blue backpack. He was carrying a wooden staff in his right arm, which he slammed onto the dock upon arriving. "Hear ye hear ye! The almighty wizard has arrived!" Leonard announced his presence proudly.

"In other words, here is Leonard!" Chris introduced Leonard.

"A wizard? You guys were really reaching with the casting." Noah remarked.

Sam was impressed though, seeing Leonard's outfit. "Woah! Where did you get that robe?" Sam asked Leonard.

"I made it myself! Impressed? Because you should be, it is a robe fit for only the most important of wizards!" Leonard declared, pointing at himself as he walked to join the others.

"No. No were are not dude." Trent replied, more dumbfounded than anything.

Lauren: The Scary Girl

On the next boat, Lauren was sitting on the railing, giggling to herself as she approached. "Here is Lauren everyone! She's not strange at all!" Chris introduced Scary Girl as she hopped from the boat, carrying a black, white, and pink Kuromi backpack.

As soon as Chris faced her, Scary Girl marched right up to him with a gleeful grin. "You should stop looking at me!" Scary Girl warned him giddily.

Chris placed a hand over his eyes, nodding. "Will do! Everyone, she's your problem now!" Chris told the others as Scary Girl walked past him.

"Uhhh, she's not a zombie is she?" Shawn asked nervously, seeing her toothy grin.

"No silly! Things are only dead, or on their way! And you look like the second one!" Scary Girl replied to Shawn, making him grow even more worried.

Max laughed, seeing how scared Shawn was. "Mwaha! You can't handle one touched by the darkness!" Max taunted Shawn.

When Max looked away from Shawn, he flinched when he saw Scary Girl staring straight down at him. "Can you?" she asked him, tilting her head in a way it definitely shouldn't, prompting Max to back away.

Katie and Sadie: The BFFFLs

"Aaaand here comes our second package deal! Katie and Sadie!" Chris introduced the pair as the boat pulled up to the dock. The two girls stepped on, carrying matching pink bags.

The two girls were in great moods, and when they saw the rundown camp, their moods didn't change at all. "Sadie look! It's a summer camp!" Katie told her friend, pointing to the cabins.

Sadie clapped her hands excitedly, looking at the cabins as well. "OMG, I've always wanted to go to summer camp! Eeeee!" Sadie exclaimed, before the two girls hurried to join the others.

"Are you two related? What's with the matching outfits?" Rodney asked them as they approached.

Sadie shook her head, gesturing to Katie. "No, we're just the biggest besties ever! So we wore the same outfits here!" Sadie answered.

"Yeah! I picked them out, they're so retro! They look great, don't they Sadie?" Katie told them, then looked to her bestie.

"They so do! You picked out a great outfit!" Sadie agreed with her.

"I wouldn't say it looks great, but you do you." Millie disagreed, writing in her notebook.

Justin: The Eye Candy

Before the next boat even arrived, everyone's attention was already on its passenger. "Here comes Justin everyone!" Chris announced, with just about everyone adoring him as he arrived.

Justin stepped onto the dock, flashing a smile at all the campers. "Welcome to the island Justin, just so you know, we picked you based entirely on your looks." Chris welcomed Justin.

"I can deal with that. You've got great taste then." Justin replied, taking it as a compliment as he walked to the other side of the dock with a brown bag on one shoulder.

Justin got adoring looks as he joined the others, with Owen and Raj in particular looking him over. "I like your pants!" Owen exclaimed.

"Thanks man." Justin thanked him.

"'Cuz they look like they're all worn out! Did you buy them like that?" Owen asked Justin curiously.

"Uh, no. Just had them for a while." Justin answered simply, opting to stand next to Trent.

Owen gave two thumbs up, nodding his head. "Oh! Cool! Stupid!" Owen facepalmed, realizing how awkward his question was.

Julia: The Influencer

"Our next arrival is... Julia!" Chris announced, with Julia leaning against the railing of her boat as it pulled up. She carried a tiny backpack with her onto the dock, waving gracefully to everyone.

Topher saw her and raised an eyebrow, a little surprised to see her here. "Sooo, I think I've seen your profile on Selfiegram before, what brings you here?" Topher asked, standing right besides Chris.

"One second..." Julia told him, pulling out a phone and smiling as she took a selfie with Chris. "There! Hashtag new adventure!" Julia exclaimed, right away posting the picture.

"Did you come here for clout girl?" LeShawna questioned Julia.

Julia shook her head, placing one palm on her chest. "Of course not! I'm here on a journey of self-discovery. I love interacting with all kinds of people, so this seemed like a great way to spend the summer! I hope we all have a good time!" Julia answered, speaking in a suave voice as she walked over to join everyone else.

"Uh huh..." Topher just went with it, rubbing his chin.

Jo: The Brutal Jockette

Off the next boat was Jo, carrying a gray duffel bag over her shoulder. "Yo Jo! Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa!" Chris welcomed her.

Jo saw the camp and right away frowned, glaring at Chris. "You conned us! Ugh, I'm stuck at a crummy camp with a bunch of lemmings for months now!" Jo complained.

"Months? With an attitude like that I give it days." Noah remarked, making him and Rodney chuckle for a moment.

Jo marched straight up to Noah, getting right in his face. "You wanna say that again? With broken bones I'd give you days!" Jo threatened Noah.

"I think I'll pass, thanks." Noah replied dully, taking a step away from Jo.

"That's what I thought!" Jo stated sharply, then marched past him to go stand next to Sky.

Jasmine: The Outback Girl

After Jo was probably the tallest contestant of the cast, carrying a duffel bag on her shoulder like it was nothing. "Ah Jasmine! Didn't see you there for a second!" Chris joked, looking up and waving.

"Ha, I get that one a lot. Thanks for havin' me here mate!" Jasmine replied, chuckling briefly.

"Is the island to your liking? Or do we have to raise the roof on your cabin?" Chris asked her, still in a joking tone.

"Nah, I'll be fine! I got my own ways of gettin' rest!" Jasmine told Chris, then walked past him to join the others.

As Jasmine joined them, she right away noticed Ripper glaring at her. "Are you and I gonna have a problem?" Jasmine asked him sharply.

"I'm the alfalfa male, and you being so freakishly tall is ruining that!" Ripper shouted in response.

"Alpha male, which is a phenomenon proven to be uncredible." Scarlett corrected Ripper.

Jasmine just scoffed, looking away from him. "Pff, you're one of those blokes? Aighty, guess it'll be like that." Jasmine conceded, not giving this any more time.

Izzy: The Psycho Hose Beast

The next boat was soon approaching the dock, where Izzy stood on the bow and waved to everyone. "Next up... Izzy!" Chris announced, seeing Izzy excitedly waving.

As the boat got closer, Izzy now ran forward. "Hi guys! Hi Chris! Hiiii! OW!" Izzy let out as she tripped over the railing and biffed it on the edge of the dock, falling into the water.

Tyler winced and Jo chuckled as this happened. "Guess that's an early elimination!" Jo remarked, since Izzy wasn't coming back up.

"Is she dead?" Scary Girl asked excitedly.

Priya rushed over to the other side of the dock, reaching over and holding out a hand for Izzy to grab. "Guys! She could be hurt! Now is not the time to joke around!" Priya chastised the others as she pulled Izzy onto the dock.

Izzy shook off the water, before standing up and stretching. "That felt good! But is this the summer camp? This is so cool! Do we have paper mache here? Are we having lunch soon?" Izzy began to ask questions rapid fire.

"Now that's a great call if I've ever heard one!" Owen replied, already liking Izzy's vibe.

Priya was a bit weirded out, so she just backed away. "Okay then! Glad you're alright! I'm just gonna... be over there!" Priya told Izzy, before scurrying back to join the others.

Heather: The Queen Bee

After Izzy joined the others, Heather stepped onto the deck wearing sunglasses and pulling a black roller bag behind her. "Everyone, meet Heather!" Chris announced Heather's arrival, although she didn't seem happy at all.

Heather removed her sunglasses, looking around with disgust. "Is this seriously where we're staying?" Heather asked, in disbelief of the rundown camp.

Chris nodded his head, smirking. "Yep! Is there a problem with that?" he asked her coyly.

Heather marched past Chris grumpily, pulling her bag along. "I'm calling my parents, you cannot make me stay here! Someone give me their phone, now!" Heather demanded.

"You didn't bring at least one with you? I'm not sure what to say." Julia commented, right away hiding her phone in her pocket.

"At least one? Who needs more than one phone?" Rodney asked in confusion, scratching his head.

Heather held a hand out towards Julia, glaring at her. "Give me your phone, now!" Heather commanded.

Millie raised a hand, hesitant to speak up. "The contract said that if we quit, we owe the show a million dollars." Millie pointed out.

Heather's glare went from Julia to Millie, getting in her face. "Was I talking to you nerd? No, I wasn't! But whatever, guess I'll just win this whole thing." Heather insulted Millie, then walked past both girls.

Topher chuckled, crossing his arms. "My bet is no longer on Sugar." he whispered to Trent, who was just staying quiet to play it cool.

Harold: The Dweeb

After the little spout with Heather, Chris looked back to his left and flinched when he saw Harold standing there, breathing a little heavily. He was carrying a keyboard and a brown suitcase. "Uh, welcome Harold." Chris greeted him.

Harold continued to breathe heavy, looking around. "What's his deal?" Katie asked, already weirded out.

"Maybe he hasn't been outside much?" Sadie guessed.

After a bit more breathing from him, Harold finally spoke up. "So this show takes place on a crappy summer camp and not some big stage or something?" Harold asked Chris.

"Yeah? Did you not read the contract?" Chris asked him, still weirded out.

"Yes! That is so much more favorable to my skills!" Harold exclaimed, pumping a fist as he walked by Chris.

As Harold joined the others, they stepped away from him, except for Staci, who was stuck next to him, wincing at his heavy breathing.

Gwen: The Goth

Gwen was the next person to arrive, carrying a tan bag and a black suitcase. "Hey Gwen! Happy to be here I see!" Chris greeted Gwen, noticing her grumpy demeanor.

"Not even 5 seconds in and I hate it here. Knew that resort was too good to be true." Gwen complained, seeing the campground.

"At least we all have a shot at the million dollars! All of this will be quickly forgotten once you have that!" Sky reminded Gwen.

"Assuming she beats all of us. That applies to literally anyone here." Noah remarked, crossing his arms.

Gwen groaned, then just turned around. "This is stupid. I'm out of here." Gwen told Chris.

"Can you swim though? Because your ride already left!" Chris asked snarkily, seeing the boat that took Gwen here pull away from the dock.

"Jerk!" Gwen let out, then just marched past Chris to join the others.

Geoff: The Party Animal

After Gwen soured the move, it was quickly raised up by groovy dance music playing in the distance. "That music can only mean one thing, Geoff is here!" Chris announced, looking to the next boat arriving.

It was indeed Geoff, dancing to the music playing on the boat. When it pulled up to the dock, Geoff leapt and did a backflip, landing on both feet. His brown bag with all kinds of stickers on it was tossed onto the dock beside him, to which Geoff gave the driver a thumbs up and let them speed off. "Sup Chris my man! It's an honor to meet you man!" Geoff greeted Chris enthusiastically.

"The Geoffster, welcome to the island man!" Chris welcomed Geoff, fist bumping him as he walked by.

As Geoff walked up to the others, his eyes widened in amazement. "Woah! Dude! There's like 100 people here! We're gonna have some wicked parties!" Geoff declared, pumping a fist.

"Right on man! Love partying!" Zee pumped a fist with him, then took another sip of his soda.

Gwen again groaned, facepalming. "I guess I can scratch sleep off the things I'll be able to do here." Gwen commented.

Ezekiel: The Homeschooler

The next boat zipped by, and Ezekiel quickly stepped off, carrying a teal backpack with a rabbit keychain. He reached into his pocket and pulled out 25 cents, tipping the driver. The quarter was just thrown back at him though, making him briefly wince. "What's up Ezekiel?" Chris greeted him.

Ezekiel looked up, tapping his chin. "I think I see a bird? Some clouds too eh." Ezekiel answered.

"That's not what I-" Chris began, before exhaling and changing his train of thought. "Look, I know you don't get out much, been homeschooled your whole life, raised by freaky prairie people, just don't say too much and try not to get kicked off too early." Chris advised him, putting a hand on his shoulder.

Ezekiel nodded, having a clueless smile. "Yes sir!" he answered dutifully, then walked past Chris to join the others.

As Ezekiel approached the rest of the group, Sugar approached him first. "Hey Zekey, Chris said you were raised by prairie people right? I'm from a farm too, I can help ya fit in here!" Sugar offered her help.

"Oh sure eh!" Ezekiel gladly accepted, glad to have a friendly face right off the bat.

"Watch out for her, she's trouble." Millie warned him, still writing in her notebook.

"Oh okay, sure eh." Ezekiel replied, then walked past Sugar. The farmgirl shot a glance at Millie, then went back to where she was before.

Eva: The Female Bully

Eva stepped onto the dock next, carrying two gym bags with her. "Everyone, welcome Eva!" Chris introduced Eva.

"I don't need a welcoming, I'm already here." Eva told Chris, coldly marching past him.

Eva mostly got worried looks as she approached, which she didn't take kindly. "What's so funny? You all got something to say!?" Eva yelled at them.

"Nope!" Zoey answered fearfully, backing away.

Eva stood next to Rodney, just grunting at Zoey's answer. She dropped her bags down, one of them crushing Rodney's foot. "YOW! What's in there?" Rodney let out, rubbing his foot after pulling it out.

"Dumbbells." Eva answered bluntly.

"We shoulda brought some with us eh." Raj told Wayne, who nodded in agreement with him, now a little disappointed with their lack of dumbbells.

Emma: The Online Prankster

The next boat pulled up and off it walked Emma, pulling a pink roller bag behind her. "Welcome Emma! Are you ready for the camping trip of a lifetime?" Chris asked her with his hands behind his back.

Emma nodded, putting one hand on her hip as she pulled her bag with the other. "You know it! I've done a few videos camping in some strange places, so this shouldn't be too bad! I had a feeling there wouldn't be a resort." Emma replied confidently, seeing the rundown camp.

"Eugh. A keener, we'll see how long that smile lasts." Chris complained as she walked by, not a fan of the confidence.

"Hi everyone! Hope no one takes the game too seriously, it'd be nicer if we could just be friends as long as possible." Emma greeted the others.

Trent smiled, nodding his head. "That's what I'm hoping too, but some don't seem too keen on that." Trent told her, then looking over at Jo and Heather.

"Well it doesn't hurt to try! Trying new things is kinda my specialty!" Emma remarked, then opted to stand next to Trent.

Ella: The Fairytale Princess

A harp could be heard as the next boat arrived, followed by Ella gracefully stepping onto the dock, carrying a white old-timey purse. "Oh, and now Ella is here! Say hello!" Chris introduced Ella.

"No, sing hello~! It's wonderful to be here!" Ella greeted everyone whimsically, daintily waving her free hand.

"Crushing this one will be fun..." Heather commented under her breath.

Staci heard this and gave Heather an odd look, but a mean look from Heather stopped her from saying anything. "Sing? Uh, you know what kind of show this is right?" Chris asked Ella.

Ella nodded, placing her palm on her chest. "Of course, just because Total Drama isn't a singing show doesn't mean that it can't be spiced up with some singing! Ahhhhh~!" Ella held a high note, skipping past Chris.

"Does she come with a mute button?" Chris remarked, groaning as she passed by.

MK snickered at this. "Don't know if you've heard Chris, but humans don't come with mute buttons, guess you've used the ol' tv remote too much." MK answered sarcastically, getting an annoyed look from the host.

Duncan: The Delinquent

To contrast the harps, the next boat had thundering metal music playing from it as it arrived. A green duffel bag was thrown onto the dock, followed by Duncan jumping from the boat onto the dock. He saw the rundown camp, and right away glared at Chris. "Yo Duncan, dude!" Chris greeted Duncan.

Duncan clenched a fist, holding it up to Chris. "I don't like surprises." he told Chris coldly.

Chris nodded, then pulled out a copy of the contract. "Like I told Ripper, all contestants with a criminal record can be forcibly removed from the competition at any time and sent to confinement. Your parole officer warned me about you." Chris threatened Duncan.

Duncan lowered his fist, then exhaled. "Alright. Let's do this then." Duncan calmed down, walking past Chris with a sly smirk.

Duncan passed by Julia, winking at her. "See you by the campfire gorgeous." Duncan flirted with her.

"Umm, ew." Julia responded, looking up from her phone at him and gagging.

DJ: The Brickhouse with Heart

Next on the dock was DJ, carrying a black duffel bag and a blue one in each hand. "Yo DJ!" Chris greeted DJ, shooting him two finger guns.

DJ set his bags down for a moment, high-fiving Chris. "Yo Chris McLean! How's it going? Hey, are you sure this is the right place?" DJ asked Chris, now noticing the camp.

"Yeah man, this is it! Camp Wawanakwa!" Chris assured him, then gestured to the others on the edge of the dock. It was starting to get a bit shaky from all the weight on it.

"Wow, looked a lot different on the application form..." DJ commented as he passed Chris to join the others.

"I speculate that the photos we saw were of Chris's living quarters for the duration of the show, not ours." Scarlett guessed, still slightly irked about the living arrangement.

Rodney nodded in agreement with her. "Yeah, she's got some real smarts, so that's probably right!" Rodney agreed, with Scarlett looking away when praised.

DJ stood next to Rodney, setting his bags down again. "I didn't think he was allowed to do that, but I guess that's fair? I'm not here to start any trouble, so that's that!" DJ just accepted it, smiling.

Dawn: The Moonchild

While Chris had a good laugh about fooling another contestant, he turned to see who was next and nearly jumped. "Wha- when did your boat get here?" Chris asked Dawn, who just stood next to him.

Dawn was carrying a hand-knit brown bag with shoulder straps, and she just had a calm smile as she looked up at Chris. "Oh, I didn't take a boat to get here. The carbon emissions from them would be too much to bear if they were used to only transport me." Dawn replied woefully.

"Then how are you here?" Chris asked her, scratching his head.

"I auditioned for the show and you accepted my application. I once again thank you for this opportunity!" Dawn thanked Chris, then walked past him.

Chris was still left confused as were those that Dawn stood next to, who backed away. "Hello fellow citizens of Earth. I hope this competition will serve as an opportunity for us all to grow spiritually." Dawn greeted them all.

"That sounds boooooring! Unless that means people become spirits, then it sounds fun! Teehee!" Scary Girl replied, clapping her hands.

Dawn's eyes widened as she looked over Scary Girl, then she just shuddered and walked away from her, standing on her own. "Aww, we'll talk some other time friend!" Scary Girl told Dawn, then continued to giggle.

Dave: The Normal Guy

The next boat arrived as normal and off it stepped Dave, carrying a tan backpack and a leather satchel. "Welcome to the island Dave! Ready for a fun trip?" Chris asked Dave.

Dave nodded his head and began to walk towards the others. "Yeah, although I'm not here for fun. I'm here for the millioOOOOAHHH!" Dave let out a scream when he saw the rundown camp.

"What's wrong man?" Mike asked Dave, seeing how scared Dave was getting.

"T-T-The camp... it looks FILTHY!" Dave freaked out.

"Ugh yeah, but it could be fun!" Sadie tried to cheer Dave up.

"FUN!? You call THAT fun!? It's a medical nightmare is what it is!" Dave cried out, reaching into his satchel and pulling out a white face mask.

Dave put the face mask on, then joined the others. "What's that for?" Katie asked Dave, since he stood near the besties.

"If I'm going to be near all that filth, I am NOT breathing it in!" Dave answered.

Staci nodded in agreement with Dave. "Yah, my great great great uncle Wu invented face masks! Before him, people would breath in gas from factories and get sick! So sad..." Staci chimed in. Dave just facepalmed, knowing he was in for the long haul.

Damien: The Scientist

The next boat pulled up to the dock, and off it stepped Damien, carrying a large scarlet backpack. "Yo Damien! What's up my man?" Chris greeted Damien.

Damien waved back, having a big smile on his face. "Going good Chris! So uh, when do I get the million dollars?" Damien asked Chris genuinely.

"We don't just give it to you, you have seen other reality shows right? Or did you at least read the contract?" Chris asked him back, a confused smile forming.

"Nope! My friends told me about this show, so I signed up! My studies don't leave much room to watch TV. So what do I gotta do to get my million dollars?" Damien explained, still clueless.

"You have to win it, by outlasting everyone else here. Ohoho... you are gonna be fun!" Chris told him, now rubbing his hands together.

Damien looked towards everyone else, widening his eyes at how many people there were. "Yikes, well we're just camping, shouldn't be too bad! I've camped on science retreats before!" Damien replied confidently, then walked over to join the others, while Chris's glee only grew.

Dakota: The Fame Monger

The next boat had a bit more of a flashy entrance, with it being followed by several photographers. "Hi everyone! THE Dakota has arrived, so we've finally got a celebrity here!" Dakota greeted everyone.

"How did the paparazzi find you? The boats picked you all up at discrete locations!" Chris asked Dakota.

Dakota stepped onto the dock with her goldplated roller bag, with flashes from the cameras repeatedly flicking from behind her. "Guess I'm too famous for that to work!" Dakota replied hautily.

"Umm, who are you?" Nichelle asked, one hand on her hip.

As soon as Nichelle greeted Dakota, the paparazzi taking pictures of Dakota gasped. "Nichelle LaDonna!? You're here!? No way!" one photographer exclaimed, and the driver of the paparazzi boat now pulled forward to get pictures of her instead.

"HEY! I called you to take photos of me! Not her!" Dakota protested angrily.

Chris pulled out a walkie talkie while Nichelle pulled out some sunglasses to deal with the blinding lights from the cameras. "Uninvited guests, full speed!" Chris told the walkie talkie, then put it away.

Courtney: The Type A

The next boat zoomed toward the dock, crashing into the paparazzi boat. This knocked the driver into the gas lever, sending the paparazzi boat speeding away. Courtney stumbled onto the dock, carrying a leather purse with her. "Ugh... was that proper procedure?" Courtney asked Chris woozily.

"With uninvited guests, yes it was! Welcome Courtney!" Chris welcomed Courtney, who now gathered her bearings.

Dakota let out a huff, grabbing her bag and pulling it to the other side. "Rude!" Dakota scolded Chris as she stood next to Nichelle.

Courtney looked where Dakota walked and paused, shaking her head. "Chris? Is it safe to have that many people on the dock? I'm a counselor in training, and we never allowed this many people at a time! On wood no less!" Courtney warned Chris.

"Nah it'll be fine!" Chris assured Courtney, but she still had her worries as she walked past him.

When Courtney walked up to the others, she politely waved to them all. "Hi, I'm Courtney, it's really nice to meet you all!" Courtney greeted them with a smile.

Owen ran up to Courtney and shook her hand, a bit too hardly, as Courtney nearly lost her balance. "Nice to meet you! I'm Owen!" Owen introduced himself excitedly.

"Nice to meet you Owen! I think I'll stand on a more... stable part of the dock." Courtney told Owen, then pulled her hand away and made sure to stand as far away from him as possible.

Cody: The Geek

Rather than zoom by, the next boat pulled up like normal, letting Cody step onto the dock crash-free. He carried a blue backpack, covered in stickers from various franchises. "Cody! The Codester, the Codemeister!" Chris greeted Cody, with the two shooting finger guns at each other.

Cody then strutted forward, shooting finger guns to the girls. "Dude, psyched to be here! See we got a lot of ladies here already! Works for me!" Cody exclaimed, keeping a sort of suave voice.

Millie winced, writing this down in her notebook. Nichelle gagged at this behavior, rolling her eyes. "Hun, actress to poser here, you ain't foolin' anyone." Nichelle told him.

Cody raised an eyebrow, acting confused. "Oh what's this? Guess a lady can't handle the Codemeister's charms!" Cody figured in denial.

Cody then marched up to LeShawna, who just put a finger to his mouth. "Save it short stuff." she told him with a smirk, and Cody just stayed quiet after that.

Chase: The Online Stuntman

As the next boat pulled up to the dock, Chase could be seen jet skiing behind it. "Wooooohoo!" Chase shouted as he rode the water.

The boat then passed by the dock, with Chase's luggage in Supreme bags being tossed onto the dock before Chase himself leapt up from the water and onto the dock, wearing a yellow bag. "Yo! Chris McLean! So rad to be here! Can't wait to see what wicked stunts you have in store for us!" Chase exclaimed, spreading both arms out.

"WHAT IS HE DOING HERE!?" Emma yelled upon seeing Chase.

Emma began to march towards Chase angrily, but Geoff and Damien hurried over and held her back. "Babe?" Chase let out, surprised to see Emma here.

"YOU CAN'T CALL ME THAT ANYMORE!" Emma shouted angrily, trying to break free and attack Chase, but Damien and Geoff held on tight.

"So much for being friends with everyone." Scott remarked as he watched Emma freak out.

Chris laughed at this, standing between the pair as Emma sorta calmed down. "Man, such an angry reaction. It's almost like we brought you both here on purpose!" Chris commented coyly, his grin growing.

"I'm gonna... stand over there." Chase meekly told Chris, then hurried past everyone while Emma was still held back. Once he was far enough, she exhaled and just stood on the edge of the dock to avoid him.

Cameron: The Wide-Eyed Bubble Boy

The next camper to arrive was Cameron, who was having trouble pulling a brown roller bag onto the dock while carrying a yellow backpack. "Need some help there Cameron?" Chris asked the weakling.

"Yes please!" Cameron shouted in response.

Chris then looked to everyone else and snapped his fingers. "Can one of you help him out? I'd help out, but you know, hosting duties." Chris requested.

"I got it mate." Jasmine volunteered first, jogging over to Cameron and grabbing his bag.

Cameron wiped some sweat from his forehead, smiling up at Jasmine. "Thanks! I've never gone traveling before, so this whole luggage thing is pretty new to me." Cameron thanked Jasmine.

Jasmine chuckled, looking down at him while carrying his roller bag on her shoulder. "Guess you'll have to learn the ropes fast then laddie! You need help with anything, just ask." Jasmine offered her aid, setting his bag down near her own and letting Cameron just stand next to him.

"Thanks again! Hopefully my mom packed enough inhaler to get me through the season." Cameron said, reaching into his pocket and taking a quick puff.

Topher rubbed his chin, then looked to Trent. "Too easy man." Trent told Topher before he could even speak.

Caleb: The Hunk

Chris was ready to welcome the next camper as the motorboat pulled up to the dock, but the driver was too distracted by Caleb to actually park the boat, crashing the ship right into the dock. "W-Wow... I'm sorry! I've just never seen anyone as beautiful as you before!" the driver apologized.

"No worries, happens all the time." Caleb assured the driver, then grabbed his bright white bag as he stepped onto the dock.

"Here's Caleb everyone! He's really something isn't he?" Chris introduced Caleb, swooning over him.

The lovestruck looks on many of the campers agreed with him, while Justin just raised an eyebrow. "So you brought on multiple pieces of eye candy for the audience?" Justin asked Chris.

Chris nodded his head, raising a finger. "Yep! If one of you somehow goes early, then I have backups! I'm sure at least one of you will stick around." Chris answered, now also upsetting Caleb a little.

"I'm not just looks you know, my strength and kindness will sure to be helpful to my team. But I'll leave that for you to see~" Caleb told Chris, winking at him as he walked by.

Bridgette: The Surfer Chick

The next camper to arrive didn't arrive by boat, rather riding a wave on her surfboard. It wasn't a very big wave though, so she just arrived at a smooth moderate speed before hopping onto the dock and pulling her red and yellow surfboard up with her. "Our surfer chick Bridgette is here!" Chris introduced Bridgette.

"Pff, you brought a board? This ain't Malibu." Duncan remarked.

Damien raised a finger, shaking his head. "Actually, the water buoyancy and the tidal patterns throughout Lake Ontario allow for some decent surfing. It's nothing like the west coast but it's far from flat." Damien explained.

Bridgette smiled at this, giving Damien a thankful nod. "I thought we were going to be on a beach based on the application, but good to know it'll still be surfable!" Bridgette stated happily.

"We are on a beach! Technically." Chris added, although one look at the litter filled shore with barely any water movement proved that wrong instantly.

Geoff then walked up to Bridgette, waving a hand. "Yo! I'm Geoff, did you surf all the way here?" Geoff greeted her.

"Hey! Nice to meet you, and yeah, I didn't want a motorboat to cross Lake Ontario for just me. It's polluted enough, so surfing helps just a little bit." Bridgette greeted him back.

Dawn gave some small claps of approval while Geoff nodded. "Sounds cool brah! Would love to try surfing with you sometime!" Geoff complimented Bridgette, tipping his hat before going back to join the others. Bridgette just followed him, carrying her deep blue bag and surfboard as she went to stand next to him.

Brick: The Cadet

On the next boat was Brick, looking at the dock through a pair of binoculars until he was close enough. "Our next contestant is-" Chris began to introduce him, but was cut off.

"Brick McArthur, reporting for duty, sir!" Brick greeted Chris, saluting him and speaking firmly.

Chris gave a half-hearted salute back, which satiated Brick. "Yeah, Brick. Your tour of duty will begin shortly, just join the others on the other end of the dock." Chris instructed Brick.

Brick dutifully nodded and hurried over to the other side with his duffel bag. "Permission to speak?" Brick requested, raising hand.

Chris rolled his eyes, then pointed at Brick. "You don't need that at this camp, just say whatever you want." Chris told him, somewhat annoyed.

Brick then pointed to the dock, looking a bit unsure. "Yes sir! But, this is extremely dangerous, having this many people on the dock. I don't think it can handle many more people!" Brick warned Chris.

"That's what I was saying!" Courtney chimed in, feeling validated.

"We've only got a few more people, it'll be fine!" Chris assured Brick, but the cadet wasn't swayed.

Bowie: The Flamboyant Guy

The next boat arrived and off it stepped Bowie, wearing a pair of heart shaped pink sunglasses and carrying a purple purse. "Everyone, welcome Bowie!" Chris welcomed Bowie, gesturing to him.

Bowie placed one hand on his hip, looking over the competition. "There are SOME hotties here, oh my god Chris you can't do this to me!" Bowie let out, nearly squealing as he laid eyes on Justin and Caleb.

"Finally someone with some sense!" Heather commented proudly, stepping forward.

Bowie gagged, shaking his head. "Ewwww, no thank you. If you think you're good enough for the prom queen and king, think again~" Bowie insulted Heather, then walked right past her to stand next to Justin.

"Excuse you! I'm like the hottest person here, you think you can just say that!?" Heather shouted angrily.

"That would be Lindsay actually." Chris corrected Heather.

"Present!" Lindsay exclaimed upon hearing her name.

Bowie wagged a finger, shaking his head. "Nuh uh, if Hunkalicious and Mr. Oh So Strong here aren't the hottest, then I don't know what hot even is! I can't decide between them though!" Bowie stated, swooning just looking at them.

"Well you stood by me, so I think the answer is clear." Justin replied proudly, while Caleb just rolled his eyes.

"I wouldn't think of it as a competition. That's just vain." Caleb commented, not arguing with Justin.

Blaineley: The Television Host

Compared to the other boats, the next one that arrived was rather extravagant, having spotlights shining on the person standing on it as she made her entrance. "Next is... BLAINELEY!?" Chris let out, now shocked to see her.

"You know that lady?" LeShawna asked Chris, raising an eyebrow.

Chris nodded his head, one hand on his head. "Coworker, rival, a lot of things, but who let her on here!?" Chris let out.

"The selection committee. I assume your pre-established connection with her was gripping enough to allow her into the competition despite her age." Scarlett stated, adjusting her glasses.

"I was the selection committee! How did I miss this!?" Chris yelled, still astounded.

"You just accepted all the applications sir! You didn't deny any of them!" Oliver pointed out from behind the camera.

Blaineley stepped onto the dock, a smirk on her face as she looked at Chris. "Long time no see Chris! I'm not surprised I was accepted, you seemed to have slipped up with your selection process. I'd never allow such a mistake on one of my shows." Blaineley greeted Chris coyly.

Chris clenched both fists, glaring at Blaineley. "You're leaving, now." Chris stated coldly.

Blaineley laughed, then pulled out a copy of her contract. "Not so fast. I don't have a criminal record, which was the only clause you had to remove someone from the game immediately. I suppose you'll just have to wait for me to get eliminated naturally. But as someone who has hosted these, that won't be easy. I know the game better than you do, and once I shoot up the ratings for this season, my agency will be receiving a lot more offers!" Blaineley explained to Chris, then just walked past him with her red roller bag to join the others.

"Chris isn't yours to sabotage! You're not going to let her get away with this are you?" Topher asked Chris angrily.

"I appreciate the anger Topher, but the show can't afford lawsuits right now, so she's competing. Let's just get on with the rest." Chris replied a bit sadly, while Blaineley just relished in it.

Beth: The Wannabe

A normal motorboat pulled up to the dock, and off it came Beth, carrying a yellow bag with an orange floral pattern. "And here's Beth." Chris introduced Beth, albeit with much less energy.

Beth was still beyond excited though, running right up to Chris and pulling him into a hug. "It's so incredible to meet you!" Beth exclaimed.

Chris pushed Beth off him, dusting his clothes off. "No touching the host!" Chris scolded her.

Beth flinched at this, then just nodded. "Right! Thorry! But wow, you're much shorter in real life!" Beth apologized, picking up her bag and going to join the others.

"Not what I need right now..." Chris said droningly as she passed by.

When Beth walked up to the crowd of 60 campers, she awkwardly waved to them all. "There's tho many of you! Umm, friendsies?" Beth proposed, holding out for anyone to shake, spit flying out of her mouth as she talked.

No one stepped up at first, although Leonard walked up to Beth and shook her hand after no one else did. "You are in the presence of the wizard who will win this competition, but you shall make for a fine apprentice!" Leonard declared.

Beth was a bit confused, but she was just glad to have someone shake her hand. "Alright! Thounds fun!" Beth exclaimed.

"Nerd 1 and nerd 2 there probably aren't lasting very long! The competition will tear 'em to shreds!" Ripper commented, laughing afterwards.

Duncan scoffed, laughing with him. "You gotta come up with better than names than that man. Try DumbDore and Pigface!" Duncan suggested, making Ripper burst out laughing even more.

Leonard was unbothered, while Beth looked away from the boys in embarrassment. "That's not thunny..." she mumbled to herself.

Beardo: The Beatboxer

Loud carrier ship horns blared in the distance, catching everyone's attention. "The food shipment wasn't supposed to be until tomorrow! Seriously!?" Chris let out.

"Another mistake? Hmm?" Blaineley remarked.

The source of the sound became clear though, as the next boat pulled up and Beardo stood on it making the horn noises. "Oh it's just Beardo. How do you make those sounds?" Chris asked Beardo as he stepped onto the dock, carrying a black backpack and a rhythm pad in a case.

Beardo just had a small smile on his face, shrugging his shoulders. He started to sing the Jeopardy theme as he thought, before once again shrugging. "Ohhhhkay then. Not much of a talker I see. Just go stand with the others." Chris directed Beardo, who casually strolled by.

As Beardo joined the other campers, Wayne and Raj right away ran up to him. "You can make a bunch of sounds right? Can you make a hockey buzzer eh?" Wayne requested.

Beardo nodded, cupping his hands over his mouth. "BZZZZZZT!" Beardo let out, perfectly replicating a hockey buzzer for the end of a game.

Wayne and Raj were ecstatic at this, clapping their hands. "Bravo! That's pretty awesome! Can you do a snow owl next eh?" Raj requested after praising him.

Beardo again nodded and cleared his throat, but Eva elbowed the beatboxer. "Save the sound effects for later." Eva told them, speaking harsh as if it was an order. All three boys shut up at this.

B: The Silent Genius

The next motorboat arrived soon after Beardo's, and off it stepped B, carrying a silver suitcase and a green backpack. "Next is B! How goes it?" Chris greeted B.

B just gave a thumbs up, having a calm smile on his face. Chris tapped his foot as he waited for a response, then just face palmed. "Another quiet one huh? You don't make sound effects do you?" Chris asked B.

B shook his head, putting his spare hand in his coat pocket. "At least you won't be annoying then. Just go join the others." Chris directed B, who did as told and walked past him.

B walked over to the rest of the campers and gave a two finger wave, before putting his hand back in his pocket and standing next to Emma. "How come you don't want to talk?" Emma asked him.

B shrugged, his calm smile staying. "Just not much of a talker? Alrighty. I won't pry!" Emma told him, letting him be.

Axel: The Survival Expert

The next boat soon pulled up to the dock, with Axel standing on the railing with her arms crossed. She tossed her green duffel bag onto the dock with a loud clang, before jumping onto it herself and landing with a roll. She stood up, swinging a pair of nunchucks as she took in her surroundings. "Axel! You came prepared for everything huh?" Chris asked her.

Once Axel determined things were safe, she unzipped her duffel bag and tossed her nunchucks in, revealing all the weapons inside. She then zipped it back up and slung it on one shoulder. "As a survivalist with a primitive survival rating of 9.7, I come prepared for everything! I don't care how 'secure' of a location this is, you have to be ready!" Axel replied fiercely.

"9.7... I only scored an 8.9! That's impressive!" Shawn remarked, pleased to see a fellow survivalist.

Axel smirked, but quickly shook off the praise. "It could be better. And with that million dollars, I'll have to equipment to make it better! So stay out of my way!" Axel threatened everyone, marching past Chris to join the others.

"Way to get off on a good foot with everyone." Gwen remarked, already bothered by Axel.

"I don't need to do that, the rest of you are obstacles, disposable, nothing more! A good survivalist forgoes socialization!" Axel declared proudly.

"Not sure I'd brag about that." Noah remarked, before receiving a swift slap across the face.

"Don't disrespect my methods!" Axel yelled, before walking away to stand elsewhere.

Anne Maria: The Jersey Shore Reject

Another boat arrived, and this time Anne Maria stepped off it, currently spraying herself with a can of fake tan with one hand while pulling a magenta bag with the other hand. "Anne Maria! Welcome to Total Drama Island!" Chris welcomed the beauty.

Anne Maria looked around, then saw the campground and gagged. "Are ya serious? We're stayin' in those piles of junk? Where's the resort you promised!?" Anne Maria demanded answers.

Chris chuckled, pointing at her. "You'll find out soon enough if you keep up that attitude! But yes, you're staying in those cabins! It is a summer camp!" Chris answered with a smirk.

Anne Maria scowled, then just stormed past Chris with her bag. "He's gonna pay for this already! Some schlock this is!" Anne Maria complained as she stood next to Dakota.

Dakota looked over Anne Maria though, raising an eyebrow. "Is that your natural tone? Because that does not look right. My daddy's beauty expert always warns me about fake tans, and now I see why." Dakota insulted Anne Maria.

Anne Maria glared at Dakota, then just began to spray her with the can. "Yeah, 'cuz you get the spray if you disrespect the tan! Now shut it!" Anne Maria yelled at Dakota, with her and those around them coughing as Anne Maria did this.

"Woah! I get it! Knock it off!" Dakota let out, covering her mouth and nose.

Anne Maria stopped after that, letting out a pleased hum as she went back to spraying herself. "That's what I thought." she stated cockily.

Amy and Samey: The Evil and Good Twins

The penultimate boat arrived, carrying two passengers. "Now for our third and last package deal, Amy and Samey!" Chris introduced the cheerleader twins.

Both twins stepped onto the dock at the same time, with Amy carrying a red duffel bag and Samey carrying a white one. "Welcome Amy, Samey! Always nice to see siblings travel! We've got one cousin pair here, but now sisters!" Chris welcomed them.

"Two cousin pairs..." Gwen muttered, shooting a glance at Ella.

Amy smirked hearing Chris welcome them, while Samey raised a finger. "Umm... it's Sammy?" Samey corrected Chris.

Chris raised an eyebrow, crossing his arms. "But Amy says everyone calls you Samey. Plus it's what was on your application." Chris rebutted.

Samey gasped, then glanced at Amy. "But my real name is Sammy! Amy did you-"

"Yes, I changed your application. It'd be weird if you lied about what people called you, plus Samey rhymes with my name, so it sounds better!" Amy told Samey with a grin.

Chris nodded, giving Samey a disapproving look. "Thank you Amy. Don't lie about what people call you Samey. Plus we already have a Sam here, so it'd be weird if we called you Sammy." Chris shot down any chance of fixing Samey's name.

"Alright..." Samey just accepted it, then followed Amy as they walked past Chris.

Alejandro: The Spanish Charmer

The final motorboat pulled up to the dock, and off it stepped Alejandro, carrying a red backpack. "Oh my gosh, a third one? I don't think I can handle this much hotness in one place!" Bowie cried out upon seeing him.

Alejandro winked at the ladies and Bowie, who were already swooning over him like they had with Caleb and Justin prior. "Welcome Alejandro, I see you're already popular with this crowd!" Chris welcomed the Spaniard.

"It would seem so! I am pleased to meet you all. I hope we can put looks aside and treasure our time here together." Alejandro greeted everyone, walking past Chris.

"Great way of thinking! Let's all get along yeah?" DJ agreed with Alejandro, although plenty of the contestants here were clearly not fine with that.

"Are you dating anyone?" Emma asked curiously.

Alejandro shook his head, placing a hand on his palm. "At the moment, no. But perhaps that could change while I'm here." Alejandro answered, fueling more excitement.

"I'm single too!" Justin added, flexing his muscles.

"Pick me pick me!" Beth squealed, hugging Justin.

"There are multiple gentlemen here I see, good to know." Alejandro noted, seeing how popular Justin was as well.

With all of the contestants now on the dock, Chris walked to the center of the dock looking at everyone. He pulled out a camera, ready to take a picture. "Everyone try to stand out, it's time for a group photo!" Chris directed everyone.

But the moment Chris centered himself on the dock, a loud creak was heard, followed by the entire right side of the dock collapsing with everyone on it. "Dang. Guess the stuck ups were right about the dock! Okay everyone, swim to shore, we'll take the group photo there instead!" Chris ordered everyone, then hopped onto the boat that dropped off Alejandro to get into position.

A few minutes later, everyone was on the beach beside the dock, setting down their luggage in one big heap to dry off. "We already havin' accidents like this? Man better get his show under control!" LeShawna complained.

"I know! I expected better from Chris honestly." Topher agreed with her.

Ripper saw a blue shirt that had fallen out of one of the bags, so he just grabbed it on put it on. "Heh, fits like a glove! Hope whoever's this is doesn't need it back, 'cuz this is a keeper!" Ripper declared.

"Make sure to tell them thank you for sharing!" Ella added.

"Yeah, whatever pinkie." Ripper just dismissed her entirely.

Chris then arrived just a bit away from the shoreline, standing on the motorboat while holding his camera. "Okay everyone! Get into position! Some of you can sit in the front, everyone else just make sure not to stand directly in front of anyone!" Chris ordered.

Thanks to the slope of the beach, it was fairly easy for everyone to get into place for the picture in a matter of minutes. "Alright! Now, everyone say, Wawanakwa!" Chris told them all, his hand on the picture button.

"Wawanakwa!" most of the campers shouted in unison, followed by a bright flash blinding nearly all of them for a moment as Chris took the picture.

Chris looked at the result, then gave everyone a thumbs up as they rubbed their eyes. "Looks good! Now, onto your first challenge!" Chris told them all, with the boat then pulling up to the shoreline.

"A challenge already? We just got here!" Millie pointed out.

"Yeah! I haven't even dropped off my comics in my cabin!" Harold added.

Chris shook his head, then gestured to the heap of luggage. "No time to unpack! You have all your luggage here, and it'll stay there until the end of your first challenge! You'll race from here to the top of the 1000 foot high cliff on the other side of the island! The sooner you get there the better!" Chris announced their first challenge.

Chase heard this and sprinted off, followed by a few others. "See you later then!" Chase shouted as he ran off.

"Is there anything of note to be prepared for? We need to know!" Axel demanded intel.

"Nope! Nothing to worry about! You might wanna get moving though! I'll see you all there!" Chris told Axel and those that hadn't already taken off, with Chef arriving on the beach with his red ATV.

Everyone ran off after this, and Chris hopped on the ATV with Chef. "Oh! And if you have any thoughts to share, be sure to use the confessional! It's also the bathroom! You can't miss it!" Chris added to all the contestants as he drove by them.

-Confessional: Axel-

Axel looked around the dirty confessional for a moment, before staring at the camera with her hands on her hips. "I'll be the first one to use the confessional because I WILL be getting first place! No less! No one else in this camp matters, because when you're out in the wilderness, or fending for yourself in the apocalypse, friendships only make you waste your time and resources! Just you watch!"

-Confessional: Samey-

Samey sighed, rubbing one arm. "Here we go again... Amy gets to just walk all over me in front of everyone. I came to Total Drama to get away from her, but of course she had to apply and get on as well. Maybe I could make some friends before she gets me eliminated?"

-Confessional: Mike-

Mike spun the toilet paper roll in the confessional, before just putting his hands on his knees and looking at the camera. "So... my first confessional. Day one has been going good so far! I've just blended in, no one even suspects that I have a problem. I just hope that when it does come out, it doesn't ruin everything for me. Everyone knows about my little quirk back home, but this could be a fresh start here! Fingers crossed!"

-Confessional: Justin-

Justin showed off his muscles to the camera, then winked at it. "I may be a pretty face, and maybe that's all the show saw me as. But with two other pretty faces around, I'll have to do more than just smile and wave to get far. I'm the most gorgeous of us all, and by the time I'm done here, I'll be known as much more than that."

-End Confessionals-

Cutting ahead to the top of the hill, Chris and Chef stood waiting for the campers to arrive. A finish line had been set up near the top of the cliff at the end of the incline. Chef held four rolled up flags, one red, green, blue and yellow. "Should be arriving any minute now!" Chris told Chef, looking at his watch.

And right he was, as the first camper came running up the hill into their view. "Chase! You're captain of team A! Step right over there!" Chris pointed to his left, directing Chase to stand there.

Chase looked around, surprised he was the first. "Woo! Typical Chase W!" Chase cheered for himself as he walked over to the spot Chris wanted him to stand.

Jo arrived right after Chase, letting out a small huff. "No fair! He got a head start!" Jo complained.

"Uh, yes fair. You snooze you lose!" Chase taunted Jo, who now glared at him.

"Yo Jo, you're captain of team B!" Chris directed Jo, pointing to a spot 20 feet away from Chase. Jo just crossed her arms and fast walked to the spot, glaring at Chase all the way.

Sky reached the top next gaining a proud smile. "Bronze isn't so bad! Plenty of time to improve!" Sky complimented herself.

"Yeah, whatever. Bronze babe, you're the captain of team C!" Chris pointed to a spot 20 feet to Jo's left, to which Sky dutifully nodded and jogged over there.

Lightning was the fourth to arrive, and he gasped when he saw Sky beat him. "Lightning lost to a girl!? At least you two dudes beat her here right?" Lightning let out, looking to Jo and Chase now.

"You know it!" Chase boasted, pointing at himself.

Jo rolled her eyes, pointing at herself. "You moron, I'm a-"

"Lightning! Captain of Team D!" Chris cut off Jo, pointing to a spot 20 feet to Sky's left.

All anger disappeared from Lightning when Chris told him this, with Lightning running right to the spot. "Sha-sweet! Lightning is captain as always!" Lightning declared, striking a victory pose.

Axel arrived next, and seeing how everyone was standing, she went to go stand 20 feet to Lightning's left. "Axel! You're on team A!" Chris informed her.

"You mean captain of team E!" Axel forcefully corrected Chris.

"No, I mean you're on team A. Now stand with Chase." Chris ordered, pointing to Chase.

Axel growled, then marched over to Chase, who was already unnerved by her. "This is MY team, got it!?" Axel yelled at him.

"Uh, sure?" Chase hesitantly agreed, backing away from her.

Tyler showed up next, although he tripped as soon as he reached the top of the cliff. "Captain clumsy, you're on team B!" Chris told him, to which Tyler pulled himself back up and ran to join Jo.

Eva arrived soon after, not breaking a sweat, closely followed by Wayne. "Eva! You're on Team C! Gretzky, Team D!" Chris ordered them, pointing to Sky and Lightning.

Eva walked over to Sky without a word, while Wayne high-fived Lightning. "Aw yeah! Sports champs for Team Lightning!" Lightning declared.

"Rugby and hockey, now we just need Bridgette since she's a surfing champ eh." Wayne added, looking to the finish line.

"No way, Team Lightning will stay 100% dude!" Lightning argued, crossing his arms. Wayne didn't argue back with him on this, just frowning a little.

Jasmine was next, and she had to duck her head under the finish line Chris set up as she passed it. "Team A gets the Amazon!" Chris stated, pointing Jasmine to Chase and Axel.

Ezekiel arrived after her, closely followed by Brick. "Here in timely manner, sir!" Brick shouted, saluting Chris while Ezekiel just put his hands in his hoodie pocket.

"Homeschool, you're on Team B! Corporal Brickhouse, Team C!" Chris informed the boys of their teams, letting them go to their spots.

"Aww yeah, we got a bunch of strong men on our team eh!" Ezekiel exclaimed as he walked up to Tyler and Jo.

Jo facepalmed, groaning as he greeted them. "Not another one..." she muttered.

Raj and Rodney arrived at the same time, with Rodney slightly tired from the run. "Huh, I thought you and Wayne would arrive together. Whatever, Raj, you're on Team D! Rodney, Team A!" Chris commented as he gave them their teams.

"Well Wayner isn't the captain for nothing! He's got some serious stamina eh!" Raj praised Wayne as he joined his team.

"I'm the captain of this sports crew! You two skate for Team Lightning!" Lightning told Raj, who gave Wayne a questioning glance.

Chase chuckled as Rodney joined his team, looking at three members with him. "Guess we're getting all the powerhouses! Sweet!" Chase remarked, seeing the strong physiques.

"Well it's a run, so of course the more athletic people get here first mate. All the teams have powerhouses right now." Jasmine pointed out.

-Confessional: Team A: Chase-

A blank red logo appeared on the side, with Chase chuckling briefly. "I guess I didn't think of it like that. But whatever, as long as get all the cool and strong guys, we've got this made! Strong women like Axel? Yeah they're a problem. Jasmine seems cool though, so I might give her a chance."

-End Confessional-

Bridgette was the next person to cross the finish line, with Caleb arriving right after her. "Wow, I got here before you? That's um..." Bridgette right away blushed as she looked at Caleb.

"What can I say, you're athletic, good job!" Caleb praised Bridgette, just making her blush more.

"Swooner, you're on Team B! Eye candy, Team C!" Chris directed the two to their teams.

Bridgette sighed at this, her blush fading. "Oh, guess we're on different teams. Good luck on yours!" Caleb told Bridgette, before jogging to join his team.

"Yeah, you too!" Bridgette told him back as she joined her team.

Shawn ran across the finish line next, panting from the run. "Man, this many of you guys already got here?" Shawn let out exasperated.

"Guess you really earned the 8.9 then!" Jo insulted Shawn, chuckling afterward.

"Slower than Tyler, you're on Team D!" Chris told Shawn.

"Hey!" Tyler shouted at the insult, but Chris didn't acknowledge him.

-Confessional: Team D: Shawn-

Shawn rubbed the back of his head, rather displeased. "My team isn't bad, but I'm just surprised so many people outran me! When you're trying to make it in the apocalypse you only live a few minutes longer than the person running behind you! 16th out of 68 is no good!"

-End Confessional-

Amy and Samey arrived together next, although Amy tripped Samey as she crossed the finish line. "I got here first!" Amy declared.

"Because you tripped me..." Samey mumbled as she picked herself up.

"Excuse me? Do I hear excuses from the loser?" Amy remarked, glaring at Samey.

"No, you won fairly." Samey replied, appeasing Amy.

"Samey! Team A! Amy, Team B!" Chris ordered the twins, irking Amy slightly as she was ordered second.

Alejandro and Zoey were the next to arrive, also together. Zoey ended up tripping as they ran up the incline, but Alejandro caught her hand and stopped her fall. "Woah! Thanks!" Zoey thanked him.

"Just being polite, it's what a lady deserves." Alejandro accepted the thanks, then jogged ahead to the finish line.

Zoey blushed at this, but quickly snapped back to her senses and jogged right behind him. "Alejandro, Team C! Zoey, Team D!" Chris directed them both, with both of them being a bit disappointed to be split up.

Priya ran through the finish line next, gasping as she saw how many people there were. "No way! 20 of you beat me? How am I going to win the season now!?" Priya let out, both hands on her head.

"I'm surprised you're in the first half eh, you don't look like much of an athlete." Ezekiel remarked, slightly impressed.

This didn't help much, but neither Ezekiel or Chris cared. "Priya, you're on Team A!" Chris told her, pointing to Chase's team of now 5.

"At least I'm on the A team!" Priya exclaimed, staying positive as she joined them.

Geoff ran up to the top next, followed by Katie and Anne Maria. "The Geoffster! You're on Team B! The ladies can't come with you though." Chris told him.

"S'all good dude!" Geoff replied, giving Chris a thumbs up as he walked to join his team.

Chris then looked to the two ladies, seeing Anne Maria was already back to spraying herself. "Where did the other one go?" Chris asked Katie.

"She'll be here soon! I'm captain of my dodgeball team at our school, so I'm a teensy bit more athletic!" Katie answered with a smile.

This surprised Chris a little, but he just pointed to Sky and her crew. "Well regardless, you're on Team C! Tan in a can, Team D!" Chris directed them both.

-Confessional: Team D: Lightning-

Lightning groaned, crossing his arms. "Sha-womp. We got that spray tanning girl instead of another sports captain! Chris is trying to rig things against Team Lightning! If he thinks he can do that, then he's in for a shock, 'cuz the other teams will get struck by Lightning! Sha-zam!"

-End Confessional-

Damien and Izzy were the next two to reach the top of the cliff, although Damien was running in fear from a pursuing Izzy. "Leave me alone crazy girl! Why are you like this!?" Damien cried out.

Izzy was chasing Damien with a flagpole, and when she saw the finish line, she swept his feet with it and knocked him down. "Got you silly goose!" Izzy taunted Damien as she passed by him on the ground.

Damien sat up and rubbed his leg for a moment, before walking past the finish line. Bowie and Mike came up the hill shortly after, standing next to Damien after running past the finish line. "Are all the contestants crazy like this?" Damien asked Chris, looking at Izzy worriedly.

"Crazy? Why would you say that? I don't think anyone here is crazy, nope, not at all!" Mike disagreed, a bit too pushily.

"We like to keep things entertaining! Izzy, Team A! Damien, Team B, Bowie Team C, and Mike you're on Team C!" Chris answered, giving the four of them their teams.

Bowie gasped with glee as Chris gave him the team, seeing Caleb and Alejandro were among the team members. "Oh you are too generous Chris, putting me with the hunks? Mmm mm!" Bowie thanked Chris as he walked over to join them.

"I mean, I wasn't thinking the same thing, but now that you mention it, it's good we have the big strong guys on our team!" Brick agreed with Bowie.

Bowie raised an eyebrow and smirked at Brick, pointing at him casually. "Are you implying what I think you are?" Bowie asked him playfully.

Brick now got a bit confused, scratching the back of his head. "That we'll win more challenges with them?" Brick guessed.

"Sure boy, sure." Bowie went along with it, winking at Brick as he walked by.

-Confessional: Team C: Bowie-

Bowie chuckled, resting both arms on his knees. "I'll tell you something, the way that military boy said that was beyond fruity, we're talking the WHOLE orchard here!"

-End Confessional-

LeShawna ran up the hill and past the finish line next, stopping for a moment afterward to catch her breath. "Decent time LeShawna! You're on Team A!" Chris told her, pointing to the group of now 7.

"Decent? I beat more than half of the peeps here, I'm doin' just fine!" LeShawna responded, walking to Team A proudly.

DJ arrived not long after, also somewhat proud of his placement. "Whew, that was tough, but I made it, no blood or sweat shed!" DJ said proudly.

"Did someone say blood?" Scary Girl chimed in, making DJ jump from being startled.

"W-When did you get here!?" DJ let out.

"Just now! Hi!" Scary Girl answered, waving to DJ.

Chris laughed at how scared DJ got, then pointed to Jo's team. "I can see you're scared, so you won't have to be around her. DJ, you're on Team B! Lauren, you're on Team C!" Chris told the two.

Scary Girl happily skipped away to join her team, while a still rattled DJ joined his team. Duncan arrived next, but he didn't have a one liner to drop. "So far so good, no crime breaking yet! You're on Team D!" Chris told Duncan.

"Whatever." Duncan replied as he just walked past Chris.

Courtney and Sierra arrived together soon after, with Sierra giddy with excitement as they arrived. "OMG! I'm on the same level of running as Courtney! I'll definitely note that!" Sierra exclaimed.

"What good could you possibly get from taking note of that?" Courtney questioned her skeptically.

"Just for fun! Plus you never know when it could help! Gotta add it all to my blog when I'm done here!" Sierra answered, as if this was obvious.

"Courtney! Team A! Sierra, take your notes on Team B instead!" Chris sent them to their teams.

Courtney sighed with relief, then walked to over to join her team. "Phew, at least I don't have to be around that weirdo." Courtney commented.

"You got it Chris!" Sierra replied to Chris excitedly, dashing over to her team.

Heather was the next person to make her way up the hill, although Ripper shoved past her and crossed the finish line right before she could. "Booyah! You just got ripped!" Ripper boasted, pointing down at Heather on the ground until she picked herself back up.

"Eugh, are you serious? Don't tell me I'm on the same team as this guy!" Heather focused on Chris, disgusted by Ripper.

"You aren't! Heather, you're on Team D, Ripper, head on over to Team C!" Chris gave them their teams.

Scott arrived just after that, then sniffed his armpit to see how much he had sweat from the run. "Yo pit sniffer, team A!" Chris told Scott right away.

Ripper sighed, then looked to Heather and winked at her. "We may not be on the same team, but we'll be in the same bed soon enough!" Ripper told her, snickering afterward.

"Yeah right, I've got first dibs on all the ladies here." Scott chimed in, pointing at himself.

Heather gagged, then just kept walking. "Drop dead you sickos." Heather responded, then looked away as she joined her team.

Topher jogged up the hill and crossed the finish line next, waving to Chris. "What a run, you really know how to make a warm up Chris! Bravo!" Topher praised Chris, taking deep breaths afterward.

Trent and MK showed up as he praised Chris, with the latter snickering. "I really hope we aren't on the same team if you're going to be kissing his butt all season." MK remarked, putting one hand in her coat pocket.

"Hey, he deserves every last bit of it!" Topher defended Chris.

"Do you know him personally or something?" Trent asked, trying to mediate.

"Well no, but just look at him! If you'd seen any of his shows you would get it!" Topher answered, staying strong.

Chris took the praise happily, nodding his head. "Yeah MK, learn to have some taste! Topher, you're on Team B! Trent, you're Team C! MK, you're on Team D." Chris gave them their teams, with the first two joining their teams much more quickly than the third.

-Confessional: Team D: MK-

MK leaned back in the confessional, still having one hand in her pocket. "I coulda got here earlier, but you saw all the athletes and tryhards. I'd get lumped in with them as a threat. But showing up with the average schmoes? No red flags on either side. Yeah, I've got this all mapped out."

-End Confessional-

Emma and Blaineley showed up next, with Emma pushing herself just a little more and beating Blaineley across the finish line. "Good effort Emma! You're on Team A! Blaineley, you're on Team B, hope they have some sense and send you packing." Chris praised Emma while putting down Blaineley.

Blaineley just rolled her eyes and joined her team, while Emma walked over to Team A and gasped when she saw who she was with. "I'm on the same team... as CHASE!?" Emma let out.

Chase shook his head, pointing at himself proudly. "Not just with, but I'm the captain! So get cozy babe, you've got a captain on your side!" Chase informed her, before receiving a harsh elbow from Axel.

"CAPTAIN!? Are you kidding me!?" Emma yelled, ready to march up and punch him.

LeShawna walked up and held her back though, putting a hand on her shoulder. "I don't know what that boy did to you, but you gotta put it behind for now. We're all on a team now, and you ain't screwing us over just because you don't like him." LeShawna told Emma firmly.

"Fine! I'm the bigger person here, not like it matters if he's the captain of my team!" Emma replied, crossing her arms and looking away from Chase.

B showed up next, not all that tired. "Silent treatment, you're on Team C!" Chris directed B.

When Chris looked over at Team C though, he nearly jumped when he saw Dawn walking over to them. "When did you get here? Did you not cross the finish line?" Chris asked her.

Dawn nodded her head. "I crossed the finish line, I just used a shortcut to get here. I saw the sorting methods, and so I placed myself on this team." Dawn answered calmly.

Chris scratched his head, but didn't question it. "Okay then, B, you're on Team D!" Chris redirected B.

B just gave Chris a finger gun, then strolled over to that team instead. "Sha-yeah! Our team is still mainly dudes!" Lightning cheered.

"Does it really matter if there are more guys on the team?" Zoey asked Lightning.

"He just wants more dudes since all the sports guys this season are dudes eh." Raj answered for Lightning.

Zoey shuddered at this, while Lightning nodded. "You sha-know it! We gotta get an all star lineup for Team Lightning!" Lightning declared.

-Confessional: Team D: Zoey-

Zoey groaned, clenching both fists. "I can't believe I ended up on the jock team! I bet they all hate me already! Jocks practically ran the team back home, but now they're running our team! My worst fear would be to get kicked out by a jock, and I think that's exactly what's going to happen here..."

-End Confessional-

Nichelle crossed the finish line next, although Julia was right behind her, pestering her it seemed. "When we're done with this game, you have GOT to give me the contact info of your manager! They'd get so much from picking me up for real." Julia requested.

"That's like the 4th time you've asked about that. Like I said, after the game, maybe." Nichelle replied in a bothered tone.

"Nichelle! You're on Team A, Julia, step on over to Team B!" Chris sent them to their teams, much to Julia's dismay.

Nichelle sighed with relief and walked over to join her team, while Julia just went through her phone as she strolled over to hers. Then she saw Blaineley and got a smile again. "Ooh, I have got to get a selfie with you, the public outreach from a celeb selfie is huge!" Julia exclaimed, then hurried over to Blaineley and took a quick picture with her.

"Not my problem anymore." Nichelle commented, with Scott also chuckling at the situation.

Sugar let out a hoot as she crossed the finish line, somehow proud of her placement. "Sugar made it, woo woo! Y'all didn't expect that huh?" Sugar boasted.

"You're number 47, not sure that's worth a celebration, but you're on Team C!" Chris informed Sugar, but this didn't seem to bother her as she just happily walked over to her team.

Justin and Scarlett then arrived next, the model passing the finish line just before the nerd. "Oh there you are, much later than the other models that got here immediately." Chris commented, gesturing to Caleb and Alejandro.

"Logically speaking, this challenge was merely to lay out the teams. Unless there is a penalty for last place, sprinting here was futile." Scarlett pointed out.

"Yeah, what she said. Don't have to burn myself out on a morning run~" Justin agreed with Scarlett, rubbing a hand on his face.

"Well you better not slack on actual challenge! Team Lightning ain't got room for slackers!" Lightning threatened Justin, holding a fist up.

Chris nodded, pointing to Lightning's team. "Yeah Justin, you're on Team D. Scarlett, you're on Team A!" Chris assigned their teams.

Scarlett just nodded and walked over to join her team, while Justin now began to regret his approach to this as he joined his team.

Dave was next, and Millie wasn't too far behind. When they crossed the line, Gwen came over the hill as well, casually jogging across the finish line. "Please tell me I got one of the cleaner teams..." Dave asked Chris, still wearing the face mask.

"Up for you to decide that, Dave, you're on Team B! Millie, Team C, and Gwen, Team D!" Chris gave them their teams.

Dave walked up to his team, and seemed mostly content, until he saw Ezekiel picking his nose. "I'll stand right here." Dave said, standing as far away from Ezekiel as possible while still staying with his team.

Millie was a bit unsure looking over her team, but seeing the odd lot got her excited as she began to write down names in her notebook. "This should be good for my research!" she quietly exclaimed to herself. Gwen saw her team, exhaled, then just braced herself for the long haul as she went to stand with them.

"Hey Gwen, wait up!" Cody called to Gwen, crossing the finish line.

"What." Gwen responded coldly, turning to face him.

"You started running away from me, so I started running faster, not sure what that was about!" Cody answered, chuckling afterward.

"You worded that in the worst way possible dude." Shawn pointed out, cringing at the approach.

Chris did as well, then just pointed to Chase's team. "Cody! You're on Team A! I.E. not Gwen's team!" Chris informed Cody.

Cody sighed and walked away, while Gwen gave Chris a thumbs up. "That was probably the only cool thing you've done and you didn't even mean to do it." Gwen thanked Chris, then went back to frowning.

-Confessional: Team A: Cody-

Cody smoothly pointed at himself, winking at the camera. "So I didn't end up on the same team as Gwen. No worries, the goth girlfriend isn't completely out of my reach. Lauren is an option too, so I might shoot my shot with her next. The Codemeister doesn't just give up after one rejection!"

-Confessional: Team C: Millie-

Millie was writing in her notebook for a moment, before looking at the camera. "I came to the show to research the failure that is my own generation, and we're already off to a great start! Or horrible start, depends on how you view it. Every time someone does or says something dumb, I make note of it! My hand is already starting to cramp though..."

-End Confessionals-

Harold ran across the finish line next, huffing repeatedly from exhaustion after doing so. "Are you good man?" Chris asked Harold.

Harold held a hand up as he caught his breath, before nodding his head. "Duh, I've trained at Ninja Steve's Ninja Camp, so I'm just fine!" Harold answered.

"Oh he's on my team. Can I just have one less person?" Jo requested, grimacing at the nerd.

"Harold, you're on Team B!" Chris sent the nerd to his team.

When Harold joined his team though, he could already feel the dirty looks. "I'm not as strong as you all, but my mad skills will come in handy way more often!" Harold boasted confidently.

"Uh huh. We'll see about that dork." Amy insulted Harold, not believing him for a second.

Lindsay and Beth arrived next, although Lindsay just walked across the finish line while Beth jogged across and stopped to catch her breath. "Did you walk all the way here?" Chris asked Lindsay.

Lindsay shook her head, looking down at her boots. "I jogged for a little bit, then I just decided to walk. The pond in the forest is soooo pretty!" Lindsay answered dreamily.

"And so are you. Lindsay, you're on Team C! Beth, Team D." Chris told the girls, letting them go their separate ways. Beth took a bit longer, since she needed a few more moments to catch her breath.

Zee and Ella then arrived at the top of the cliff, chatting with each other as they crossed the finish line. "So like, why do they call them notes in songs if they never write anything? That just doesn't make sense man." Zee asked Ella.

"Ooh, maybe it's because they're usually on lines?" Ella guessed.

"Woah, that's like really smart..." Zee right away went with Ella's guess.

Chris facepalmed at their discussion, then just pointed to their teams. "Zee, just go to Team A, Ella, go to Team B." Chris told them, ending their conversation.

Beardo then arrived, followed by Owen panting heavily. "Ding ding ding!" Beardo made a victory jingle as he crossed the finish line, having a smile on his face while Owen walked past the finish lane ready to collapse.

"Not sure what's up with you Owen, but Beardo, you're on Team C! Owen, Team D!" Chris gave them their teams.

"And I'm on Team A I'm guessing?" Noah asked, hopping down from Owen's back and walking past him.

Chris chuckled, nodding his head. "That makes more sense. And yes, head on over to Team A Noah." Chris confirmed, and Noah then jogged over to join his team while Owen now crawled over to his team.

Dakota walked across the finish line next, currently on her phone. "So which team am I on?" Dakota asked Chris, putting it away now that she was done with her run.

"All that's left are the lazy people huh?" Heather complained, seeing how Dakota wasn't tired at all.

Chris nodded his head, then pointed to Jo's team, once again frustrating the jockette. "Dakota, you're on Team B! Not a good look showing up this late." Chris informed her, but she didn't seem to care, just walking over to her team.

-Confessional: Team B: Dakota-

Dakota fixed up her hair, then smiled at the camera. "Does it matter if I was one of the last to show up? No, I was gonna get put on a team regardless. And now they'll probably want me to 'prove' myself, which just means more camera time for me!"

-End Confessional-

Sam jogged across the finish line next, before collapsing in a heap just past it. Staci was right behind him, aching from the run. "Marathons were first invented by my great great... great... ugh..." Staci let out, before falling down on Sam.

"Are they gonna need help?" Mike asked, just a bit concerned.

"Just need a moment yah..." Staci assured him tiredly.

"And there you go! Sam, you're on Team C, chatty Staci, Team D!" Chris gave them their teams, offering zero help.

Leonard was next, walking across the finish line without a sign of tiredness. "What took a great wizard like you so long?" Chris questioned Leonard.

"My teleportation spell seems to not work in this region, otherwise I'd have made it here first. To conserve mana, I simply walked!" Leonard answered, not a hint of shame.

"Uh huh. Well you're on Team A!" Chris told him, prompting Leonard to now walk up to them.

When Leonard approached his team, he raised his staff to the sky, smirking at them all. "You all are lucky, for you now have the most powerful sorcerer in all of Canada!" Leonard declared, with only Zee and Izzy looking impressed.

"In Canada? Does this delusion exist somewhere else?" Courtney asked, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"While I am the most powerful in Canada, a colleague of mine that rivals my power lives in England. His dark magic strikes fear in all, but my lightning spells prevail!" Leonard explained, still proud of his abilities.

The next person to arrive was just as delusional, being Max crossing the finish line with one hand on his back. "You'll pay for making us run this wretched course!" Max shouted at Chris.

"It was just a quick run through the woods, everyone else handled it just fine. But anyway, you're on Team B Max!" Chris told him, to which Max just glared at him bitterly as he walked to his team.

Sadie finally showed up after Max, with Katie clapping happily as she saw her friend. "There she is! Knew she'd be here soon!" Katie exclaimed.

"That was 15 minutes ago." Eva pointed out bluntly.

"Sadie, you're on Team C!" Chris assigned her team, furthering Katie's excitement.

Sadie squealed as she ran over to Team C and hugged Katie, with her bestie joining in on the squeals. "Eeeeeeeeeee! We're on the same team!" Sadie cheered.

"You guys don't have any annoying crap like that do you?" Duncan asked Wayne and Raj.

"No eh, we don't got any crap on us." Wayne answered.

Duncan facepalmed, before just leaving them be. "Forget I asked." Duncan told them.

Cameron then arrived, clutching his stomach. "Ohhhh... this is why my mom didn't let me go on walks huh..." Cameron let out, holding back vomit.

"If anything, she should've let you go out more. This is just pathetic. But you're on Team D Cameron!" Chris gave Cameron his team.

"Okey dokey!" Cameron replied with a weak thumbs up, then walked over to his team.

With everyone now here, Chris looked to Chef, elbowing him to get his attention. "Alright Chef, it's finally time!" Chris told him.

Chef then grabbed the red flag, while Chris looked at Chase's team first. "Team A! You will be officially known as..."

"The Killer Bass!"

Chef tossed Chase a red flag, which he caught and unrolled to reveal a red logo with an angry fish on it. "Ah sweet! Sick name!" Chase exclaimed.

Chris then looked to Jo, and Chef tossed her a green flag. "Team B, you are hereby dubbed..."

"The Screaming Gophers!"

Jo unrolled the flag, indifferent to the logo of the screaming vermin. "Decent name, team sucks, I'll work with this." Jo commented.

Going to Team C, Chef tossed Sky a blue flag. "Team C, you are now..."

"The Ferocious Trout!"

Sky unrolled her flag, revealing a logo of an angry trout. "Isn't that kinda like the Bass's logo?" Sadie pointed out, looking at the red flag.

Chris looked between the two flags, then groaned. "Well yours is blue and a different fish, so zip it!" Chris told her, then walked away from the team.

Lastly was Team D, to which Chef tossed Lightning a yellow flag. "Finally, Team D! Your team name shall be..."

"The Frogs of Death!"

Lightning unrolled the yellow flag, revealing a logo of an angry frog with a skull on its body. "Sha-sweet! Yellow like Lightning! Weird logo, but it works for Team Lightning!" Lightning declared.

"Coach said the team name is the Frogs of Death, not Team Lightning eh." Wayne right away objected.

"And who's the captain!? We're calling it Lightning Squad!" Lightning argued fiercely.

Chris blew an airhorn, trying to move things along. "Fine, Lightning Squad it is! But we're not changing the flag! It's time for your first actual challenge!" Chris conceded, now walking further along the cliff.

"Oh no... it's what I think it is, isn't it?" Dave asked, eyes widening in fear.

Chris had a cheeky grin, shrugging his shoulders. "Maybe it is, maybe it isn't! But you'll have to find out next time!" Chris stated, then turned to face the camera.

Chris raised a finger, putting his other hand behind his back. "Which team will start off strong? Which team will send someone home on the first day? And just who will that poor sap be? Find out next time right here, on Total, Drama, Island!" Chris concluded the episode, raising his arms with each part of the name.

Teams Remaining:

Killer Bass: Chase, Axel, Jasmine, Rodney, Samey, Priya, Izzy, LeShawna, Courtney, Scott, Emma, Nichelle, Scarlett, Cody, Zee, Noah, Leonard

Screaming Gophers: Jo, Tyler, Ezekiel, Bridgette, Amy, Geoff, Damien, DJ, Sierra, Topher, Blaineley, Julia, Dave, Harold, Ella, Dakota, Max

Ferocious Trout: Sky, Eva, Brick, Caleb, Alejandro, Katie, Bowie, Lauren, Ripper, Trent, Dawn, Sugar, Millie, Lindsay, Beardo, Sam, Sadie

Lightning Squad: Lightning, Wayne, Raj, Shawn, Zoey, Anne Maria, Mike, Duncan, Heather, MK, B, Justin, Gwen, Beth, Owen, Staci, Cameron

Author's Note:

A long start, I know. But I want to make sure that no one becomes TDI Justin here and gets like 4 lines the whole season. I wanted to make sure everyone at least got a decent start for their plotlines and set things up, since people are gonna be dropping like flies eventually. No elimination, so no extra thoughts here, instead I'll just give the basic rundown of the season. All 68 people, and 52 episodes like Chris said. Basically a double length season where everyone debuted at the same time. At the time of writing this, the second season of the reboot hasn't aired yet, but the first season is more than enough to at least start. I have the first half of the season pretty much mapped out after watching the reboot like 10 times, but I left some wiggle room in case the second season drastically changes things. This will be a long journey, but I hope you're all willing to ride this out with me!

I've got a discord server for discussion and extra content, so the info is on the profile if you want to join in! Be sure to follow and review, the feedback really helps gauge the story on my end! Until next time, have a great day!